Sunday, February 1, 2015

Helix, Season 2, Episode 3: Scion

We learn that Isaac and Warren, the two infected, have both disappeared (or been taken as we saw last episode) and the CDC docs aren’t thrilled by this. Michael blames Annie who he thinks is losing control. All of this is explained by Landrey who seems to be getting a hand job (no really) from Annie’s daughter, Amy, who calls her mother’s control “an illusion” which they’re apparently manipulating. She’s also very firm that there “is no us” when Landrey refers to Annie finding out about them. She also expects something terrible to happen to the CDC doctors

She also makes a completely awful comment, given the circumstances, about taking things into their own hands

Next cast – Miksa (hey, didn’t he die last season?), Jay (Julia’s mother) and Hiroshi. They hear someone coming and Hiroshi tells them both to go inside – but he’s talking to air. Looks like Miksa and Jay are both Hiroshi’s hallucinations.

Day 3

Michael does something rather disturbing with pins and knives to a root – accidentally cutting himself – when Peter storms in demanding to know where Soren is. Michael is pretty unconcerned about Soren and rambles on about botany and mixing in humans so he sounds like a disturbing serial killer. Peter, becoming more and more like Alan in the first season, threatens Michael for hiding Soren.

When he’s gone, Michael asks Annie if they are responsible for Soren’s disappearance and she denies everything and blames the CDC. He also comments on how they’ve been at odds lately and how he’s not against outside forces bringing their opinions along with creepy sexual/threatening shoulder rubs.

Sarah wakes up with her usual morning sickness because of the eternal pregnancy before getting to work. She and Kyle do Science. But to do Science they need the samples for the ship (which they had been ignoring for now because Reasons) and they’re missing. Kyle believes he may have left them in Layla’s murder shack and Sarah is severely pissed. Peter arrives to stop Kyle going to get the samples because he thinks it’s far more important that Kyle flirt with Amy for information rather than add to their numbers going to Layla’s murder shack or prioritising the important medical samples. Kyle offers Sarah his gun (since she is going to Layla’s Murder Shack) and after a long moment, she takes it

Over to Alan who notices big barrels of mysterious substances but is told, effectively, to mind his own business.

Kyle uses his connection to Amy to question the children, learning that Soren was scared (even as Amy tries to edit what the child says) because he broke a rule and didn’t want to “go in the pit.” Pits are never good. Pits and children are especially bad.

Amy is not having these children speaking out of turn so she has Landry have them inhale a potion from a plant she has hidden away – one she describes as once making people slit their own throats.

Newly drugged with weird random eye movement, Lizzie interrupts Kyle (who has just realised Soren had sky high blood sugar) and lures him into the woods with talk of sick kids. He is surrounded by the drugged kids and typical, Helix odd cheerful music plays as they attack him with rocks.

Peter and Sarah set off and argue again about whether or not Alan will be an amazing resource of amazingness or whether he’s just evil out of control and generally bad. Peter cannot forgive the bombing in Paris and the innocent people Alan killed – even if they were immortals. I have a feeling we’ll be revisiting this conversation a lot.

They arrive at Layla’s Murder Shack – but Layla’s body has been moved. They also find the samples – when someone charges the door roaring in rage. They run but he catches Peter, yelling “fresh meat.” His face has the marks of the infection and Peter is saved by Sarah shooting the man. He bleeds sunshine yellow which can’t be healthy but is certainly cheerful.

They return to the compound so Peter can yell at Michael (Peter reminds me so much of Alan). Michael claims complete ignorance of fungus-zombies running around the island. Michael admits that when people come to the Abbey who don’t follow their rules they’re kicked out onto the rest of the island to live or die (he tries to dress it up nicer but it boils down to the same thing).

Peter assumes the infection came from outside, but Sarah thinks that with the amount of botanical manipulation happening in the compound that the infection could have come from inside. They return to their lab to find Kyle – alive but unconscious and bloody. He wakes up and tells them what happened including the weird eye movement

They go to check on the children – all of whom are fine and don’t remember attacking Kyle. Lizzie even hugs him.

Back to the lab, Sarah discovers a fungus behind the infection and again speaks out for Alan to join them. After a lot of arguing, Peter insists on speaking to Alan first.

Alan’s doing his own investigating, stealing keys to the storage locker by tricking the carrier of the keys into putting burning chemicals in his eyes.

Alan sneaks into the store room, fully of racks of jars of yellow substance, and opens the barrels. They seem to be empty, but one contains a human tooth. Michael hits him on the back of the head.

Day 10953 30 years later

To the future and we have Julia wandering around the woods pursuing her ill defined quest. And Hiroshi spots her – yes he’s in the future as well (he’s also being stalked by fuzzy camera art-school guy). He grabs her and holds her at axe blade while she protests things have changed – Ilaria’s gone and she accepts she was wrong to trust them. She adds that they’re on the same side, the immortals are scattered and the new plague is destroying them.

They go back to Hiroshi’s shack where hallucination Miksa disapproves mightily of Julia being around. Hiroshi seems to agree since he drugs her (cleverly drugging his own cup and predicting her paranoia).

She wakes tied up to a chair (again) and drugged by Hiroshi. He assumes she’s lying –and she tells him she’s dying and he sees the marks of the disease on her. But she also reveals, under the drugs, that she still works for Ilaria

The next time she wakes, Hiroshi is arguing with his hallucinations

She wakes again to find Hiroshi has, creepily, changed her clothes though she’s still tied up. He takes her to the dinner table with her family – the bodies of her mother and brother, Jay and Miksa. Miksa died by his head exploding, it isn’t pretty.

Julia screams. Yes, I think that’s reasonable.

Is it just me, or is Sarah almost frustrated by science in this season? Season 1 she was a dedicated worker in a lab, churning out work, results and good ideas. Now she’s frustrated, has no time for safety procedures and generally annoyed that she can’t snap her fingers and announce “CURE!”

Oh hey, Leyla was murdered. Anyone remember that? Anyone care? I mean, I get it plague is bad – but so is person who will stab you and hang you from your ankles from the ceiling. Do they have a vaccine against a knives? No? Then being this cavalier about a murderer seems dubious. I’m still grappling with the idea they left her body hanging there for days – remember as well that Sarah said she could be the source of immunity to the plague

I’m glad to see Hiroshi back and even Miksa – buuuut there’s no way this can end well and it’s unlikely we will see them become integral characters given the givens.

In 3 episodes, Julia has been tied to a chair for much of two of them. She needs to take some escape artists lessons, this is becoming a habit

I am intrigued for the first time with the new season of Helix but... only somewhat