Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dracula, Season One, Episode Nine: Four Roses

Mina is in the hospital having flashbacks to her attack and she remembers Grayson's face covered in blood.

At the manor, Grayson discusses his conviction that the attack on Mina was done by The Order with Renfield.  Renfield reveals that during his time in captivity, he was repeatedly asked what it is that Grayson loved the most.  When you add this fact to the fact that the image of  Dracula's wife was stolen by Lord Davenport Renfield suggests that this was a personal vendetta by Davenport.  Grayson is not convinced and says that it still thinks it's The Order because they have a history of attacking people's families. Grayson swears that blood will flow each night until the Order yields.

Renfield heads to see Van Helsing but Van Helsing believes that Grayson has broken his contract with him.  Renfield informs Van Helsing that Grayson intends to take direct action against The Order and begs him to speak with Grayson. Van Helsing asks Renfield to leave adding that what Grayson chooses to do is no longer his concern.

Lady Jane meets with Browning to discuss the huntsmen who are coming to London to butcher the vampires. Browning reveals that his children have been abducted.  Browning pulls out Daniel's suicide note and shows it to Lady Jane. Browning blames Grayson for abducting his children and adds that Grayson plans on destroying the Order.  Lady Jane is not convinced and asks what motive Grayson could possibly have.  Browning says that Grayson is actually Dracula but again Lady Jane is not convinced and adds that Grayson has been seen in broad daylight.  Lady Jane tells Browning that this is insane and goes back to the vampire threat. Browning brings up his children and Lady Jane reminds him of his primary oath.

Lucy sleeps in bed and Johnathon gets dressed quietly. Lucy's mother sees Johnathon leave and asks Lucy what she has done, but Lucy simply closes the door to her boudoir.

Renfield arrives back at Carfax to find the police searching the house.  He orders the men to leave on the basis that the warrant is not valid because it does not mention what it is they are looking for.  Browning appears and says that he is looking for his children.  Renfield again makes it clear that they must leave because the warrant is not valid but he is over ruled by Grayson, who apparently had already given his consent to the search.  Grayson declares that no children will be found at Carfax, though he has always longed for their presence.  Browning leaves with the Inspector, who assures him that this is just the start of their investigation. When Browning opens the door to his carriage, he finds Harker sitting inside waiting for him.

As the carriage pulls away, Grayson says that this is what happens when you're for hire. Renfield questions if Van Helsing abducted the children but Grayson is not convinced because he believes that Van Helsing is married to the plan he developed. Renfield tells Grayson that Van Helsing has announced that their partnership is over and that that he told Van Helsing about Grayson's plan to directly confront The Order. Grayson is not at all happy about this and Renfield assures him he will not over step again.

Lucy is still in her boudoir and her mother again asks what is going on.  Lucy cries and asks why she was never told that it is natural to fall in love with another woman.  Her mother is absolutely horrified amd pulls away.

Browning and Harker come to rest in a park area and Harker reveals that he is going to accept The Order's offer, if Browning can explain why they attacked Mina. Browning says that this is ridiculous because they are trying to recruit Harker not destroy him. Harker says that Davenport was behind this and Browning realises that Davenport was acting as a rogue and that Harker killed him. Browning promises not to punish Harker because rogue actions are not tolerated within the ranks.  Browning welcomes Harker to The Order of the Dragon and they shake hands.

Harker is told that he must submit the blueprints of Greyson's resonator and so he searches until he finds them.  When Renfield finds him, he claims that he was catching up on some correspondence.  When Harker moves to leave, Renfield asks him to send his warm regards to Mina.  From the look on Renfield's face, it is clear that he is suspicious of Harker.

Grayson has gone to see Van Helsing to discuss the end of their partnership. Van Helsing makes it clear that Grayson's inability to control himself has derailed their scheme. Grayson tells Van Helsing that one demonstration will end the Order and asks about the disappearance of Browning's children. Grayson threatens that if this comes to the attention of the authorities that it will destroy their plans and in turn, Van Helsing will have a very, very, bad day. Grayson excuses himself saying that he is dining with friends tonight.

Van Helsing heads to a secluded cabin, opens a trapdoor and heads to a cellar.  The children are lying side by side on a wooden table.  Van Helsing has another flashback to his son being dragged away and his house on fire, with Browning standing over him.  He grabs a metal hammer but is unable to bash in the heads of the children.  Van Helsing leaves them lying on a table unconscious.

Grayson heads to the club to see Rothcroft.  Grayson reveals that he invited relatives from the continent with the  promise of excellent cuisine.  Rothcroft finds this curious because Grayson is American.  Grayson turns and reveals his fangs then leaves Rothcroft in a room filled with vampires.

Mina is still in her hospital bed and Grayson is now by her side. When Grayson places a rose in her hand she awakes.  Grayson reveals that all of the flowers have been from him. Mina reveals that she knows that Grayson stopped the men who attacked her and Grayson denies his presence there.  Mina again asserts that he was there.  Grayson moves to leave and Mina asks him to stay a little longer. Grayson looks at the sun and says that he cannot stay, though he very much wants to.

Lady Jane heads into the club where Rothcroft has been ripped apart. Browning tells the inspector that his children are safe and sound and asks for a moment with his colleagues. Lady Jane introduces Browning to a hunter named Kaha Ruma.  Browning begins to list those he has sent for. Browning then tells Lady Jane that his children are still missing but that Lady Jane was right to question his position on Grayson.  Browning has determined that Lady Jane should handle the vampire infestation while he deals with Grayson.  Browning is determined that this be contained regardless of the personal cost.

Lucy has gone to see Mina at the hospital. Mina says that she is confused and Lucy gives her the flowers she bought.  Lucy says that she cannot imagine anyone who would want to hurt her.  Lucy notices the roses and questions if they are from Harker and Mina reveals that she hasn't seen him.  Lucy tells Mina to forget about Harker because he is not the man she thinks he is.  Mina refuses to call off the engagement and asks what Harker has done.  Lucy says that Mina will hate her and tells Mina that she is so sorry.  Mina screams for Lucy to leave.

The Order holds a ceremony lead by Browning to induct Harker. Harker kneels and swears on his life and the life all those he loves that he will never place his own needs above those of the Order. A blood oath is made.

Van Helsing is using newspaper clipping to make a ransom note, asking for 50,000, or promising to kill the children.

At Carfax, Grayson reveals that he has drawn more blood in one night, than in fifteen years of cowardly scheming. Grayson wonders what their terror would be if he attacked in broad daylight but Renfield nixes the idea claiming it would ruin their advantage because the Order has not yet figured out that Grayson is Dracula.  Van Helsing makes an appearance and seconds Renfield. Van Helsing says that he was preparing to leave the country.  Joseph Kowalski comes rushing in and declares that the board of health has ruled in their favor. Renfield looks over the paperwork and declares everything in order.  Grayson invites Van Helsing to attend the demonstration to see their first decisive victory over the competition.

The Order looks over plans and Browning reveals that he pushed the Board of Health to allow the demonstration.  Browning believes that if there is no demonstration, then there can be no failure.  Harker warns that Greyson will simply keep trying and Browning excuses him to return to the fellow members.  They look over the plans and Browning makes it clear that their objective is to engineer a debacle so horrible that no one will ever attempt to do this again.

At the hospital, a nurse discovers that Mina has left her bed.

Mina is at Harker's house and he demands to know how she got in the house. Mina reminds him that he gave her a key.  Mina asks where Harker has been for the last few days.  Harker says that he wanted to wait until she was stronger.  Mina asks why he would be with Lucy and Harker asks what Lucy told her.  Harker brings up that Lucy has been throwing herself at him.  Harker apologizes and tells Mina to go, promising that she won't hear from him again. Mina again asks why and Harker answers that Mina loves Grayson.  Mina leaves the house and Johnathon stands there with tears in his eyes.

Mina is walking on the crowded street and collapses in the middle of the street and is almost run over by a carriage.

When Mina awakes she is back in the hospital and Grayson is standing there holding a flower. Mina tells Grayson that he keeps coming back.  Grayson asks what happened and Mina says that she got lost.  Mina admits to leaving, claiming that she hates hospitals.  Grayson jokes that this is going to be a problem when she becomes a doctor. Mina asks what is happening between them and Grayson tells her that she reminds him of someone she used to love.  Mina says that she has dreamed about Ilona since she was a little girl. Mina reveals that she saw Ilona in a reflection in a puddle.  Mina asks Grayson if he loves her and Grayson says that he has something that he has to finish.  Grayson says that until he has paid back his debt that he cannot.  Grayson reminds Mina that she loves Harker but Mina declares her relationship with Harker over because Harker slept with Lucy. Mina asks Grayson to leave and with each step, Grayson gets angrier.

Lucy is in the tub when Grayson appears and says that if she insists on behaving like a monster, he is going to make her one.  Grayson feeds from Lucy and then bites his wrist and feeds her his blood.

I know I have said it before but Dracula is the most esthetically pleasing show on network television.  From the costume to the set design, it's a real pleasure to watch.

So Lucy has gotten her big revenge and discovered that it did not taste nearly as sweet as she thought it would.  What in the world would make her think that sleeping with Harker would bring her closer to Mina; I cannot even begin to fathom?  I do like the idea that she sees her sexuality as normal and is shocked to discover that others most certainly do not.  It is worth commenting that Lucy's feelings for Mina really do come down to another case of unrequited love for a GLBT character on television. Lucy being turned into a vampire - something I saw coming, is yet another violent end for a GLBT character on this show.  Each GLBT character thus far has had something terribly violent happen to them.

I loved seeing Renfield act independently.  This once again highlights how strong their relationship is.  Renfield genuinely cares for Grayson and what happens to him.  He can think logically even when Grayson cannot because his emotions are not involved.

I was shocked to learn that Van Helsing had kidnapped Browning's children but I can understand it given everything that he has lost.

I am not convinced by the twist of Mina seeing Ilona in her dreams one little bit.  I like them as two separate beings and not Mina as a reincarnation of Ilona. I am glad that Harker and Mina are done, at least for now.  I think it took far too long for Mina to see Harker for what he is - a self involved prat. He didn't even bother to investigate The Order and little does he realise he has jumped from the frying pan into the fryer.  I can only hope the Order chews up Harker and spits him out in little bits.

Next week is the big season finale and while I am looking forward to it, it feels bitter sweet.  As it stands, Dracula does not have a high chance of renewal for a second season.  I know that it is going to end on a cliffhanger, which will be heartbreaking if the series is not renewed.  To me, it's one of the best in the genre, even if at times the writing makes little sense and can be offensive.