Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grimm, Season Four, Episode Eleven: Death Do Us Part

"He felt now that he was
not simply close to her,
but that what he did not know
where he ended and she began."

A group of ghost hunters show up at an abandoned house in order to capture on film their experience there.  This of course cannot end well. They are recording for a show called Ghost Seekers. Ray tells the camera that the Donovans were killed in this location by a massive jolt of electricity, which led to cracked skulls, shattered teeth and blown out eyes. Ray says that the legend has it that the husband haunts the house looking for his lost love while the killer of the couple roams free.

Nick has returned from dropping off Monroe and Rosalie at the airport, to find the house empty, so he calls Juliet and leaves a message.  Juliet is in fact still at Renard's explaining that her sudden identity as a Hexenbiest is the result of the potion which turned Nick back into a Grimm.  Juliet asks Renard how to make this stop and when Renard says this might take some time, Juliet begs him to call his mother.

The ridiculous ghost hunters enter the house and begin their set up.  Ray stares into the camera and promises that no matter what they see, they won't stop shooting. Ray makes his way upstairs because the murder took place in the master bedroom. Ray's EMF meter moves into the red and so he tells the camera that there is definitely a ghost in the bedroom.  Downstairs, Carol's EMF meter moves to the red and she calls Paul.  Carol notes that the ceiling light turned on and off and this is weird because there is no power in the house.  Upstairs, Ray is now in the bedroom looking at the scorched bed, while downstairs, the elements on the stove turn on.  Upstairs, Ray is attacked by a creature and screams. Paul and Carol rush to the base of the stairs, in time to see a scorched and quite dead Paul come tumbling down.

Juliet has returned home with groceries to explain her absence.  Nick and Juliet talk about how tense things have been lately but Juliet says that she is certain things are going to get back to normal now.  Later, Nick and Juliet lie next to each other in bed but neither of them sleep.  Juliet dreams of Nick at the Grimm trailer picking up a weapon.  Nick then heads upstairs and attacks her, saying that he knows what she is, causing Juliet to wake up.   Juliet calls Renard and learns that Renard has found someone she can talk to.  The two set up a meeting time.

The cops are all at the old Donovan house.  Wu calls the case weird and adds that he spent the night at the trailer.  Wu leads Hank and Nick into the house, where the dead Ray lies on the floor.  Wu says that the other two ghost seekers said that Ray's body came flying down the stairs.  The cops head upstairs and find Ray's camera, and wonder if it recorded Ray's death.  Outside, Paul and Carol explain that they are ghost hunters and how they have been doing this series for over a year. Carol and Paul say that Ray was killed by a ghost, just like the legends.  Paul swears to find the ghost who killed their friend but Hank and Nick make it clear that this is an open investigation and that it is up to them to find out who killed Ray.

Renard waits in his car and a car drives erratically around him almost hitting Juliet.  When the driver gets out, Juliet confronts him about almost hitting her but the man walks away.  Juliet woges and the car explodes. The driver rushes over, so Renard hops out of his car, grabs Juliet's arm and marches her away, saying that it is time for lunch.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank talk about the strange stories of the house over the last few years.  Hank shows Nick two pictures of the Donovans.  As Nick examines the crime scene photos, he realises that it looks a lot like what happened to Ray. They learn that detective Mark Wilson worked the original case and decide to invite him in for coffee.

At the restaurant, Renard tells Juliet that he wants her to meet Henrietta. Renard doesn't know much about Henrietta but warns that Juliet might have to go through an evaluation.  Renard writes down the number and tells Juliet to memorize it and the moment she does, the number disappear from the page. Juliet is amazed and Renard explains that Henrietta did that.

Wilson is at the station and reveals that the cops couldn't get much off the Donovans bodies because of how badly burned they were.  Wilson adds that the weird part is that only the Donovans bodies and the mattress they were found on was burned; the rest of the room was untouched. Nick asks about a robbery but the money was still there.  Wilson says that they went with a love triangle gone bad because Patti Donovan was having an affair with Theo Hinkley and it turns out, Patti decided not to leave her marriage for Theo.  Wilson adds that they spoke to Lily, Theo's wife but she was only angry.

Stetson, who appears to be homeless, lets himself inside the house carrying a garbage bag. Stetson makes his way upstairs to the room where Theo and Patti were killed.  Stetson then lies on the bed.

Juliet and Nick are in bed and she is reading a book.  Nick roles over and makes his move but is shut down by Juliet, who says that she is really tired.  Juliet asks Nick not to be mad but he replies that it's okay.  Wait, she has to worry that Nick will be mad because she said no to sex?  Really? Nick and Juliet both turn off their lights.

Stetson is still lying on the bed when the lights suddenly turn on.  Stetson gets a vision of what the room looked like before he burned it.  He hallucinates Theo and  Pattie dancing and Patti looks right into his eyes.  Stetson starts to panic and then eventually screams.

Monroe and Rosalie are on their honeymoon and of course they have to Skype with Juliet and Nick.  Who Skypes with friends on their honeymoon?  Shouldn't these two be busy getting it on as often as they can? When Juliet says that she is glad they are not here, Rosalie and Monroe get suspicious that something is wrong.  For once, Juliet doesn't make it all about her and tells them to have a good time before ending the call.  Nick kisses Juliet and heads to the station.

Hank has discovered the restaurant where Lilly works. Before they leave, Wu tells them that they have forgotten what an excellent asset he is, explaining that he was able to salvage something from the victim's camera.  Wu pulls up the footage and stops the image at what he believes to be a Wesen.  Wu reports that it looks like a sketch he saw in the trailer the other night.  Wu stumbles over the name but agrees to print them a copy of the Wesen.  Nick and Hank discuss whether this is the Wesen who is responsible and Nick adds that since Lilly was married to Theo, she should know what kind of Wesen he is.  When Wu returns with the image, Nick invites him along on the case.

Juliet is in the trailer and she picks up a book on Hexenbiests.

Nick, Wu and Hank sit to talk with Lily and Lily says that she went over this awhile go.  Lily is not forthcoming, so Wu shows her the image he took from the footage.  When Nick says that her ex husband was Wesen, Lily stands and leaves, claiming not to know what Nick is talking about.  Nick follows her and asks for help, then reveals himself as a Grimm, causing Lily to woge.  Still at the table, Hank confirms for Wu that Patti is a Wesen, explaining that though he didn't see anything, Pattie acted scared and tried to get away.  Lily tells Nick that Theo was having an affair with Patti and that she told Stetson to get him to break it off but Stetson killed them both.  Nick questions why Lily didn't tell the cops five years ago and an incredulous Lily, asks if she was supposed to tell the cops that Theo was Scharfblicke like her and couldn't have committed the crime. Nick asks what kind of Wesen they are dealing with and Lily says that Stetson is a Matança Zumbido.  Wu is excited to learn that his supposition was right.  Lily adds that had she known what Stetson was before, she never would have told him about Theo and Patti.

Paul and Carol argue about whether or not to go back to the murder house.  Carol says that she never thought any of this was real but Paul is adamant that he is not running and is going to prove that this is real. Okay, I agree with Carol on this one.  Get the hell out of Dodge.

Juliet continues to read and take notes at the trailer.  Juliet pauses to call Henrietta, who says that she is looking forward to meeting Juliet.  Henrietta gives Juliet an address and says that she is to remember it.  Of course, the address quickly becomes jumbled on the page.  When Juliet asks what time she should be there, Henrietta responds that Juliet will know.  Juliet ends the call, just as Nick, Hank and Wu enter the trailer. Juliet explains that she is doing research so that she can help out.  Wu pulls out the picture of the Matança Zumbido, saying that is what they are looking for. Juliet grabs her things saying that she is not needed for this and makes her way out of the trailer.  Nick then finds the book on Hexenbiests on the table.  Hank suggests that it makes sense, given everything that Adalind has done to all of them.  Wu is quick to pipe up that he is the only one  untouched by Adalind, only to learn that he ate Adalind's cookie, which explains why he ate his carpet.

Lily returns to the Donovan house but she is being watched by Stetson. Stetson declares that it's just like it was before, taking a knife and hacking away at his beard.  Lily makes her way through the house with a gun drawn and runs into a frightened Carol.  Lily is quick to send Carol on her way.  The lights begin to flash and before Lily can react, she is grabbed by Stetson, who takes her gun and wraps his hand around her throat.  Stetson brings Lily upstairs, saying that Theo and Patti are alive.  Stetson hallucinates Theo and Patti on bed and says that he couldn't let them live after what they did. Pattie was his wife and Theo was his best friend.  What neither Lily and Stetson know, is that Paul is filming from the closet.

At the trailer, Wu finds a reference for a Matança Zumbido.  Nick tells Wu to read the entry and they learn that the Matança Zumbido rivals the wrath of Zeus himself.  Wu reads that the  Grimm survived by using a paste made from a poisoned dart frog.  Nick searches the trailer and finds the powder made from the frog, along with a needle taped to the bottle.  Wu explains that the powder is to be made into a paste using water and then paste is to rubbed onto a pierced ear.  Nick is not at all pleased with this information. Carol calls frantically to explain about what is going on at the Donovan house and so the cops take off.

Stetson hands Lily the last thing that Patti wore and when she resists putting it on, he shocks her.  The cops arrive at see the lights flashing.  Hank quickly pierces Nick's ear and rubs the paste on, which of course causes Carol to question what kind of cops they are.  Upstairs, Stetson has put on Theo's jacket and dances with Lily.  After instructing Wu to wait with Carol, Hank and Nick make their way into the house and upstairs.  Lily and Stetson dance, as Paul continues to film from the closet.

When Paul makes a noise, Stetson realises they are not alone and drags Paul out of the closet.  Stetson woges and accuses Paul of wanting his wife.  Hank and Nick burst in and Hank pulls Paul away, as Stetson does battle with Nick.  Stetson is fully woged and is shocked that his power is not working on Nick.  Nick points his gun at Stetson and tells him that he is under arrest but Pattie shoots Stetson in the back, causing a massive release of energy.

At the station, Wu questions what they are charging Lily with but Hank says that Lily shot Stetson in self defense. Nick adds that Lily did them a favour because they couldn't exactly put a Matança Zumbido behind bars.   Renard joins them and pulls up the footage that Paul posted from what happened at the house.  Hank questions if they have anything to worry about but Renard says that no one believes in ghosts.

Juliet makes her way to the address she was given and the door opens.  Juliet enters and Henrietta makes her way down the stairs, telling Juliet that they have a great deal to talk about.

Renard has returned home and pours himself a drink.  Renard feels a pain in his chest and remembers being shot.  When Renard touches his chest, his hand suddenly gets covered in blood.  Renard strips off his shirt (thanks Grimm) and notices blood on his chest. 

I like the way that Wu is being integrated into the storyline at long last.  He is learning secrets and exploring the myths for himself.  What irks me is that once again, it was revealed to Wu that something negative happened to him as a result of Wesen which both Nick and Hank knew about and decided not to tell him.  At what point is Wu going to do more than look shocked and snark? Why isn't he raging mad with these two?  It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.  Wu should be giving Hank, Nick and Renard a piece of his mind on a weekly basis because suddenly being aware of the true and knowing what is going on, doesn't make up for what happened to him.

Alright, why does Juliet have to worry about Nick being mad when she turns him down for sex? We have seen nothing in their relationship which would indicate that this would be a problem.  I think that Grimm needs to explain that.  Also, Juliet is far more interesting as a Hexenbiest, even if it means that they are going to move the story to revolve around her for awhile.  It is long past time for Juliet to have a more active role, instead of needing to be saved every five minutes.  It would also make her the only reoccurring female role which is active and not a villain.

Shirtless Renard! Shirtless Renard! Do I need to say more?  Yes, something is going on with him but who can focus on that when Renard took off his shirt?

Finally, why the hell are Monroe and Rosalie talking to Nick and Juliet on their honeymoon.  Can these two have anything in their lives not revolving around Nick and Juliet?