Friday, April 4, 2014

The 100, Season One, Episode Three: The Earth Kills.

The 100 starts off with a flashback to a year ago of Wells, Jaha and Clarke watching what appears to be an old soccer game from earth. Abigail enters and whispers in Jake's ear that she ran into Bennett and the systems analysis is ready.  Jake stands and says that he'll be back soon days.

On earth, in present day, Clarke is looking after Jasper whose pulse is thready.  The rest of the 100 call out for Jasper to die. They're a supportive group aren't they. Clarke goes to get some water and she hears screaming, so she follows the sound.  Clarke wakes Charlotte, who is having a nightmare and introduces herself.  Really? Does this show really need a new character when it is already overloaded with characters? Charlotte was dreaming about her parents who were floated and Clarke reveals that her father was floated as well. Clarke asks how Charlotte ended up on earth and Charlotte reveals that she lost it and assaulted a guard when she was taking her parents things to the redistribution center.  Clarke points to the arc orbiting above them and suggests that maybe they can move past the pain because being on the ground is their second chance.  Charlotte and Clarke hug.

Trina and Pascal come out of the bushes but Trina says that she is hungry. It looks like they are planning to leave the group behind. Suddenly a storm starts up and the two cover their eyes.  Trina screams in pain.

Bellamy and Murphy are practicing throwing axes and when Murphy misses it, he blames it on the distraction of Jasper's screams.  Kids come out of the bushes and Adam reports to Bellamy that there is no sign of Trina or Pascal. Okay, for the record that's now three new characters this episode.  The writers need to start thinning the herd already. Murphy snarks to Adam about visiting his special tree while he was out there and Bellamy instructs Murphy to let it go because Adam took his punishment. Murphy then suggests that the two took off to have sex. Adam tells Bellamy that people are concerned and that the morale is really low.  Bellamy replies that the morale will go up when he finds more food.  Jones (new character number four if you are counting) asks what they should say when people ask about Trina and Pascal. Bellamy says nothing and that they should keep an eye out for them when the go hunting.  Adam and Jones leave and Bellamy informs Murphy that he is to stay there in case grounders are circling the camp. Murphy is clearly not happy to be left behind.

Clarke is still working on Jasper and wonders if the wounds are septic.  Clarke asks if Monty has made any progress in contacting the arc and Monty says no. Clarke puts a knife into the fire.

Octavia asks Adam to take a trip with her to the butterfly field but he does not answer.  Octavia walks up to Bellamy and demands to know what he did to Adam. Bellamy tries the whole maybe he's not into you routine but Octavia is not buying it.  Octavia tells Bellamy that he cannot keep everyone away from her. Bellamy says that Adam had to learn that when someone disobeys, they pay the price.  Octavia tells Bellamy she is paying the price and that the next time he goes on a power trip to leave her out of it. Octavia hears Jasper scream and rushes away.

Clarke is trying to cut off Jasper's infected flesh and Octavia tells her to stop because she believes Clarke is killing Jasper. Finn explains that Clarke is trying to save Jasper's life.  Bellamy enters and says that Clarke can't save Jasper because Jasper is a goner.  Clarke says that she is sorry that Jasper is an inconvenience but this isn't the arc, which means that every life matters.  Bellamy calls Jasper a lost cause and Clarke tells Octavia that she spent her whole life watching her mother heal people and there is room to be hopeful. Bellamy is not convinced and suggests that Clarke simply doesn't have the guts to make the hard choices and that he does. Bellamy declares that if Jasper is not better by tomorrow, he will kill him himself. Bellamy tries to order Octavia to leave but Octavia says that she is staying there.  Finn suggests that Bellamy is right.

In another flashback, an exhausted Jake has returned home and reports that he told Jaja that the arc has a year of oxygen, maybe two.  Abigail assures Jake that he will fix it but Jake says that this time, it's not a glitch, it's a system failure. Jake suggests that people need to know but Abigail says no in fear that people will panic. Jake tells Abigail that she sounds like Cain but Abigail asserts that Cain is right. Jake argues that they cannot avoid the truth but Abigail is not willing to risk anarchy and begs Jake to obey the council's orders and keep it quiet.  Jake says that he cannot, so Abigail asks him to do it for Clarke.  Jake replies that he is doing this for Clarke. Abigail tells Jake that if he moves forward that the council will float him and she will be unable to stop it.

On the ground, Finn goes to see Clarke, who says that she is fine with him believing that Jasper is a lost cause. In her hands, Clarke holds some herbs which she believes have antibiotic properties. Wells sits down to look at the herbs saying that he aced botany in earth skills.  Clarke hands it over saying that the grounders used it as a poultice and that a tea may be more effective, if they can figure out what it is.  Wells says that it's seaweed, so Clarke suggests that there must be a water source near by.  Finn says that he knows just the place, so Finn and Clarke start walking.  Wells calls out that he knows what they are looking for and asks Clarke if she does?

Later, in the woods, Wells tells Clarke that she needs to rethink hating him because their problem is not just the grounders and they are surrounded by criminals. Wells asks if they can be friends again but Clarke replies that he got her father killed so it's not possible.  Wells replies that they are on earth so anything is possible.  Finn tells Wells that he should let it go but an adamant Wells argues that he has known Clarke her whole life and is not going to let it go.

Finn stops when he comes to what looks like a hatch and when he uncovers it, he discovers that it's a car. Clarke says that the car has been there 100 years and that Jasper cannot wait.

The hunting party is trying to capture an animal.  Bellamy's axe throw is off to avoid hitting Charlotte. Bellamy asks why she isn't back at camp and Charlotte explains that she needed to get away from Jasper's screams.  Bellamy says that there are grounders and that it is too dangerous for a little girl.  Charlotte asserts that she isn't little.  Bellamy hands Charlotte a knife saying that she cannot hunt without a weapon.

Clarke, Finn and Wells have come to a beach.  Wells points out the seaweed and Clarke wades into the water.  A swarm of birds flies overhead and Wells says that they should get out of there.  They hear a horn go off and suddenly the storm which attacked Trina and Pascal makes another appearance.  Clarke calls out for them to run.

In another flashback, Clarke plays chess with Wells. Wells asks what is going on because Clarke is not acting like herself.  Clarke says nothing but Wells assures Clarke that she can talk to him.  Clarke reveals what Jake learned about the oxygen system and adds that she is not supposed to know. Clarke adds that it might no be fixable and that the council doesn't want anyone to know. Clarke wonders if her father is right about people knowing the truth and begs Wells not to tell anyone. Wells promises Clarke that her secret is safe with him.

Back on earth, the castaways are being overcome by the storm.  Clarke suggests that they should make a run for it because Jasper cannot wait much longer.  Finn asks how dying in a cloud of acid dust is going to help Jasper. Wells finds a bottle of booze and Finn takes a swig.  Wells worries that the booze is toxic and Clarke takes a swig off the bottle.

In the cave, Charlotte is having a nightmare and is awoken by Bellamy.  Bellamy says that she should slay her demons when she is awake so they won't get her when you she's asleep.  Bellamy adds that weakness is death and asks for the knife he gave her.  Bellamy instructs Charlotte to grab the knife and say, "screw you, I'm not afraid," every time she feels fear. Charlotte does as Bellamy instructs.

Clarke asks why her wanting Jasper to live makes her a dower.  Clarke asserts that she can be fun. Wells tries to reminisce but Clarke brings up Wells;s betrayal and asks what he was thinking.  Wells says that he made a mistake. Clarke replies that it's not good enough and that Wells probably couldn't wait to run to his father and tell him everything, so Jaha would finally believe that Wells is the perfect son. Wells asks Clarke what she wants him to say, so Clarke asks for an explanation.  Wells replies that he cannot give her one. Wells claims that he is still Clarke's friend and she replies that if he were her friend he would walk into the fog and never come back.  Finn asks them both to take it easy. Wells takes a drink.

Jasper is still screaming and Murphy sits up saying that he is ending this. Murphy is told that Bellamy gave Jasper  until tomorrow but Murphy believes that Jasper is dying anyway. Monty rushes into the hatch and tells Octavia that Murphy is going to kill Jasper.  The two of them struggle to close the hatch door, as Murphy demands to be let in.

In the past, Jake is recording a message about what is happening to the arc and Clarke reveals that she knows about his decision to disobey the council. Clarke asks what his plan is and says that she is going to help him. Jake hugs Clarke and says absolutely no.  Suddenly, officers burst in and arrest Jake for treason.  Clarke hugs her father promising to find a way to send his message.

On earth, the fog has cleared, so Finn, Clarke, and Wells get out of their hiding spot.   Clarke tells them to hurry because Jasper is waiting.  Finn and Wells lag behind and Finn asks why Wells did't keep the secret and Wells asks Finn why he cares.  Finn suggests that Wells had to know that Jake would get floated.  Wells says that he made a choice and even if Clarke always hates him, he made the right choice.

Bellamy and Charlotte call out for survivors and are greeted by Jones. Bellamy asks about Adam, who is nowhere to be seen.

Finn has caught up to Clarke, who is upset that they didn't leave the second the fog cleared.  Finn points out that they wouldn't have made it through the woods at night.  Finn says that Clarke was hard on Wells and that Wells loves her.  Finn suggests that Wells is hiding something because every time her father comes up, . Wells says nothing.  Finn asks Clarke how sure she is that Wells is the one who turned in her father.  Clarke replies 100% because Wells is the only one she told.  Finn asks if Wells is the only one who knew.  Before Clarke can reply, a loud scream rings through the forest.

Bellamy and Charlotte have come across a severely wounded Adam.  Adam asks Bellamy to kill him. Charlotte moves forward and puts a dagger in Bellamy's hand saying that he shouldn't be afraid.  Bellamy orders the others back to camp.  Bellamy kneels over Adam but seems unable to act.  Clarke comes out of the woods and says that she heard screams.  Clarke looks Adam over and shakes her head, then tells Adam that they are going to help him.  Clarke strokes Adam's head and takes the knife from Bellamy. Clarke does what Bellamy cannot, she kills Adam as she hums a tune to him.  From a distance, Charlotte watches the whole exchange.

That night, everyone is back at camp and Clarke says that she needs boiled water to make the tea for Jasper. Bellamy orders that Clarke is to have whatever she needs. Octavia rushes forward and tells Clarke that it's about time because they were going to kill Jasper.  Octavia then rushes to Bellamy who tells her to stay back but she moves forward and sees Adam's dead body.  Bellamy says that there was nothing he could do, and Octavia tells him to stop and then takes off.  Murphy reports that they didn't lose anyone in camp and that he tried to take out Jasper but Bellamy's psycho little sister wouldn't let him. This sets Bellamy on edge and he asks Murphy if there is anything else he wants to say about Octavia.  Murphy wisely says sorry and nothing.

Back on the arc, Jake is being led to his execution.  Abigail hugs him and Jake says that she has to warn the people.  Abigail tells Jake to stop and she says that there's earth.  Jake hands Abigail his wedding ring. Clarke appears and pushes past the soldiers and leaps into her father's arms. Jaha calls out that it's time, so Jake hold Clarke and Abigail one last time before heading into the air lock.  When Jaha nods, Jake is pulled into space. Clarke cries as Abigail holds her. Clarke says that she is sorry and Abigail replies that it's not her fault.

Octavia and Clarke are working on Jasper and Clarke says that she is really sorry about Adam..  Octavia replies that she is going to have to get used to people dying on earth. Octavia tells Jasper that he isn't allowed to die.

Later, Clarke heads to see Wells and asks if Abigail is the who ratted her father out.  Wells doesn't answer but Clarke adds that she blamed Wells because her father is dead and it's her mother's fault.  Wells says that he wanted to protect Clarke and Clarke realizes that he allowed her to hate him.  Clarke asks for forgiveness and Wells replies that it's already done.  The two hug.

Octavia, Finn and Monty pass the booze around and Jasper regains consciousness. Jasper asks if he got spared and Clarke thanks him for not dying because she couldn't have taken that today.

The next morning, Charlotte sits with Wells and reveals that she has nightmares every night.  Charlotte says that she thinks she has found a way to make them stop and then she stabs Wells in the throat.  Charlotte stands over Wells body and says that every night she sees Jaha killing her parents and that when she wakes up, she see Wells. Charlotte believes that the only way to make it end was to slay her demons.  Charlotte then hums the song Clarke hummed to Adam.

Okay Charlotte is absolutely Lizzie freaky.  I get her pain from being forced to watch her parents die and then hand in their possessions but killing Wells?  Yeah, not cool.  So far, Wells risked his life to get on the arc for the sake of Clarke.  He took the blame for having Jake floated and has done nothing but play the role of BFF.  We learned nothing about him really.  He was nothing but a walking trope.  After Clarke and Wells reconciled he suddenly became disposable.  This is a problem because as aforementioned Wells is one big trope and also because he was the only disabled character on the show.  Way to "The 100."  Standing applause on that one.

I enjoyed seeing Octavia call Bellamy out on his policing of her body.  It's clear however that Bellamy is going to continue his actions because his response framed Adam's supposed transgression as something Adam did to him.  On one hand, The 100 seems to want to make Bellamy a complex character and on the other, they have him policing his sister's vagina.  Thanks but no thanks.  Why do these attitudes still exist in the supposed future?  Bellamy talks a big game but he is not up to leading except where Octavia's vagina is concerned.

We have finally gotten to the bottom of Jake's death.  I didn't really believe that Wells turned him in.  I do however think that it's a great lesson in just how strict the arc's society is.  Abigail turned in her own husband knowing where it would lead.  Yes, that makes her cold but it also speaks of deeply ingrained certain points of view are. Ultimately they are embrace the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the one (yes, cool Star Trek reference)

I still believe that there are far too many characters on this show.  Yes, we lost Adam, Trina and Pascal this week but we gained creepy Charlotte and Jones.  Speaking of Jones is he supposed to be the replacement for Wells?  If so, The 100 is taking a page from The Walking Dead.

Finally, we have gotten a lot of teasing about the grounders.  I want to see some concrete movement where this is involved.  What are they?  What is their objective?  Give us more and stop teasing.