Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lost Girl, Season Four Episode Ten: Destiny Awaits

Bo is the bathroom and she can hear the voices of her fan club in her head.  Rainer approaches from behind and says, "it had to be done, they didn't give us a chance." 

The scene switches to Diana getting into a swimming pool.  When she gets out of the pool, she discovers that her legs have been turned into stumps and she starts to scream.

Team love triangle are sulking about the fact that Bo does not want to see them right now. Lauren wonders if Bo is under some sort of possession or a spell.  Dyson is determined to keep pushing but Lauren reminds him that Bo has locked them out.  Kenzi arrives with coffee and announces that they are taking a case - Diana's case.  Lauren argues that Bo is their only case but Kenzi says that Bo has made her feelings clear.  Kenzi adds that she is not happy about this but they have to trust Bo and respect her decision. Diana wheels in and thanks them for agreeing to help.

Bo is with Rainer and she says that she wants to trust him but is worried that this is a mistake.  Bo adds that she did the impossible for him but doubts what she did.  Bo is still not ready to talk to her posse because she needs to understand - what exactly is your best guess I suppose.

We get a flashback to Bo on the train yelling at Rainer holding a knife.  He is rather dismissive and tells her to get off at the next stop, or he will pretend to court her.  Bo wants to know why she was kidnapped and he admits that he does not know why she is there.  Bo asks why send her away but he is again dismissive saying that she should just move it along. Rainer calls the handmaiden to get Bo off the train.

Lauren brings Diana a glass of water and she reveals that she is an orphaned pixie.  Dyson says that he believes her accident could be an inside job because she got injured in the company pool and so Diana suggests the culprits is Darren, the CEO.  Diana finds two roles for Dyson and Kenzi to play in undercover positions.

Dyson is now delivering mail because Kenzi has reversed the roles to her benefit.  They are both on the line with Lauren.  Dyson heads to deliver mail to Darren but is stopped by his snarky male secretary Tad.  Dyson places something on the back of the envelope and hands it over.  Kenzi crawls into a vent to track the letter and ends up in a room with legs suspended in water.  When the mail falls down the shoot, Kenzi looks through it and finds a bill for the medical bills of Tad - Darren's assistant.  In the meantime, Dyson inspects the pool and finds a pearl in the filtration system.

Back on the train, Bo holds a knife to the handmaiden and is upset about being put off the train.  She learns that the next stop not for another three days.  The handmaiden explains that Bo should give everyone a chance because they need her. Bo is handed an invitation for diner with Rainer.

Lauren examines the pearl with Dyson by her side and Kenzi still in the office.  It turns out that it's not a pearl but a crystallized salt deposit.  Dyson yells that Kenzi needs to get out of there because they are dealing with mermaids.  Kenzi rightfully gets excited but Dyson argues that they are the psychopaths of the sea. Lauren calls them a rare and fascinating species.  Kenzi argues that if they are that bad, then the people of the company deserve to be mermaid free.

Bo shows up to dinner with Rainer declaring that she has happily ever after at home ( as soon as she can choose a lover that is) and Rainer again denies bringing her on the train. Rainer holds a knife to Bo and informs her that she is not going to push him around and demand answers because she is not going to change anything.  Rainer returns to his food with Bo sulking above him.  Rainer then stands and asks if Bo is a succubus and demands to know what the dark fae are devouring these days.  Bo declares herself unaligned and Rainer calls it impossible. Bo then asks what kind of fae Rainer is but he does not answer and instead divulges that memory is his curse. Bo grabs Rainer's plate and leaves saying that she is taking her dinner to go.

Kenzi heads to see Tad claiming to want to check on efficiency.  Kenzi asks if his disability effects his work and of course Tad has a sassy answer.  Tad explains that he got sick and it was either amputate or die and then Darren came along and covered his expenses and gave him a job. Tad has now made it his job to protect Darren.  They are interrupted when Tad gets a message about a meeting.  Kenzi contacts Dyson and reports that Tad is not a mermaid.  Kenzi goes through Tad's files and pulls the one belonging to Alexia. 

On the train, Rainer is playing the organ when he is interrupted by Bo demanding that he play something more cheerful.  Rainer explains that he used to have foresight in battle and he tried to use it to end the light and dark bifurcation.  Bo asks about who was ruling but Rainer simply says that he can't and apologizes because he can't remember why he is there, who cursed him and who took his power.  Bo realises that Rainer is being tortured.  The conductor calls out a stop.

Kenzi is back in the lab room when she notices on the heat signature recorder that someone is coming.  Dyson encourages her to get out but before she can, Daren makes his appearance. Kenzi falls over and begins to cough up water. Darren asks where Kenzi got the letter and Kezi quips that she is disappointed that he is a merman.  It turns out the letters are from his sister and the pearls indicate that she plans on killing him.  Kenzi suggests that Darren might just deserve this for stealing Diana's legs. Darren denies hurting anyone and says that he has always wanted to be part of a world he doesn't belong to. Body parts start to shoot down the mail shoot and they turn out to be Diana's legs.  Kenzi promises to help using the best bait in town.

At the pool, Lauren gets in with Dyson watching. Lauren stands in the pool, and Dyson manages to capture a female mermaid.

On the train, there is a warning of 2 minutes until the next station.  Bo touches a bell and sees the image of a girl crying.  When she lifts it up, she finds the butterfly the girl was holding in the vision. Rainer comes in behind her and asks what she did.  Bo says that when she was seven but does not finish her sentence because Rainer declares Bo the one. How many different ways is Lost Girl going to repeatedly remind us that Bo is the super duper special chosen one?  He tells her that she is going to miss her stop and Bo protests because now she has to think about them as a couple. Oh how quickly team love triangle is forgotten.  Rainer encourages Bo leave, then of course gets angsty when she does.  Oh no, but wait, here comes Bo again and they kiss.

Dyson has Dominique the mermaid out of the pool now and Dominique says legs repeatedly, looking at Lauren.  Dominique claims that she needs the legs to get to her brother, who left home for his walking.  Apparently, the walking is the equivalent of the Amish Rumspringa and she is upset that Darren didn't return home.  Dominique says that she has been sending pearls to Darren and that she has waited for years for her sister, who promised to get Darren to come back. 

Diana and Darren are talking about where her legs went.  Kenzi hands Diana some food and realises that she is not a pixie but a mermaid.  Diana grabs Kenzi and tells her that she is her new bottom half.  Dyson and Lauren burst in and demand that they let Kenzi go. Dominique argues that her sibling forgot about her and so Darren suggests that she stay there with them because they now have enough spare legs to go around.  Darren has declared that it is now time for their kind to rise. Lauren grabs the faucet and turns the tap water on the mermaids. That's right tap water is kryptonite of and of course they have a nice convoluted reason for Lauren figuring this out.

Bo and Rainer are now in bed together and he points out that she has missed several stops.  Rainer sas that Kenzi and Dyson are getting close to finding the compass and when it happens, she won't remember him.  Bo declares that she is ready but Rainer reminds her that no one has ever come back. Bo says that all of the clues are in place for when she gets home.  We get to see all of the little reminders that Bo planned to get back to Rainer.  Rainer wonders what happens if he is a monster and Bo promises to kill him herself. Isn't that just the greatest vow of true and ever lasting love. Bo tells Rainer that all he has to do is keep the train running and stay alive. 

Bo and Rainer are off to see the unamenz, who are not surprised that Bo has once again broken the rules.  Rainer throws a card at  the keeper, who throws it back and in the process returning Rainer's power.  Rainer senses how the keeper dies and she says that this is too much trouble for someone to have.  The keeper then decides that for Bo's actions, Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren and Hale will all die and then they will kill her.  The Keeper gives an order for Bo and her friends to be captured.  Bo tells the Keeper that she does not want what comes next. Bo and Rainer form a plan to work together and using his powers he tells Bo what moves to make.  Okay they formulate a plan on the spot in front  of the person they plan to battle? This make sense how?  What opponent allows the people they are going to fight to gather their wits? Bo quickly gets the upper hand.

Lauren, Kenzi and Dyson are mopping the floor where the mermaids here.  They declare that they make and excellent team. Kenzi checks her phone and realises that Bo still hasn't called. Yes, it's time to sulk because they have Bo withdrawal.

The Keeper is on her knees and the other Unamenz lie dead on the ground.  The Keeper warns that if Bo follows Rainer, she will suffer a fate worse than her own nightmares and be damned like the spawn of evil she is.  Bo takes a sword and kills The Keeper.

Bo is now back home and she is approached by Trick.  Trick tells Bo that Rainer will ask her to slay the Unamenz and begs her not to do it because their power will go to the origin seed.  Trick warns in the wrong hands this could be horrible. 

The power drifts into the seed and we see a bloody hand reaching for it.

The best part of this episode was of course the MERMAIDS! Yes, I have a think for them.  I love that they shifted the mermaid myth from the sweet kind version Disney has given us to the dangerous psychopath kind.  Mermaids recently have been constructed as far too twee which limits the interesting story elements which are possible for creatures who spend their live in the ocean.  The idea that we should all fear mermaids is compelling.  Take note writers, this is how you tell a mermaid story.

I am glad that Kenzi and team love triangle found something else to do and limit the Bo angst.  It gets extremely tiring and so far, I have seen nothing about Bo to inspire such devotion.  Just look at how easily she cast aside her BFF and team love triangle when Rainer came along. 

This is episode ten and I still don't feel like this season has much of a direction.  I suppose from what Trick said about the power of the Unamenz going somewhere truly bad, Rainer won't turn out to be the major antagonist.  If that is the case, this means that Bo will now have three people trailing after her to worship her extra special specialness.  It's tiresome and it's boring.