Friday, January 24, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode Eleven: Après Moi, Le Déluge

Elijah goes through the history of witches with vampires and declares that they are a force to be reckoned with.  Elijah adds that Davina is the first all powerful witch. Elijah wonders if Davina has mistaken powerful for evil because of her drawings of Celeste.

Marcel heads upstairs to try and bring Davina some food but she promptly throws him and the food.  Davina is upset that Marcel does not hate Klaus for what he did.

Downstairs Elijah points out that poisoning Davina's one true love was not the way to win her trust.  Klaus calls witches a pain in the ass.

Upstairs, Davina continues to break things until she bends over coughing up dirt.

Downstairs Haleigh prepares to confess to Elijah but the room starts to shake.  When they head outside they say an earthquake is rocking the quarter.

Rebekah heads upstairs to see Davina to find out what kind of game she is playing.  Davina says that she didn't do it on purpose and does not know what is wrong with her.

Klaus wonders how a 16 year old girl rocked the entire quarter and asks Marcel how he controlled Davina when she was in the attic. Marcel says that he didn't have to because he didn't kill her boyfriend.  Elijah says that Davina cannot control her power and wonders why it is manifesting itself this way.  He decides that he needs to consult the witches.  On his way out, Elijah runs into Haleigh and she admits that she gave Sophie Celeste's burial ground in order to help her family.  Elijah tells Haleigh that Celeste made him promise to bury her where she would not be found and that she violated his privacy she made him break his promise to her.  Haleigh claims that she thought they were just bones.  Elijah says, "if you really believe that, why didn't you tell me where to find her," before walking off.  Yeah, I have to pause to say this scene was epic!

Sabine is preparing a potion to locate Davina when Sophie walks in with Celeste's bone claiming to have found a way to complete the harvest. It's seems Sophie plans on becoming an elder but Sabine reminds her that you cannot become and elder because you must be born to it. Sophie lays the bones on the ground saying that they only have a few weeks to complete the harvest and if they fail she will never see her niece again.  Sophie adds that she doesn't care about a few only bones when Elijah enters and says that he "happens to care."

Back at the Mikaelson's holdings, Elijah asks Sophie has stolen the remains of someone Davina has been drawing and asks her to explain.  Davina screams and the quarter starts to shake again. Sophie says that they need to finish the harvest because it's going to get very bad.

Apparently the power is tearing Davina apart and it will destroy New Orleans.  Klaus explains the situation to Father Kieran and Rebekah explains it to Davina. Davina does not believe Rebekah but tells her that she knows what's it life to your life ripped apart because that is how she became a vampire.  Rebekah shows Davina the sedative saying that it will keep her calm.  Davina gets upset and begs causing a wind storm to arise as Rebekah uses the sedative.

Marcel heads up to see Davina and she is still unconscious. Downstairs Elijah tells Klaus that Davina is too heavily sedated but Klaus reminds him that all agreed that she needed to be sacrificed. Marcel comes  charging in and punches Klaus.  Elijah intervenes and says that the harvest was working before it was stopped and even Sophie has come to believe it. Marcel is very upset but it seems that all Klaus is worried about is losing his weapon against the witches. Klaus says that he will not see the city burn down for a third down.  Klaus excuses him to warn some prominent citizens and asks Elijah to come along.  Elijah declines the offering saying he's going to say respect to Celeste's bones.

Sophie is at the bar and Rebekah asks if she is prepared to finish the harvest and Sophie confirms that she is willing to do anything to get her niece back.  Sophie asks why Rebekah is really hear and learns that Rebekah wants an alliance to limit the power of Klaus, Marcel and Elijah. She adds that she is aware a witch can trade punch for punch with a vampire.  Is it me or does that seem like a bit of retconning to you?

Marcel is hovering over Davina remembering himself saving her at the harvest. Marcel disconnects the sedative and take Devina saying he is done caring what klaus says.

Sophie consecrates the bones as Elijah looks on and remembers Celeste. Sabine tells Elijah that it is going to take Sophie a good deal of time to finish and that he doesn't need to stay here for this.  Elijah replies that he owes Celeste this. Elijah says that when you love someone they have the power to hurt you and that it's like nothing else.

Elijah gets a call from Rebekah saying that Marcel has taken Elijah.  Elijah says that he will get Sabine to make a locator spell and Klaus and Rebekah to decide to go their separate ways to search.

Klaus comes across Haleigh packing up can goods and he grabs the goods and tells him to come with her..

Sabine is doing the consecration while inside Sabine is working a locator spell as.  Sabine tells Elijah that she cannot find Sophie and that they are running out of time as outside lightening crashes across the sky.

Davina awakes and finds herself in some sort of crate with Marcel.  She immediately throws something at him when Marcel professes he is not there to hurt her. Marcel explains that he is the one who put the protactor spell on her and that he is trying to keep her safe.  Marcel admits that he messed up because he got up in his ambitions and that all he wants to do is keep her alive.  Davina admits that she is scared and doesn't know what is wrong with her.  Marcel promises that he won't let anyone hurt her.

Klaus and Haleigh show up at the church withe canned good and Father Kieran reports that they still have not gone through everything Klaus has previously given.  It seems Klaus asks Father Kieran to shelter the clan of werewolves he is descended from.  Klaus then tells Father Kieran that he has to help find Davina. Klaus advises Haleigh to apologise to Elijah because he is a master of forgiveness.

Sabine says that Davina is somewhere near the river.  Sophie comes in and says that there is nothing in Sabine to consecrate and they are dead in the water unless someone knows of a super powerful dead witch who hasn't been consecrated and Elijah suggests his mother.

Elijah heads to Klaus and Rebeka that they can use Esther for consecration as long as they bury her on land owned by her descendants and she becomes a New Orleans witch.  The siblings will then channel all of their magic from her to Sophie.  They plan to hold the ceremony on the plantation. Rebekah does not think this is smart because they are giving their witches a powerful women because their mother was the most powerful witch who ever lived.  When he begins to rain, the three siblings agree.

Rebekah heads down to see Thierry to find out where Marcel would hide someone.  Thierry is not happy about the prospect of drowning down there and Rebekah trumps that by reminding Thierry how much worse fire will be. Rebekah promises to get Theirry out of here when all of this is done and asks again where Marcel would go.  Theirry reveals a place by the docks.

Sabina is getting worse and asks Marcel to help her.  Marcel says that when this is all over he is going to get her out of town. Davina tells Marcel about her dream about Tim and Rebekah shows up to say that Marcel stubbornness will mean her death.  Davina coughs up water, as Rebekah encourages Marcel to fight for her.

Rebekah reports to her mother's grave site.  Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Haleigh all slice their hand and allow their blood to flow into a container and Father Kieran throws it over the casket.

Sabine and Sophie begin the ceremony with the three dead girls laid out before them.

Davina is very weak and she says that she will die whether she does the harvest or not and that it would be selfish to take others with her.  Davina adds that she had a lot in her life, including someone who fought for me from the moment they met me.

Marcel carries Davina towards the alter Sophie has set up as it rains heavily and fire trails his footstep.  Sophie asks Davina whether she believes in the harvest and when Davina answers in the affirmative, Sophie slits her throat.  Davina collapses and dies in Marcel's arms and it stops raining.  Davina's arm lights up and we see power traveling through her and out her fingertips. Marcel lays Davina next to the other girls and Sophie says the resurrection spell but it does not work. Sophie becomes panicked and says it repeatedly, only to see the girls remain dead.  Sophie collapses crying and Marcel leaves swiftly after staring down Klaus.

Marcel heads to the compound and starts breaking things.  Klaus tells Marcel that this won't bring her back and Marcel argues that the city was fine before Klaus arrived.  Klaus reminds Marcel that they still have the vampires to think about.  Marcel yells that he doesn't care about the vampires because Davina is dead.  Klaus embraces Marcel telling him that he knows what grief is because when he thought that Marcel was dead, he couldn't even speak his name for years. Klaus apologises and holds Marcel closer, as Marcel cries.

Haleigh meets up with Elijah and asks him if they can just let go what happened in consideration for everything that happened today.  Elijah tells Haleigh that he has only been in love twice for all of the centuries he has been alive and when he loves, he honours that love.  Haleigh tells him that he made his promise 200 years ago and that she won't ever choose the dead over the living.  Haleigh starts to walk away and Elijah grabs her.  They have a moment where they almost kiss but Elijah pulls away and so Haleigh leaves.

Klaus tells Rebekah that this whole thing did not go down the way he thought it would and that he is not sad that the witches lost their power.  Klaus says that he was surprised that Rebekah was able to find Davina and Marcel down by the docks.  Rebekah reveals that she also has spies in the quarter, causing Klaus to think he may have underestimated her. Rebekah says that she thought that Elijjah's plan would work and then asks where the power went because four were supposed to rise and none did.

Sabine is working a spell using a voodoo doll and blood.  Three people crawls out of the grave individually and then come together in the middle of the street. Sabine meets up with the group and asks them to call her by her real name - Celeste.

So much happened on this episode, I don't even know where to begin.  I am really glad that they followed up with the girl power theme which they began last episode.  Even though things were clearly dire, Rebekah took every opportunity to work the situation to her own benefit - most importantly starting an alliance with Sophie.  I am so glad that they are not going to let this go by the wayside as Rebekah's character has need some retonning for quite some time to make her the equal of Klaus or at the very least Elijah.

There were some intense scenes this episode between Haleigh and Elijah.  I don't know about you but I am totally team Elijah on this one.  He made a promise to Celeste - the woman he loved on her death bed. No decent person breaks that kind of promise.  I do however understand why Haleigh feels threatened by his enduring love for Celeste but she took it one step too far.

Okay the big reveal - Celeste.  By using the power of the harvest ritual they have made her a viable threat to Klaus.  Something this big was necessary as The Originals has made an extremely powerful protagonist.  I wish I could enjoy the Sabine/Celeste revelation but unfortunately he shows all the signs of building to another incident of a Black with being killed off in Julie Plec's world.  No matter how powerful Sabine is, because Klaus is the protagonist, she has no chance of winning.  This means dead witch and more importantly dead black woman is in the future.

I absolutely loved this episode and will not miss Davina in the least.  Yes she was in a terrible situation but she was still a self involved teenager.