Monday, February 2, 2015

12 Monkeys, Season One, Episode Three: Cassandra Complex

It's the year 2015, and Cassandra has a gun pointed at Cole.  Cole suddenly yells do it and Cassandra jumps but complies by pulling the trigger. Cole tells her that she cannot hesitate and seems completely frustrated, telling Cassandra that she has to do it again until she get it right.  Cassandra talks about how her father would be so proud because he worked three jobs to send his daughter to medical school and here she is learning how to kill.  Cole points out that if the guy who killed Jeremy shows up again the hard part will be over - knowing that the trigger is being pulled for the right reason.  This time, Cassandra is able to pull the trigger without hesitation, causing Cole suggest they move onto to live rounds.  They are interrupted by Chinese food delivery.  Cole and Cassandra talk about how long it might take for the 12 monkeys to break Jennifer.

Cassandra is now at the police station and being questioned about discharging a patient from the hospital.  Detective Roll brings up Jennifer and Cassandra admits that she saw the man who took her.  Roll states that Jennifer is considered very dangerous because she killed her co-workers a few years ago.  Roll pulls out a picture of Jennifer and points to a Black scientist who managed to escape the murder spree; however, the man is missing.   Roll then shows Cassandra a picture of  Cole claiming that he might be involved.  Cassandra then fakes getting a call and uses her phone to take a picture of the missing scientist.

Later, in the car, Cassandra shows Cole the picture of the missing scientist - Dr. Henri Toussaint, claiming that they met in Haiti, a year after Cole kidnapped her.  We get a flash of Cassandra working with Toussaint in Haiti during  an outbreak.  Cassandra pulls up to the CDC building saying that it's not everyday one sees the building you destined to die in.

Inside the CDC, Cassandra is told that she is welcome back, though she was a little off the rails in Haiti.  Cassandra makes it clear to Jules that she is not there for a job.  Cassandra claims that she needs some help on tropical infections and asks if Henri could help, only to be informed that Henri was shot dead by gangs apparently

Cole is determined to talk to Henri before he dies, saying that he can travel back to 2014 and make Henri tell him about the night before he dies.  Cassandra questions if there is another way but Cole believes  that if they waste time, Jennifer could crack and the 12 Monkeys could find the virus. Cassandra asks who Cole will find Henri and Cole suggests she tell him. Cassandra asserts that Haiti is dangerous and there were gangs who stole their medicine.  Cassandra adds that she sent Henri out to get more drugs and it got out of control  Cole tells Cassandra that it will be okay, but Cassandra is adamant that it will not and points out that Cole will see her there. Cassandra tells Cole to do her a favour and stay away from her while she is in Haiti.

Cole returns back to 2043 and Jones immediately asks for an update, so Cole explains that he needs to go back to Haiti in 2014. The scientist sargue about sending Cole back to 1987, or to see Leeland before his brains are blown out, or even before Jennifer is taken.  With the exception of 1987, this is all risky because Cole could run into a version of himself. A frustrated Cole walks away and joins Ramse, leaving the scientists to argue.  Ramse and Cole discuss scavengers. Jones joins Cole and Ramse and announces that it has been decided that Cole will be headed to Haiti but warns that Cassandra cannot see him and that there is an issue with solar flares.

In Washington D.C. in 2014, Cassandra informs Aaron that she is headed to Haiti.  Cassandra argues that people are dead and no one knows what it is.  Aaron is not convinced and suggests that Cassandra is chasing after outbreaks because her kidnapper told her that a virus is going to wipe out the planet. Aaron asks Cassandra when she is coming home and she replies that she doesn't know.  Aaron asks if Cassandra is going to show up at the hotel a year from now to find her kidnapper, adding that the world is not going to end.

Cassandra is now in Haiti with the CDC.  Cassandra makes her way into the containment zone and only pauses long enough to grab some gloves.  Cassandra grabs a patient but is intercepted by Jules (who btw pulls down his face mask)  Jules points out Henri, saying that they are lucky to have a local guy.  An angry man bursts in with a gun and demands a bed for a sick child.  Cassandra talks the man down and hands the child to Henri.  The man leaves and Cassandra is concerned that if the man who dropped the child off was infected, they just sent more infection to the outside world.  Cassandra calls for the isolation of the tents.  Jules instead orders the doctors to get some rest so they can start fresh in the morning.  Cassandra however heads to her tent and starts doing research.

Later, Cassandra heads outside and runs into Henri, who is drinking and so invites him back to her room.  They share a drink and talk about the encounter with the man who had the gun.  Cassandra brings up infections and how Henri must be used to that kind of thing living here.  Henri talks about his sister dying of measles when he was child and how he believed that if he were a doctor, he would have a power, but now he knows that nature cannot be controlled - it only bends.  Henri questions what virus they are dealing with and Cassandra replies that it is something they should not under estimate.

Cole arrives in Haiti just outside the containment camp.

In the year 2043, Ramse makes his way through the woods with a shotgun.  Ramse turns when he hears a sound and it turns out that it's Whitley.  Ramse is not pleased to see Whitley and says that Whitley doesn't have the experience to be outside hunting scavengers.  Whitley replies that Scavengers are like cannibals, taking everything from the weak and are not far removed from Ramse and Cole. Ramse argues that Jones get a traveler and in return they get three meals and a roof, which gives Jones the better end of the deal.   Whitley makes it clear that if it were his call, Ramse and Cole would be out here where they belong.  Ramse aims his weapon at Whitley, who encourages him, adding that if he goes back alone, no one will give a shit. Whitley however warns that if Ramse comes back alone, it could be interesting and laughs.  Ramse lowers his weapon but shakes his head.  Whitley takes the lead and is jumped by a woman.  Whitley gets the upper hand, so Ramse knocks him out and points his weapon at the woman.

In 2014, in Haiti, Cassandra and Henri make their way into the tents without masks. Jules informs Cassandra and Henri that the guy with the gun came back and took all of their pain medication and antibiotics.  Henri says that he knows a woman in town who has a supply.  When a patient goes to critical condition, Cassandra rushes over to help Jules and Henri leaves the tent.  Cole grabs a mask to put on but is shifted back to 2043 momentarily.  Jones calls it temporal interference.  Cole is shifted back to 2014, where Jules sees him coughing up blood.  Jules gives the order for Cole to be brought inside now.  Cole makes his way over to Henri and lies and says that he is staying with a family who is really sick.  Henri stops to get supplies, as Jules and Cassandra make their way over to him.  When Cassandra touches his arm, Cole takes off running, leaving Henri behind.   Cassandra is concerned that infected people are leaving the tent and says they need a quarantine because if this infection is airborne, then everyone has been infected.

Henri leaves to get the antibiotics he mentioned and is followed by Cole.  Cole loses sight of Henri when he turns a corner and instead finds a shrine with a monkey on it.  As Cole stares at the shrine, he is tackled and choked from behind by Henri.  When Henri pulls a gun, Cole disarms Henri and says that he is a friend of Jennifer Goines. Henri accuses Cole of lying because Jennifer has been catatonic for months.  Cole says the night they were attacked it was fast and organized but Henri still does not believe.  Cole asks for the location for the room, explaining that the army of the 12 monkeys wants to find the room and can probably find Henri as well.  Henri begs for the opportunity to deliver the medication and be a doctor again, promising to tell Cole what he wants to know.

In 2043, it turns out that the woman who jumped Whitley is Max and is known to Ramse; however Ramse does not lower his weapon.  Ramse demands to know where Deacon is and where The Seven are.  Max says that she left The Seven and is alone. Ramse doesn't believe Max and answers that no one leaves The Seven, to which Max points out that Ramse and Cole did.  Ramse says that Deacon has been following them ever since.  Max again asserts that she is done with The Seven and all of it, adding that this is not her life anymore.  Whitley in the meantime is still unconscious and  Max questions if Whitley came from the building behind them as well. Ramse claims that the building is abandoned, causing Max to ask if Cole is in there as well. Ramse claims that he split up with Cole awhile back, causing Max to question if she was mistaken when she spotted them a week ago. Ramse pulls out a knife and asks Max if that is where she left it.  Max says that she cannot go back because she will be killed. Max adds that she is cold and hungry and asks to come with him inside for a few days. Ramse points to a town ten miles northeast from here, saying that Max will be safe there.  Max leaves telling Ramse to say hello to Cole.

Henri explains to Cole that they were working on a way to extract DNA out of a virus to deliver medicine.  The catch is, a very powerful virus is needed.  Cole shifts out momentarily but manages a return before Henri realises that he is gone.  Cole and Henry start to pack the medicines, as Henri declares that no one will be able to break Jenny. Suddenly, armed men burst through the door, and Cole quickly points his gun. The Pallid man walks in laughing, saying that he is not fond of Haiti, because he is not a people person.  The pallid man asks Henri to tell Cole to put his gun down.  Cole attacks and tells Henri to run, promising to meet him at the containment area.  Cole fights but zones in and out, managing to appear behind his attackers long enough to kill them.

At the hospital, Cassandra rushes to try to revive the little girl who was brought in the day before to no avail. Cassandra becomes overwhelmed by the sickness and the noise in the camp and stands frozen, until she is approached by Jules, who asks her to watch the floor because a cop got shot.  Cassandra becomes concerned about anyone getting out and is concerned that this is the plague which Cole warned her about. Cassandra panics and says that she is the only one who knows and that they need to stop this, again asserting that no one can get out.  Cassandra suggests that Jules tell the cops to shoot anyone who tries to get out and Jules calls her insane. Cassandra starts to push her way outside.

Henri runs through the street and the Pallid man catches up pulling a gun.  Henri declares that he won't talk and will have to be killed. Cole catches up and attacks the Pallid Man and in the struggle, slashes him across the face with a broken bottle. Now we know how The Pallid Man got the scar on his face.  Henri is in a rush to get back with the medicine but Cole is insistent that Henri cannot leave until he reveals the location of the room.  Henri says that he doesn't know and never knew because the scientists were always blindfolded and taken there, furthermore; the room is always on the move and never kept in the same place for too long. Cole says that everything they have gone through is for nothing but Henri reveals that they can find it through the big burn - an ultra violet light powerful enough to torch anything in the lab if anything got out.  Because the burn is specialized equipment, Cole will find the night room.  Cole warns Henri that he will continue to be a hunted man and will not make it off this island, as Henri hurries back to the containment area.

Later that night, Cassandra tries to tell Jules that if the virus gets out it's all over. Jules tells Cassandra that it's a rare strain of River fever and that is why it was missed. Jules adds that vaccinations have been ordered and that the quarantine has been lifted.  Jules instructs Cassandra that she needs to deal with what happened during the kidnapping because she lost it.  Jules walks away, leaving Cassandra by herself.  Cole watches Cassandra from the shadows, as she sits crying. 

Back in 2043, Cole tells Jones that he knows how to find the virus.

In 2015, Cole stands with Cassandra, as she shoots her gun, claiming to be tougher than Cole.  Cassandra asks about Haiti and Cole replies that Henri told him how to find the night room.  Cassandra asks Cole if he saw her and he responds that he had to stay out of sight and left after the quarantine ended.  Cassandra is extremely upset, saying that people could have died because of her.  Cassandra then announces that she is going to take the job at the CDC because there is no better way to hunt down the containment ray.  Cassandra then reveals that she was the one who sent Henri to get the medicine and asks Cole to tell her about what happened. Cole claims that they got separated and he splintered before he could find Henri again, but in actuality, it was Cole who killed Henri. 

In 2043, Cole approaches Ramse about what happened on the perimeter with Whitley.  Ramse pulls Cole aside and says that it was Max and that he turned her away when she wanted in the facility.  Ramse questions if Max left The Seven and Cole points out that they managed to do it. Ramse adds that even if Max left, they will be looking and are more than likely close.  Cole believes that Deacon doesn't have the numbers for an attack.

Outside we see a campsite of a guerrilla group.

Ramse says that if Deacon finds out about the facility, The Seven will pick it clean just like everywhere else.

Max enters the camp ground claiming to have found food, shelter, power, and water - along with Cole.

It's still early on in the season but as far as representation of POC, 12 Monkeys is not doing a good job.  This week, Henri was killed.  Henri was around long enough for Cole to find evidence regarding the 12 Monkeys and for Cassandra to angst. So far, the only reoccurring character of colour is Ramse and his role seems very limited though there does seem to be some hint that we will see more of what is going on in 2043.We were also introduced to Whitley.  So far we know nothing about him but it is my hope that his character will be expanded to provide better representation on the show.

Cassandra clearly wasn't dealing well with her kidnapping and everyone around it can see it but her.  In a way, Cassandra appears to be dealing with some sort of PTSD.  This is of course resolved when she later meets Cole but I like that the story hasn't shied away from the trauma that she experienced. 

We also got a new female character in the form of Max.  Clearly Max is beholden to the mysterious Deacon.  I very much have the sense that we will be seeing more of her.  So far women are represented by Cassandra and Jones, both strong in their own right but at times, very secondary to Cole.  I would have preferred even if it made her the antagonist for Max not to have to answer to man.

As far as the 12 Monkeys go, I am starting  to feel like it is becoming somewhat tedious.  I already get the sense that they are not going to change history because they would have lived through this already.  The fact that Cassandra said Cole's name on the recording very much hints in that direction.  At any rate, they need to build more on this mystery if there is any hope of keeping my interest.