Friday, May 9, 2014

The 100, Season 1, Episode 8: Day Trip

The Grounder is still a prisoner and still not popular

Clarke talks to the Ark council and Jaha and Kane give her directions to somewhere where the 100 can shelter over winter. New councilwoman and clear baddy Diana thinks they should just wait until the grown ups arrive – but they’ll probably freeze in the process. Jaha also has a word alone with Clarke – there’s a queue of parents who want to talk to their kids and Clarke’s mother Abigail wants to join that; but Clarke still isn’t over the whole murdering her dad thing.

But Commander Shumway (who is definitely evil – since he put Bellamy up to kill Jaha) jumps the queue to talk to one of the 100 called Dax, a murderer. He has a mission for him and in exchange he’ll make sure Dax’s mother gets to the surface. He wants Dax to kill Bellamy.

Octavia and Bellamy are still spilling sibling drama everywhere. Clarke, Raven and Finn have love triangle drama. Clarke heads out to check the supply depot with Bellamy because it’s so wise to take the two leaders out at once – the convoluted excuse for this is that Clarke is feeling arsey and would rather take it out on Bellamy than someone she likes. Dax follows them, conspicuously sheaving a knife.

With all the distractions, Octavia sneaks up to see Abbalicious, the Grounder, gives him water and rubs all over those abs (she’s cleaning him, honest). He tells her his name is Lincoln which mean I can’t call him Abbalicious any more, but it also calls into question why he pretended he couldn’t speak English for so long when it was really really unhelpful for everyone, himself included. He thinks he’s going to die – she wants him to tell the others he’s not the enemy – but he says he is. Oops.

Octavia tries to torment Raven with the idea that Finn’s into Clarke but Raven refuses to play that game. But she does go in and have some “MAH TERRITORY!” make out with Finn. He tries to stop her because he thinks he should tell her about Clarke first – but she says she knows and they will never speak of it again. Now back to the territory claiming!

Clarke and Bellamy hike while Clarke tries to convince Bellamy Jaha is totally going to forgive being shot (this is not 10 minutes after her “I will never forgive you!” speech to Jaha about her mother). They check out the bunker which is filthy, damp, leaky and has very little in the way of supplies (and isn’t likely to be a good place to shelter during the winter). But it does have guns.

And because we apparently don’t have enough material for this episode – Monty and Jasper accidentally discover narcotics. Octavia happily gives narcotic food to Miller, the guy guarding Lincoln. And at the bunker, Bellamy’s also snacking on the narcotic nuts while playing with firearms. Clarke also realises that Bellamy took so many supplies because he intends to run and leave Clarke in charge because when Jaha gets to the ground he thinks he will be very very very dead.


At least hallucination zombies make Bellamy confront his guilt. Clarke has angsty hallucinations (of course – her illusion dad wants her to forgive her mother) and the camp falls into chaos. During which Octavia rescues Lincoln – of course they kiss before he runs. Well, staggers.

Finn and Raven, being the only ones unaffected, destroy the remaining narconuts and try to keep everyone calm. Finn says nothing as Lincoln escapes.

Bellamy snaps out of his hallucinations to see Dax pointing a gun at him – the one that doesn’t work. Bellamy tries to shoot him back with a hallucination. It isn’t very effective – but Clarke arrives and Dax reveals Shumway sent him, Bellamy also adds that Shumway had him shoot Jaha. There’s a fight and Bellamy kills Dax by stabbing him with a bullet. No, really. Is that even something you can do?

Bellamy angsts about what a bad person he is, but Clarke says he’s good and saved her and they all need him (I’m putting this all down in the “blatant lies” category).

Bellamy and Clarke return just as everyone’s panicking about the Grounder having escaped – but he shows them the shiny guns he has.

Bellamy and Clarke speak to Jaha on the radio and Clarke gives Bellamy a huge character reference first. Jaha pardons him – but only because Bellamy offers to give up the guy who organised it. Shumway is arrested – he claims he’s fighting for what he believes in but declines to mention exactly what that is.

But Shumway doesn’t float – obviously-evil-Diana arrives and SHOCK HORROR she is evil! He works for her and she has him killed in an apparent suicide.

Finn isn’t sold on the idea of them having guns – “being prepared” was the same excuse their ancestors used to build nukes. He doesn’t understand Clarke suddenly trusting Bellamy.

The radiation on Earth is fascinating. On deer it causes extra heads. On sea creatures it creates monsters. And for humans it creates improbably perfect abs.

So. Much. Teen. Drama.

And filler. So much filler. Also, if you’re going to have everyone stoned and hallucinating, at least make it just that – don’t have their hallucinations drop character building advice on them. If that were a common occurrence we’d have half our elected leaders on LSD.

Actually… that may not be a bad idea.