Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Revolution, Season One, Episode Twenty: The Dark Tower

Monroe and Miles are at a standoff pointing guns at each other when Miles spots someone behind Monroe and shoots the man.  Miles signals Monroe at the two join forces together to fight off the resident of the tower.  They get swept into rushing water and right out of the building.  Nora tries to follow Miles but is unable to.

Randall is walking around the facility and he take down the picture of Bush, breaks the glass and takes out a swipe card

Arron is asking how turning the power could destroy humanity.  Grace warns that Rachel could give the wrong command and it would be catastrophic because the nanites are in everything, including the air they are breathing. Rachel points out that they are malfunctioning now and replicating out of control.  Grace argues back that they don''t know what wrong the first time. Rachel, Aaron and Charlie are informed that Bass and Miles are gone and are warned that they can stay as long as they don't make an attempt to get to the twelfth floor. They are told if they try to turn the power back on they will be killed.

Tom has taken over Monroe's men.  Mark tells him that Monroe is not going to let him get away with this and that Tom is only in charge of  100 men out in the wilderness.  Tom tells Mark that he is going to let him go because he is not the man that Monroe is because he is not brutal or capricious.  Monroe orders a man to get a horse for Mark then picks up a gun and stages Mark shooting him in order to justify shooting him.  When Jason enters the tent, Tom tells him that he was trying to be a nice guy.

Miles and Monroe wash up outside and as soon as Miles regains consciousness, Monroe attacks.  The two get into a fight which is brought to an end when they are shot at by one of Monroe's soldiers.  Monroe calls or the soldier to hold his fire and when he identifies himself, he is shot at again.  Miles uses this chance to escape.

We get a flashback to ten years after the blackout and Monroe brings up Mile's 21st birthday. They reminisce about a one legged stripper. Suddenly the building they are sitting explodes. When Monroe looks over, Miles is unconscious.

Aaron is working on the computer when he finds something and heads off to find Grace. He tells her that he found a code which looks a lot like a code he wrote at M.I.T. Grace admits that it is Aaron's code and that the university sold it to the D.O.D.  Aaron then asks Rachel if she knew about this and she shakes her head no. Grace then tells Aaron that he wrote the towers operating system and asks why he thinks that Ben found him in the first place. Aaron believes that they just stumbled across him in the woods.

Neville is now standing in front of the door and it is lined with explosives.  He explains to Jason that they have to stop Rachel from turning the lights back on. Jason asks why and Neville says he doesn't believe in handing that kind of power over to Georgia or the other republics.  Jason replies that his head is spinning from how quickly Neville switched sides.  Neville tells him that he needs to stop and adds that out there that Jason is the only one he can trust.  Neville admits to knowing how much Jason hates him but says that Jason needs to put it all behind them. Jason agrees but stipulates that Charlie and Rachel must live.  They are interrupted by a soldier who reports seeing Monroe.

Rachel goes to say Grace and brings up the day that Danny was born three months premature, with lungs that were barely functioning. When Grace says that it must have been awful but Rachel corrects her saying that it was the best day of her life. Danny didn't have a high chance of survival but Rachel fought hard for him and believes that she hasn't stopped fighting.  Rachel says that they have to stop the militia and set things right so that Danny didn't die for nothing.  Grace points out that Rachel wasn't the only one who lost a child.  Rachel replies that the chances are one in a billion and that she has faced worse odds.  Grace is adamant that it's too dangerous, so Rachel chloroforms her, then takes her swipe card away.  Rachel closes the door behind her and tells Aaron and Charlie that she is ready to go.

Miles is wandering through the woods and we get another flashback to ten years after the blackout. Miles awakens after the bombing to see Nora smiling down at him.  When Miles asks what happened, Monroe tells him that it was a rebel bombing. Miles asks what he means and Monroe tell him U.S. rebels who want to bring back the United States.  Monroe helps Miles out of bed and takes him to a window where the men are loading up five coffins.  It turns out only one man was responsible for the bombing but Monroe had his wife and kids killed also for messing with his family. Monroe did it to make an example out of him and Rachel and Miles exchange concerned looks.

Aaron stops Rachel to explain that he build a backdoor when he built the programm and now the back the door is open. Aaron says that he believes that the worldwide spread of the blackout is on purpose.  They hear a noise and hide but it turns out that it's just Nora.  Rachel asks about Miles.

Miles is still walking through the woods when Monroe attacks from behind. Miles quickly gets the upper hand and walks away. Monroe demands that Miles turn around and fight him but Miles says that he has more important things to do because Rachel and Nora are in trouble. He adds that Monroe has his own problems because his men are shooting at him.  Miles continues to walk and Monroe calls out that he is the one who tried to kill him and that he was the one who started all of this.  Monroe says that he never saw Miles attempt on his life coming and that he was going to ask if Miles was okay.  He continues saying that Miles never gave him an explanation.  Miles says that it was what he did to those rebel kids for one and Monroe explains that he did it for Miles. In fact, Monroe claims that everything that he has ever done was for Miles. Monroe admits that he doesn't care about the republic and says that the only thing he ever cared about was watching Miles' back.  Monroe points out that Miles tried to kill him for this.  Their conversation is interrupted when a helicopter starts shooting and the men are forced to run.  Monroe runs straight into his men and is quickly knocked unconscious.

Rachel asks Nora when she lost sight of Miles and Nora explains that he water pushed him through the pipes and he disappeared. Rachel asks if Miles is alive and Nora admits that she doesn't know.  Nora asks Rachel if she loves him and Rachel says no and that Miles is family. Nora tells Rachel that she can pretend but it's written all over her face. Nora adds that Miles loves her as well and says that saving Rachel is the only thing on his mind. Nora suggests that Miles will choose Rachel every time.
They reach the stairway that leads to twelve but it is surrounded by people. Nora says that she has an idea about how to get past them.

Monroe is dumped and Neville's feet and Neville tells him that there has been a change in management. The rebels blow up the door to the tower causing a very small opening.  Monroe asks Tom who he got all the way out there and Neville admits that Miles brought him there. Monroe swears to have Neville and his wife killed for this. Neville replies that what he is about to say, he could never had said while under Monroe's command. "You have become foolish and deranged. And you have a borderline fixation on Miles Matheson." Monroe tells Neville to kill him but Neville says that he has to at least have the appearance of a trial. Neville suggests that Monroe frightens people while he inspires. Jason comes into notify Neville about the opening and Monroe tells Jason that it is good to see him alive.

The people guarding the entrance to the twelfth floor hear a noise and start to head towards Rachel et al., but one spies the trip wire that Nora set and they all step over it. Nora grabs a fire extinguisher and throws it at the trip wire causing the bomb she set to go off but gets shot in the stomach for her trouble.  Charlie rushes to Nora's side.

Miles kills the soldier guarding Monroe and slips into the tent.  Miles frees Monroe's hands and says that Monroe asked him why he tried to kill him and that he was asking the wrong question. Miles says that he couldn't kill Monroe because they are still brothers and as much as he hates it, that it's never going to change. Monroe stands up and Miles instructs him to run and then yells into the camp that Monroe is escaping.  Monroe takes off running and Miles uses the distraction to sneak back into the tower.

Grace wakes up and runs straight into Neville and his men.  Aaron and Charlie are trying to take care of Nora and Aaron says that if they had the right meds, they might be able to do something. Rachel sees the militia men and tells them that if they go to the infirmary that they might not make it back. Charlie says that if they don't go that Nora will bleed out and they need the key card in case they get locked out of the barracks. Rachel is adamant that she needs the key card to get to the twelfth floor and reminds them that the door is right there.  Rachel promises to be right back but Charlie says that by the time she gets back, Nora might be dead. Charlie is adamant that this isn't an either or and that they are going to save Nora, then try and turn the lights back on. Nora speaks up and says that Rachel is right.  Charlie tries to grab for the key card and Nora says that this is the rebels only chance. Charlie asks how many people have to die for this and Rachel says that they are doing this for Danny.  Charlie points out that Danny is dead and is not coming back and reminds Rachel that she is alive and asking for her help. Rachel tells her to lock the door and promises to come back.  Rachel turns to Aaron and tells him that he has to go with her because she doesn't have Warren's code.  Nora tells Aaron that this is what he came there for and he tells Nora goodbye and follows Rachel.

Charlie puts pressure on Nora's wound and Nora tells her that she should have gone with her mother. When Nora screams in pain, a militia soldier hears them and busts down the door. Charlie tries to fight him off and is quickly over powered.  Miles sneaks up on the soldier and stabs him in the throat.  Miles then leans down in front of Nora and she tells him that Rachel is go on to level twelve and needs his help because there are militia everywhere.  Miles does not listen and says that they need meds. Charlie tells him that there is an infirmary but it's locked. Nora again tells Miles to leave her and get the power on but Miles refuses to.  Nora again says that Rachel needs him and Miles tells her to look at him and says again that he is not leaving her.

Charlie takes point with a gun and Miles carries Nora in his arms.  Miles asks how much further and when Charlie turns around, she realises that Nora is dead.  Miles puts Nora on the ground saying no and discovers that Nora is indeed dead. Both Nora and Miles cry over Nora's body.

The militia take the elevator to the twelfth floor and run into Rachel and Aaron. Neville tells them not to run and adds that he promised Jason he would keep them alive. Neville tells them that they are going to forget about the power once and for all. Charlie and Miles appear and a fire fight ensues.  Rachel et al, manage to get the door open and enter the big computer lab.  Rachel asks about Nora and Charlie tells her very curtly that Nora is dead.  Aaron sits down at a computer and Rachel starts to talk him through the process as outside, Neville orders the soldiers to get C4, adding that he wants them all dead. Jason looks on as Neville asks him if he has a problem with that.

Aaron pauses and asks Rachel what happens if they end the world.  Rachel assures him that this won't happen and Aaron pushes the execute button. The power starts to turn on around the globe. The president of Georgia orders her men to get her tanks and choppers up and running, to throw everything they have at Philadelphia. Monroe is caught in a field as a lightening storm occurs.

Rachel tells Charlie that she is sorry about Nora, but Charlie just walks away.  Randall traps Rachel et al in the computer room and thanks them for turning on the power.  Randall says that he thought that it would be Rachel or Grace to help him turn on the power.  Miles tries to use his gun to break the glass.  Randall says that he doesn't want the power on for everyone and targets bombs at the U.S. Randall says, "when you burn down the old, new things grow."  Randall is launcing ICBM's at Atlanta and Philadelphia. Randall admits that he doesn't give a crap about Monroe and only wanted him to wipe out Georgia and then after that the east coast.  Randall says that their great nation must be united. Rachel asks him what he is saying and Randall replies that he is a patriot before shooting himself in the head. Rachel et al, watch the progress of the bombs on the computer screen.

A man is turning a light off and on and the he is informed that Randall was successful and that it is time to go home.  The man in question is the former president of the U.S. and he has been hiding at GITMO.

Alright, that was some season finale.  I think we have to start off with the death of Nora.  I have to admit that I am pissed that she died.  This only leaves three characters of colour -  Grace, Jason and Neville.  Jason is ambiguous at best and only seems motivated to protect Charlie and Neville of course his hell bent on being evil.  From the moment Rachel entered the story, Nora became the disposable woman of colour.  For the entire first season all she did was come to the aid of Miles and Charlie, even abandoning her own sister to do so.  It did not warm my heart that both Miles and Charlie tried to save her and showed real loss at her death because the writing on the wall for Nora has been clear for some time.  Grace is the only woman of colour left and now that the power has been turned on, it's safe to say that she has no real power now.

There were a lot of scenes in this episode between Miles and Monroe.  The shippers must have been rubbing their hands together and jumping up and down with glee.  I am sure this why the line about Monroe having an erotic fixation on Miles was used.  With Neville in charge of the militia, this might mean more of Monroe and Bass teaming up in the following season.  They have already turned Miles into a good person and I don't want to see that done with Bass.  To be clear both men have little value for human life beyond those who are close to them and are both guilty of atrocities, though Miles sits in judgement of Monroe.

The character which has shown real growth in this series is Charlie.  At the very beginning I found her to be beyond irritating but I must admit that she grew on me.  Charlie stopped being spunky and actually grew with her experiences.  She is jaded now, but who wouldn't be after everything that she has seen?

Now that the power is on, I really have no idea what the driving theme will be for next year but I am very curious to find out.  Will we have the federations fighting to keep their power and territory from the federal government?  If that is the case, where will Miles et al fit in?