Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Four: Live and Let Die

Marcel is throwing a party and he approaches Josh, who is checking a dating profile for his messages.  Its seems that Josh has been exchanging messages with a guy for a week but has left out the fact that he is a vampire. Suddenly, a bloodied body is thrown through the window and it is followed by Oliver, Aiden and a pack of werewolves.  Gia quickly asks what's wrong because they didn't do anything, and Marcel brings up the deal they had about vampires staying out of the quarter.  Aiden is quick to make it clear that this is not good enough anymore. Marcel asks who is really changing the rules and comments that he never thought he would see the day, when proud werewolves lived on a witches leash. Aiden turns his head, indicating that his wolves should attack the vampires.  Josh just barely manages to hold off a werewolf, before Aiden calls a halt to the attack, announcing that the vampire privileges have been revoked. Aiden warns that the vampires need to leave because the next time he returns, he will not to call off his wolves.

A morose Cami tells Vincent that New Orleans is the city of death and that they constantly hold a big party to deny the unavoidable fact that they are all going to die. Did she take lessons in angsting from Klaus and Elijah? Vincent questions if this is what Cami is afraid of and suggests that Cami is dodging his questions.  It looks like Vincent is acting as Cami's therapist.  Cami explains that she is attracted to the wrong type of guy and Vincent suggests that she should talk about it.  Cami brings up a guy she was with, who was smart and funny but adds that she was nothing but his rebound girl.  Cami asserts that she should stay away from him.  Vincent continues to dig into Cami's dating history and Cami brings up a guy who had an abusive mother and father, who got under her skin but he had goodness in him deep down. This means that Cami is yet another woman in Julie Plec's world who is willing to look aside from serial murder. What is Vincent up to now?

Back at the Original compound, Elijah bellows for Klaus and Hayley intercepts Elijah to say that she is not Klaus's wife and has no idea where he is.  Elijah then informs Hayley that her people (read: werewolves) have just attacked his people (read: vampires)  and snarks that now is not the best time for Hayley's particular brand of sass. Sass really? Hayley responds that Klaus left a few hours ago and suggests that Elijah simply try calling him on the phone.  Before turning away, Hayley points out that the beasts Elijah referred to are her people and though they might be under Esther's control, if Elijah hurts the werewolves, his "bitch mother" will be the least of Elijah's problems.  Gotta say, I am starting to really like Hayley's spunk.

In the Quarter, people are partying it up, as Cami makes her way through, talking to Davina on the phone.  Davina is in an isolated location watching Michael work through some calisthenics and comments that things are complicated. I bet they are, when you have a tiger by the tail.   Davina however does not divulge her location but ends the conversation quickly.  

Cami runs into a grinning Klaus and demands to know what he wants.  Klaus wastes no time explaining that he wants Davina because Devina has resurrected Michael. This is news to Cami, who quickly points out that Davina did not reveal her location.  Apparently, Klaus heard the church bells in the background and surmises that Davina is at a piece of property her family owns.  Ummm yeah, why wasn't this the first place Klaus and Elijah checked?  They are over 1000 years old and seriously didn't think to check this out?  Cami asks what the plan is and Klaus suggests that Cami reason with Davina because Cami won't like the other alternative. Cami tells Klaus to come with her. 

Lenore/Esther is working a spell but Kol is not paying attention because he is checking his phone messages. Kol assures Lenore/Esther that given his good looks, Davina cannot possibly resist for long.  Lenore/Esther tells Kol to focus and conjure Davina in his mind. The spell fails because Davina has blocked locator spells.  Kol is quick to say that it is not his fault then that they have not found Davina and sycophant Vincent is quick to suggest that Kol should not be so quick to draw attention to his failures. Kol snarks about whether or not Vincent has been able to get Cami to bear her soul to him. The two brothers start to bicker and Esther/Lenore shuts it down, ordering Kol to get the white oak state from Davina.

Davina makes her way to Michael, pointing out that he does not look great covered in mosquito bites. Michael is more interested in finding out how long they are going to be hiding away.  Davina points out that since Elijah saw Michael, Klaus knows that Michael is now on this plane of existence. Davina again makes it clear that until Klaus can be unlinked from her friends, Michael is going to stay with her.  Michael makes it clear that a confrontation is unavoidable and says that Davina's fear is going to be their greatest disadvantage. Davina asserts that she is not afraid but Michael counters that she should be because she is weak.  Like a petulant child, Davina reminds Michael that she is still in charge. Davina then shows Michael her bracelet, saying that it has been spelled not to fall off again. Michael asks Davina how well her magic worked when the wolves attacked. Michael informs Davina that magic can only ever fight half the battle.  Davina then asks Michael to teach her how to be strong, since he is so tough.

Marcel and Gia are talking about whether or not they should run from the threat presented to them. Gia is clear that she does not want to run and asks Marcel to show them (read: the vampires) how to fight, since he has kicked werewolf ass in the past. Josh interjects to ask how they are to learn to defend themselves from any army of super wolves in one day.  Elijah swoops in, and breaks a vampire's neck saying, "lesson one, always be on your guard." 

Vincent meets with the wolves and Oliver assures Vincent that the message was delivered and that the vampires should be gone by tomorrow.  Vincent asserts that one can never be sure with vampires and suggests that they meet the vampires with superior numbers, before turning to Sam asking that the new recruits be brought to him.  The new wolves are brought in and they clearly are all teenagers. Aidan asks what is going on here. Vincent instructs the new recruits that tonight, as unturned wolves, they will kill and activate their curse.  Aidan steps forward, pointing out that Vincent is talking to a bunch of kids but Vincent wraps his arms around a child who looks a lot like Aidan and says that they can no longer afford to hide their children from the horrors of war. Vincent tells Aidan that he is either with them, or against them, and then Vincent leads the so-called new recruits away.

Michael carves the crest of his viking clan into a staff, calling it a reminder that he carries the honour of his ancestors into battle. Michael throws the staff at Davina and she barely catches it, complaining that she wasn't ready.  Michael then tells Davina that the first lesson is , "always be on your guard." Clearly, this is the lesson he taught Elijah. Michael tells Davina that he was half Davina's age the first time his father tossed him the staff.  Michael adds that he would have torn half the muscles in his body before allowing his father to see him strain and had he not be able to do that, his father would have corrected him.  It sounds like Michael also had an abusive father.  Davina calls Michael's father a "jerkwad," and Michael explains as he attacks, "mothers love their children, fathers make them strong." Michael continues to attack and Davina says that her father took off before she was born and that her mother tried to sacrifice her.  Michael tells Davina that she is telographing her moves, before Davina twists her ankle and falls to the ground.  Michael orders Davina to stand and master her pain because that is a warriors true weapon. Michael has to order Davina to her feet twice, but she does grab the staff and get to her feet.  Michael snarks about Davina learning something today.

Cami sits in a bar having a drink, when Klaus marches in complaining that he was told to wait in the car.  Cami points out that Klaus hijacked her afternoon and adds that she needs a drink before the killing begins.  Klaus asks if Cami's plan is to get him drunk and chat until she has convinced him to leave Davina alone to plot his death. Cami says that her plan is to listen because Klaus could have disappeared after eavesdropping on the conversation and therefore; he has a specific role in mind for Cami. Cami asserts that Klaus really just wants her to hear his side and asks why Klaus wants to kill Michael.  Klaus sits and has a drink.

Davina rubs her now swollen ankle and then she contacts Kol, saying that she is sorry that she hasn't called in awhile.  Kol asks Davina where she is and she promises to text him the address, along with a list of things he can bring her. Kol disconnects, promising to be right there.

Gia throws a punch, which Elijah quickly blocks snarking, "as a developed feminist, I refuse to say that you hit like a girl."  Elijah suggests that they try again. Gia asks why she doesn't get to be outside with everyone else and the nice teacher and Elijah replies that Gia is his responsibility.  Gia snarks about how this reflects Elijah's supposed feminism.  Elijah explains that fighting is like music adding that there is a rhyme and a pattern. Dear lord, Elijah is hot as hell and I am loving it. Clearly, there is chemistry developing between Gia and Elijah and I for one completely understand it. Gia and Elijah are interrupted by Hayley (worst timing ever,) with Aidan fast on her heels.  Hayley announces that they need to talk.  Aidan asks for Elijah's help.

Aidan informs Elijah that because Lenore/Esther wants soldiers, it's time to join up or pay the price. Elijah calls this merciless and Hayley points out that the new recruits are just kids. Hayley asks Marcel to get the potential wolves out of the quarter but Marcel questions where he is supposed to take them. Oliver points out that there are wolves deep in the Bayou but Marcel counters by replying  that those wolves have sold out.  Oliver simply says that the wolves did what they had to do. Marcel says that the wolves and vampires have been at war for decades and questions why the wolves are suddenly so willing to trust vampires.  Aidan simply replies that one of the recruits is his little brother and that he won't allow him to go to war.  Elijah asks Aidan to tell them what they need.

A drunken Klaus explains his predicament with his parents, adding that if he kills Esther, she will just jump into another body.  Klaus adds that even if he manages to stop Esther from body jumping, she will join the witch ancestors and haunt him from beyond the grave.  Klaus switches to Michael, saying that because Michael has the white oak stake, Michael needs to die first. Cami questions how Klaus is going to kill Michael unarmed, so Klaus pulls out Papa Tunde's knife, saying that his parents dedicated their lives to making him feel weak and afraid.  Klaus points out that he has killed his parents once already and declares that he can do it again, before standing to leave. Cami quickly grabs Klaus's arm saying that she understands the pain he has been under for 1,000 years and asks him what he is fighting for. Cami tells Klaus to ask her dance, adding that there is more to life than the pain and rage Klaus feels. Cami takes Klaus's hands, adding that there are good things in life.  They start to dance but Klaus spins Cami away and disappears.

Kol examines Davina's ankle before smearing something on it.  Davina stands but finds that she is still sore.  Kol notices that Davina has quite a spell in the making and comments about her having secrets after their last date ended in a werewolf bar brawl. Kol finally asks outright what is going on and Davina asks him if he trusts her.  Kol teases that Davina has a lecherous heart and declares that he won't be used for his body, or his medicinal herbs.  Kol tells Davina that all they can do is hold hands and adds that Davina can share what she is up to when she is good and ready.

Aiden explains that Vincent plans to use the kids to kill the humans who would provide any kind of opposition.  Oliver is worried that he will be blamed for this because Vincent is already giving him the stink eye.  Elijah is not at all sympathetic and points out that this is Oliver's chance to help these kids. 

Kol is now getting his snoop on and he smiles when he comes across the white oak stake.  Before Kol can grab the white oak stake, Michael grabs Kol's arm, calling him a thief, asking for one good reason why Kol shouldn't be slaughtered where he stands.  Kol suggests that because he is a witch, he knows the magic need to stop Davina's bracelet from controlling Michael. Kol agrees to do this, if Michael promises not to harm him and so Michael lets Kol go. Oh, the plot thickens.  

The party is in full swing in the Quarter, as Aidan guides the young werewolves through the Quarter.  Gia follows on their heels, pretending to be just another drunk.  Gia and Marcel create a distraction and Oliver uses this to guide the kids away. Oliver leads the kids into a bar and they are met by Josh, who opens a passageway from the prohibition days.  

Oliver then mets with Elijah in a parking lot, saying that the wolves should be right behind him and should arrive any minute now. In the tunnel, Josh continues to lead the kids to the exit into the swamps.  Oliver and Elijah are quickly surrounded by werewolves who ask where the kids are.  Oliver snarks about not being dumb enough to bring them here.  Elijah tells the wolves that the little wolves are gone, which leaves them here with him.  The werewolf then informs Elijah that they are not in fact there for the kids but for Elijah himself.  Elijah takes off his jacket, saying that he promised a good friend (read: Hayley), that he would spare the lives of her people and that if the wolves leave right now, he will honour that; however, if the werewolves stay, things will get awkward. When the wolf stupidly gets into a fighting stance, Elijah suggests that Oliver leave but Oliver says, "either I'm out, or I'm in right" and prepares to fight. Elijah being Elijah, does take the time to take out his cufflinks.

Josh continues to lead the kids and they make it a fire truck Marcel has procured for safe passage.  Aidan embraces his clearly relieved brother Nick, before guiding him onto the truck.  Aidan then thanks Marcel and Hayley, who comments that they are all fighting for the same thing - protecting the ones whom they love. Hayley and Marcel hop up front and Nick looks through the window at his brother Aidan, as the truck drives away.

Elijah and and Oliver have made short work of the werewolves but before they can celebrate, Vincent arrives and uses a spell, which causes Elijah to fall to his knees. Vincent then tosses Oliver into a car, saying that he is just getting started.  Oh I so want to see Elijah kick that sycophants ass.  Elijah manages to grab Vincent around the throat but Vincent drives a stake through Elijah's chest, which Lenore/Esther twists with her magic.  

Kol reaches across a sleeping Hayley to grab her bracelet but this wakes her and instead, he pretends to be there to inform Hayley that her phone is full of messages from Cami.  Davina grabs Kol's hand, saying that they need to leave now.  Klaus has arrived at Davina's hideout, while inside, Kol and Davina work on a spell.  Klaus makes his way to the door and Michael stares back at him, white oak stake in hand.  Instead of barging in, Klaus makes his way back to his car and deeper into the woods, where he sees the staff his father planted into the ground. A teary-eyed Klaus grabs the staff and launches it through the window, which results in Davina falling unconscious on the floor.  Klaus calls out, "enough of your games," and demands that Michael be sent out."  Kol crawls to Davina to check on her but before he can get to Davina, Michael grabs Kol and demands that he is released. Klaus continues to scream, as Kol grabs Davina's arm and starts to say a spell. 

Michael makes his way to the front porch and asks Klaus if he is eager to meet his end.  Klaus replies that he is eager to stand over Michael's burning corpse again. Michael makes his way over to Klaus, saying that he has travelled all the way back from hell for this moment.  The two begin to fight and Michael quickly get the upper hand, managing to drive the white oak stake into Klaus's shoulder. Klaus however drives Papa Tunde's knife into a very stunned Michael.  Michael now lies flat on his back, with Klaus standing over him, as Cami comes rushing in demanding to know that Davina is okay.  

Klaus tells Cami that Davina is fine and should consider herself lucky, considering what Davina's plans for Klaus were. Cami sighs in relief and complains about having to hitchhike and run on the back roads of the bayou in order to get here. Klaus snarks about Cami's perseverance and Cami again asserts that Davina is not to be hurt. Klaus gives Cami his word.  Cami hugs Klaus and finally, Cami notices that they are standing over Michael's body. Klaus explains that Michael is still alive and in complete agony, and that this is a sign that he is taking Cami's advice.

Josh is still texting the guy from the dating site, when Aidan takes a seat beside him.  Josh comments that he didn't think that Aidan was going to show but Aidan counters saying that he didn't think that Josh was a vampire. Josh does however say that Aidan's pictures don't do him justice because he is way hotter in person, when he is not murdering people. Aidan replies that he shouldn't have come but Josh points out that he did and asks why.  Aidan explains that he thought seeing Josh would make him feel a little less alone.  Josh asks if tonight they can pretend that Aidan isn't a werewolf and that he isn't a vampire and that the city isn't going to implode. Aidan agrees, adding that he would like that, as he signals for a drink.

Hayley and Marcel celebrate getting the kids out safely and Marcel points out that Hayley is a vampire now and that they did the right thing getting the kids out.  Marcel however does add that this will make things more difficult between the werewolves and the vampires.  Hayley calls out to Gia that things always get worse before it gets better. Hayley then takes a drink over to Gia, who is concerned that they left Elijah alone.  Hayley admits that she worries about a lot were Elijah is concerned but she is sure that Elijah can take care of himself.

Klaus bundles Michael into the trunk of his car and closes the lid but Michael comes back to consciousness in agony and pulls out Tunde's knife.

Elijah awakes to find himself in chains surrounded by lit candles and a smiling Lenore/Esther, who says that she only wants them to be a family again.  Lenore/Esther adds that for that to happen, Elijah must be purified. 

Can I say that I am really thrilled that The Originals might finally be giving Josh a partner and a reason to stay in New Orleans.  This entire time he has been fighting largely on Davina's behalf, turning him into little more than GBFF.  What reason did Josh even have to stay in New Orleans given that he was only in town on vacation?  I hope that things will develop between Aidan and Josh in a way that increases both of their presence on the show.  The chemistry between the two men does however need work, especially in comparison to the chemistry we saw between Elijah and Gia and Klaus and Cami this episode.

I loved Hayley this episode.  She finally knows who and what she is and she is not afraid to assert herself, even if it displeases Elijah.  I particularly liked her snarking about Elijah calling his brother because she is not Klaus's keeper. Hayley has proved to be the only semi-consistent strong female character on The Originals, as Rebekah constantly had her power reduced, Cami simpers and of course Davina, while powerful, is easily manipulated.  As for Davina, can we just make this irritating witch wolf food already?  She has known Kol for a New York minute but gives him her address?  There is naive, and then there is outright stupidity.  Further, she has a tiger by the tail in Michael and clearly has no idea what to do with him.  Davina wants to be tougher, when what she should be hoping for is smarter because no amount of fighting skills, are going to change her insipid decisions and behaviour.

Elijah is now suddenly a feminist?  When did that happen?  I seem to recall him spending much of Hayley's pregnancy treating her like a fragile flower and muting her every attempt at agency because smog, super baby.   I liked that Gia called out his feminist credentials when he declared her his responsibility.  Gia is shaping up to be a strong female character, which is something The Originals sorely needs.

Next week promises some sort of epic showdown, as Esther has Elijah in chains and Michael is not nearly as subdued as Klaus believes.  I do however find it ridiculous that Klaus chose not to kill Michael because of the rainbow and flower bullshit Cami was preaching.  You don't wound a predator and walk away because they will only come back angrier. You kill a predator once you have discovered a weakness.  This will however set Klaus and Michael up for yet another epic battle, which of course the fans will eat up.