Friday, February 6, 2015

The 100, Season Two, Episode Eleven: Coup de Grâce

Bellamy awakes to find himself in manacles in the quarantine intake area, where he and the other men captured with him, are deloused, inspected and injected with some sort of drug. 

Inside the mountain, Jasper and Maya talk about the missing Monty. Jasper is distraught that his best friend is missing and Maya promises that they can check the harvest chamber again but warns Jasper that he has to look like everything is okay.

Clarke rides through the forest with a group of Grounders and they have been sighted by the Mountain People through the scope of a gun.  Clarke and Abby talk about the fact that the Grounders listen to her and Clarke reveals that Lexa ordered the Grounders to.  Clarke is insistent that they return quickly to the radio to find out if Bellamy has made contact.  Instead of focusing on the mission, Abby does her maternal routine, telling Clarke that she still needs protection and that she knows what is right for them.  The Mountain men fire off a shot and hit a Grounder, instead of Clarke.  Indra, Octavia and two Grounders come bounding out of the woods but Indra holds off the Grounders, announcing that this is Octavia's kill.  Octavia slashes Emerson's suit open and holds a cutlass to the Emerson's neck, as Indra calls for her to finish it.  Before Octavia can act, Clarke stops Octavia, saying that they need to question Emerson, before asking Octavia to look and see if Emerson has a patch kit.  When Octavia looks through the Emerson's things, she finds pictures of both Lexa and Clarke, indicating that they were the targets.  Indra sends warriors off to warn Lexa.

Bellamy comes to full consciousness and finds himself inside a small cage.  Bellamy rattles the door trying to get it open and Echo warns him to be quiet because the Mountain people take the strongest.  When Bellamy says that he cannot understand Echo, and admits that he is a sky person, he is spit on for his trouble.  Bellamy asserts that the Grounders and the Sky People are not enemies anymore, adding that once he gets out of this cage, he is going to kill everyone in this mountain.

Jasper makes his way into Wallace's office to report that not only are two of his friends missing but one of them is Monty.  Wallace begins to say that he has no idea what Jasper is talking about but Jasper calls Wallace a liar, pointing out that Wallace lied about there not being any survivors from the Arc.  Wallace asks Jasper to sit down but Jasper instead grabs a sword, demanding that he be told the truth. When Wallace continues to deny any knowledge of what happened to Jasper's friends, Jasper asks if he looks desperate, causing Wallace to finally admit that he lied about the Arc and Clarke.  When Jasper becomes overcome with emotion, Wallace manages to seize the weapon, telling Jasper that the sword is not a toy.  Wallace calls for a guard and requests that Dr. Tsing and Cage be located.  When the guard leaves, Wallace tells Jasper that they should go for a walk and find his friends.

Emerson and Grounder are brought into camp Jaha and Abby and Clarke begin medical treatment.  Raven enters and when she informs Clarke that there is no news from Bellamy, Clarke snaps at her, causing Raven to say that Octavia is currently manning the radio.  The issue with Emerson is that he needs medical treatment but they cannot touch him.  Raven offers to go and rig something up, as Abby loses her fight to keep the Grounder alive.  Indra does the death ceremony for the fallen Grounder and confronts Clarke about the fact that a killer is still alive, while a warrior is dead.  Clarke says that they need information, so Indra requests the opportunity to make Emerson talk.  Clarke makes it clear that they are not going to torture Emerson and is backed up by Abby, adding that Emerson might talk because they saved his life.  Indra calls the mother and daughter pair weak and leaves the area.  Abby takes the time to check in on Clarke to offer motherly comfort but Clarke calls it another day on the ground, before leaving for engineering. 

The Mountain Men enter the containment area and start to open Echo's cage and so to distract them, Bellamy kicks at his cage door.  The moment Bellamy's  cage door is opened, despite being poised to attack, Bellamy is electrocuted and then injected, only later to be hung by his ankles.

Maya is making her way through sickbay, looking through files, when Lovejoy comes in, looking for Thorpe to determine how many cages to clear.  Lovejoy is shocked to see that the Mountain woman is having a 25 minute treatment, calling it a record.  Maya tells Lovejoy that Thrope may be at the mess hall. The moment Thorpe leaves, Maya looks to see where the tubes connected to the patient lead.  Moments later, Maya finds Bellamy hanging from his feet, having the blood drained out of him.  Maya injects Bellamy in the thigh, which causes him to regain consciousness.  Maya questions Bellamy about being from the Arc and asks if he knows Jasper.  Jasper asks Maya to release him and she agrees but before that can be accomplished, Lovejoy enters the room, questioning what she is doing there. Maya explains that she wanted to see what made Bellamy so special and claims that he is dead.  Catching the drift, Bellamy plays possum and is released by Lovejoy.  A fight breaks out between Lovejoy and Bellamy.  Echo manages to reach through her cage and grab Lovejoy's hand, stopping him from stabbing Bellamy and Bellamy strangles Lovejoy, as a stunned Maya watches, pointing a weapon.  Bellamy rises and thanks Echo before asks Maya if she is alright. Maya assures Bellamy that she is fine and then heads over to Lovejoy, saying that they need to get rid of his body. 

Clarke and Abby look at the Emerson who is now secure inside a radiation free airlock.   Abby says that she thinks that Emerson will  wake up soon and that their blood heals the Mountain people.  Marcus points out that this is why the kids in Mt. Weather are in trouble but Abby is only concerned about the fact that the Mountain People tried to kill Clarke. Kane reassures Abby that Clarke is strong but Abby is not convinced, pointing out that The Grounders look at Clarke like she is their leader and now Mt. Weather does as well.  Kane points out that Clarke is holding the alliance together but Abby complains that she didn't realise that she would lose her daughter becuase of it.

At Mt. Weather, Bellamy is now dressed in Lovejoy's uniform and tells Maya that she has done enough and should walk away.  When Bellamy asks for a map, Maya asserts that she is in.  Bellamy asks about the location of the radio, so that he can send a message and Maya agrees to show him where it is but adds that his people are disappearing.  Bellamy demands to see the others now and Maya agrees but pulls off Lovejoy's tag on the uniform, then informs Bellamy that the tracking device in his arm must be removed. Maya questions how Bellamy knew who she was before she told him her name and Bellamy admits that  Clarke told him that Jasper couldn't stop talking about someone named Maya.  When the chip is cut out, Bellamy places it in his cage and promises Echo that he will come back for her. 

Dr. Tsing starts doing experimental surgery on Harper, as Monty begs from his Cage.  Wallace bursts in with soldiers and Jasper in tow, ordering Tsing to put away her instruments and Monty released. Monty and Jasper embrace, as Monty cries.  Dr. Tsing tells Wallace that the ground is their birthright and that they cannot be kept from it.  Wallace orders Monty and Jasper to head back to the dorm and inform their friends that they are going home. Wallce orders Tsing arrested and then demands to be taken to Cage. 

Kane is questioning the Emerson and all that he will reveal is that his name is Carl Emerson Mt Weather security detail. Kane points out that Carl would have died but Carl's only response is to repeat his name and position.  Clarke says that Emerson is not going to talk but Kane suggests that Emerson will if they open the door. Both Abby and Clarke are adamant that they are not going to be party to torture, with Clarke adding that it doesn't work.  Kane starts to push but Abby yells that she is the Chancellor.  Kane yells back that Abby needs to act like one, then reminds Abby that he promised to support her, as long as he believed in her.  Abby suggests that Kane convene a vote and take her place but Kane isn't interested in the title, only in saving their people.  Kane stalks out and Abby orders a 24 hour guard for Emerson before leaving.

At Mt. Weather, Maya and Bellamy make their way through the halls, with Maya warning that if any of the 382 residents realises that Bellamy isn't one of them, he is dead. They head into an elevator but are joined by several Mountain residents.  Bellamy keeps his head down with his hand on his gun. When a man notices that Bellamy is bleeding, Maya and Bellamy pretend that he has been exposed.

Wallace heads into the control room and confronts his son.  Cage proudly says that they have accomplished great things but Wallace calls Cage a stain on their legacy.  Cain is not disturbed and points out that they have bleeding people to stay alive for generations. Cage argues that what he and Tsing have done will get them outside.  Wallace says that Cage betrayed them and orders Cage be taken into custody.  Instead of arresting Cage, it's Wallace who is arrested.  Cage tells his father that he didn't want it like this and that everyone wants to go to the ground. 

Raven mans the radio at Camp Jaha, saying that she can replicate a frequency which would neutralize the Reapers.  Clarke orders Raven to get to work and Raven makes it clear to Clarke that she doesn't need to be given orders.  Octavia rushes in and is told that there is still no word from Bellamy.  Before they can talk more, an announcement is made for Kane and Clarke to head to the containment area.

When Kane and Clarke arrive at the containment area, Abby informs them that Jackson found blood anomalies in Emerson's sample, which could only have come from someone born on the Arc. Clarke realises that her friends are being bled and she moves to kill Emerson but is stopped by Kane.  Abby informs Clarke that she is not in charge and so Clarke storms off.

Maya and Bellamy continue to make their way through the facility and they are stopped by a little boy, who questions Bellamy as to what unit he is in.  Of course, the little boy is Lovejoy's son.

Jasper  tells the Arc people to pack their things quickly before Wallace changes his mind.  Monty reveals that the Arc is on the ground that they are not safe in Mt. Weather.  Bellamy and Maya just make it to the dorm when an alarm is sounded and the doors slam shut, locking Monty and all the rest inside.

Clarke makes her way back to Raven to report that their friends are being bled. Clarke declares that it's over but Raven yells that she didn't give up when Clarke killed Finn and is now building a damn tone generator.  Raven demands that Clarke do her job, and Clarke screams, "what is my job?" Raven tells Clarke that she has to come up with something.  The argument is interrupted when Bellamy makes contact.  Bellamy reports that he is with Maya and that Mount Weather people are already draining blood.  Bellamy then asks for a plan which doesn't kill everyone  because there are children inside the Mountain.  Clarke agrees and then informs Bellamy that Raven is going to help him disable the acid fog. Clarke adds that the Grounder prisoners must be freed because they constitute an army inside the Mountain.  Bellamy asks Clarke to buy him some time because it won't be long before it is discovered that he doesn't belong there.  Clarke leaves Raven with the radio, saying that she is going to look outside instead of in.

A desolate Dante sits in his cell, as his artwork is brought in.  Cage however makes himself comfortable in his father's old office.   In the dorm, the 47 are silent and gathered.  Clarke marches up to the containment unit surrounded by Grounders and orders Emerson to get dressed because he is coming with her. Clarke then leads Emerson outside surrounded by Indra and the Grounders, only to be stopped by Kane and Abby.  Clarke announces her plan to free Emerson, saying that he is going to deliver a message. Abby orders Emerson to be taken back to the isolation room and the Arc soldiers step forward, only to be confronted by the Grounders.  Clarke informs Abby that while Abby is the Councilor, it is she who is in charge. Abby asks Indra to tell the Grounders to step down, warning that people will get hurt, but Indra declines.  Clarke points out that no one will get hurt if Abby gets out of the way. Clarke tells Abby that she needs to trust that she knows what's right for them.  Kane points out that the Grounders trust Clarke and suggests that they should as well. Abby orders the Arc soldiers to stand down and Clarke heads to the gate, surrounded by Grounders, with Emerson in tow.  Abby tells Emerson to tell the Mountain people that they are coming and that the Grounder army is bigger than they realise.  Clarke adds that even if they could find the Grounder army, the acid fog cannot hurt them.  Clarke plays the tone Raven created, saying that the Reapers will not be able to save them either.  Clarke tells Emerson that the Mount Weather people have one last chance to let their people go and they will let them live. Though it is an eight hour walk back to Mount Weather, Clarke leaves Emerson with only 6 hours of breathable air for the trek before releasing him.

The moment the gates close, Octavia demands to know how this is going to help Bellamy.  Clarke says that the Mt Weather people will be looking for a secret army which means that they take less notice of Bellamy.  Clarke adds that Bellamy is the key to everything and that if Bellamy dies, they all die, before walking away.

It's clear now why this episode is entitled coup de grâce.  With Cage and Clarke both supplanting their parents, a bloodless revolution of sorts occurred, each mirroring the other.  Both Cage and Clarke are confidant that they are more in touch with the situation and what needs to be done.  At least in terms of Clarke, I tend to agree that this is true.  Clarke stopped being a child the moment she was sent to Earth to die and no matter how much Abby wants to believe that her daughter is a little girl, the facts are the fact.  I completely understand Abby's desire to mother but to be honest, I found her beyond irritating and at times downright patrionising to Clarke.  Abby really and truly does not have a leg to stand on whatsoever. 

One of the things that interested me in this episode were the tactics discussed.  Clarke and Abby were both adamant that torture should not occur while Kane whose redemption train has clearly stopped was more than willing to torture Emerson.  Then you have Bellamy who upon realisation that children could be a casualty in the up-coming confrontation, made it clear that they had to find a way to spare them.  While Clarke and Bellamy understand that they must win, they do no take a win at all cost strategy.  Considering how they have been reared I find that interesting.  I do however which there had been time for more reflection upon this.  How you win a war can be as important as how you wage war.

Indra once again did her angry Black woman thing.  Every time I see Adina Porter on the screen, it pisses me the hell off. This actress is so very capable and all she does is snarl and stalk around on this show. Then there's Raven who seemed to exist to give take orders and give Clarke a pep talk when she felt overwhelmed.  We had a brief glimpse of Dr. Tsing this week and her ghastly experiments but once again, this is all we know about her. While I was happy to see Monty saved, it was because of Japser and not his own ingenuity. Yes, I am happy that Jasper cared about what happened to Monty but it came across as Japer playing White night. I want more from these characters and it seems that The 100, is determined to stick to its trope laden characters of colour. 

With five episodes left to go in the season, it's clear that The 100 is building up for a big climax.  I only hope that it does not get drawn out too far.  I will however say that at least while it goes on, I hope they keep Jaha in the plot box because his character is nothing but a distraction and it was a relief not to see him this week.  As exciting at the coming confrontation is, I think that what will happen when it is over will probably be more interesting.  Going to war is easy, it's making peace that is intricate and difficult.