Sunday, October 26, 2014

Grimm Season Four, Episode One: Thanks for the Memories

Bernard is being rushed into surgery, as Hank, Nick, Trubel and Juliette rush to Nick's place. When Hank gets off the phone, he explains that the only thing they know is that the Captain has been shot. Trubel is quick to say that Bernard has been shot three times.  Trubel explains that the Captain didn't know she was a Grimm until he vogued, which gave her time to get the machete. Nick, who has lost his Grimmness, is of for some reason shocked to learn that Bernard is a Wessen. Did he lose his memories along with his Grimmyness? Trubel tells Nick that the Bernard told her that Nick had to drink from the bottle she was trying to bring him, and that Adelind did it.  Yeah, team Adelind on this one because they kidnapped her baby. When Trubel suggests that maybe what Adelind did won't last, Juliette tell Trubel that she doesn't know Adelind, and that Adelind is a Hexinbeast in more ways than one. Juliette then adds that Adelind transformed herself into Juliette, so that Nick would sleep with her.  Umm yeah, I get that Juliette is pissed but is now really the time to bring that up? 

When they approach a police blockade, Trubel suggests that they turn around but Nick is adamant that they have to deal with this.  Trubel points out that she killed someone but Nick says that it was in self defense and that she should just tell the truth.  Juliette and Hank are both quick to give a list of things that Trubel should leave out of her story. Finally, Hank says that if they have to lie, they need to all tell the same story.

Lawrence stands outside of a house and seems to be having a weird sort of flash of the details of Henry's life, while inside the house, Henry Slogan is on the phone talking about missing his girlfriend Alexandra.  Lawrence knocks on Henry's door and introduces himself as a friend of Dr. Rivera's.  The men shake hands and it seems that Henry is excited to see Lawrence.  Lawrence tells Henry that Dani has been in a terrible accident, so Henry invites him in.  Lawrence then vogues and latches his tentacles to Henry's face.

Back to the operating room where Bernard is not doing very well.

Nick, Trubel and Juliet get out of the car and Nick reminds Trubel to say it was self defense.  Juliet questions how Trubel is going to explain the machete and Nick instructs Trubel to say that the machete was his idea.  In the house, Woo is flipping through the Grimmopedia, when an officer walks in to say that Nick and Hank have arrived.  Woo is so caught up in the book that he does not immediately answer. Woo puts down the the Grimmopedia and heads outside to meet Nick and Hank. Woo recognizes Trubel as a criminology student and comments that it's a good thing that she was absent.  Hank admits that Trubel was there and Nick adds that Trubel killed the shooter. An officer points out that the guy's head was cut off and Nick explains that the guy tried to kill Trubel after he shot the captain. The officer leaves saying that they need to get Lieutenant Pogue involved in this. Nick tells Juliette to stay with Trubel, while he and Hank head inside to see the crime scene.

Inside the house, Woo walks Hank and Nick through the scene, stopping where the head of the shooter sits.  Woo says that this is going to be a mess because Weston Stuart was an FBI agent, though he was carrying a Canadian passport, with the fake name Walter Rathanau, along with Euros. Woo questions whether Teresa (read: Trubel) was staying in the guest room and adds that there are bullet holes in the door along with a weird book.  Woo leads Hank and Nick upstairs and Nick admits that the Gimmopedia is his and that it has been handed down through his family for a long time. Woo continues to ask about the book and Nick tries to blow it off as just a bunch of stories. The detectives working the case question Nick and Hank about what happened. Nick stares at the Grimmopedia lying on the bed, as he is asked what killed the shooter. Nick explains that Teresa (Trubel) shot the shooter, called 911 and then left to find Nick and Hank at the wedding.

Outside, Trubel wonders if it would better if she just left but Juliette is adamant that Trubel stay and give the story Nick told he tor.  The cops come outside and Nick introduces Detective Pogue and Meacham to Trubel, explaining that they just need to ask her a few questions. Meacham asks that Trubel walk them through what happened, and Hank interrupts to say that they have company. Two unmarked cars pull up and it's clear that they are filled with FBI. Nick whispers to Trubel that the man she killed used to be FBI. Pogue and Meacham introduce themselves to the FBI and when they point at Trubel, she tries to flee but Nick grabs her arm, saying that she cannot run.

A Vogued Lawrence continues to suck memories out of Henry's brain. We see flashes of Henry being intimate with his girlfriend, along with Henry's top secret military work. Lawrence finally returns to human form, grabs his bags and things to leave, when Alexandra enters the house.  Lawrence says that Alexandra is supposed to be in Paris, as over Lawrence's shoulder, Alexandra sees a wounded Henry.  Alexandria rushes to Henry's side and notices immediately that the back of Henry's head is covered with blood. Henry asks Alexandra who she is. Lawrence  drops his bags and Alexandra takes off running. A quick fight ensues between Lawrence and Alexandra and Lawrence hits Alexandra over the head with a small statue saying, "you were supposed to be in Paris."  Lawrence grabs the car keys and quickly drives away from the house.

Back at Nick's house, Special Agent Chavez and Rostin introduce themselves to Nick, Juliet, Hank and Trubel.  Chavez confirms that this is Nick's house and that it was Turbel who was there when the  when the violence happend.  Chavez asks Trubel to lead them through the house and when Nick asserts that he should come with them, Chavez tells Nick that his presence won't be necessary.  After Trubel leaves with the FBI, Juliet tells Nick that Trubel can handle this and Hank asserts that the FBI has to be allowed to their job because they cannot afford to have the appearance of involvement. Nick realises that a formal statement is going to be demanded and Juliet asserts that she is not leaving her house.

Inside the house, Trubel is walking the detectives through the crime scene.  When she gets upstairs, they question the fact that the machete was handy, i.e. just sitting there in her room. Chavez questions Trubel about how long she has been staying in the home, as Woo stands outside and listens in.

In Austria, Victor is busy ordering Adelind's death, when he is interrupted by the news that Renard has been shot. Victor believes that Nick killed Renard because it happened in Nick's house. Victor adds that he has to inform the King because the King loves his son. Victor orders Stewart to be tied to Nick, instead of him, to avoid having his role in the fiasco come out. 

Lawrence throws the statue that he hit Alexandra over the head with and calls his boss to say that he ran into trouble and believes that they should abort the mission.  He is told that the problem is his and that if he doesn't finish,  things are going to get bad.  Lawrence reports that he has collateral damage.

Chavez is now looking through the grimoire and it turns out that she is a wessen.  Chavez asks Rostin what he thinks of Trubel and he questions the fact that Trubel isn't a basket case. Rostin does however point out that if Trubel were a basket case, she would be dead.

The medical examiners carry the bodies outside and apologise to Juliet for the mess.  Juliet heads inside to see blood, gore and then makes her way up the stairs.  Juliet picks up the purple nightie Adelind wore to seduce Nick and tosses it into the garbage. To be clear, this woman just watched as bodies were carted out of her front door and then walked through the wreckage of blood and gore, but her first mission was to get rid of a nightie.  Dear Juliet, get some perspective.

Rosalie and Monroe show up at the door because they just couldn't leave for their honeymoon after what their friends had been through.  Rosalie and Monroe enter the house and console Juliet, after seeing the state of the house.

Trubel is now at the precinct, where she is being questioned about what happened. The cops question why Renard came to see Nick.  Outside, Rostin declares that Trubel's story is consistent and that she is telling the truth.

Hank tells Nick to calm down, when Nick brings him the second cup of coffee that he didn't ask for and then reveals that Adelind boarded a flight to Vienna. Nick realises that Adelind is going back to the royals and Hank replies that this makes sense because Adelind believes that the royals have her baby. Nick suggests that Adelind made some kind of deal and Hank points out that Adelind is going to be very upset when she finds out about her child.

Chavez and Rostin interrupt Nick and Hank's conversation to say that Trubel was consistent in her story and that there's no reason to charge her. Umm how about leaving a crime scene? Yes, that's a real charge. Chavez does however comment that Trubel is handling this well for someone who just cut off a guy's head and Nick replies that if he knew that something like this was going to happen, he never would have left her alone in the house. Hank turns the tables to ask why an FBI agent would want to shoot their captian. Chavez says that Weston Stuart went off the grid about two weeks ago and that they don't know who he was working with or why.  Chavez and Rostin leave and Hank asks if Chavez was staring at Nick.  When Nick says yes, Nick suggests it might be something Trubel said.

Lawrence is in a mom and pop diner and he logs into the secret military installation.  Lawrence begins downloading data and it raises a flag but because the access codes are right, it doesn't raise immediate concern.  They decide to call Henry Slogan but by that time, Lawrence has completed his download.

Hank heads to the hospital to find out how the captain is and sits down with Woo.  Woo brings up Hank telling him that he has seen things that he cannot explain.  Woo then brings up the Grimm book and how the drawings in it were not only strange but one of them looked exactly what he thought he saw. Woo adds that looking at the book gave him the impression that the monsters not only exist but live inside people.  Woo asks if he is making any sense and Hank suggests that a lot of weird things live inside people and that as cops they see it everyday.  Woo is not so easily fooled this time however, and responds that this is different and whoever wrote the book, really saw what they drew.  Woo then questions what Hank meant when he said that he saw things, and Hank tries to blow Woo off, saying that no one sees the world the same way.  Woo admits to still having nightmares and Hank begins to tell Woo the truth, when they are interrupted by the surgeon saying that Renard is out surgery but is not doing well. Because the captain's kidney's are shutting down, the surgeon suggests that Renard's next of kin be contacted and told to come to the hospital as soon as possible.

Back at the house, Rosalie asserts that they have to find out what was in the bottle that Trubel brought for Nick to drink. Monroe points out that Renard would know but is no position to tell them and Rosalie adds that Adelind would know but won't tell them.  Monroe snarks that he would like to ask Adelind and not politely.

Nick and Trubel return to find Monroe and Rosalie at the house.  Trubel apologises to Monroe and Rosalie for messing up their wedding, adding that she didn't know everyone was Wessen.  Juliet is quick to assure Trubel that she didn't know and Monroe gets right down to business suggesting that they need to find Adelind.  Nick reveals that Adelind is on a flight to Vienna and that Renard might not survive.  Trubel blames herself for dropping the bottle but Juliet steps up to blame Adelind for everything that has happened. When Rosalie questions how Adelind pulled this off, Juliet is quick to reveal that Adelind slept with Nick.  Nick quickly explains that Adelind made herself look like Juliet and Rosalie gets an idea of what Adelind used, so she and Monroe head off to the spice shop.  Trubel suggests that they head to the trailer but Juliet is adamant that they all need to get some rest.  Nick approaches Juliet and Juliet asks if Nick feels any different and Nick replies that it all happened so fast and that this is really screwed up.  Nick tells Juliet that he would never have cheated on her and Juliet again questions whether or not Nick could tell the difference between her and Adelind.  Nick offers to sleep on the couch, but Juliet grabs his arm saying that they are not doing that again.

At the station, Rostin reports that the last call Weston Stuart made was to Rotterdam - a GQR industries. Chavez asks about the connection and Rostin simply says that they are working on it. Rostin also reveals that Stuart's car was parked a block away from Nick's, with a packed suitcase inside. 

Trubel is reading the grimmopedia and she has a flashback to Nick being unable to tell that Monore and Rosalie had vogued before turning off the light and closing the book.  In the next room, Juliet is asleep but Nick is wide awake and he has a flashback to Adelind coming on to him as Juliet. Unable to sleep, Nick gets up and heads downstairs to clean up the blood and gore in the kitchen.  Juliet joins him a little later and Nick asks to do this but Juliet is adamant that he does not have to do this alone.  Nick wonders if him not being a Grimm anymore is a good thing for them as a couple.

At the station, Chavez and Rostin go through Rostin Stuart's bag and find multiple passports and various currencies.  Rostin surmises that Stuart was working for someone other than the FBI.  Chavez suggests running phone records and bank accounts to discover who Stuart really was.

The next day, Juliet comes downstairs to find Nick on the phone.  Nick tells Juliet that it is weird not being weird anymore and Juliet points out that Nick was really good at it being a cop before.  Nick hops in the car and leaves, as upstairs, Trubel watches through a window, before joining Juliet downstairs.  Trubel asks to borrow Juliet's bike and Juliet says yes and reminds Trubel that she needs to be careful because she is the only Grimm in town.

Nick, Hank and Woo are at Henry's house investigating the murder of Alexandra.  It seems that when the cops arrived, Henry was conscious but too out of it to answer any questions relating to the scene. Woo adds that Henry had four wounds on the back of the head. The events don't line up however because a neighbour reports seeing Henry leave after hearing a bunch of screaming but Henry was at the house when the cops arrived.  Nick wonders if there was someone else in the house. Nick and Hank decide to head to the hospital to see if Henry has remembered anything yet.

At the hospital, Nick and Hank are told that Henry suffered some severe wounds to the back of the head, in the area where the brain stores most of its memories.  Nick and Hank are shown to Henry's room, where he looks to be in some sort of stupor.  Nick and Hank are then shown Henry's wounds, which are four bloody holes in the back of the head.

Nick and Hank head out to the new location of the Grimm trailer, only to find Juliet's bike propped up outside.  Trubel pops out of the trailer with a large machete in hand. Trubel apologises saying that she wasn't sure that it was Nick and explains that she figured that she should learn as much as she can now that everything has changed. Nick explains that he has a case that he cannot figure out and Trubel asks if it's Wessen related but then adds that Nick wouldn't know. Hank says that they are looking for a Wessen that probes the back of the head, making it impossible for the victims to remember anything.

Lawrence is back in the diner and he is joined by a man who tells him that he needs to deliver because they have run out of time.  Lawrence says that everything that is needed is in his brain and that the man is to stop threatening him.  Lawrence writes out a formula on a napkin to prove that he has learned what they want.  Lawrence says that he left the scene clean, except for Alexandra and that all he needs to do is dump the car.

Lawrence heads outside and opens up the car door, only to be confronted by two police officer asking to see his ID.

At the trailer, Trubel finds a Wessen memory eater called a Gedachtnis  Esser.  It seems that the victims are usually diagnosed with a form of dementia, robbing them of all of their memories and connections to the rest of the world. Nick gets a call to say that a suspect was arrested driving the victim's car.  Hank asks Trubel to come with them.

Renard is in his hospital bed and we see a blonde woman walking away, as seconds later, Renard starts to flat line.

Lawrence is at the station explaining that he borrowed Henry's car the night before, after watching Henry and Alexandra have a little fight. Henry says that he checked into a hotel and was in the process of returning Henry's car when he was arrested.  Hank informs Lawrence that Henry is dead and if course, Lawrence acts shocked and asks how he can help.  Hank asks Lawrence to write down everything he remembers about last night. Hank and Nick leave Lawrence alone for a few minutes and outside of the room, Nick says that he didn't sense anything and that it is going to be hard to tie Lawrence to the crime because they don't have any witnesses or motive.

When Nick and Hank enter, they tell Lawrence that he is free to go but that they will be keeping the Porsche.  Outside the station, a confidant Lawrence walks away and when Trubel bumps into him, she pretends to be attempting to steal his bag. Lawrence vogues calling, Trubel crazy for trying to rob him in front of a police station. 

Trubel then runs to Nick and Hank and reports that Lawrence is Wessen. Nick checks to make sure that Trubel has the phone he gave her and tells her to be careful.

At the hospital, Renard is still coding.  After working for awhile, the doctor's call it and announce time of death.

Okay that was the season opener of Grimm.  We got a little bit of Wessen of the week along with a continuation of last year's season finale.  Though I expected to see Monroe and Rosalie make an appearance, at the same time, I am quite disappointed with this.  Rosalie and Monroe act as servants to Nick, Hank and Juliet far too often.  Their special day was ruined and now they aren't even going on a honeymoon because Nick needs them.  Can these two ever just do something for themselves?  I would have been much happier had Rosalie and Monroe left.

Of course we have to talk about Juliet's reaction to Nick's rape by Adelind.  Yes, I said rape.  Adelind raped Nick using deception and it pissed me off that all Juliet could think about is whether or not Nick could tell who he was having sex with.  Given everything that happened, it's obvious that Nick would no knowingly sleep with Adelind and was himself violated and I found her reaction self centered and even cruel.  In less than 12 hours, Nick has been raped and had a massive part of his identity ripped away, but all Juliet can think about is herself. 

As for Woo, can someone please tell him already.  It's bad enough that they let Woo hospitalize himself last year, and take mind altering drugs but now that he has seen the evidence that Wessen really do exist, still, Nick and Hank's first reaction is still to lie to him.  Woo even admitted that he still had nightmares for crying out loud.  I wonder if the delay in telling Woo is because at that point he would have to be more than the wise cracking Asian character, forcing them to write real stories for him?

And Renard?  Why?  Why? Take it back.  Please don't let Renard be dead.