Friday, October 31, 2014

The 100, Season Two, Episode Two: Inclement Weather

The new camp Jaha is made up of the remains of the arc.  Cain heads to see Bellamy, who he has incarcerated until he perceives that Bellamy is no longer a threat to others. Cain wants information on the grounders, such as their numbers and what made them attack The 100.  Bellamy is interested in saving The 100, who have been captured but Cain is adamant that Bellamy is not trained and reminds Bellamy that they are his people as well.  They are interrupted when Murphy is brought in and Cain orders them to be Bellamy and Murphy to be tied up next to each other.

Outside, the guards watching the Camp Jaha, fire off a round when they think they see something.  Cain is quick to take away the weapon from one of the arc survivors demanding that weapons only be given to guards, ordering that unauthorized use of weapons be punishable as a felony. Well, it seems that crash landing on earth has done nothing to reduce Cain's totalitarian view of life. Abby demands that Marcus search the woods for the kids and the guards move out.

Back at Mount Weather, Miller has been released into gen pop (yes, I am intentionally using prison terms), where he snarks about Clarke fitting right in.  Maya and Jasper continue to make eyes at each other as a distrustful Clarke watches.  An alarm goes off and Maya rushes off, asking Jasper to save her seat. Clark intercepts Maya and learns that the alarm means that the search team is back and someone needs medical attention.  Clarke moves to follow, saying that if their people (read: The 100) are hurt, they have a right to know and even though Jasper tries to stop Clarke, she heads toward quarantine.

Clark arrives at quarantine to hear that the group was attacked and once again, Clarke grabs a pass and forces her way into the treatment area.  Once again Jasper tries to stop Clarke but after finding a bullet wound on one of Mount Weather people, Clarke declares that they are being lied to because Grounders don't use guns. Clarke says that it means their people are alive.  The medical staff arrives, bringing with them one of the Mount Weather soldiers who is covered in lesions and burns from being exposed to radiation. 

Back on the Arc, Jaha searches for the crying baby.  The cries continue to echo through the arc, until he finally finds the baby locked away in a dresser.  I would bet money that this baby is now going to be Jaha's raison d'être .

Abby heads to see Raven to find Finn watching over her.  Abby explains that the bullet is shifting and that this is why Raven is in pain.  Abby adds that because the bullet is putting pressing on Raven's spine, and if they leave it in, Raven will live but the surgery to remove it could kill her. It is further complicated by the fact that Abby has no equipment and no anesthesia.  Raven is determined to have the surgery, pointing out that at zero gravity, she didn't need her legs but on earth, they are a necessity.

Octavia awakes to find herself facing a Grounder. The Grounder tries to offer Octavia a liquid but she resists, demanding to know where Lincoln is.  Finally, the grounder demands that Octavia drink the liquid or die.

In the cafeteria area of Mount Weather, Clarke tells Wallace that they need to talk and demands to know who shot Winston (the soldier).  Wallace is quick to pull Clarke aside to say that the patrol was shot by Grounders.  Of course, Clarke is not buying this for one second and says that she has fought Grounders and that they don't have guns.  Wallace then claims that the patrol was shot by an arrow and not a gun. Clarke accuses Wallace of lying, saying that she saw the wound but Wallace only replies that because Clarke has strong emotions, she is seeing something that wasn't there. Clarke formally requests to see the body and Wallace agrees. 

Back on the Arc, Jaha is trying to calm the crying baby, saying that they are in a fine mess.  Jaha decides that he cannot let the baby die in space with him and that they must find a way to get to the ground.  Jaja heads to the computer terminals to see what he can access.

Raven is lying on her stomach staring at Finn and Abby informs them they are almost ready.  Raven is strapped to the bed and Abby prepares to make the first incision, when Raven calls a halt to the procedure, saying that she is scared. Finn offers Raven his hand and tears roll down her face.  Finn then tells Abby that Raven is ready and Abby makes the first incision, which is followed by a scream from Raven, which echoes across the camp.

In their cell area, Murphy admits that this is what he was like at the Grounder camp and that though he did everything not to scream, eventually he broke.  Bellamy is far from showing any kind of sympathy for Murphy, who snarks that Bellamy, under the same conditions, would not have screamed because he is supposedly better than Murphy. Bellamy asserts that he is not a traitor but Murphy points out that he was tortured for three days and adds that Bellamy is just as imprisoned as he is now.

Raven continues to scream and the camp is on edge.  The soldiers hear sounds from the North and head out to investigate.  What they find are members of The 100 nailed to a large tree.

Clarke and Wallace are now in the quarantine area, as Dr. Sing wheels in the body of the soldier who died.  Clarke inquires about the man with the burns  and learns that he is improving.  Clarke asks to see Winston and Wallace agrees. over Dr. Sing's objections that only patients are allowed in medical. The body of the man is uncovered and Clarke examines the wound.  Sing even goes as far as to show Clarke the arrow.

Jaha continues to work and as he stops to tend to the baby, he notices that it is playing with a chess piece - the knight to be specific.  It seems that Jaha has found a missile but the problem is that they have to head into space to get to it.

Back at camp Jaha, Finn waits patiently by a sleeping Raven.  Clarke reports to Marcus that Raven has survived and he calls The 100 courageous.   Marcus brings up Bellamy's desire to get back out there and asserts that they will need a plan. Abby questions Marcus about sending out a search party but Marcus sees the crucified kids as a warning they need to take very seriously.  Marcus promises to find the kids but adds that securing the camp must be their first priority. Abby then brings up Murphy being tortured and the spear that pierced Jasper, stating that they cannot wait. Cain however will not be moved.

Octavia again regains consciousness below the statue.  The grounder introduces himself as Niko and a friend of Lincoln's.  Niko advises Octavia that she should run now that she can stand.  Octavia again demands to know where Lincoln is and Niko explains that Lincoln is answering for making their clan vulnerable.  It seems that the reapers come in such numbers that the clan is having difficulty fighting them off. Octavia begs Niko to help Lincoln but Niko replies that he has already done something by saving Octavia's life. Octavia then grabs a rock and knocks Niko unconscious. 

When next we see Octavia, she is leading Niko with a weapon pointed to his head, right into the camp. Octavia screams out her name in the Grounder language, adding that they have something she wants.  Octavia is surrounded by Grounders, when she is approached by Indra.  Octavia asks for Lincoln but Indra says no.  In desperation, Octavia kicks Niko so hard, he falls to the ground, causing Indra to call a halt, saying that Niko is their only healer. With a sword to Niko's throat, Octavia demands that Lincoln be brought to the place he saw her last. Octavia then demands that Lincoln be escorted only by Indra, adding that if she sees anyone else, she will kill Niko. Octavia drags Niko to his knees and walks backward away from the camp.

Clarke tests Raven for feeling now that she is conscious.  Raven has regained some feeling in right leg and above the knee in her left leg.  Clarke tells Raven that she has some nerve damage to her left leg and that she will need crutches.  Raven starts to cry, calling herself, "crippled". Abby leaves to allow Finn and Raven time alone together.  Finn asks Raven if she wants to hear about his day but Raven replies that she is tired and asks Finn not to be here when she wakes because their friends are out there in need of rescue.

On her return to the dorm area, Clarke tells Jasper that the soldiers wound looked like an arrow wound but asserts that it could have been doctored.  Jasper tells Clarke that she sounds like a crazy person and questions why she would want to screw this up for them.  Clarke however says that she doesn't know what "this is." Jasper explains that "this" is food, a real bed, clothing and not being speared by Grounders.  Jasper questions how long they will be allowed to stay, if Clarke continues to behave like this.  Clarke then questions if Jasper has been threatened and instead he says that it is common sense because they are guests and not prisoners.

Back on the arc, Jaha looks at the missile, as a countdown sounds in the background. He prepares a sling for the baby and then suits up.  Jaha gets his suit on but sees that there is a crack in the helmet, as the baby screams.  With seven minutes to go and a sling on his chest, Jaha opens the doors and launches himself across the arc, aiming to land on the missile.  As he moves across space, the helmet begins to crack and finally breaks.  When Jaha  is safe inside the missle, he opens the suit, to find a seater in the sling, in place of the baby.  Jaha gets a vision of his son. Wells tells Jaha that their people still need him and Jaha falls to his knees crying.  Wells says that Jaha can choose to live and Jaha tells Wells that he misses him everyday.  Jaha goes through the launch procedures, then looks out the windows saying that it is time to go home.

Finn releases Bellamy from his binding saying that it is time to go and free their people.  Before Finn and Bellamy can leave however, Murphy calls out, asking about what is to happen to him. After pausing, Bellamy decides to take Murphy with them because Murphy has been to the Grounder Camp.

The 100 have made them quite at home at Mount Weather, with the exception of Clarke who sits alone.  When Winston enters the common area, Clarke decides to follow him.  Winston enters the medical area, where Clarke cannot follow. Clarke heads back to her dorm area, where she removes the bandage on her arm and then reopens the wound. 

The missile has launched and is now headed for earth. Inside the missile, it's a bumpy ride for Jaha.

Octavia waits for Lincoln's arrival.  Lincoln stumbles forward with Indra by his side.  Octavia puts the sword to Niko's throat, extremely upset that Lincoln is hurt.  Indra tells Octavia that Lincoln is lucky to be alive.  Lincoln begins to move forward and Octavia releases Niko.  The two men pass each other but before Lincoln can reach Octavia, they are attacked by Reapers.  Octavia is quickly knocked out and she watches as Lincoln is dragged away.

Having landed, Jaha unscrews the missile.  He laughs as he picks up sand and stars up at the night sky.

Meanwhile at camp Jaha, Bellamy leads the kids away.  They stop when they run into Abby and Finn explains that Bellamy decided to bring Murphy along.  They are handed a gun by a guard who asks that they find his son Nathan Miller.  Abby asks the ragtag crew to bring home the rest of  The 100.

Clarke is in the medical wing of Count Weather and the moment Dr. Sing leaves, she makes her way over to a sleeping Winston.  Clarke checks over Winston's wounds and the medical treatment he is receiving.  Unable to rouse Winston, Clarke wonders around the medical ward, pausing when she sees an air vent.  Clarke then climbs inside the air vent, where she finds various medical experiments going on, with people hung by their feet.  Some people are even in cages, and they reach out to her she passes by them.  Clarke then finds Anya in a cage. 

Okay thus far, this new season is really about what kind of life the people of The Arc will choose now that they are on earth.   For the first time they have the ability to choose because they are not restricted by scarce resources.  For Jasper that means turning a blind eye a Mount Weather, even though there is something so clearly wrong because for the first time, he has access, to food, clothing and shelter.  For people like Cain it means carrying on as though nothing has changed because the restrictive lifestyle is all he has ever known.  And for Clarke, it's all about loyalty to her people. 

I understand why Jasper just wants to follow the status quo.  No part of his life has been easy to date. Living on Mount Weather must feel like living in the lap of luxury in comparison.  It's hard to judge Jasper when I consider this fact.  I do however like that Clarke is not so easily fooled and it will be interesting to see what she does with her new information and how she convinces the other 100, that they are not safe.

Now that Bellamy and Finn have run off to play heroes, Abby is alone with Marcus.  Before landing on earth, Abby was removed from the council and it's clear that Marcus sees himself as the only authority figure.  On one hand, Marcus is absolutely right, running off half caulked does not make sense when they have no idea of the threat they really face, on the other, I can empathize with Abby as a mother ,wanting to get her child back.  One thing is for certain,  Marcus is not going to deal well with Abby assisting Fin and Bellamy with their mission. I sense that in the next episode we are going to see a stand off between these two that might not end well for Abby.

Alright, the whole time on the arc, Jaha was hallucinating the baby.  This sort of makes sense. The problem for me stems more from the fact that Jaha is still alive.  From the very beginning he was an ineffectual leader who had problems making decisions and yet we are to believe that he is vital to the Arc survivors and The 100.  The only use I can see Jaha performing is putting Cain on a leash but given enough time, I am quite sure that Abby would be capable of doing that on her.  Every time Jaha appeared on screen he served as a distraction which simply wasn't needed.