Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Falling Skies, Season 4, Episode 6: Door Number Three

Ben is having sex with Maggie when his brother Hal staggers in, with a big, blood stained wound over his heart.

Ok, maybe the stomach, but this works so much better.

It was all a dream we find out when Maggie wakes Ben up (and is there anything more awkward than having a sex dream about someone and then having them wake you up?)  to get him to help search for

Lourdes has a little cult meeting with Lexi where everyone continues to forget about the whole genocide of the human race and instead thinks everyone’s problem with the Espheni is fear of change. (Well yeah, because that “change” is “all of us dead or slaves.”) And Lexi’s hand has gone all slimy which can’t be good

Tom  & Weaver et al connect with Hal’s group (Hal also sees some green light on the moon which I’m sure will be relevant. Or random, knowing this show). Then Ben joins them  and Anne because they’re just outside the sanctuary and they have a whole big reunion. Anne takes Tom aside to talk about their sister. Everyone else moves into the hippy haven and begins eating and Hal and Maggie have their own kissing reunion (Ben looks on being all creepy).

While Lourdes drops in on Lexi and finds  she’s made herself a cocoon. Lourdes decides to tell Tom and Anne that this is a wonderful thing. Unsurprisingly, they don’t agree. Anne panics and decides to stab things but Tom points out this may not be the best idea and random stabbing has limited problem solving capabilities.

With the gang gathered, Kadar theorises that Lexi has entered a chrysalis from which an Espheni will emerge but she will die if they cut her out. Also he is basing this entire lecture on caterpillars and butterflies and really don’t have a clue about Espheni biology but let’s run with it. They ask Cochise about it but he gives basic information followed by “I have nothing more to share” which isn’t quite the same as “I don’t know” and he hustles out very quickly. Since Anne was cocooned once, Kadar decides to try repressed memory strategies.

So they drug her and hypnotise her to remember when she and her child were together. Which is sadly unspecific because Anne flashbacks to the death of her first child. Oops. Rather than just try again Anne decides she will double the medication because RAWR and it may kill her so DRAMA. Remember this woman is a doctor

Tom goes to Weaver to angst about missing Lexi growing up and worrying about her being dangerous and wanting to protect her. Also Weaver burns his hand on the cocoon. While Hal actually talks strategy, Tom zones out into parental angst. Hal isn’t a big fan of Tom deciding to put the whole war of humanity’s survival on hold while he stares moodily at a cocoon.

While Maggie has gathered a crowd and told everyone that Lexi is a dangerous liar in league with the enemy. Which is true. Of course, Pope takes this and decides it’s time to kill the child but Tom arrives to stamp his feet and say everything stays put until they know more – because meeting with Overlords and releasing them is totally not probative. Tom rants at Hal and Hal brings up Karen – someone Hal loved and trusted but Tom KNEW the Espheni could and have transformed people so he killed her. Which finally comes close to throwing some reality into the argument. Tom roars that Lexi is Hals’s sister which kind of puts the whole lie to the “I’d have the same standards for anyone else” argument he just made.

Ben catches up with Maggie to pout about her considering Lexi dangerous as well because she was happy and with Lexi around she may still be happy and Maggie clearly hates being happy and it’s nothing to do with meeting aliens, freeing evil aliens and ignoring a world wide genocide. This logic is up there with “they hate us for our freedoms”.

Anne has her flashback and remembers Karen holding baby Lexi and saying she’d grow up to be just like Karen, Karen’s creation, and how human the fake human baby looked.

Then she returns to the present and has an out-of-body experience.

Meanwhile Tom decides he needs to truth about Lexie – which doesn’t involve Maggie or even Ben or Kadar – no, it means talking to Lourdes. Which means he doesn’t want the truth, he wants the person who will tell him the lies he wants to hear. Lourdes goes full on cult leader at him, telling him the Espheni want peace and unity once all humans arrive (ignoring the ghetto tom had to escape from, the Espheni Youth camp)

Hal decides to dump on Botha who responds with “I just have no idea to resolve this” but in my head I hear “is there a reason you’re dragging me into your family drama?” Cochise adds that the Volm have found Espheni hatchlings before – they’re dangerous, violent and unpredictable and the Volm kill them. But also that they’re super dangerous and attack body and mind – so dangerous that the Volm are leaving to a safe distance (and conveniently getting out of the way of any plot lines).

Hal decides to go talk to Tom about this and Pope decides to bring an army of people while yelling Tom’s name – at the same time the Lexi-cocoon starts screeching. Lourdes creates a line of resistors

Tom asks Weaver if he’s doing the right thing and Weaver is at least honest enough to point out that from a military stand point, no, no he is not. But the right thing as a dad. Remember when Tom said he was treating Lexi like he would anyone else?

Hal does manage to get through and has everyone else stay outside shooting except Maggie and, of course, the eternal Pope. Maggie decides she’s not ready to kill Lexi yet. Hal tells Tom about the Voln leaving because they’re that scared; Tom decides that the argument “yes she can be dangerous but you don’t know everything” is somehow convincing. You know that she collaborates with the enemy and has scared off your allies. Tom is also sure he can stop her –just like Anne could?

The whole Mason family lines up to meet Lexi when she comes out while everyone else clears away – great so the whole leadership can be annihilated in one swoop.` But Tom will handle that. Sure a cocoon once drove back  an entire division of the Volm, but Tom can handle it.

Over to out of body Anne who is greeted by the ghost of Collaborator Lexi who, in the vision would like to remind Anne that while working for the enemy trying to wipe out the human race she also said nice things about Anne. And she’s totally fine the in the cocoon, honest.

Anne wakes up and runs to the cocoon to tell everyone everything’s fine because she had a vision while on drugs and unconscious so YAY

Good gods I need a drink. I’ll have a large glass of whatever cheap hooch all these characters have been knocking back

Aaaaargh this show frustrates me so much. Even if Lexi were 100% human, meeting with, defending and freeing an Overlord would have had her torn apart by wild horses or at least checked for mind control devices in any previous season. Even if they don’t kill her in the cocoon, they idea of not taking precautions against this super powerful woman who is openly an agent of the enemy forces that have annihilated the vast majority of the human race is ludicrous. It is ridiculous to present people wanting to do something as being unreasonable, blood thirsty or “afraid of being happy”.

And why doesn’t Tom throw ONE of the counters to Lourdes. The Espheni want peace and unity once everyone arrives? Tom had to escape from a ghetto, Matt from an Espheni Youth camp – and why are p

This show makes no sense and it’s getting beyond annoying that the awful writing continues to try and paint the hippy Lexi cult as reasonable by making everyone who DOESN’T agree with it completely fail to bring up any of the Espheni actions or atrocities.

But they’re not ready to kill Lexi yet? Y’know, if they played on the fact she’s only like, 2 years old so is mistaken, maybe I could see that. But no-one is working on that and both Kadar and Cochise have confirmed her as coming out of that cocoon as an Espheni. The only reason Lexi is not now a corpse is because she is Tom’s daughter.

Is Hal supposed to be the bad guy? Because he’s worried about the people they’re leading, they’re responsible for, rather than just saying “my daughter who I haven’t seen since she was a baby, so is totally safe!”

But, hey, Anne had a hallucination – everything’s FINE.

Does anyone remember when Kadar suffered from severe agoraphobia to an extent that he couldn’t actually emerge from underground? Or is that just me