Monday, July 8, 2013

True Blood, Season 6, Episode 4: At Last

Jason has hit his head (not like it’s going to damage anything) so Sookie is rushing around calling an ambulance – and Ben grows vampire fangs, bites his own arm to feed Jason what I can only assume is vampire blood.

Daywalking faerie vampire blood?

Meanwhile Nora is discovering that ancient vampire < faerie king and trying to run away from the sunlight throwing Niall only he’s faster than her as well. There’s a new apex predator in town, vampires. Nora has to explain that Lillith is big and scary and that her Bible was wrong – it doesn’t say “the people lead Lillith to the sun” it said “the progeny led Lillith to the sun”. So her progeny – Warlow – is the one who kills Lillith. Then she gets all hungry for sweet faerie blood and gets blasted through the air to land in front of a specialist hit squad for bringing down vampires. It’s not Nora’s night.

Niall returns to the house to explain Nora’s inconvenience and Jason has made a full recovery; Niall’s snarky about that – he and Ben are supposed to protect Sookie, not her human brother.

Later, Jason is full of energy (and my gods is he pretty) which makes Sookie suspicious when she sees a drop of blood near the sofa. Like Niall she does the sunlight test on the blood and it glows oddly – a sign of vampire blood; she knows what Ben is. And since Jason drank vampire blood – that means he gets to have a sexy shaving dream with Ben with even better innuendo than the “water is hard in Arkansas”. But they both have the same “AARGH NIGHTMARE!” waking up.

Much as I appreciate the view, I’m vaguely depressed that the straight men on this show have seen more man-on-man action in their dreams than the gay men have in their actual relationships.

Well those plot lines look vaguely interesting and important – time to do something pointless instead! Alcide, Martha, Rikki and assorted wolfies have discovered Sam has kidnapped Emma and decided he and Nicole (who Rikki says has “crazy hair.” Really Rikki? She has curly hair, I don’t believe you haven’t seen it before) are in cahoots. They escape to Lafayette’s getaway car, because Lafayette really owes it to Sam to aid him in child kidnapping.

Truman catches up with Ginger and her eternal screaming, but no sign of Eric; he orders his men to watch the skies. Eric and Pam are underground in the sewers, with Pam summoning Tara to find where she took Willa. When Pam tries to invoke maker power, Tara covers her ears and yells and Eric pins her to the floor by her throat – something even Pam objects to but Eric just shouts her down. Tara tells him Willa’s at the fairground and Pam tries to yell at him for touching Tara – Eric leaves and Pam repeats Tara’s line – arsehole.

Oh Eric, I have to agree with them.

Time to go to chez Bellefleur – I know I know, I don’t want to go either, but we have to. The faerie girls are reading Terry’s mind and poking at him murdering Patrick. Terry has a mini moment but Arlene arrives to put it down to Terry’s imagination and to keep out of his head with Andy following up with a “you haven’t slept since you were 3”. Arlene holds Terry while he collapses in guilt and Andy puts the girls to bed, apparently going into becoming a father. Except once he’s gone they age again – to young adults. They steal clothes from Arlene and sneak out, taking Andy’s police car.

All the while watched and followed by Billith and Jessica. When they reach a convenience store, Jessica insists on going to get them because while she trusts Bill, Billith can act oddly at times. She mojos the clerk who was trying to trade sexual favours instead of ID for beer and puts on a full teenaged girl act to invite the foursome to party.

Billith takes blood samples from the fae and passes them to the very gumpy kidnapped professor Takehashi. Kidnapping improves no-one’s mood, switching to Japanese when he speaks perfectly good English doesn’t seem to impress him either. Billith gives his orders – map and replicate the faerie blood.

Eric goes to the fairground where Tara left Willa and finds that Willa has all the survival instincts of a thrill-seeking lemming. She has sat and waited for him to tell him how she hates her father and is all pro-vampire and she wants to help (and taste Eric’s blood). He has just a way for her to help – he digs a grave, takes off his shirt (which always helps). He drains her blood, removes her cross and turns her. He actually has a fairly nifty speech while doing so.

Back to the Merlotte gang, after doctoring Nicole’s badly mauled leg she’s faced with the fact all her people are dead and collapses in tears. Sam sends Lafayette off with the car and turns into a horse in front of Nicole. That kind of distracts her from grieving for her people.

Back to Sookie who drops in on Ben for extra flirting and to invite him for dinner. She also arranges for them to be alone and buys a big bottle of colloidal silver. She applies make up and gets dressed as if she’s preparing for war. Meaning Jason talks to Niall about his unnerving homoerotic dream; which would probably be easier for Jason if Niall didn’t read his mind. Jason even draws a parallel to the last time he drank vampire blood and Niall takes it to the next step – what if a vampire managed to turn a fae? Daywalking vampire! And they seem to jump to Ben being Warlow as well

So they go hunting Ben with the new lapse gun laws – and enter his motel room while Ben’s in the shower. But when they go in the bathroom, Niall’s light bolt hits nothing, it’s empty. Ben is behind them and zaps Niall with his own light bolt. Jason tries to shoot him – and Ben glamours him to forget everything, stay away from Sookie’s place for the night and say goodbye to grandpa Niall. And to let go of all his pain and sadness, which is a nice touch. With Jason gone, Ben/Warlow drains Niall’s blood by drinking it and spitting it down the sink – his blood not palatable?

At chez Bellefleur. Andy is panicking about his missing daughetrs and throwing completely unfounded accusations at Terry; Arlene slaps him down and then they deal with Andy’s worry, Terry pointing out they’ve all taken cars for joyrides before. Andy’s too distraught to think straight.

At the Billith compound, Takehashi is amazed at the blood with its special crystals – but it breaks down quickly and after which you’re left with just normal human blood. Takehashi objects vehemently to Billith kidnapping people – but is “persuaded” by application of telekinesis.

Willa awakens all buzzing at being a vampire after her first meal (Eric hires someone) and Eric wants her to go back to her father. She’s furious she’s been raised just to prove a point, but he tells her he wants her to prove that she’s not a monster, show him they were all human once

But don’t baby vamps have some control issues? And need some severe tutoring – I seem to recall Jessica took a little while to get herself together. He also tells her that in his over 1,000 years of life, she is only the second vampire he’s made; he doesn’t do it casually. He invokes his maker command to send her back to her father despite her protests.

Tara and Pam are walking, planning on leaving the area, and while Pam agrees that Eric should never have touched Tara, she still thinks Tara is a fool for loving humans, that they’re at war. Tara leaves at super speed, angered by Pam’s war talk – and several of the vampire hit squad see and shoot Pam.

Truman is panicking over his daughter and is apparently in a relationship with Sarah Newlin, but whatever Sarah wants is interrupted by Willa arriving – and needing inviting in. Willa tells him if he loves her he will reverse everything he’s done – oh Willa, too soon! You needed to convince him of your humanity first. Unfortunately my prediction comes true and Truman strokes Willa’s face with his injured hand (he punched a wall in frustration), she smells the blood and goes for Truman’s throat; only to be stopped by a gunshot from Sarah.

On the bridge where Warlow first came through, Ben/Warlow revives the weakened Niall, but almost drained of blood he has no power. Ben reveals that when he was fae, their families knew one another. Niall lives because, even though Ben struggles with light and dark and even though he killed his own parents, he couldn’t kill Niall when he was a small child. And he spares Niall again – throwing him through the portal, though he seems to have a moral quandary afterwards.

Pointless storyline time again! In a hotel room Nicole and Sam drink and grieve for their recent losses, Nicole’s friends, boyfriend and family, Sam for Luna. And they kiss –of course they do

The faerie foursome is bored at Bill’s and wants to go home – Jessica tries to stop them but is finally drawn to the lovely faerie scent and starts biting. While Jason brutalises the convenience store clerk for not reporting the police car abandoned out front; but the clerk can’t tell him anything. Jason attributes that to him being an idiot or glamoured by a vampire. Jason unwisely tells Andy that vampires can sniff out faeries – and that fae are catnip to them. Andy drives off in a hurry

Bill hears the commotion upstairs and finds a blood stained, crying Jessica and 4 very very still fae.

Sookie prepares a home cooked meal, complete with colloidal silver – and Ben arrives. Late. Oh -10 brownie points there Ben. Sitting down to eat she watches him like a hawk – and the silver does nothing. Not entirely placated, Sookie talks about her ex, he was a vampire and he lied to her and she makes a big point about how she could never be with someone who lied to her. Warlow does a good job of playing reassuring.

Time for sexy times and they seem to be getting into it – and Sookie holds up her ball of sunlight and tells Ben/Warlow to get off her or die, Warlow.

I am trying to picture the custody case: Emma maternal grandmother against guy her mother dated for… what, a couple of months? Is Sam really the best guardian for werewolf Emma? More to the point – with humans slaughtering vampires and Billith running around and faerie kings, do we care about Sam Merlotte’s custody battle? But then, that same wolf pack just decided to massacre people because Rikki has zero impulse control.

Russel Edginton always said faery blood would save vampires – looks like he was right, or at least Billith agrees.

I’m not quite sure how they went from “vampire/fae hybrid” to “it must be Warlow” but it’s clearly the case. Nor am I sure how Sookie leaped from “Ben could be a vampire” to “Ben is Warlow”. Still, it’s definitely a new one. Also interestingly is that Ben/Warlow appears to be something of an ambiguous villain; he has doubts about what he’s doing which is fairly new for True Blood as well.

Eric’s treatment of Pam and Tara is repellent, I’m glad they both see it now and I’m glad Pam spoke up against Eric – but I want her to have done it because Tara deserves better, not because Tara is her child (i.e. hers to use and abuse).

Did Eric intend to use Willa as an assassination tool? Despite his whole “only 2 vampires” being made thing? Because I can’t imagine he didn’t see Willa losing control as a possibility. Especially after she received less than 10 minutes’ guidance.

I kind of want to know what’s happening in the rest of the US. Most of the anti-vampire actions we’ve seen come from Governor Truman, implying that it stops on the borders of Louisiana. Why not leave Louisiana?

We didn’t see quite so much of the pointless storylines this week and they’ve added Andy’s drama to the greater Billith storyline so it’s actually tightening up a fair bit. I’m hopeful – now they just have to kill off Sam and have Pam and Tara escape to Canada or something.