Friday, March 28, 2014

The 100, Season One, Episode Two: Earth Skills

The kids are running through the forest and  Mike trips over a skeleton. They stop to stare at the skeleton because while it clearly does not belong to an animal, the humanoid shape is unfamiliar.  Suddenly, they hear Jasper scream and realize that he is still alive and so go rushing back to the river. When they make it back to the river, Jasper is gone.  We see an unconscious Jasper being dragged away.

Back on the arc, Jackson reports to Abigail that rumors are spreading about the drop ship launch. Abigail tells Jackson to let the council worry about the people because they need to devote their time to reestablishing communications with the 100.  Jackson says that they have 23 kids left and that the vital signs are spiking for a longer duration before flat lining. Jackson adds that this is typical of radiation poisoning but Abigail is not convinced. They are interrupted when Jaha enters and sees that his son is listed as deceased, along with the other kids.  Abigail tells Jaha that they sent the kids down to live.  Director Cain is quick to intervene and reminds Jaha that the ark is dying.  Abigail argues that they don't know what the wristbands are indicating and begs Jaha to trust her.

Back on earth, Wells finishes filing in what looks like two graves.  When he returns to the landing sight, the kids are running wild and horsing around.  Wells is carrying the clothing of the two kids he buried and when Adam tries to take them, Wells says that they should share based on need, just like back home. Bellamy interrupts  and tells Wells that he still doesn't get it and that Jaha's rules no longer apply.  Adam and Wells struggle over the clothing, so Bellamy tells Wells that if he wants the clothing to take it.  A resigned Wells throws the clothing on the ground and Bellamy asks what is wrong with a little chaos.

John Murphy is holding a girl over the fire and he calls over to Bellamy that if they want the arc to think that the ground  is killing them, that it would look better if a few of them suffer first.  Wells rushes over and pushes Murphy away and tells Bellamy that he can stop this.  Bellamy says that he is just getting started and watches as Murphy attacks Wells.  Wells however quickly gets the upper hand and gives Murphy a beat down.  Wells then turns to Bellamy and tells him that he cannot control this.  Murphy stands with a knife in his hand and tells Wells that he is dead.  Bellamy then intervenes and tosses a knife at Well's feet saying fair fight.  Wells picks up the knife and the fight resumes.  Murphy draws first blood but Wells gets the upper hand and puts the knife to Murphy's throat demanding that he drop the knife.  Before Murphy can respond, Clarke et al return and she demands that Wells drop the knife.  Octavia goes rushing into Bellamy's arms and Bellamy asks about the food. Finn says that they didn't make it to Mt. Weather and Clarke adds that they were attacked.  Clarke says that everything they thought they knew about the ground is wrong because there are survivors.  Clarke adds that this means that they can survive and that radiation won't kill us.  Wells asks about Jasper and Clarke explains that Jasper was taken.  Clarke then notices that Wells isn't wearing a wrist band and asks how many.  Murphy replies 24 and counting.  Clarke then tells them that life support on the ark is dying and that the people on the arc need to know that life is survivable again on the ground.  Clarke adds that they need the help of the people on the arc against whoever is out there.  Clarke argues that they need the help of the arc against whoever is out there and adds that if the kids take off their wrist bands, they are not just killing the people on the arc but themselves.  Bellamy tells the kids that they are stronger than they think and that Clarke only wants the people from the arc on the ground because she is one of the privileged. Bellamy points out that if the people from the arc land on earth, Clarke will have it good and asks how many of them can say the same.  Bellamy says that the wristband makes them a prisoner and they are not prisoners anymore.  Bellamy yells that they are survivors and that the grounders should worry about them. Clarke walks away in frustration and tells Monty that now they have to go after Jasper.

Abigail is bandaging Jaha and he asks why she doesn't have an assistant do this. Abigail replies that Cain is planning a secret council meeting to vote on a culling and that she needs to know where he stands.  Jaja reminds Abigail that he doesn't have a vote but she points out that the council listens to him.  Jaha says they symptoms of oxygen deprivation are everywhere and that the children will die first. Jaha adds that unless the work to lower the population, everyone will be dead in four months.  Abigail reminds Jaha about the 100 and Jaha says that 24 kids are already dead.  Abigail says she doesn't think so but Jaha reminds Abigail that she has no proof and that hope isn't enough when the end of the human race is at stake.  Abigail replies that hope is everything and the Chancellor that she voted for knew that.  Abigail leaves and Cain enters.

Jaha asks who shot him and learns that it was Bellamy Blake.  Jaha then asks who benefits most from his death and Cain tells him that if he has something to say that he should just say it.  Jaha points out that Cain rushed to execute Abigail and that he would be Chancellor know because Abigail wouldn't be there to oppose him. Cain replies that he did his job and followed the law.   Jaha reminds Cain that he would only have been acting Chancellor and that the job requires knowing when not to follow the law.  Cain says that he is not surprised at the attempt on Jaha's life and that he is too weak, given what now has to be done.  Cain adds that he is not the only one who knows it before leaving.

Clarke is back on the life raft putting together a travel pack, when she is joined by Wells.  Clarke notes the scratch on Wells and tells him to keep it covered.  Wells has packed to travel with Wells but Clarke does not want to travel with him.  Monty says that they need Wells because no one else has volunteered. To Monty's surprise, Clarke informs him that he isn't coming either because he is too valuable because he was raised on farm station and was recruited by engineering.  Clarke tells Monty to figure out how to communicate with the arc and promises to bring Jasper back. Clarke asks Finn if he is ready and he replies that he is not going anywhere and neither should anyone else.  Finn points out that the spear was thrown with pinpoint accuracy from 300 feet.  Monty asks if they are going to let Jasper die and Clarke is quick to reply that they won't .  Clarke calls Finn a coward and he replies that it's a suicide mission. Clarke walks out and Wells tells  to Finn to build a wall using the fallen trees and that he will watch out for Clarke.  Wells follows Clarke and Monty tells Finn that Jasper looked up to him.

Bellamy is tending to Octavia's wounds and tells her that she could have been killed. Clarke interrupts saying that Octavia would have been dead, if Jasper didn't jump in the water to save her.  Octavia gathers her things saying that she is leaving with them but Bellamy is adamant that Octavia is staying.  Clarke agrees with Bellamy, saying that Octavia's leg is only going to slow them down.  It seems that Clarke is there for Bellamy and that she has heard he has a gun. Bellamy shows her the gun and Clarke tells him to follow her, if he wants the rest of the people to follow him.  Clarke points out that right now the rest of the survivor's are thinking that only one of them is scared. Clarke turns and leaves and Bellamy instructs Murphy to come with him.  Bellamy then tells Adam that Octavia is not leave the camp and that if anyone touches her, they will answer to him. Octavia gets up and Adam grabs her.

Clarke and Wells head out with Bellamy and Murphy taking up the rear.  Wells tells Clarke that they are dealing with dangerous criminals.  Murphy asks Bellamy since when did they get into the rescuing business.  Bellamy points out that the arc thinks that the prince (Wells) is dead and that if the princess (Clarke) is dead too, then they will never come down. Bellamy says that he is going to get Clarke's wrist band, even if he has to cut off her hand to do it.

Back on the arc, Raven works on the arc.  Raven floats back in and says that there is no damage to V dock. Raven confirms that an exodus ship was launched and is told that it was a routine maintenance accident. Raven is then told that lockup has been quarantined due to a virus, when she starts to talk about visiting her boyfriend.

At the crash site, Adam tells the crew, who are busy messing around that the wall is not going to build itself. Octavia is not confidant that the wall is going to stop anything and says that they need weapons.  Adam tells her to build weapons and that Bellamy wasn't kidding.  Octavia tells Adam that he is too hot to be her brother's bitch. When he denies this is the case, Octavia tells him to prove it before walking off with another survivor. They enter the ship and Adam follows and pulls the guy away.  Octavia pronounces Adam her brother's bitch and adds that she cannot be controlled.  Adam tells Octavia that the guy she was with was in for murder and that he is actually protecting him from Octavia.  Adam then locks Octavia in the ship and tells her to consider herself controlled. Octavia starts to yell but Monty tells her to keep it down because he is trying to concentrate.

On the arc, Jackson and Abigail note Cain sitting in a serious group discussion.  Jackson suggests that Cain is lobbying for votes and that they should as well but Abigail believes that they will have their chance later at the briefing. Abigail is then stopped by Raven, who says that when she went to see her boyfriend, she noted an open air duct.  Raven doesn't believe that there really is a virus and asks why they didn't move to contain the air flow. Abigail explains that the virus isn't airborne, so Raven asks if Abigail can let her know how her boyfriend is doing.  Abigail says that she cannot and that she is sorry.  Raven does not believe Abigail and replies that she is going to find out what the council is hiding.

Bellamy and Murphy catch up with Clarke and Wellls and Wells tells Bellamy to put the gun away.  Murphy immediately grabs Wells and tells him to do something about it. Clarke says that Jasper screamed when he was moved and that if the spear struck his heart, he would have died instantly but this doesn't mean that they have time to waste. Bellamy grabs Clarke's hand and says that as soon as she takes off the wristband,  they can go.  Bellamy calls Clarke a brave princess.  Finn catches up and tells Bellamy to find his own nickname. Finn then tells Clarke to come with him

Finn and Clarke are out in front and Bellamy and Wells look at them from a distance.  Bellamy points out to Wells that they are similar and that they both came to earth to protect someone they love. Bellamy adds that Wells's secret is safe with him.  Bellamy suggests that with Finn around, Clarke doesn't even really see her.

Monty continues to work on the communications and explains to Octavia that though he and Jasper aren't related by blood, Jasper has always been around.  Monty adds that he should be out there and Octavia asks him if he is going to cry.  Monty tells Octavia that Bellamy will not approve of her helping them to contact the arc and she holds out her hand saying that Bellamy is not her keeper.  Monty takes off Octavia's bracelet ad pronounces it dead.  Octavia asks how Monty  is supposed to turn it into a radio, if he cannot even take it off  The hatch is opened and Adam pops his head in. Monty tells Octavia to go and that he has work to do. Octavia gets up  and says that Jasper would understand why he stayed.  Monty asks how someone raised beneath the floor is not a total basket case.   Octavia replies, "who says I'm not." When Octavia catches up with Adam, he tells her that she is not a basket case because she was loved.  Adam adds that he envies Octavia because she has someone who would do anything for her.

In the woods, Finn wonders why the grounders didn't attack until Jasper crossed the river and adds that they weren't be quiet.  Clarke realises that the river is a boundary and questions what they are going to do for food.  Finn races forward and stops at a waterfall.  Clarke comments that at least they don't have to worry about water.  Clarke and Finn wade into the water and when he splashes her, Clarke makes it clear that they don't have time for this.  Finn drags Clarke into the water and she smiles.  Finn says that he knows why Clarke is always taking care of everyone else and Clarke calls him a delinquent psychologist. Finn tells Clark that she couldn't save her father.  They wade out of the water and find blood covered rocks.  Clarke finds something belonging to Jasper and when Finn touches the blood, he finds it still wet.

Back on the arc, Abigail and Jackson are hard at work looking for something to use against Cain in the meeting.  Jackson points out that even if they send a signal down, the wristbands aren't designed to receive, therefore; the kids won't hear it  Abigail hears a noise and she opens the air duct to find Raven inside.  Raven says that the kids aren't dying and asks if the information they are looking for is coming from the ground. Raven tosses the bracelet at Abigail and says that the kids are taking them off. Jackson asks why the kids would do something so reckless and Abigail answers, because we told them not to.

Octavia is sharpening a weapon and Adam brings her a drink of water.  A beautiful glowing butterfly lands near her and Octavia follows it off into the woods.  When Adam turns around, Octavia is gone, so he drops his things to follow.  Octavia continues to follow the path of the butterfly and Adam searches confused by the sound of her laughter. The butterfly leads Octavia to an open field where she becomes surrounded by them. Adam catches up and Octavia and Adam kiss, as the butterflies circle their heads.  Octavia withdraws and Adam tells her that they have nothing but time.

Bellamy et al continue to walk with Finn as the guide, following the blood trails and broken twigs.  They hear a wailing sound and Clarke tells Bellamy that now would be a good time to take out that gun.  When they come to a clearing, they find a shirtless Jasper tied to a tree moaning in pain.  At the base of a tree the grounders have laid a trap, which Clarke falls into.  Bellamy manages to grab Clarke but is slow to pull her up, so Wells and Finn help out.  Finn tells Wells to stay with Clarke and keep and eye on Bellamy, while he gets Jasper out of the tree. Clarke notices a poultice on Jasper's wound and Wells wonders why the grounders would save Jasper's life, only to string him up. Finn suggests that what the grounders are trying to catch is them.

At the meeting, Abigail reports that violent criminals in the group are 8x as likely to have terminated signals and that this means the kids are taking off the wristbands by choice.  Cain asks how she explains Wells and Abigail argues to Jaha that both of their children have done things which they could never have predicted. Abigail says that the kids need more time and Cain points out that engineering needs six months to fix life support and that they will be out of oxygen in four.  Cain says that for everyday they delay, ten more people will need to be sacrificed.  The total count as of today is 209 and Cain calls for a vote.  They take a vote and it is tied, forcing Jaha to break the tie.  Jaha says that they didn't ask for this and that they were supposed to be a transitional generation, ensuring that three generations from now, mankind could return to earth.  Jaha adds that everything has changed and that they will either return to earth, or see the end of mankind.  Jaha says that Wells is already on earth and that he doesn't know if Wells is alive or dead but he has hope.  Wells abstains from voting, which means it must be taken up again in ten days. Cain points out that this will mean ten more deaths for everyday but Jaha will not be moved and abstains again.  Cain walks out of the meeting in anger and Jaha tells Abigail that she has ten days.

Finn starts to lower Jasper to the ground and they hear a sound.  Suddenly, an animal charges and Wells draws a gun and shoots. The animal leaps at Bellamy and Wells empties his weapon saving Bellamy's life. Why didn't he let the animal eat Bellamy?  Bellamy turns to Wells and tells him that Clarke sees him now.

Raven heads to see Abigail and Abigail says that they need to talk.  Raven assures Abigail that she won't say anything and Abigail assures Raven that she isn't in trouble.  Abigail tells Raven that the arc is dying and that she has ten days to prove that the earth is survivable, or 320 innocent people will be killed. Raven asks why she is being told and Abigail explains that she is the youngest mechanic in 50 years and pulls the sheet off a pod. Abigail tells her that she has nine days to get it ready so that she can return to earth.  Raven replies that she can do it but the catch is that she is going with Abigail because she has someone she loves on the ground. Abigail agrees with Raven's terms.

On the ground, Octavia and Adam sit by the fire holding hands when they start to hear a sound.  Clarke et al have returned with Jasper.  They also bring back the animal that Wells shot.  The kids assume that Bellamy is responsible for the bounty and cheer him after he asks who's hungry.

On the arc, Raven works on the pod as Abigail watches the monitor.  Wells, Cain and Jaha join her looking on. On the earth, the kids line up to have their bracelet's taken off.  Clarke approaches Finn and says that Jasper is going to need medicine.  Clarke then realizes that the kids are taking off their wristbands in exchange for food.  Clarke says that she won't do it and Finn marches forward to take a piece of meat.  Finn is confronted by Bellamy and Finn says, "I thought there were no rules." Another kid goes to grab a piece of meat without having his bracelet removed and Bellamy slaps him to the ground.  In the woods, Adam and Octavia are kissing and they are interrupted by Bellamy, who says that they are on first watch.   Later, Adam is strung to a tree and Bellamy tells Adam that he won't be disobeyed.  In a private area Finn and Clarke share the food and she smiles happily.

What no one knows is that a grounder is watching the camp from a distance.

Okay, it's hard to judge the 100 because this is only the second episode.  At this point, I still very much believe that there are far too many characters making the story cluttered and confused.  At times, I have trouble following who everyone is and still yet, they introduced Adam and Raven (what the hell kind of name is that?) this week.  I do however like that in Raven, we got another strong female character.  At least in terms of gender, I don't see a problem with The 100 yet.

Clearly we have a love triangle developing between Finn, Well and Clarke.  I guess it wouldn't be a CW show without it but still, I sure wouldn't have missed it.  The thing between Clarke and Octavia was sweet but Bellamy tying Adam for a true for kissing his sister was plain creepy and incestuous.  We get it already, Bellamy is a terrible person.  This action also takes away from the legitimacy of his fight against people from the arc. Speaking of the anger, though I don't like Murphy is has a legitimate reason to be angry.

So far we have a clearly defined plot but a lot still doesn't make sense to me.  Where are the people on the arc getting their food and clothing?  Does it just appear out of thin air.  They need to explain how it is they are surviving.  We did get a small sense of their power structure by watching the council but I sill want to know more about their life than the brutality of instant death penalty for crime and some deprivations.  They need to expand more on this plotline to draw me in because the angsty kids on the planet give me a headache.

Who are these grounders.  So far we keep getting compelling hints but I am genuinely intrigued and wonder how they survived, if they have a culture and what their agenda is.  Hopefully we will find out soon.