Sunday, May 3, 2015

Grimm, Season Four, Episode Twenty: You Don't Know Jack

"Catch me when you can..."

The cops and Monroe end up at the trailer. Nick flashes back to when he first entered the trailer.  Monroe and Hank call the results of Juliet's rage vengeance.   Nick flashes back to telling Wu that the books and weapons have been in his family for generations.  The cops try to salvage what they can from the wreckage.  Nick flashes back to Mommy Grimm advising him not to leave the people he loves and apologizing for leaving.  Monroe suggests taking what's left to the spice shop.

Juliet uses Nick's distraction to enter the home they once shared to send an email to Kelly, saying that Nick is in trouble.  When Kelly responds that she will be right there, Juliet deletes the message.

As they are leaving the trailer, Hank comments that Juliet has gone too far.  Wu questions if Nick is going after Juliet and he simply replies, "what do you think?"

Two Wesen prostitutes are working the street corner.  Mary Ann and Heidi separate when a car pulls up and Heidi decides to deal with this customer.  Mary Ann is approached by a john with an English accent looking for a Wesen whore.  Marry Ann walks off with the john into an open field.  When she tries to leave, he grabs a knife and slits her throat.

At the spice shop, Adalind and Rosalie are working on a potion.  Adalind explains that she is trying to protect herself and he baby from Juliet, adding that she didn't plan any of this.  Adalind tries to explain her actions, adding that she sided with the resistance and returned to Portland with Kelley. Rosalie finally admits that she doesn't feel good about her role in stealing Adalind's baby from her, adding however, that it was necessary to protect Diana.  All that is left for the potion is the remains of Adalind's mother.  The men return and tell Adalind and Rosalie about Juliet burning the trailer.  Adalind is worried what this means for her and Nick suggests that they need to get Adalind some place safe.   They talk about their options and Monroe makes it clear that Adalind will not be staying with him and Rosalie. Wu reluctantly volunteers.

Nick and Hank deliver Adalind to Bud's house. Bud questions if Adalind's husband or partner is in trouble as well because he has enough room to house someone else and his fridge is stocked.  Bud starts to ramble, asking if the father likes pie, causing Adalind to turn to Nick and ask him if he likes pie. Bud realises that Nick is the father of Adalind's child and Nick explains that Juliet is gone. Nick asks Bud to make sure that Adalind is safe and to contact him if Juliet reaches out to him for any reason.

Juliet reports back to Vincent, that Kelly is on her way to Portland.  Juliet starts to leave and Vincent asks her to stay because things are happening very quickly.  Juliet realises that this means Adalind won't be coming back, causing Vincent to snark about Nick being a Grimm daddy.

Nick returns home and checks the house with his gun drawn.  He finds the mouse in a strange location.

Renard is doing the dead man float in a pool when he regains consciousness. 

The cops have found the body of  Mary Ann  (the dead prostitute) in the middle of the field. Wu reports that Mary Ann was found by her roommate Heidi. Hank and Nick question Heidi and she reveals thats she saw Mary Ann just after midnight.  Being so upset, Heidi woges causing Nick to reveal that he knows Marianne is Klaustreich and that he is a Grimm.  Heidi of course denies knowing what Nick is talking about . Nick asks if Mary Ann was a Wesen as well and Heidi reveals that Marianne was a Fuchsbau.  They end the conversation and decide to take a look at the body. Hank wonders since both women were Wesen, if the murderer was a Wesen was as well.

Monroe, Rosalie, Renard and Adalind stand by Catherine's grave site, watching as her body is exhumed. Adalind asks for a moment so that she can talk to her mother.  Adalind approaches the casket and says her goodbyes, informing her mother's corpse about Diana and the fact that Diana was stolen.  Adalind then talks about her current pregnancy.  Adalind tells Catherine that she loved her and needs her now in order to stop Juliet.  Adalind's plan is to get Diana back and then raise both of her children the right way.  

At the station, Hank looks over Mary Anne's sheet.  Wu shows up with the medical examiners report and informs Nick and Hank that Mary Anne's uterus was removed with a very sharp blade.  Apparently, the wounds indicate that the killer is left handed.  Hank brings up Jack the ripper and Nick does a quick search.  Nick, Hank and Wu report to Renard their findings and the connection to Jack The Ripper.  Wu wonders if Jack's murders in the 1800's were Wesen related and Hank comments that Jack could have been a Grimm, except he left their heads (read: the victims) on. 

Catherine is laid out on the table and Adalind holds a scalpel in her hand.  Adalind says that she cannot do it and when she asks Monroe, he says that he's a vegan.  This leaves Rosalie the work of cutting up Catherine. Adalind and Monroe cannot watch, as Rosalie sets about removing Catherine's tongue, liver, gall bladder and four ribs.  When Nick and Hank arrive, Monroe takes the opportunity to help the cops, rather than continue on with Catherine. 

Heidi is back on the street corner and she is approached by the same man who killed Mary Ann.  The man asks for something special and wild, so Heidi woges, adding that wild costs extra. The man introduces himself as Jack and when he calls Heidi by name, it makes her suspicious.  Jack grabs Heidi and kills her for talking to the cops. 

Monroe finds a reference from 1798 where a Grimm is writing about a Blutbad feeding on refugees. Apparently, the Grimm came across the bodies of a few young Blutbad which made him wonder if another Grimm was at work.  The Grimm found a soldier killing prostitutes and removing organs.  When the soldier was cornered he didn't Woge but something was off with his eyes.  The Grimm killed him with his sword.  

Upstairs, Rosalie and Adalind have finished grinding up Catherine's bones.  The men come upstairs to report what they found in the books.  Adalind becomes faint from the smell and Nick catches her and lays her down.  Nick brings her a glass of water, as a skull appears in the potion. Nick gets a call from Wu, who reports that Heidi's dead body has been found.  Nick leaves to go to the crime scene and Rosalie and Monroe consider calling Truble because of everything which is going on. 

At the crime scene, Nick explains that Heidi was killed in the same way as her roommate.  Nick tells Renard that they are dealing with something very old.  Renard orders the cops to find the perpetrator and Wu asks how they book a killer who is over 300 years old.  

Monroe finishes straining the potion and it looks like water.  Nick and Hank return and the group discuss the difficulty of getting Juliet to take the potion - especially if she knows that Adalind had something to do with it.  Adalind decides that the potion needs to be tested, saying that if it works on me, it will work on her.  Adalind starts drinking and a concerned Nick questions how she feels.  Adalind says that she needs to lie down.  Adalind then asks the group to hold her down. Adalind woges and tells them not to let go as she essentially has a seizure on the bed.  When it's over, Adalind cannot woge, nor can she use telekinesis. 

Juliet in the meantime is giving Victor the specs on Nick's house and information on all of Nick's neighbours. 

Later, Adalind tells Nick that she has done a lot of bad things but didn't know Juliet would become a Hexenbiest. Adalind asks what is going to happen to their baby when the potion works for Juliet and Nick promises Adalind that this time, no one will take her baby away. 

Upstairs, Bud questions what happens now and Nick promises to find someplace for Adalind soon.  Nick goes to leave and Hank volunteers to spend the night just in case. 

At home, Nick calls Juliet and Vincent tells Juliet not answer, before going back to arming himself.  Nick leaves a message, saying that they need to talk because he has found something which can help.

The next day, Renard and the Mayor give a press conference on the deaths of Mary Ann and Heidi.  The reporters have already picked up on the Jack the Ripper connection and Renard steps forward to say that the cops are doing everything they can.  Renard makes his way inside the station and when he checks his chest, it's covered in blood again.  Renard calls Henryetta to say that he needs to see her right away.

A panicked Renard arrives at Henryetta's and says that something is happening to him.  Renard shows her his bleeding wounds, saying that it's happened over and over.  Renard is adamant that something is wrong with him. Renard tells Henryetta that he keeps reliving the moment he was shot, along with reoccurring dreams that something is reaching for him. Renard lists the weird placed he has woken up and the fact that they are all around water.  Henryetta says that it's going to take time to help him and a distraught Renard leaves the house.

Nick is back at the station and tells Hank that he has tried to contact Juliet dozens of times. Coincidentally, Juliet calls, so Nick reveals that they have found a suppressant which has been tested.  Nick asks Juliet to come to the spice shop now.  Juliet agrees to the meeting.  

Henryetta goes through a book and woges when she hears a sound.  Jack The Ripper slits her throat and then babbles to himself in riddles.

Juliet arrives at the spice shop and Rosalie holds the suppressant.  Juliette asks how they figured out the special medicine and Hank lies and says the books. Nick assures Juliet that it will work but Juliet is not interested in being weak again.  Nick offers the suppressant and Juliet causes the house to shake, before floating the potion in the air.  When Rosalie moves forward to try and stop her, Juliet casts her aside.  Monroe woges and moves to attack but finds himself similarly thrown.  Hank grabs his gun and Juliet uses her telekinesis to remove the gun.  Juliet asks the group when they are going to realise that she likes who she is.  Nick draws his weapon saying they don't like her this way.  Juliet uses her powers to force Nick to point the weapon at Monroe. Nick says that he has no control, as Rosalie begs him to drop the gun.  A gun shot goes off and the screen goes black. 

Okay Grimm, I get what you are doing here.  Adalind is pregnant with Nick's child and after taking the potion she is weak. That's just the way Nick likes his women.  With Juliet going rogue and Adalind being weak and in need of protection, I think that the writers are trying to bring them together.  Already Nick has been tender, helping Adalind lie down and bringing her a glass of water.  Then you have Adalind trying to desperately explain away all the bad that she has done.  Rosalie doesn't completely buy it but she is sorry about Diana.  Yep, you heard it here first, Adalind and Juliet are going to switch places. This of course will require everyone to forget just how bad Adalind has been and the fact that she raped Nick.  If they turn Adalind into Nick's love interest and the writing is on the wall, I for one will spit my damn dummy out.

The one thing I really liked is how Grimm sent the message about how much the trailer meant to Nick.  It's not just a tool he uses to hunt Wesen, it contained irreplaceable family history.  That was a low blow by Juliet.  In that moment I really felt for him because it really brought home the message that Nick is the unacknowledged victim in this situation.   As for Juliet and her false victimhood, I am about done with her.  I particularly didn't like her calling Adalind a slut this weak.  I would have been fine had she called Adalind a rapist but of course that would have meant focusing on someone other than herself and acknowledging Nick's victimhood.

What the hell is going on with Renard?  So far, all the writer's have done is establish that there's a problem but not give us any clues as to what is going on.  This one is truly stumping me and until Renard gets smart and gets Rosalie and Monroe involved I think that the writers are just going to tease the hell out of it. 

Speaking of Monroe, did Nick actually shoot him?  Either way, we know that Grimm is not about to kill off Monroe so I won't exactly be sitting by the edge of my seat the way the writers clearly wanted me to until next week. What I am excited about is the possible return of Truble and Kelly in on episode.  Now that, that's something to sit on the edge of one's seat over.