Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Thirteen: The Devil Is Damned

Finn is busy scrying to find Hope's location and when it doesn't work, he tosses aside his magical items.  Freya enters the room and Finn demands to know who she is.  When Freya starts to talk about what they did as children, Finn is shocked; the two hug then hug.

Elijah is on speaker phone talking to Klaus and Rebekah about the sudden appearance of Freya.  Rebekah does however say that though Freya could be anyone telling any lie, she believes that Freya  felt familiar.  Klaus questions how it's possible that Freya is alive.  This is a salient question because unlike the other Original siblings, Freya was not cursed with vampirism. Klaus questions if Dahlia is still alive as well, since she put a curse on the first borns of their family.  Elijah points out that what they should be concentrating on is insuring that no one learns of Hope's existence.  When Klaus threatens Jackson, Elijah says that Jackson will do nothing to jeopardize the wedding.  This is the first time that Rebekah learns that Hayley is getting married.

Deep in the bayou, Hayley questions why she keeps finding broomsticks and Jackson explains that in the past, it was hard to get a preacher out this far and if the intended couple couldn't wait to get their giddy on, the community would allow the couple to jump the broom. Yes, that's a disgusting bit of appropriation.  The discussion then turns to the crib that Jackson is building for Hope, with a moon crescent in the headboard.  Jackson then reveals that he has learned that packs outside of Louisiana want in on the wedding ceremony to have access to Hayley's power.  It turns out that if the wolves accept Jackson as their Alpha, they can participate in the ritual. Jackson suggests that this is a good thing because it means that after the wedding, Hayley will have a huge werewolf army to protect Hope.

After a call from Aidan, Klaus learns that Finn has Marcel.  Klaus tells Rebekah that he is enraged but doesn't get to go on long about his angst because Kol walks in.  Kol asks for help because Finn has cursed him but Klaus doesn't believe him.  Kol isn't exactly apologetic, telling Rebekah that she deserved what happened to her; however, he adds that he doesn't deserve to die at the hands of his own family.  It's Rebekah who assures Klaus that Kol is not lying.  Kol reveals that Finn is trying to get a secret out of Marcel and when Klaus and Rebekah exchange looks, Kol realises that Finn is right about Klaus having a secret.

Freya reveals that she is alive because of a spell Dahlia placed her which forces her to sleep for 100 years at a time and then wake for a year, before going back to sleep.  Apparently, it started as a way for them to stay young and beautiful but Freya realised that all of Dahlia's stories are lies.  Freya reveals that Dahlia is still alive which is a problem because she fled from her.  Finn asks about the curse Dahlia placed and Freya questions why Finn is concerned because their siblings are vampires.  Finn then reveals that Klaus had a daughter.  Freya immediately asks where the child is but Finn reveals that he does not know and that the child is impossible to find.  Freya points out that though Finn is powerful, she found him and then lists the ingredients she will need to find the child.  Freya says that some things have to die, so that others may live.

Marcel manages to wake and crawl his way to Gia, promising that they are going to get through all of this together.  Finn enters, saying that he has a job for Marcel and when Marcel refuses, Finn rips the heart out of one of Marcel's vampires.  Finn then demands that Marcel bring him some of Hayley's blood.

Cami and Elijah are still playing house and when Hope gets injured cutting her forehead,  Elijah gets lost and starts to hallucinate the red door again.

Kol questions what Klaus's secret is but Klaus points out that secrets are for those who have earned the right to keep them.  Kol says that as a weak witch there is nothing he can do, so Klaus asks Kol to call Davina; however, Kol doesn't want Davina to know that he is sick.  Klaus then questions if Kol remembers the spell Finn used on him, suggesting that if the spell can be remembered, then Finn can be trapped and killed.  Kol immediately backs up, not wanting Klaus inside his head but Klaus is faster and he learns about Finn's desire to drive a dagger into his heart. Klaus's response is to toss Kol across the room.

Elijah bandages up Hope, as Cami tells him that he clearly went somewhere when he saw the blood, adding that blood is clearly a trigger.  Cami is in full counselor mode saying that he does the work to face his atrocities and that he has done the work.  Cami suggests that Elijah needs to stay physically busy and hands him, I kid you not, a honey do list.

Jackson plays with the kids in the Bayou as Hayley watches.  Hayley informs Jackson that the meeting is taking place and sends him ahead, promising to be right there.  The moment Jackson leaves, Hayley confronts Marcel, who has been watching her.  Marcel explains that Finn sent him for Hayley's blood for a locator spell to find Hope.  Marcel says that he has to give him something because Finn is going to kill a vampire every hour until he gets it.  Hayley marches off saying that she has to call Klaus.

Klaus however is in a rage after learning that Kol asked for help, though he was plotting to put him to sleep with the dagger. Klaus declares that he is no better than Finn but Kol says that he is the odd one out and came to Klaus because he, Elijah and Rebekah are his family.  Kol tells Klaus that if he wants to figure out where Finn is, he can find him himself and then uses magic to cause both Rebekah and Klaus to fall to their knees before storming out.  Rebekah stands and tells Klaus that his temper will be the end of him one day, before storming out.

Kol is distraught and he sits crying, as he bleeds from his nose.  Kol then gets a call from Finn, who he assumes is calling to gloat.  Finn reveals that he is calling with a proposition.  Finn asks Kol to bring him some of Klaus's blood, promising to heal Kol.  Kol picks up the diamond and says that it would be his pleasure.  

Elijah makes his way outside with a tool box and gets to work on his honey do list.  Because Elijah is outside blaring country music of all things, he doesn't hear the call from Klaus, who is in a panic.  Rebekah tries to tell Klaus to remain calm but Kol bursts in saying that Klaus doesn't do calm, using his magic to knock out Rebekah and hurt Klaus.  Kol declares that he was building the dagger to protect himself against Klaus, adding that he is not the bad guy this time. Kol calls himself the wronged, dead and never mourned.  Klaus slams Kol against a wall, saying that they've all suffered and all been wronged. Kol encourages Klaus to kill him but Klaus drops him on the ground, saying that he is not going to kill him because despite everything, Kol is still his brother.  Kol points out that he is the one who gets daggered repeatedly but Klaus argues that he has daggered all of his siblings, and each time it was for their own good. Klaus tells Kol to stop whining about being singled out and unloved because Kol is a Mikaelson and furthermore, he is Klaus's blood. Klaus tells Kol that he needs him by his side but Kol asks what Klaus means when he talks about family, especially because he hasn't earned the right to share his secrets.  Klaus tells Kol that it's not too late for him to prove himself and offers Kol his hand to help him stand.  Kol then reveals that Finn wants Klaus's blood and his promise to heal him if he delivered.  Klaus asks if Finn knows where Finn is but Kol wants to know why Finn wants the blood, adding that he will do everything in his power to help, if Klaus will trust him just once.  Klaus is shocked that Kol would risk his life to help him but Kol says that he knows enough about magic to know that there is no reversing the hex placed on him.  Kol calls Finn a murderer and a liar, adding that if he is going to die, Finn is not going to get what he wants.  Klaus says that Finn has been dead to him for a long time and that tonight, he intends to make it official, promising to share his secret with Kol, after he helps him. Kol gives Klaus Finn's location and tells him to look inside his head for the spell.  

Mary starts the ceremony to bond the alphas who want to join the pack and Hayley approaches Jackson to say that they have a problem and that she needs some of Jackson's blood, promising to explain later.  Each of the Alpha's slit their hands and allow their blood to fall into the bowl and then Jackson does the same. 

Klaus, Kol and Rebekah arrive at the bell tower to find Finn gone and the remnant of an ancient spell. Klaus is immediately suspicious that Kol is backstabbing him but Rebekah points out an item on the ground.  Kol holds it and says a brief spell, revealing a runic tile with the symbol for baby.  Kol realises that Hope is still alive.  Rebekah says that Finn tricked them and had them running around looking for a way to stop him from finding the baby and Klaus adds that Finn knew all along.

Elijah gets a call from Klaus, informing him that Finn knows about Hope and is on his way.  Finn arrives and uses his magic to toss Elijah across the barn. Cami is at a farmers market and she calls to tell Elijah that she is on her way home but of course, Elijah doesn't answer.  Cami then removes Hope's band aid, to find the cut gone and says that she is not sure if the pediatric ward would approve of  Uncle Elijah, using vampire blood to heal boo boos.  

Rebekah tries to reassure Klaus that Elijah will protect Hope but Klaus points out that Finn is channeling their parents. Klaus suggests severing the link between Finn and their parents but Kol says that he cannot but there is something he can try, however,  it will require power.

Finn tells Elijah that he found him with the help of Freya.  Finn reveals that Esther warned him that Dahlia would kill them all to acquire a first born Mikaelson, adding that he is in no mood to die.  

Hayley learns that Finn is now going after Hope but Marcel stops Hayley, pointing out that Finn is already there and she is six hours away.  Marcel assures Hayley that Elijah is not going to let anything happen to Hope and suggests that Hayley go help Jackson build the army which will keep Hope safe tomorrow. Hayley  nods and walks out.

Gia wakes and finds herself in the back of the van with the other vampires in a wooded area. They pick up on the smell of blood and start walking.  Finn tells Elijah that what he is doing is for the members of his family who can still be saved, adding that neither Klaus or Elijah are on the list to be saved. Finn uses his magic to toss farming tools through Elijah's body and though Elijah struggles, he goes gray.  

Rebekah and Kol are in the graveyard and Kol reveals that his plan is to overload Finn with too much power, explaining that a witch can only hold so much power.  Kol says Finn will either have to release the power or disintegrate, which means that Finn will jump bodies and be away from Hope. Rebekah smiles and tells Kol that this is the side of him that she likes.  Kol promises to return Rebekah to her body but she says that for now, they should worry about how she can help when she knows nothing about magic.  Kol tells Rebekah that she doesn't need to know anything about magic and that he will just channel her.  Klaus marches in with a duffel bag containing all the items Kol asked for.  In the bag are mystical artifacts, half of which Klaus has appropriated from Kol over the years.  Klaus then hands over the White oak stake and Kol is shocked that Klaus would trust him with it but Klaus is determined to give Kol everything he needs.

Mary is finishing up the ceremony, when the vampires show up and start to attack.  Jackson tells the vampires that they don't have to do this but Gia says that she does and takes a bite out of a werewolf.  The rest of the vampires join the attack and Marcel and Hayley move to protect Jackson.  Hayley instructs Marcel to get the Alphas to the cabin, while she holds back the vampires. Marcel, Jackson, Mary and the Alphas make it the cabin and Marcel suggests they weather the storm until they figure out what to do.

Elijah comes back to consciousness, as Finn makes his way inside the house looking for Hope.  Finn calls out for Cami, as Elijah pulls the implement out of his chest. Kol and Rebekah work on the spell, as Klaus watches.  Kol adds that he needs something to put it over the stop, so Klaus offers himself to Kol to be channeled., begging Kol not to fail him. Kol puts a dagger into Klaus, joins hands with Rebekah and continues the spell, with Klaus acting as their channel.

Finn coninutes to walk through the house looking for Cami and the baby and  Elijah makes his way inside, throwing a dagger into Finn's stomach.  Kol's spell is beginning to work and Finn starts to bleed from his nose.  Finn however is feeling stronger with the increase in magic and starts tossing Elijah across the room.  Elijah is wounded and when he sees the blood, he gets a vision of the red door.  Kol and Rebekah continue their spell and the magic is clearly getting to Finn, who collapses on the ground.

In the bayou, all of the vampires have collapsed to the ground and Marcel realises the spell has been broken.  Kol and Rebekah hug and he is clearly getting more ill by the second.  Rebekah promises Kol that she is not going to let him die.

Jackson hugs Hayley and Hayley says that she knows that Hope will be okay, adding that these attacks are only going to get worse, so they need to get married as soon as possible.

Klaus awakes and Kol informs him that the plan worked and Finn is back to being a regular strength witch.  Klaus says that family is power and thanks both of his siblings.  Rebekah then brings up Elijah but Klaus says he is confidant that Elijah will prevail.

Finn is struggling to move, as Elijah is lost in the blood on his hands and Cami drives little Hope home humming to herself.  Finn taunts Elijah about being a mess, saying that untidiness is Elijah's undoing. Finn taunts Elijah about his bad memories of the poor souls, who met their fate at Elijah's hands.  Finn then calls Hope one of Elijah's victims, saying that Hope will die because he was left in Elijah's care.  Suddenly, Cami's car stops cold, several feet from the house.  Elijah tells Finn that his mind is clear, unlike the gas which has been filling the house, while Finn has been ranting.  Elijah then pulls off his ring and bursts into flames, causing the house to explode.  Watching from a distance, Cami is horrified and just as suddenly as the car stopped, it starts. Cami turns and looks at Hope.

So now we know that little Hope was born with powers and clearly a level of understanding that belies her young age.  It will be interesting to see just how much power they invest in this child. The Originals already as the problem have exceedingly strong protagonists which makes it hard to create suitable antagonists to provide a threat.  They do however have a little bit of space with Hope as she is still an infant which I suspect won't last long as it is easier to write interesting stories for older people. 

We learned a little bit more about Freya this episode and it seems she just might turn out to be an antagonist.  Clearly she is on the outs with Dahlia but at the same time, is not inclined to let Hope live because Dahlia wants her.  We also learned how it is that Freya is still alive.  I want to know more about this character and her motives and certainly welcome a strong female character to this series.

What would an episode of The Originals be without family drama and angst?  This time the angst and drama were between Kol and Klaus.  The truth of the matter is that neither of them are particularly sympathetic characters both having far too much blood on their hands and a truly sadistic nature. I know the scene in which they affirm their brotherly love was meant as redemption for Kol but the idea of Klaus having the ability to judge anyone, given the nature of his own history is laughable at best.

Okay, did anyone find it disturbing that Elijah took off his ring to set himself on fire?  This is something the writers need to deal with.  In one Origin story it is Esther who creates the rings so that the family can go outside during the day and later on the Vampire diaries we are told that the Originals because they are the first vampires are the only ones who can be outside without a ring.  Which is it?  Though Elijah's immolation was truly dramatic at the same time, it anti-climactic because we know that only the white oak stake can kill an Original.  

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't touch on the appropriation of jumping the broom.  Jumping the broom is a Romani and African-American ceremony of which the werewolves clearly are not.  Instead of having an official at slave weddings, the couple would simply jump over a broom together to signify their marriage.  It is still a practice that can be seen at many African-American weddings today.  It was not done because the couple couldn't wait to have sex but because African-American weddings weren't legal and the couple could be sold away from each other at anytime. This was a way for slaves to make a public declaration of their commitment to each other because they were not allowed to marry due to the fact that they could not be party to a civil contract.  It is extremely significant in African-American culture and history and is disgusting that it would warped and twisted into a cheap little joke for The Originals.  Isn't it bad enough that they had Marcel playing uppity Negro before turning him into a servant and now they want to steal out culture and traditions. Just no Originals. No.