Monday, May 4, 2015

Orphan Black, Season Three, Episode Three: Formalized, Complex, and Costly

Felix and Sarah ponder what to do with Seth's corpse.  Felix naturally suggests going to S but Sarah is firm that she is not going to ask S for anything.  Before they can come up with a plan of action, who should knock at the door but Art, claiming to have information to share with Sarah.  Once forced to let him in, Art quickly realises that something is wrong when he sees the puddle of blood, Felix tried to hide under the carpet, and of course Felix standing suspiciously by the bathroom absolutely telegraphing guilt.  Art walks into the bathroom and finds Seth's body, so both Felix and Sarah deny that they had anything to do with his death. 

Art is naturally concerned with this position finding Seth's body puts him in, saying that this isn't a simple bag of weed.  Felix, being Felix suggests that if Art looks away, Seth's body will go up in smoke.  As a distraction, Sarah introduces Art to Cosima via skype.  Cosima explains that she knew Beth and welcomes Art to clone club.  Sarah takes the laptop into the bathroom to show Scott and Cosima Seth's body. Scott suggests that the Castor's have a neurological design flaw and need the original genome to find a cure.  At this point, Scott and Cosimo decide the best move forward to examine Seth's brain.

This is when Art pipes up to say he cannot be involved in this.  Sarah is fine with this since Art just got his job back.  Art however reveals that he has a lead on Mark.

Having burnt the tattoo off his arm, Mark awakes to find Gracie missing. Mark rushes to get dressed and look for Gracie but when he opens the door, she is standing there with food.  Mark warns Gracie not to go anywhere without him because her family is looking for them. Gracie is concerned that Mark hasn't come to bed with her because he believes it to be a sin.  Gracie kisses Mark and the two start to get it on.

Allison is in full warrior mode and Donny is along for the ride.  Allison cuts off Vera, who is power walking to talk about Marcie Coates.  Vera tries to excuse herself and Donny questions why Vera doesn't have five minutes to talk about her children.  This forces Vera to get blunt about her concerns that someone with Allison's history would be handling her children.  Allison plays her hole card and informs Vera that they have something for her from Ramon.  Allison has placed Vera's drugs in a container of soap. When Allison hands over the drugs, Vera verifies the price and learns  Allison has even upped the price. I suppose new packaging requires more money.  Allison then asks for Vera's support and this time, Vera is willing to listen.  

Sexy times now over, Mark talks to Gracie about the military academy saying that he was a virgin.  Mark then confesses that he is not who she thinks he is and that he never left the army.  Mark explains to Gracie that her father stole valuable scientific material and he was assigned to recover it.  Gracie is not pleased to learn about Mark's deception but Mark explains that they are free of her family but are not free of his people, adding that he needs to find something.  Gracie questions if Mark is looking for something her father sold and if he believes Willard has it. Gracie storms off when Mark questions if Gracie was really ignorant to the fact that her father had secrets.

Sarah and Art are on a stake out.  Looking at a picture of Mark and Gracie, Sarah is duly unimpressed, so Art explains that everyone scattered after Helena torched the ranch.  Sarah reveals that her plan is to find what the Castors are looking for and trade them for Helena. They find Alexis - the midwife and confront her.  Alexis says that she doesn't know where Helena is and was cast out because of her.  Art shows a picture of Mark, and  Alexis reveals that Mark left with Gracie.  Art heads back to the car and Sarah asks what was done to Helena.  Alexis says that Helena has a special purpose and that Helena is now pregnant  with Johanssen's child and that Gracie is pregnant as well, with the aid of Helena's eggs.  Art is forced to pull Sarah away when things get tense.

Gracie is in the bathroom brushing her hair and Mark calls to her.  Gracie leaves the bathroom asking Mark if he knows what the child inside her is.  When Mark says yes, Gracie replies that she cannot do this alone.  Gracie warns that Finch is a dangerous man and that if he was hiding something, he won't hand it over.  Gracie adds that they don't need any more violence.

Finch is working when Gracie shows up asking if he remembers her.  Finch takes her into his barn, saying that it was a shame what happened to Johanssen.  Gracie explains that she is there to collect what Finch had in trust for her father. Finch demands a thousand dollar fee.  Grace doesn't even blink before threatening Finch, who thinks the better of it and hands over a case.

Art and Sarah are driving and he questions why Mark would take Gracie because she amounts to baggage when one is on the run.  Sarah questions why Art is doing this and he says it's because he is riding with his partner and that Sarah is Beth's sister.  Art explains that Beth tried to tell him what was going on but he turned his back on her believing that she was on drugs. 

Helena is back in her cell on the compound.  Rudy arrives back, only to be slapped by Virginia for killing Seth.  Virginia is pissed off that Rudy didn't leave when he was ordered to by Paul, explaining that at least Seth would have been at home.  Virginia is really playing that mother role to the hilt. Paul says that Rudy screwed up but Seth had to be put down.  Rudy is ordered to Virginia's office.  Paul and Virginia talk about the defect, saying that Seth went from asymptomatic to stage five in a day.  Paul questions how Helena is doing and Virginia says that Helena does not have the defect, adding that the fastest answer is the original genetic material. Paul wants Helena confined to the base. 

Virginia reveals that they have lost contact with Mark and that they need Rudy back in the field. Paul offers to go after Mark but Virginia informs him that the director wants him in Arlington, pointing out that the glitch in their weapon system means that they are one budget review from oblivion.  Paul is adamant that they owe the men he served with.  Virginia tells Paul to buy more time because she can cure the Castor boys. 

Cosima's got a saw and she is cutting into Seth, as a horrified Scott watches.  It seems that they are being guided by Youtube of all things.  Cosima has a philosophical moment, questioning what Seth saw when he died, causing Scott to ask her to stop, saying this is weird enough.  Ya think? Cosima removes Seth's brain and has to comfort a disgusted Scott. 

Neelan is running tests on Rachel, who is informed that she is getting better.  Rachel asks to go outside and is informed that the Rachel Duncan Topside has died in a plane crash.  Rachel asks if Delphine is responsible and Neelan nods his head yes, adding that Rachel is more valuable than she realises.  Rachel is shown the Castor tattoo and identifies it as horses. What is Neelan up to and why is Rachel still alive?

Rudy is watching a torture video, when Virginia enters and orders the room cleared. Rudy takes a sigh of relief, revealing that he thought Virginia was mad at him and she makes it clear that she is, then demands the logs.  Virginia goes through it and finds a hair sample from Patty - the woman Seth and Rudy raped. Virginia reveals that Mark has gone dark, causing Rudy to call him a "pussy".  Virginia orders Rudy to bring back Mark if he's off task, adding that she will deal with Paul. Rudy, calling Virginia mom, explains that the defect took Seth quickly and that he had to try and get the samples from Sarah if she still had them.  Virginia comforts Rudy, calling him her boy, as he sucks his thumbs on his knees in front of her.

Allison is approached by a few moms for soap and she hands over a free sample, mentioning of course that she is running for  school trustee.  In the garage, Allison and Donny discuss how soap is a great cover for their activities, with Donny pointing out that they are going to break even in months. Marci knocks on the garage door and lets herself in.  Marci calls Allison enterprising and questions what her secret is.  Marci holds up a picture of a house, saying that she can get them an amazing deal but Allison is not interested because it is in a different school district.  Marci tells Allison that she can buy a few votes with her soap but she will not win.  Allison gets her back up and tells Marci to go and sell a house.  Marci questions if people are going to trust their children to an alcoholic and Allison points out that they trust their children to a conniving realtor. 

Art and Sarah arrive at Finch's and Art instructs Sarah to drop the accent.  Art shows Finch a picture of Mark and of course Finch says that he doesn't know him.  When Sarah brings up the connection to Johansson and his connection to a militia, Finch again plays dumb.   After threatening to call the Feds, Finch reveals that Gracie was just here.  

Bag in hand, Alexis returns to the compound where she is informed that she is no longer welcome.  Alexis explains that she knows where Gracie is.  

At the motel, Mark breaks open the container Gracie brought back from Finch's to find notebooks and loose papers. He declares it all junk and asks if Gracie saw a tank or a cooler.  Mark grabs his gun, saying that he is going to have to go back himself.  When Gracie calls it too risky, Mark hands her some money promising to be home soon.  

Art and Sarah are at a diner going over the possible motels where Mark and Gracie might be staying.  Sarah asks Art if he is risking his job being here, pointing out that she showed him a dead clone this morning.  Sarah tells Art that she knows when he is holding back and asks what he isn't revealing about Beth calling him that night. Sarah guesses that Art was in love with Beth and Art admits his feelings, adding that Sarah is just as fierce as Beth was and needs his help.  Sarah however argues that they need him as a cop.   Art grabs his things, admonishing Sarah to be careful and call him if he is needed. 

Rudy peeps at a Helena, who snarks that he is the ugliest Castor yet.  Rudy brings up Sarah selling out Helena, suggesting that it was quite a blow.  Helena asks Rudy to come in her cell so she can tell him about it.  Paul calls the interaction to a halt and informs Rudy that he has an assignment and will be briefed so he doesn't stray. When Rudy leaves, Helena takes the opportunity to taunt Paul, who apologises for the way things have turned out. Helena promises to kill them all one day, which Paul takes as his cue to leave.

Sarah gathers her things to leave when she runs into Gracie, who is praying that Mark will be kept safe. Sarah sits down and says that she is looking for Helena, adding that Mark and his brothers know where Helena is.  Gracie suggests looking at the ranch, adding that her husband does not have any brothers. Sarah tells Gracie that she knows Gracie is carrying Helena's baby, but Gracie is quick to say that this doesn't make them family.  Sarah tells Gracie that Mark was sent by the army and then shows Gracie a photo of Seth and Rudy, saying that Mark probably has more brothers.  Gracie moves to run, and Sarah stops her saying that Helena is the mother of Gracie's child and is in trouble, adding that she needs to know where Mark is.

Mark has Finch tied up. Mark asks for the rest of Henrich's things and when Finch replies that he doesn't know, Mark takes a hammer to Finch's hand.  

Gracie is packing up her things and she hides the box she got from Finch. Bonnie arrives and tells Gracie that her family still cares for her. Gracie says that she made a mistake with Mark.  Bonnie hugs Gracie, saying that Mark took advantage of her and her stupidity.  Gracie admits that she has doubts and Bonnie talks about her struggle with Gracie's pregnancy.  Bonnie is adamant that they all have a purpose. 

Scott and Cosima are examining Seth's brain and cross referencing against Leda DNA.  

Sarah is at Finch's place now and she gets a call from Cosima, who reveals that the Castor Clones are their brothers.  When Sarah hears a sound she cuts the call short.  Sarah then comes across what remains of Finch.  Mark comes out of the shadows and explains that Finch died of a heart attack. When Mark asks how Sarah found this place, she admits to talking to Gracie.  Mark stalks toward Sarah demanding to know what she told Gracie and Sarah reveals that Gracie now knows that Mark is like them.  Sarah says that she did what she had to do to get Helena back. When Mark responds that he doesn't care about Helena, Sarah drops the bomb that the Castors and Ledas are siblings.  Mark accuses Sarah of lying and places a gun to her head.  Mark is adamant that Sarah is not his family.  Mark takes off running and heads towards his truck.  Before he can get inside however, he is shot in the leg.  Mark crawls into a corn field and he is stalked by Bonnie.  Mark begs as he crawls away and Bonnie is adamant that Mark will answer to them for what he has done. Mark professes his love for Bonnie but it does not buy him a reprieve.  

I feel that Orphan Black slowed down a little bit this episode and didn't feel as overwhelming as previous episodes this season.  I will however say that drug dealer Allison is getting on my last nerve.  Allison is absolutely removed from her sisters and this lack of connection has lead to a disconnect.  As much as I enjoy the barbs between Marci (who is going to lose) and Allison, I want to see all of the clones working together again.

The big bomb this episode was the revelation that the Castors and the Ledas are siblings.  I didn't actually find it surprising.  It makes sense that if one donor was a good match that her sibling would be as well.  I do however wonder if this means that the Castors and the Ledas are going to band together.  This could lead to some very interesting storylines.  Yep, when clones attack...LOL (oh just go with it)

Art being in love with Beth was more of a surprise to me.  He seemed so disdainful when it came to Beth because of her drug addiction.  I do think it was a necessary admission however because it explains why Art is continuing to help Sarah, though it's clearly not in his best interest.  Gotta love Art informing them that a dead body is not the equivalent of a bag of weed.

Cosima Frankenstein.  How awesome was that?  I loved that she was totally into taking Seth apart while Felix and Scott got squeamish.  Do we need any more evidence about how hard core Cosima is? 

Looks like we are not done with the Prolethians.  What the hell is their role in all of this? Why was it necessary to get both Helena and Gracie pregnant?  Yeah Orphan Black, you got some splaining to do.

Finally, what are Neelan and Delphine up to? Why is Rachel still alive if they have killed off her real world identity. I sense no good can come of this.