Monday, March 31, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode 12: Caged

Elena rushes into the street and hops into a car.  Before she can take off, Nick and Jeremy knock on the window.  Elena hops out of the car and tells them that Olsen stabbed Philip and that she called an ambulance. Elena adds that Clay has been taken.  Jeremy tells Elena that when he dropped by Logan and Rachel's, he discovered that they had been taken as well. Elena wants to split up to track the mutts but Nick believes that the mutts can be anywhere by now.  Jeremy assures Elena that Santos is not a fool and reminds her that if the mutts catch her, there will be no further need for Clay. Jeremy orders Elena to return to Stonehaven with Nick

Clay awakes to find himself naked and tied up.  Santos holds up battery chargers and places it on Clay but gets no response.  Olsen snarks about needing a bigger battery. Santos instructs Olsen to call Marsten and LeBlanc and let them know where they are. Olsen says that getting someone to talk is child's play and that the real trick is convincing them to stay quiet. Santos says that this is about respect and puts the chargers to Clay, who screams. Olsen says that this is not respect but revenge.  Santos calls Elena to say that they need to talk.  Santos proposes they meet at the Bear Valley diner alone at noon.  Santos shocks Clay again and when Elena hears Clay scream, Elena agrees to meet Santos at noon.  Santos shocks Clay one more time for good measure.

Marsten pulls up to farmhouse and asks Santos if he is detecting a faint whiff of Clay. They are joined by LeBlanc and hands over supplies he gathered at a local emergency room. Marsten says that he is not worried about Clay but about what they are going to do with him.  Santos sends LeBlanc to check on Olsen and LeBlanc is not impressed and asks when he became the diddlers babysitter. Santos orders LeBlanc to do as he is told. Santos asks what happened at Logan's and Marsten blames their inability to capture Logan on LeBlanc going rogue. Marsten says that Olsen didn't kill Philip as planned, which means that Philip can identify Olsen to the police.  Santos says that he was forced to take Clay to lure Jeremy since they didn't manage to grab Elena.  Marsten wonders about the obsession with Elena.

Diane and Olivia meet at the hospital and Diane tells Olivia about the home invasion and that Philip has been taken in for surgery.  Diane assures Olivia that Philip will be okay.  Olivia asks about Elena and Diane says that Elena is not answering her phone.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy bans Elena from meeting with Santos and she makes it clear that she is not asking for his permission.  Nick sides with Jeremy but Elena says that Clay will end up just like Denis Sidwell.  They are interrupted when Rachel pulls into the driveway with an injured Logan in the backstreet.  Jeremy tells Logan that he did the right thing coming to Stonehaven.  Rachel freaks out, saying that Logan needs a doctor but Elena reminds her that they cannot involved the police.  Nick takes Rachel away, after Elena promises not to leave Logan's side.  Nick tells Rachel that Logan will pull through because he has a lot to live for. Rachel wonders what kind of world she is bringing her child into.  Nick says that she is bringing a child into a family who will adore him and promises to protect Rachel until this is all over. Nick assures Rachel that she and the baby mean the world to Logan. Rachel asks if after this is all over, if she and Logan can go back to their normal lives.  Nick says that things will never be the same but that's what happens after you have a baby.

Logan is doing better and apologises for bringing Rachel there.  Jeremy says that he understands and that Logan did what he had to do for now.

Santos wakes Clay saying that he has questions.  Marsten snarks that everything which is wrong with Santos can be fixed with a good therapist.  It's nice to see at least one of the mutts is self aware. In the meantime, LeBlanc prepares an injection. Clay struggles in the chair and screams, so LeBlanc injects him, causing Clay to pass out.

Elena calls Philip's cell and it is answered by a frantic Diane.  Diane tells Elena that the doctor says that Philip is going to be okay and asks where she is.  Elena does not answer and asks if Diane spoke to Philip about what happened. Diane tells Elena that Philip claims to remember very little.  Elena asks for the hospital and Diane tells her Toronto General. Elena promises to get there as soon as she can and hangs up the phone. Elena looks at a ring briefly before putting it away

Rachel is at Logan's bedside.

Elena slips downstairs but is stopped by Jeremy and Nick.  Jeremy says that he cannot let her meet with Santos.  Elena charges forward but Jeremy grabs her and locks her in the cell. Elena begs but Jeremy tells Elena that he won't let her compromise his negotiations with Santos. Jeremy tells Elena that he was wrong to let her go to Toronto and that the only way he can keep her safe is inside the cell.  Elena concedes that Jeremy believes offering himself in exchange for Clay will keep Clay safe but says  that he cannot trust Santos. Jeremy admits he does not trust Santos but adds that the must important thing is to protect Elena from herself.  Jeremy leaves, promising that he and Nick will deal with this.

Rachel sits and looks out of a window and Logan regains consciousness.  Logan asks how she is holding p and Rachel replies that she is fine.  Rachel asks why she doesn't feel safe here and Logan replies that the people who attacked them cannot hurt them at Stonehaven. Rachel asks if they are supposed to live there for the rest of their lives and Logan says that when he is able, they will go far away.

Santos taunts Clay about walking off into the sunset with Elena. Santos asks Clay how it felt  to kill Steven (Santos's brother) at Jeremy's request.  Clay replies as good as it will feel when he kills Santos. Santos strikes Clay and asks which family's are currently aligned with the pack. Clay replies all of them and gets slapped again for his trouble.  Santos asks what the status of Jeremy's injuries are  and Clay replies strong enough to take out Conneg, with enough left to kick Santos's ass.  Santos say that the pack is falling apart and moves to strike Clay again but Marsten grabs his hand.  Marsten says that this has nothing to do with bringing down Jeremy but jealousy because Clay has gotten everything Santos has ever wanted, including Elena, before walking away.  Santos composes himself and tells Clay that time is running out and that he has been keeping a close eye on Elena.  Santos adds that when he gets his hands on Elena's perfect body that they are going to breed a new generation of perfect werewolves. Clay headbutts Santos forcing him across the room and in retaliation, Santos shocks Clay again.

Jeremy goes to see Logan and offers him a drink to help stave off dehydration.  Logan asks about Rachel, and is told that she is taking a nap in Elena's room. Logan thanks Jeremy for saving his life and apologizes for not being there when he needed him.  Jeremy tells Logan that it's been so long since they've had a little one roaming the grounds at Stonehaven and that his life is going to change when he becomes a father. Jeremy asks Logan if he is ready for the responsibility and Logan replies that he has a few months.  Jeremy tells Logan that when he looks into his child's eyes, he will do anything to keep him safe and adds that the only way to keep their kind safe is within the pack.  Jeremy says that he has business in town and that they can continue later.

Elena walks back and forth in the cell.  She hears the cars pull out and kicks the lock.

Rachel is upstairs with Logan and she hears the sound of Elena kicking the jail cell.  Rachel slips out of the room and follows the sound.  Before she can head down to the cellar, Logan stops Rachel saying the sound she is hearing is because they are in an hold house with old pipes. Rachel does not believe Logan, so Logan tells Rachel that she doesn't want to go down there. The banging continues and Logan replies that some things you see, you cannot unsee and tells Rachel to go upstairs and forget about all of this.  Logan heads down into the cellar and finds Elena.  Logan unlocks the cage and Elena says that they are not safe there and that Logan and Rachel need to leave now.

Nick and Jeremy stand outside of the diner and decide to head back to Stonehaven because there is no sign of Santos.  What they don't know is that Santos and Elena are meeting.  It seems that Elena warned Santos about Jeremy and Nick waiting for him at the diner.  Elena asks what it will take to release Clay and Santos holds up his phone showing a video of Clay.  Elena strangles Santos, promising to hunt him down and make him wish he were never born if he kills Clay. I like that they keep showing us how strong Elena is relative the males on the show. Elena is scary. Santos assures Elena that Clay is still alive and adds that the tide has turned against the pack. Santos adds that if Elena joins up with him, he will free Clay, as well as allow Jeremy and all of the others live, as long as they agree to stay on the move like the mutts were forced to. Santos adds that if Elena reneges on the agreement, Clay, Jeremy, and all of the others will be hunted down and slaughtered.  Santos believes that this is a win for Elena, as she will be the mother to a new dynasty. Elena asks about Philip and Santos reveals that Olsen has gone to pay him a visit.  Elena demands that Olsen be called off and Santos replies that Olsen doesn't believe in cell phones.  Elena charges Santos and he reminds Elena that he is the only thing standing between the pack and death.  Elena walks away and Santos calls out that his offer is only good until the end of the day.

The cops are in Philip's hospital room and Philip denies knowing who attacked him in his apartment and why. Philip has flash backs to the attack and tells the detective that he doesn't have any enemies who would do this. The detective hands Philip his card and leaves.  Diane says that Philip should have told the cops about the stalker he beat up at Elena's show. Philip reveals that the stalker was one of the guys who attacked him at his apartment and adds that Elena and her family are involved in some kind of mafia war. Philip tells Diane that they have got to keep this quiet.  Diane wonders why Philip isn't saying anything when this could put them all in jeopardy. Philip points out that he is in the hospital and says that he is not saying anything because it is going to put them all in jeopardy.

Marsten offers Clay a drink of water and says that he wishes he could help more but Santos has relegated him to peon status. Clay asks where Santos is and Marsten reveals that he is with Elena. Marsten says that the entire affair has gone sideways and that he never intended for things to get this far out of hand.  Clay tells Marsten that he could always switch sides and Marsten asks if this is the same offer Cain got before his neck was snapped. I really think that if Marsten believed he would be spared, at this point he would let Clay free.

Philip is looking at the wolf footage again and he remembers the wolf in his apartment which protected him from Olsen.

Jeremy and Nick have returned to Stenehaven.  Nick heads upstairs to find Logan gone and in the cellar, Jeremy finds the cage empty. Jeremy notes that there is no sign of struggle and realises that Logan must have let Elena out.  Jeremy says that he hopes Elena knows what she is doing.

In Toronto, Olen has let himself into Philip's apartment.  Elena grabs him from behind and puts him in a strangle hold.  Olsen wakes and finds himself tied up in a bathtub. Elena asks Olsen to tell her where Clay is being kept, or he will live to regret it. Olsen says that they are old friends and bring up how long they have known each other. Olsen asks what Elena will give him if he tells her where Clay is.  Elena offers Olsen his life but he does not believe that Elena is a killer.  Elena tells Olen that he does not know what she is and uses a claw to stab him.

Nick gets off the phone with Jorge and reports that the mutts are reaching out and looking for new recruits for an all out assault. Jeremy concedes that the mutts know the pack is weak, especially without Clay. Jeremy then adds that the more he thinks about the situation, the more he wonders who is really pulling the strings of the mutt organization. Jeremy brings up that Elena is being hit from all sides and Nick brings up the video, which came from someone named James Williamson.  Jeremy declares that they must figure out who this Williamson is.

Elena continues to injure Olsen but he says that all he wants is to brush her hair one more time.  Olsen says that he will tell Elena what he knows, if Elena promises to let him go.  Someone enters the apartment, so Elena stuffs a cloth in Olsen's mouth.  Elena walks into the living area and finds Philip.  Elena asks if Philip got her messages and says that his life is in danger.  Philip replies that he believes her and that he doesn't know if he should be afraid of her and Elena cries saying that she tried hard to make this work  Philip points out that all he ever wanted was honesty.  Every time Elena moves close to Philip, he moves away.  Elena asks him to get as far away from her as he can but he is adamant that he is not going on the run.  Elena says that when they fell in love, Philip's life went down the dark road.  Olsen makes a sound in the bathroom and Elena begs Philip to go.  Philip walks around Elena and walks out of the apartment. Elena rushes back to Olsen and he calls what happened touching. Olsen taunts Elena about still being scared of him and he tells Elena that Clay is at Fox Valley Farms.  Olsen asks to be untied but Elena stuffs a rabbit's foot in his mouth and leaves. Since Elena has sliced Olsen's wrists, it's clear that she left Olsen to die.

Leblanc is walking on a dirt road following a scent and when Santos heads outside, he finds LeBlanc gone. Elena attacks Santos from behind with a metal pole, knocking him unconscious.  Marsten heads outside and sees Santos on the ground but is quickly attacked by Elena.  Elena heads inside and sees Clay handing by his hands.  Elena lowers Clay, as outside, LeBlanc finds the shirt with Olsen's blood Elena left for him.  LeBlanc runs back to the farm, as Elena helps Clay into the car. Clay and Elena drive off just as LeBlanc arrives.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy reports that Clay is a little weak right now but will recover.  Jeremy says that he spoke to Jorge and that a team has been sent to sanitize Philip's apartment.  Jeremy adds that he is sorry that Elena was forced to kill again.  Elena points out that Olsen gave her everything she needed and still she killed him.  Elena wonders about the sense of not killing Marsten and Olsen. They talk about Elena's arrival at Stonehaven and Jeremy's fear that she had seen him changed.  Elena realises that Jeremy had planned to kill her and he replies that he didn't have a choice.  Elena realises that Clay bit her to save her and that she blamed Clay all of this time.  Elena is pissed that Jeremy kept this from her and Jeremy apologizes saying this is what he thought was best for the pack.  Elena points out that it wasn't best for her or Clay but Jeremy is unmoved and adds that Clay chose to make that sacrifice. Jeremy says that Clay is the most trustworthy person Elena has ever known.  Elena walks out of the room.

Elena heads to say Clay who is sleeping.  Elena lies down next to him and warps her arm around him.

The mutts are gathered and Marsten says that they are dead but Santos argues that Clay is weak and that this can still win this battle.  Santos gets a call from Williamson, who says that there will be no more kidnapping or negotiations because it's time to storm a castle.

Bitten has a real problem and though mutts like LeBlanc and Olsen are clearly problematic, it's hard not to be on their side.  Jeremy is not a good leader and in many ways, he reminds me of Rosen from Alphas. Why are these people so damn loyal to him?  At this point he has done nothing which inspires loyalty and because they have no made it clear how much harsher the other alphas have been (as was done in the books), Jeremy comes across as a major megadouche.  There is Logan lying on his sickbed and Jeremy is clearly threatening him.  Then there is the issue of him lying to Elena and throwing her in a cage for so-called protection.  He is not a man that inspires trust as far as I am concerned.  The writers need to do something about his character or I am going to remain solidly team mutt.

I like that Bitten continues to show Elena as a strong and capable person.  What I don't like is the continual emphasis on her role as the sole female werewolf.  I know that the writers are just following the series; however, they have felt comfortable changing the plot and so I don't understand why they cannot move away from the trope of the exceptional woman surrounded by males.

At this point, they also really need to do something about Rachel.  She is little more than a walking womb with no real characterization.  She knows that something is wrong but yet walked away from the cellar on Logan's orders and continues to allow him to lead her around. Since her life and the life of her unborn child are clearly in danger, it's time for Rachel to start demanding answers.  I need to see Rachel with a bit of backbone and I am tired of Elena being the only strong character.

Every week I keep hoping to see the end of Philip but they seem to be dragging out his story. I can only surmise that Jeremy is going to figure out that Philip knows about the werewolves and plan on killing him, which of course lead to a problem between him and Elena.  They need to move this along however as I feel that this is dragging on and on.