Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Resurrection, Season Two, Episode Five: Will

Bellamy jogs along until he runs into Frank.  Frank asks about Maggie and if she has any idea what they are dealing with.  Bellamy tells Frank (because apparently, Frank cannot pick up the phone and calls his own daughter) that Maggie believes the Returned could be dealing with a new strain of the flu, or some kind of viral pneumonia because so far six Returned have become ill. Bellamy offers to tell Maggie that Frank stopped by and Frank interjects to say that he is really here to see Bellamy and not Maggie, as Frank pulls the bone he found under the Langston factory out of his pocket.  I know that bone is supposed to be a human bone but to me it looks like a damn chicken bone.  The prop department really dropped the ball there. Fred explains that a fire in 1935 killed the 12 men and that the family tried to make it look like a truck accident but two of the men Returned.  Bellamy points out that they were murdered three times over and Fred wonders who killed them.  Bellamy suggests asking Margaret and Fred explains that he did but Margaret does not want to share any information. Bellamy questions why Fred is sharing information and Fred explains that the truth is a slippery thing these days and warns that if Bellamy digs this up, the only people who will get hurt are the one's Bellamy cares about - the Langston's, or more specifically Maggie.

Barbara is sitting in the bar, when Elaine walks over and introduces herself as Maggie's friend.  Elaine sits and says that Maggie is not great with feelings but she has always dreamed of having her mother back. Barbara smiles saying that none of this is Maggie's fault and that after everything she has done, she does not deserve anything more. Really? They are going to go ahead and turn Barbara into the Scarlett Woman? How nice and puritanical.  Elaine advises that people all make mistakes and that the people we love always forgive us. Umm, yeah I am go to need Resurrection to explain exactly why Barbara needs so much forgiveness. Elaine then notes that the bar is empty and offers to sit with Barbara for awhile. Barbara says that would be nice and Elaine leaves saying that she has to take care of one thing first.  Elaine moves off to the side and makes a phone call.

Maggie goes to see the always unpleasant Mikey and his younger brother deputy Carl. Maggie explains that there is no sign of a concussion from Mikey's car accident and that his fever has broken. Mikey snarks about jumping for joy and asks Maggie what is wrong with him. Carl asks Mikey to go easy and Maggie explains that they are not sure what they are dealing with.  Maggie starts writing and explains that Mikey is being started with anti-virals and is being sent home with Carl.  What did Carl ever do to get stuck with that SOB? Mikey being Mikey, demands to see a real doctor - a man.  Maggie hands Carl the prescription and snarks about Mikey already starting to feel better before leaving the room.  Carl is quick to follow Maggie to ask about Arthur being sick and disappearing but Maggie says that she is not sure if this was because of the virus and asks Carl to be vigilant.  Clearly, Carl is already thinking about a permanent way to get rid of Mikey, as in the other room, Mikey storms about saying that he has to get out of there because he is being treated by witchdoctors. Yeah, I know it's wrong, but I am team Carl on this one.

Bellamy brings Maggie a coffee and asks how things are going.  Maggie explains that there have been no new cases and thus far, they have been able to keep the symptoms under control. Maggie questions whether or not Bellamy has talked to his contact with the government, but Bellamy asserts that they are better off without their help.  The conversation is interrupted when Maggie is passed a message.

The bar is now in full swing when Maggie walks in to find Elaine chatting with  Barbara.  Barbara greets her with a great hug, calling Elaine the best.  When a clearly uncomfortable Maggie suggests getting out of there, Barbara declares it girls night and heads off to the bar to procure a drink for Maggie.  Elaine explains that this was not her idea, as Maggie questions how long Barbara has been there. Elaine explains that Sam and Elaine had a fling back then, but now, Sam is an old man.  Maggie is not sympathetic to Barbara's situation and Elaine reminds Maggie that Barbara is a kid and younger than they are. Maggie points out that Barbara is her mother and questions why Elaine is getting involved. Elaine replies that she is trying to help and suggests that Barbara be given a chance.  Barbara arrives at the table with  a tray of shots.

Home, alone, Fred makes himself a sandwich, then sits at the table to eat while reading the paper.  Barbara and Elaine start talking about their pranks from their high school days together.  Elaine checks the time and says that she has to go because she has to open the bar early, leaving Maggie and Elaine alone together. Barbara tells Maggie that it must have been hard to grow up without a mother and Maggie explains that Fred was a good father, who learned to french braid her hair. Barbara agrees that Frank has changed a lot and says that she has lived thirty years in the past month. Maggie reveals that she had this fantasy of growing up in a normal family and that when Barbara returned, she blamed her for not living up to all of that.  Barbara starts to cry and apologises and Maggie adds that the more she gets to know her mother, the more she gets to like Barbara as a person.  Maggie suggests that they should start there and a tearful Barbara agrees.

Frank turns out the lights but is interrupted by a knock on the door from Barbara, who is carrying a bottle.  Barbara asks to be invited in and Frank stands aside so she can enter.  Barbara then kisses a stunned Fred. Looks like Mommy Langston's plans backfired, just as I said they would.

The next day, Lucille is putting away the dishes when Margaret enters.  Jacob makes his way down the stairs and is told by Lucille that he has to change because he cannot wear a t-shirt and jeans to church. Jacob questions why, considering that they are not going to a real church. Lucille asserts that it's a real church and asks Jacob to change.  Margaret quickly tells Jacob to listen to his mother.  Lucille apologises for her behaviour at dinner and Margaret is quick to soothe Lucille by calling her rampage honest.  Margaret snarks about Barbara coming to dinner like she was "the belle of the ball." Margaret adds that Barbara brought this all on herself and if she is out of their lives forever, "so be it." Lucille better watch it because if Barbara is out their lives, she might be next. 

Fred and Barbara are lying in bed together and he examines his much older hand next to hers.  Fred then puts on some music and goes through old photos of him and Barbara together.  Barbara takes a seat next to Fred and he passes her concert ticket, which Barbara says that they went to three years ago.  Fred comments that it was three years ago for Barbara. Fred puts his head in Barbara's lap and she asks if he remembers what they said that day.  Fred smiles and tells Barbara that he will always love her. They are interrupted by a knock on the door.

It's Margaret at the door, to ask Fred to join the family for breakfast, given how dinner went. A smiling Barbara approaches, and puts her hand on Fred's shoulder, as she wishes Margaret a good morning.  Oh oh, Barbara just declared war as far as Margaret is concerned. Margaret apolgoises for intruding and asks Fred to catch up later.  As soon as Margaret turns around, it's clear that she is pissed off. How dare her grown son sleep with someone she doesn't like.

Tom stands in front of his congregation and suggests that they call their church New Life Church, adding that some people won't like a church which ministers to the Returned. Tom asserts that The Returned deserve love, understanding and even Forgiveness.  Tom then announces that Maggie is here to talk to them about a virus which is going through the Returned.  Maggie explains about being able to control the illness with medication and encourages people to seek treatment immediately.

A pissed off Margaret is seated on the porch when Bellamy arrives.  Bellamy tries to say a few niceties but Margaret tells him to just state his business.   Bellamy reveals that both he and Frank know about the bones under the factory and the multiple Returned. Bellamy then accuses Margaret of dumping the bones into the river. Margaret makes it clear that whatever Bellamy knows is in the past and that it will stay in the past.  Bellamy points out that the Returned have a habit of bringing up secrets. Margaret snarks about Bellamy knowing quite a bit about secrets and stands, adding that his are safe with her. Hmmm I guess like Jacob, Margaret knows that Bellamy is one of the Returned. Bellamy says that two men Returned and were killed again and again and then stopped Returning.  Bellamy asks why and Margaret says that life is a choice for the living and the Returned as well.  Margaret suggests that the men lost the will to live, before stomping into the house.

Bellamy returns home to find Maggie packing her doctor's bag to head to the Langston's.  Maggie asks for the coroner's report because a friend of hers who went into forensics promised to take a look. Bellamy is quick to declare that this is a waste of time, causing Maggie to ask why Bellamy keeps shutting her down.  Bellamy says that the government is better equipped to study the remains and suggests that they are in better hands.  Maggie then accuses Bellamy of turning the remains over to the government. Maggie tells Bellamy that she knows he has been hiding something ever since he came back from Chicago. Bellamy is quick to go into denial but Maggie asserts that she can tell Bellamy is lying to her.  Bellamy yells back that Maggie does not know anything about him, causing Maggie to storm out the door.

Maggie is now looking over Jacob and she declares him healthy and ready to go to school.  Henry tells Maggie that Margaret is in the kitchen, if she cares to see her grandmother, then suggests that Maggie stay for lunch. Maggie says that she is busy but Henry points out that while Maggie is taking care of everyone else in town, she should make sure that she takes care of herself. Maggie says that she is fine then heads to check on Margaret.  Margaret is given a clean bill of health. Maggie says that she is planning on checking on all of the Returned, including her mother.  Margaret is quick to inform Maggie that Barbara is no longer at Sam's and is instead at Fred's. Margaret snarks about Barbara wearing next to nothing (really? shorts and a pullover are next to nothing?) and then declares that this is none of her business. Maggie says that she needs to talk to her father and Margaret explains that breaking up with Fred and reeling him back in, has always been Barbara's pattern. Maggie promises to talk to her father and Margaret tries to make it seem like it was Maggie's idea to begin with.

Mikey is lying sick in bed when Carl returns home.  Mikey asks for his medicine and Carl tells him that the pharmacy said the medicine is not ready yet and that they promised to call when it was. Carl informs Mikey that it might not be until tomorrow and Mikey points out that he could be dead by tomorrow.  Mikey yells that when he gets better, things are going to change, starting with Carl and his crappy attitude, as Carl walks into the next room snickering.  Well done Carl.  Mikey calls out that Carl has gotten soft while he was away and promises to whip Carl's ass into shape. Carl continues to laugh.

Maggie shows up to find a very happy Fred.  Fred invites Maggie in, where she finds her parents happily making chili for dinner.  Barbara asks Maggie to stay for the movie as well and comments how easy it is order a movie right through the television now.  Fred comments that Barbara wants to watch a romantic comedy and that he wants to watch anything but.  Barbara declares that Maggie can be the tie breaker before heading off to change.  Maggie asks Fred if he is sure about all of this and Fred simply says that he is sure he is about to watch a movie with Barbara and Maggie and that it is all pretty unbelievable. Fred tells Maggie that he knows things cannot be the way they used to be but he and Barbara can be friends, something they both need right now. Maggie nods and smiles.  Fred sends Maggie to set the table and think about what movie she wants to watch.  Maggie says that there is no way in hell she is going to watch a romantic comedy.

Tom returns home to find Nadine about to serve Rachel dinner in bed.  Nadine tells Tom that he gave a great sermon and was completely in his element. Tom comments that they are going to need more than two dozen members to keep the utilities on, but Nadine assures Tom it will come before leaving with Rachel's super.  Suddenly, Nadine screams and Tom runs into the other room, to find Rachel passed out with blood seeping from her nose. 

Maggie is back at the office, when Margaret calls to check to see how Fred is doing.  Maggie explains that Fred is not getting back together with Barbara but he seems happy. Maggie advises Margaret to stay out of it and Margaret promises not to interfere anymore. Maggie hangs up, only to be told she has an emergency by the nurse.  Maggie finds that a panicked Tom and Nadine have brought in a very sick Rachel. Rachel stammers about her baby and Maggie promises to take good care of Rachel.

Bellamy  starts taking down his case files, when Maggie calls to say that Rachel is sick and may not make it.  Rachel asks Bellamy to call the government because she does not know if she can save Rachel and her unborn child. Bellamy promises to make the call.

Barbara is sitting on the porch having tea when Margaret arrives.  Margaret says that she is not there to see Fred and that she has been thinking about how difficult things have been for Barbara since she returned.  Barbara should start running now because Margaret has bad intentions.  Margaret says that she has been so focused trying to get her family together, she has failed to see things from Barbara's point of view. Barbara replies that she appreciates this and Margaret asks her to go for a walk with her.

Bellamy calls his government contact and asks her to promise not to send in troops.  Of course the mystery woman refuses to promise, forcing Bellamy to tell her all about the Returned who are getting sick. Bellamy says that they need help because the sickness is spreading and the Mystery Woman simply thanks Bellamy for the report and asks to be kept apprised.  Bellamy realizes that The Mystery Woman knew about the illness and says that the people are suffering and that some them may die again.  The Mystery Woman then repeats that she has no useful information at this time and that this might be the natural course of things, before hanging up on Bellamy.

Bellamy returns home and walks in on Maggie in the shower.  Okay, time for a few awkward moments so that the audience can be reminded that these two supposedly have sexual chemistry. Maggie gets dressed and joins Bellamy in the living room, where he asks about Rachel.  Maggie reports that Rachel is stable and will be spending the night in the clinic.  Bellamy in turn says that the government will not help with the sick Returned.  Bellamy then reveals that the bones were people who died in a fire at the Langston family factory and that Fred asked Bellamy not to investigate it any further.  Maggie questions if Fred believes that her family murdered those men and Bellamy says no and that it was a long time ago.  Bellamy adds that he is not sure if Margaret knows anything.  Bellamy then admits that he turned the bones into the government but before he can explain why, Maggie's phone goes off.  Because it's the clinic, Maggie is forced to answer.  It seems that because Rachel is running a fever, Maggie must return to the clinic.  Bellamy promises to be there when Maggie returns.

Mikey has a deathly parlor and he calls out for Carl, saying that he needs some help.  Mikey coughs up blood, calling out for Carl, who is in the kitchen, listening to his brother's pain.

Margaret tells Barbara that there is a power in Returning now that the two women have walked to a relatively isolated area.  Margaret tries to empathize with Barbara about the unrelenting shame for the things that she has done.  Barbara pulls away saying that she wants to go now but Margaret grabs her hand and continues her shaming routine. Barbara cries that if she could change the past she would, as Margret replies that we can only change the future.  Leaving work, Elaine spies the two women together.

Carl cries as  Mikey coughs and wonders why he came back and others didn't.  In the park, Margret explains that they came back to be punished for their sins. Are we supposed to see a link between that statement and the obviously awful Mikey?  Barbara cries that she thought it was a second chance and that it could work. Wait, so Barbara came back because she is the Scarlett Woman? Margaret tells Barbara that she is not wanted and that this is her punishment. Barbara continues to cry, saying that she cannot do this anymore.  Mikey calls out to Carl that he does not want to be here anymore and then coughs up blood.  Carl sits in the other room holding his ears.  Margaret tell Barbara that all of this pain is a choice and that all she has to do is just let go.  Margret then releases Barbara's hand as Elaine creeps closer.  By the time Elaine is almost in front of the bench, Barbara has completely disappeared.  In Carl's home, it suddenly goes quiet and when Carl checks the other room, Mikey has disappeared.

Bellamy wakes up when his phone goes off. It's Maggie, reporting that Mikey has disappeared asking Bellamy to try and figure out what the hell is going on.  Bellamy promises to try and hangs up.  Bellamy starts to cough and is forced to get a glass of water.  Bellamy notices blood in the glass he drank from and when he checks, his mouth is bleeding. 

Elaine enters Maggie's office and she explains that Barbara was with Margaret and now she has disappeared.  Maggie rushes and checks Barbara's blood samples and discovers that they are gone.  Maggie starts to cry and Elaine embraces her. 

Margaret returns home to find Jacob sitting on the stairs waiting for her.  Hmmmm, it seems that Jacob might know or understand exactly what granny did.

Maggie has returned home and she calls out for Bellamy, only to find a note on the counter next to her key.  The note simply says, "looking for answers....I'll be in touch." 

Bellamy, coughing up blood, stops driving, gets into the back seat of his car and starts to have a seizure.

Okay, so now we know that The Returned can simply end their existence by choosing not to be alive anymore - a form of Returned suicide.  It seems that this is the secret Margaret learned as a child when those two men were repeatedly murdered by the towns people.  The question is does Margaret see the Returned as evil because she herself is a manipulative, controlling person, or are they really evil because people like Mikey (who really is more unpleasant that evil) are also a member of the Returned.  If they are being punished, am I really supposed to believe that some force was punishing Barbara for cheating on  Fred?  A force so powerful that it can bring people back from the dead fixating on what a woman does with her vagina is a ridiculous plot line and beneath Resurrection as far as I am concerned, so this better not be the reason.

Speaking of shaming women, the slut shaming of Barbara this week was ridiculous.  Barbara isn't actually 25 yet, though thirty years have passed since she died.  How could she properly relate to Sam?  The world has gone on without her and changed drastically.  Of course she would be confused.  I really liked that Elaine pointed all of this out Maggie but none of that reduced the harm done by the shaming this character underwent. 

We still have Nadine nursing Rachel under the guise of bonding over reproduction.  I don't like Nadine's sudden shift and her pulling the whole, stand by my man routine at all. It seems that women are characterized in very distinct roles in Resurrection: the nurturing mother (Lucille) , manipulative controlling granny (Margaret), or hyper capable and self sacrificing (Nadine, Maggie, Elaine), then of course, slut (Barbara).  None of these archetypes are real developed characters and instead are slots women are fitted into.

Now that Bellamy is sick, he may no longer be able to hide his status as one of The Returned.  I really want to see Bellamy's history explored.  It was hinted at the end of the last season that Bellamy has returned before and we are no on episode five and Resurrection has not even begun to deal with the issues raised in the season finale.  It's my hope that with this illness, Resurrection will return to this.  The interpersonal drama is interesting to a point but what drew me in as a viewer is the mystery of people returning from the dead.  I fear if Resurrection does not course correct soon, it will lose much of the fan excitement that the first series garnered.