Sunday, July 27, 2014

Links of Interest

Since we’re quite capable of losing hours to the internet if we’re not careful, we do come across some thoughtful discussion that are both relevant to Fangs and fire up the brain cells; here are some links of the past few weeks that have caught our interest

Please feel free to share your own links in the comments

A great viewpoint on Katniss in the Hunger Games and the whole concept of relationships being thrust on people, especially women

What it says on the tin with a special nod to the casual use of rape.

What many minority fans in the genre have been saying and can related to. Also refers to the paucity of children’s books about Black characters

Which seems a good time to link to the We Need Diverse Books Tumblr

The BFI is bringing in new diversity requirements for any films receiving lottery funding through them. While it looks like a good first step, we’re concerned at how low the requirements are. Reading their tick system, a sufficient number of visible minorities filling in crowd scenes will count - and some of their “tick” categories completely drop LGBT people as minorities.

Speaking of diversity in film - Glaad has released their report on LGBT visibility in Hollywood films. It’s poor - with no LGBT main characters, only 17 out of 102 had LGBT characters at all and only 7 of them passed the Vito Russo test

Kiss My Wonder Woman has a good series on Strong Female Characters

A strong piece in response to the straight washing of NBC’s Constantine - unfortunately, it also seems to be response to the angry criticism IO9’s other piece on the matter received - one which completely dismissed the issue in a rather homophobic manner.

Steven Yeun, despite his success on The Walking Dead, is still struggling to find other work simply due to the paucity of opportunities for Asian actors.

Latino USA has an excellent podcast interview with NK Jemisin, Daniel Jose Older and professor Nalo Hopkinson about racial diversity in sci-fi

We do not know the various writer’s histories nor can we guarantee that other posts on these sites won’t be problematic - but these posts definitely whetted our interest.