Sunday, July 27, 2014

Witches of East End, Season Two, Episode Three: The Old Man and the Key

Joanna watches Frederick sleep and this is a segue into a flashback. We see Wendy, the girls and Victor rushing towards the portal to meet Frederick.  As they rush, the girls worry that their grandfather will cause a problem for them because he had them banished. When the portal opens, Joanna makes it through but sadly tells her family that she lost Frederick.  In the present, Joanna grabs a blanket to toss over Frederick and pauses when she notices the marking on his chest.

Later in the morning, Joanna meets with Wendy in the garden and tells her that Frederick has the king's symbol branded on his chest. Wendy believes that her suspicions about Frederick have been confirmed because the brand is the ultimate sign of loyalty, but Joanna reminds Wendy that they don't know what it means. Wendy argues that Frederick is spiritually bound to their father for eternity but again Joanna comes to Frederick's defense, pointing out that they don't know the circumstances under which Frederick took the oath. After a bit more back and forth, Joanna finally admits that she is suspicious of Frederick and given that two people have been killed in town, they have to be careful.

Before leaving for her trip, Freya pops in to see Ingrid, who is busy packing up her things to move out. Freya says that it feels strange to go through a lifetime of things and Ingrid expresses her happiness for her. Ingrid expresses concern about Freya's trip but Freya says that she has to go now that she has seen a vision of Killian's death and adds that she is not necessarily safe staying in town. They then switch to Dash and the danger that he poses now that he has power and is filled with so much anger over the way his relationship ended with Freya. Freya suggests that they should just leave him alone but Ingrid sees Dash as a victim and suggests that what he needs is guidance. Freya points out that Dash could do a lot of damage if he knew what he is capable and this causes Ingrid to assert that this also means he could hurt someone accidentally. In the process of cleaning out the closet while the sisters have been arguing, they come across a secret door. When they try the handle, the door is locked.  Joanna appears and gives the excuse that it was a door she had closed off when she changed the layout of the house.  Yeah, I wouldn't buy that in the least. Joanna is saved by the bell when Freya's cab arrives.

Dash is lying awake in bed after having a one night stand when ghost Killian makes an appearance. Killian questions why Dash isn't dealing with the black mailer and Dash reveals that he hired someone to look into the IP address of the blackmailer.  What Dash does not realise is that his lover has awakened and to her, it appears as though Dash is talking to himself. Ghost Killian taunts Dash about the fact that he has always been the good guy and challenges him to prove that he can be bad.  I cannot believe I actually had to watch this ridiculous pissing contest. Don't ever say I never do anything for the Fangs readers. Dash's little fantasy comes to an end when his lover asks who he is talking to and ghost Killian disappears.

Wendy is in the morgue and she uses a spell to resurrect Dr. Foster to find out who killed him in the bushes. Foster ends up grabbing Wendy screaming that she is one of them and that he knows what she is, forcing Wendy de-animate him again. When Wendy notices that Foster's corpse bears the brand, she takes a picture for what I can only assume is evidence. Joanna is chopping up vegetables in the kitchen when she gets the text from Wendy but she has to quickly lower the phone when Frederick walks in. Frederick has just come in from running and he explains that he loves the air here because everything smells like food and the terrain is flat. When he starts to excuse himself, Wendy asks about the power structure of Asgard. Frederick admits that his grandfather still rules what is left of Asgard and that entire cities have been burnt to the ground at the first sign of descent. Frederick goes on to add that there isn't much descent around his grandfather anymore and that the man is worshiped like a God. Joanna asks Frederick if he worshiped his grandfather and Frederick says that he loved him and that his grandfather was the only family he had left in Asgard. Joanna points out that Frederick could have joined them in rebellion because he knew his Grandfather was corrupt and Frederic defends himself saying that he was fed lies about his family. Joanna claims to understand when Frederick questions her trust in him but she does push a little further to ask why he left. Frederick claims to be traumatized and says that he just wants to forget it all. Frederick heads upstairs saying that he likes it there and is headed out to meet people at the Bent Elbow. When Joanna tells Frederick she loves him, he pauses and says thanks. Hmmmm Frederick clearly has some mommy issues if he couldn't say I love you back.

In another flashback, Joanna reveals that she has the portal key because she stole it from a Kings guard. Wendy immediately suggests they use it but Joanna is adamant that they wait for Frederick. Wendy insists that they cannot wait and that it may already be too late. Victor is quick to take Wendy's side and says that if they don't close the portal, the king will come after them. Finally, he points out that Frederick is a warrior and will survive. Joanna yells that Frederick is their son but Victor points out that their daughters are at risk. Wendy adds that no one wants to do this but they are running out of time.  Suddenly, a bright light comes through the portal and Fredrick comes through the portal claiming that he had to fight three guards and knock his grandfather down. Fredrick asks for the key to seal the portal and Joanna quickly hands it over, only to watch as Frederick throws the key back into the portal. Joanna immediately demands to know how Frederick could betray them this way.

Dash is sitting on a park bench using a tablet to look at the facebook page of Kyle Hutton. Of course, ghost Killian makes an appearance to declare that Kyle is the blackmailer because his boat was in the perfect position to record Dash killing Killian. Ghost Killian does his devil on the shoulder routine and encourages Dash to kill Kyle.

Joanna walks up to Wendy and says that she just spoke to Victor who is at the airport and is thrilled to hear the news about Frederick.  Wendy is quick to ask why Victor thrilled because as far as Wendy is concerned Frederick is responsible for the recent deaths around town. Joanna admits that she still has questions as well and suggests that they look into what Victor has been doing around town. Wendy reveals that she is already on this.  Wendy created a potion and rubbed it on Frederick's shoulder and now the potion will tell them where Fredrick is going and where he has been. Joanna tells Wendy of Fredrick's plan to go to The Bent Elbow to meet with some new friends and Wendy declares it a perfect time to see if Frederick was telling the truth. Wendy initiates the spell and a ghost image of Frederick appears. They follow the ghost into the kitchen to see it grab a knife and place it in its knapsack.

Freya has finally arrived on the island and when she knocks on Killian's door it is answered by Ava.  Freya believes that she has arrived at the wrong place but Killian comes to the door and introduces Ava to Freya as his wife.  They end up at a bar, where Killian says that he does not remember what happened to him after he left the dock. Killian questions how Freya found him and she claims that she hired a private detective to trace him after he didn't respond to her phone calls. Freya then reveals that she didn't marry Dash and then tells Killian that his mother passed away.  Freya claims that there are details that she doesn't know but suggests that maybe Killian should return home and be with his brother. Ava says that she can have them packed with an hour and kisses Killian before leaving.

Wendy and Joanna continue to follow Frederick's ghost into the woods and note that he is headed to where the others were attacked. And it's time for another flashback. It's still at the portal and this time Fredrick apologises to Freya saying that he had no choice. Victor tells Fredrick that he broke his heart and Frederick bends on one knee and turns his back on them.  Victor tells everyone that they have to go but Joanna stands in front of Fredrick and demands that he look at her. Joanna tells Frederick that his grandfather is lying because the snake key has poisoned him. Joanna warns Fredrick that the only thing on her father's mind is power and that Frederick cannot save his grandfather. Victor grabs Joanna hands in attempt to pull her away and Joanna tells Frederick that his grandfather is using him to get at them. Joanna warns that Frederick's position of favour will not last and points out that this is their home now, begging Frederick to join them. Fredrick simply tells his mother that she cannot hide from her father and returns to kneeling in front of the portal.

Back in the present, Dash is making his way through an empty city street filled with parked cars. Dash walks up to a parked car which I assume belongs to Kyle Hutton and places his hands on the hood of the car releasing some sort of lightening into the vehicle. Dash punches the car several times with his electric hands causing it to burst into flames and setting off the car alarm. Dash then calls Kyle saying that he left something for him in his car and warns that if Kyle contacts him again that he will do worse. As Dash walks away, the car explodes.

Joanna and Wendy continue to walk into the woods until they come across the actual Frederick, who is on his knees casting a spell. Wendy recognizes the spell as old Norse, as Fredrick pulls out a bird slaughters it and then drains the blood into a pestle.  Frederick then begins to smother his chest with the blood of the bird, as his aunt and mother watch.  Suddenly, Frederick looks up in their direction and the women are forced to take a step back. When they look again, Wendy and Joanna find that Frederick has disappeared, so they come out of hiding wondering how Frederick disappeared so fast.

Freya is sitting at the table and is joined by Ava, who says that she left Killian upstairs packing so that the two women could talk alone. Ava thanks Freya for travelling so far to tell Killian about the death of his mother and adds that Killian is lucky to have a friend like Freya. Ava questions if Freya was upset to find Killian married to her because Freya and Killian have history and Freya quickly denies this. Ava says that she hopes that they can be friends because Killian thinks the world of Freya. Ava then hugs Freya.

Ingrid is now with Dash and she brings up her boss who has just been murdered.  Dash calls it sad and then Ingrid tells Dash that she believes the murders are being committed by someone like them.  Dash questions her inclusion of him and Ingrid brings up the strange MRI results and reveals that she didn't tell him the truth. Their conversation is interrupted when Dash gets a text saying that the person saw what was done to their car, they know what Dash did and that they are upstairs. Dash excuses himself and rushes upstairs to find Kyle waiting for him.  Dash threatens to call the cops and Kyle threatens that if Dash does this, he will publish the footage of Dash killing Killian. Dash says that he knows who Kyle is and that his family has plenty of money but Kyle argues that his father is the one with the money. Kyle tells Dash that he owes him one hundred thousand and that this figure does not include the car. Kyle demands the money by Friday and warns that if Dash does not comply everyone will know exactly what Dash did to his brother. Dash asks Kyle what happens if he decides to do the same to him and Kyle pulls out a gun.  Ingrid makes her way upstairs and sees the standoff, as Dash uses his powers to push the gun out of Kyle's hand. Dash then grabs Kyle with his electric hands and starts to beat him, as a shocked Ingrid watches. Ingrid screams repeatedly for Dash to stop but by the time Dash complies, Kyle is dead.

Dash tells Ingrid that he doesn't know what happened and that he couldn't stop. Ingrid asks who Kyle was and why he was there. Dash lies and says that Kyle broke into the house and that he believed that Kyle was going to shoot Ingrid. Ingrid believes him and tells Dash that he was trying to protect her and went too far because he doesn't know how to control his power. Dash asks Ingrid what she means when she says powers and Ingrid brings up the electricity bolts and that she saw it all. Dash tries to deny what Ingrid saw and Ingrid tells him that she knows the MRI Dash was comparing to hers belongs to him. Ingrid tells Dash that he is a warlock and he says that this sounds crazy. Ingrid tells Dash to call it something else if he wants to but it is still the same thing.  Ingrid then asks Dash how else he can explain what happened to him. Ingrid explains to Dash that he was born this way and that his powers were only recently switched on. Ingrid then offers to teach Dash to control his powers. Dash agrees and then asks what they are going to do with Kyle's dead body. Moments later, Dash has wrapped up Kyle's body and is dragging it across the room.

Joanna sits in the kitchen having a cup of tea when Frederick walks in and starts to head upstairs.  Joanna calls out to Frederick that they need to talk.  When Frederick enters the kitchen, he finds Joanna and Wendy waiting for him. Joanna reveals that they saw him in the forest and Wendy asks how many people Frederick has killed since he came through the portal. Frederick denies killing anyone, so Wendy reveals that Joanna has seen Frederick's brand. Wendy tells Frederick that he is the reason they are all cursed. Frederick asks Joanna to believe him and says that he would never kill anyone. Frederick reminds Joanna that he healed her and Joanna asks what Frederick was doing in the woods. Frederick explains that he was doing a cleansing spell to get rid of the kings brand because he was forced to take the oath at knife point and was thrown in a cell right afterwards. Kyle tells Wendy that he didn't see the sun for 100 years and that every time he looks at the brand, he is forced to remember it. Dash opens his shirt and shows his mother the brand, revealing that he was aware that she saw his brand earlier in the morning and that after seeing her face, all he wanted to do was get rid of it. Dash tell Joanna that there is no spell which will ever get rid of it and that his grandfather made sure of it. Frederick adds that he just wants to move on and Joanna apologises. Wendy does not buy what Frederick is saying and demands that he explain why he carved the kings symbol into the people who died. Frederick points out that his grandfather has hundreds of warriors and so it makes sense that he would send someone after Frederick.  Frederick apologizes for putting them all in danger and Joanna promises that they will handle this together.  Wendy is shocked to see that Joanna  believes Frederick and Joanna asks for Wendy to leave her alone with Frederick.

Frederick tells Joanna that he is sorry for what he did and that he is still haunted by what he did hundreds of years ago. Joanna tells Frederick that there is something he needs to know about the night in question. Yes, you guessed it, it's flashback time. Joanna is now begging Frederick to join his family. Suddenly, the king exits the portal saying that it is nice to have the family together again. Wendy asks her father what he is waiting for and suggests that he just kill them.  The king calls death too easy of a punishment and says that he wants to do something worse. The King tells them that he wants them to live a long time in misery and pain. The king then unleashes a curse and turns towards the portal. Wendy grabs the sword and manages to cut off her father's hand causing the golden snake on the arm to whither and head towards the portal. The King continues towards the portal followed closely be Frederick.  Joanna grabs Frederick's arms and begs him not to go with his grandfather but Frederick is pulled through the portal.  Joanna picks up the golden snake which was on her fathers arm and screams at the portal.

In the present, Joanna tells Frederick that what happened was her fault. Joanna tells Frederick that she didn't have the strength to save him and that she let go of his hand. Frederick tells Joanna that it is not her fault because she didn't let go, he did. Frederick reveals that he wanted to go back with his grandfather and that it was his choice and that he regrets that decision on a daily basis. Joanna starts to cry and tells Frederick that she is so sorry for all of the things he has been through alone. Frederick and  Joanna then profess their love for each other and Joanna adds that when Victor returns, they will be a family again. What neither of them know is that Victor is already back and is standing on the porch. Victor grabs his keys but is distracted when he hears a noise. Victor follows the sound briefly but we get a fade to black in which I can only assume that he is attacked.

Dash opens the trunk of his car and we see a cement block, a lot of rope and Kyle's body wrapped in a plastic tarp. Dash then drags Kyle's body to a steep cliff above the ocean and tosses it over the ledge. Later, in the car, Ingrid puts a little rope doll in a bottle of water saying that as long as the doll stays under water, no one will ever find the body. Dash thanks Ingrid adding that she didn't have to help him but Ingrid asserts that she did have to help him. Dash then thanks Ingrid for telling him the truth.

Freya is sitting in a garden alone when she is approached by Killian. Killian thanks Freya for travelling so far to find him and Freya offers her condolences on the loss of his mother. Killian apologizes for showing up at the door before Freya's wedding, asking her to run away with him. Killian calls it a messed up thing to do and says that it was never really about her. Killian says that leaving East End and meeting Ava was the best thing that ever happened to him and that Ava understands him. Killian adds that he finally feels as though he is with the right person. Freya tells Killian that she wants him to be happy and Killian replies that he wants the same for her and hopes that she didn't walk away from Dash because of anything which happened between them. Freya says that she was lost as well and that it took the reality of her wedding day to make her realise that she was not meant to be with Dash. Freya assures Killian that it had nothing to do with him and even manages to crack a weak smile. Killian kisses Freya on the cheek and excuses himself.

We then have a scene which they don't bother to explain how it occurs.  Ingrid enters a room and comforts Freya after she reveals that Killian is in love with someone else.  Freya reveals that she saw Killian's aura when he looked Ava and that she really believed that Killian was her soul mate. Freya wonders if this is a cosmic payback for what she did to Dash and Ingrid assures Freya that she had to follow her heart. Freya wonders if she is wrong about Dash now. Freya tells Ingrid to talk to Dash about his powers before he hurts someone and Ingrid agrees.

Dash is playing with electricity his hands form but stops when he hears someone playing the piano. When he heads downstairs he finds Killian, so Dash tells him to get out of the house. Killian turns around and calls it a hell of a greeting for someone he hasn't seen in a month. When Killian stands, Dash realises that he is actually looking at and talking to his brother. The two brothers embrace and Dash smiles.

Joanna walks through her home and sees a sleeping Frederick on the couch. Joanna calls and leaves a message for Victor but the camera switches to Victor's phone and we see droplets of blood landing on it. We then see Victor tied up and barely conscious.

OH MY GOD THE ANGST and then MORE ANGST. I am actually exhausted from this hour of angst. First we have Freya flying off to find the man she thought was her soulmate actually married to another woman and then of course the guilt felt by both Frederick and Joanna. ANGST.

I would like to know how Freya and Killian made it back so quickly? Was it some sort of supersonic flight? It completely caught me off guard to see Freya suddenly back at home with Ingrid.

At this point I don't think that Joanna completely believes Frederick as much as she is trying to deal with her guilt for letting him go.  Wendy is asking important questions about Frederick's actions and given that he has betrayed them once already, it certainly does not make sense to me that they should be so readily accepting of him.  Now, from what we have seen, it's not Frederick who is running around killing people, which of course in the end will make it look as though Wendy was over reacting.

Then we have Ingrid. How could she not really question what Kyle was doing in Dash's home. Yes, he cannot control his powers but clearly Dash and Kyle were engaged in a confrontation when she walked in. We are supposed to believe that Ingrid is ABD in her studies to become a professor but somehow not smart enough to see what is right in front of her face. I suppose they are playing on Freya's history of always falling in league with the bad guy.

I still don't feel like this story is going anywhere. They have yet to explain the Asgard connection. They keep dropping clues like having Frederick speak in old Norse but refuse to explain if the family is part of the pantheon. It feels like they are hedging their bets because they simply don't know what to do with this story. It's also worth noting that the gold snake worn on the Kings arm looks far more of something belonging to an Egyptian extraction than Norse.  I think they need to get their references straight.