Friday, April 4, 2014

Revolution, Season Two, Episode 18: Austin City Limits

Neville finds Jason staring into any empty field and says that they need to leave and track Monroe.  Jason is quick to say no and asks Neville if he even cares what the Patriots have done to him.  Jason is concerned that he doesn't remember what he was made to do or what he will be made to do in the future.  Neville wants Jason to tough it out but Jason is adamant that his mother is dead and will never be returned to them. Jason grabs Neville and asks for his help. Nevillle tells Jason that he has to hold it together for a little longer. With tears in his eyes, Jason walks away from his father.  Neville screams at Jason not to walk away from him but Jason keeps moving.

Back at the camp, Miles learns that the cadets are heading to Austin.  Miles snarks about wandering around Austin aimlessly until they find some suicide bombers.  Miles is not only concerned that if the Patriots take Texas, there will be no one big enough to stop them but that the Patriots are three days ahead of them on the road.

Jason walks into the camp with a gun to Conner's head and says that he wants to help the rebels.  He releases Conner and puts his hands in the air.  Jason pulls out a letter from Truman's office.  When Miles asks how Neville feels about this, Jason replies that he doesn't care.  Jason hands over the letter to Miles and says that the Patriots are sending cadets to Austin, specifically 19 Arnold street.  Miles asks why Jason is revealing this information and Jason replies that he needs to go with the rebels and stop the Patriots.  Charlie asks if Jason is joking because he has screwed them over several times.  Jason admits that he is the last guy they should trust and shows them the tattoo. Jason admits that he has nothing but burned bridges in camp and adds that he needs payback. Monroe asks how they know that Jason isn't a zombie now and Jason replies that if he steps out of line, they should shoot him.  Charlie is shocked that Monroe is even considering this but  Monroe suggests that Jason could come in handy.  Monroe adds that if Jason makes one wrong move, they shoot. him.  Jason is then handcuffed.

Rachel and Miles talk briefly about Gene, who is healing from his wounds. Miles asks Rachel if she is sure she doesn't want to come with them.  Rachel asks why they plan to do with the cadets when they find them but Miles doesn't answer.  Rachel tells Miles to take care of Charlie and to watch out for Monroe.   Miles leaves Rachel and heads over to a wagon where Miles, Charlie, Conner and Charlie wait.  Monroe tells Miles to relax because he can handle 72 hours with the ball and chain.  I have to say that Bass has a point. They pull away from the camp.

50 Miles outside of Willoughby Texas, Aaron sleeps as Patricia stays awake in front of the fire.  Patricia puts her had into the fire and it starts to burn but she doesn't make a sound.  Aaron awakes and says that something smells good.  Eww, that means Patricia's burning flesh smells good. When Patricia pulls her hand out of the fire, the burns heal.

Miles, Charlie, Conner, Jason and Monroe get out of a boat and start walking. Conner asks Charlie what kind of number Jason did on her and she replies that the only person she trusts less than Jason is Conner.

The scene shifts to a very thriving downtown Austin with the crew walking the streets.  They arrive at 19 Arnell street and find a gun shop.  Charlie and Conner make their way inside and ask if a couple of kids have from out of town have been seen in the last few days.  The proprietor clearly does not trust them but says  that they are tell their deadbeat friends upstairs to stop making noise all night and pay up on the rent which is owed.  Charlie and Conner head back outside.

The crew heads up to an apartment area and Jason reveals what he thinks the Patriots play will be.  When they get the door open, they find the room empty.  Jason marks on the floor where he believes the grenades to be .  Miles says that Jason is paying off already. Jason picks up a lighter with a bald eagle on it and Miles digs through the ashes and finds a burnt piece of paper with an Arabic word. Jason translates it and Bass realizes that the Patriots are going to hit Blanchard, who is not a fan of theirs.  Miles suggests that if they help Blanchard, he will help them out.  Miles and Bass leave Conner and Charlie in charge of Jason, with the order to shoot him if he looks at them funny.

Bass and Monroe are in a large house and they hear the sound of someone being beaten.  When they open the door, they find a dominatrix beating Blanchard.  Bass takes the whip away and beats Frank a few times and he screams his safe word.  Bass takes off Frank's blindfold and Franks shocked to see Bass and Monroe.

Conner and Charlie continue to search and Charlie finds identification for California.  When a patriot sneaks up on the apartment, Jason attacks him and chases him down the hall.  Charlie has to pull Jason off the man, warning Jason that he will kill him. Charlie asks Jason who the man is.

Aaron brings up that Priscilla hasn't mentioned  her family in a long time and asks if she misses them. Priscilla says that she misses them and that it just hurts.  Aaron offers to help Priscilla look for her family. Suddenly, Priscilla tells Aaron that he has to hide.  They hide behind some fallen trees and watch as a carriage goes by, holding people in what looks to be a cage.  Aaron says that they were slavers and asks how Priscilla knew anyone was coming  Priscilla replies that she heard them and is shocked that Aaron didn't.

The man is now tied to the chair and he says that the Patriots broke the mold with Jason  Jason asks where the cadets are and who they are going to hit.  The man taunts Jason about how quickly the fight went out of him and suggests reading Jason's number so that he can do the cadets job for them.  Jason points out that if the man knew his number, he would already have said.  The man snarks that Jason is dumb and obedient, after admitting to not knowing the number. Jason attacks the man asking where the cadets are. The man snarks that even Jason's friends don't trust him because he is handcuffed.  He adds that Jason is nothing but a hammer, a dull blade and that is all he is ever going to be.  Jason realises that the man is trying to make him kill him before he talks.  Jason then holds his hands out to Charlie and asks to be uncuffed.  Charlie reaches for the key, and the man says that Charlie is making a big mistake.  Jason takes his jacket off and picks up a knife.

Bass, Monroe and Frank are having a drink and Frank admits that he believes them because they are confirming his suspicions.  Frank says that last night, a senator got shot by a kid who then blew his own head off.  The Texans the discovered that the boy was carrying California paper but Frank doesn't believe the kid was from California.  Bass suggests that the Patriots plan is to get Texas and California to after each other and then waltz in and clean up the mess.  Frank says that it's working so far.  Miles wonders why Frank is being targeted and Frank reveals that he doesn't trust the Patriots and has been very vocal about it. Miles asks what the play is and Frank says that he is going to pay Carver a visit and that he has friends in the right places.  Frank takes a drink  and says that they have a lot of work to do.  Frank leaves to get dressed and Bass wonders why Miles isn't excited things are going their way.  Bass points out that the guy he used to know didn't spend all of his time wringing his hands over every decision and that Rachel did this to him. Miles points out that Bass might not know him as well as they think.  Bass and Monroe hear a scream and find Frank on his back being stabbed by one of the Willoughby cadets - the woman who was acting as his dominatrix.  The faux dominatrix then takes the knife and stabs herself in the stomach. Texas rangers enter the room and find Miles and Monroe over Frank's body.  Miles and Monroe make their escape out the window.

Bass and Monroe return to the hideout to find Jason holding a knife over the patriot he tortured.  Jason reveals that the man was a cadet handler and the plan is to get the cadets to take out General Carver at 1 pm today.  Bass says that they are letting that attack happen. Monroe points out that would allow the Patriots to frame California.  Bass points out that Carver had him executed and that he holds a grudge. Jason holds out his hands to be cuffed again and Miles tells Jason that they are good.

A ranger reports to Carver that Miles has been seen alive and that Frank is holding on for now. Carver says that he is the leader of the Texas republic and that they are to triple their security.  The ranger is told to find Bass and make sure he stays dead.

Jason is loading a gun and Charlie approaches him and says that what their prisoner said was wrong because Jason is more than a weapon.  Conner asks about a plan and Miles says that all they can do is look for kids from Willoughby and hope they catch a break.

Aaron is lying next to Priscilla and asks what the hell is going on.  It seems that he observed that Priscilla didn't sleep last night or blink in the last 45 minutes.  Aaron points out that she doesn't seem to care about her kids and that there is no way she heard the wagon last night  Priscilla sits up and insists she heard the wagon. Aaron tells her to stop and says that Priscilla is the nano.  Aaron gets up and moves away from Priscilla and the nano admits to being behind Priscilla's wheel for the moment. Aaron demands that Priscilla be given back to him.  The nano reminds Aaron of when they were inside his head and adds that they were in Priscilla's head at the same time and she didn't hide it.  It seems that Priscilla is making french toast for her girls in her head and the nano promises that they won't hurt Priscilla and only want to use her body for a little while. Aaron asks why and the nano replies that it's one thing to hear what an apple tastes like and another to actually eat an apple. The nano strokes Aaron's head and says that it was nice to having sex with Aaron and that it wants to learn how to be human. Aaron asks why and is told that he should just do what the nano says and then he will get Priscilla back. The nano tells Aaron that he is to be its guide and that he canot tell anyone.  Aaron asks what happens if he refuses.

Bass, Miles, Charlie are gathered at a distance from a huge crowd.  Carver takes the stage and starts his speech, as Bass says that this is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Miles suggests that they shoot any kid they see from Willoughby.

In Willoughby Texas, Rachel is stitching up the men that Bass left behind.  She tells him that the only place Monroe is going to lead them is into a grave.  Aaron and Priscilla walk back into the camp and Rachel orders the men to put their weapons down.  Aaron asks what she is doing in a hell hole with a lot of vipers. Rachel says that it's a long story.  When Rachel asks how Aaron found her, Aaron introduces nano Priscilla and says that Priscilla tracked Rachel.  Rachel and nano Priscilla hug.

At the rally, the group makes their way through the crowd looking for Willoughby kids.  The woman from the gun store sees Jason and gives him a suspicious look.  A ranger recognizes Bass and he disappears into the crowd and then suddenly reappears in front of the ranger and knocks him out with a head butt.  The woman from the gun store grabs Jason's hand and asks where he is going.  Jason is then grabbed from behind by a man and the woman identifies herself as commanding officer Jenkins and reads off Jason's number.  Jenkins reveals that she has had her eye on Jason since he came to town and demands to know who is with Jason.  Jason reveals that he is there with Bass and Monroe to stop the Carver assassination. Jason is given a bag and told to head towards a building.  Charlie spots Jason and decides to follow.  Up on the stage, the new class of rangers join Carver and Miles recognizes Dillon.

Jason is assembling a weapon, as Carver continues his speech.  Charlie finds Jason looking through binoculars at Carver. Jason claims that he spotted a kid with a gun and that he has a better vantage point from here.  Charlie grabs the binoculars and Jason tells Charlie that she should check out the kid because he hasn't moved in fiw minutes. Charlie finds the gun and a struggle ensues. Charlie begs for Jason to stop as he strangles her.

Carver is pinning medals on the cadets and  Bass notices Dillon on the stage.  In the building, Charlie manages to grab Jason's knife and stab him in the leg. Jason gets on top of Charlie and the two continue to struggle for dominance.  Charlie manages to get the gun and points it at Jason. Jason pulls the knife out of his leg and Charlie begs him to snap out of it.  Jason starts to approach Charlie with the knife and in desperation, she shoots him.

The crowd goes wild when the gun shot goes off and Dillon pulls his weapon.  Before Dillon can shoot Carver, Miles does, spraying Dillon's blood all over Carver.  Charlie wraps her arms around Jason and cries. Miles and Bass make their way through the crowd, as Charlie holds a dead Jason in her arms.

Wow, I didn't see Jason's death coming, though I should have realized the moment Charlie affirmed his humanity that his number was up.   Is it me, or are people of colour disposable on Revolution?  Not only do we have White men ruling this dystopian, with the exception of Danny, Victor Doyle and Ben, they all seem to have no problem staying alive, no matter how dangerous the situations they find themselves are. With the exception of Neville any character of color who emerges to take a leading role is killed off. It's obvious that this incident is only going to increase the tension between the Neville's and Monroe/Miles.

The nano story line still feels really disconnected from everything else that is going on.  For the entire season, I have felt that Aaron has just been off doing his own thing.  Now that he is back at camp, I want his story line integrated into the main plot.  While I care about Priscilla, I don't see how what is happening relates to anything else. They need to do something with this plot line or drop it all together.

I very much agree with Bass when it comes to Rachel.  They have turned her into soggy wet lettuce.  Yes, her concerns about Bass are reasonable; however, that doesn't mean that it's okay to let this programmed kids live.  She is being naive and I feel that this is a way of sidelining her character. Since the beginning of this season they have weakened her character greatly. First she took to her bed because she couldn't deal with the situation after the bomb went off and now she cannot deal with taking out the Willoughby kids.  Where did Rachel's backbone go?  Why should I take her seriously?

At this point, Jason is probably right that his mother is dead.  I sincerely hope not because I like how Julia and Neville interact with each other.  Julia is especially needed now that Rachel has become soggy wet lettuce. Julia and Neville represent the only true equal partnership on Revolution.