Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Messengers, Season One, Episode Three: Path to Paradise

The angels are still gathered in the bar and Joshua goes over his visions. Rose does her magical negro thing and explains that the visions are meant to lead them towards the Horseman of War.  Raul however has other things to do and though the world is in danger, his family comes first.

In a flashback, Raul and his brother go to visit his wife at a strip club of all things.  When Cesar excuses himself Raul, confronts Gabriel about not returning his calls. Gabriel declares that the affair is over and that she has to start thinking about Nadia now.  Not one to give up, Raul proclaims his love, only to have Gabriel bring up Cesar, adding that Raul cannot have them both.   Raul leaves the club with Cesar.

Cesar has arranged a drug deal and Raul stands watch.  The cops burst in and arrest Raul and his brother, as the two men protest.

In the present, Raul leaves the bar and promises Nadia that he is going to find her father. When Erin exits the bar, Raul asks her to watch Nadia for a few hours.  Nadia is insistent that she is going with her uncle and Erin points out that they don't have a place to stay and Amy needs to get to bed. Raul says that knowing Nadia is safe is important and again asks Nadia to go with Erin.  Nadia reveals that she has a place for them to hang out.

Inside the bar, Vera moves to leave and Joshua questions why she bothered to come.  Vera brings up her kidnapped son and the crater.  Joshua questions how old Michael was when he was taken and Vera explains that the boy in the video would be about the age of her son. Joshua questions how she knows the child in question is Michael and Vera is adamant that she knows because Michael is her son.  Joshua tries to persuade Vera to stay, reminding her that Rose said they were not to stray from the path.  Vera however will not be stopped and makes her way out to her truck, completely unaware that she is being watched.  Vera drives off and is followed by a man in a white van.

Nadia takes Erin and Amy to a house her father had acquired to flip.  Inside, Amy goes to sleep and Nadia lights some candles.  Nadia is quick to question if Erin is Raul's girlfriend and Erin says no and that her relationship with Raul is complicated.

Vera has a flashback to eight years ago of getting ready to go out on a date.  When she checks the pregnancy test, it's positive.  In the present, a crying Vera is brought back to reality by Alan knocking on her door.  He tracked Vera using her credit card.  Alan wants to know what Vera is doing in Houston and she is quick to say it doesn't matter.  Alan holds the piece of meteorite and says that they are going to Leo's lab because Leo is an expert.

The man meets up with El Jefe, who reports that he sent two men to kill Raul and Raul is still alive. The man suggests that El Jefe bring Cesar to their location tonight, promising that Raul will come there to find him. The man promises El Jefe that he can then enjoy watching them both die.

Joshua, Rose and Peter sit at the bar, where Rose confirms the list of languages she understands.  Joshua asks why Rose gets the cool gift and he gets visions.   Rose tells Joshua to trust in God.  Peter pulls up the statue on his phone that Joshua saw in his vision - the guidance of liberty statue in the Texas state capitol. They decide they need to figure out if the horseman is in Austin and what he has to do to break his seal.

Raul is waiting for Clarke when he returns home.  We get a flashback to Raul making a deal with the DEA to bring down El Jefe.  Raul is resistant and Clarke informs Raul that Cesar's arrest was his third strike.  Clarke promises that if Raul works with the DEA, everyone will leave with a clean record.  In the present, Raul demands to know where Cesar is.  Clarke denies Raul's assertions but Raul hears Clarke think about how he betrayed him for 300K.  Raul being the smart guy he is, tells Clarke that he read his mind.  When the grandfather clock chimes, Raul is distracted, so Clarke seizes the opportunity and takes away Raul's gun.

Erin has a book entitled, Middle Eastern Leaders.  Erin asks Nadia to watch Amy for a few hours so she can check out more books from the library.  When Nadia puts the newspaper into the fireplace, Erin is quick to snatch it and put out the fire before calling Joshua to say she might know who the man in his visions is.

Vera and Alan head to their meeting. After some small talk, Alan realises that Vera and Leo used to date.  We get a flashback to Vera and Leo sitting together in a romantic restaurant. Leo notices that Vera hasn't touched her wine and questions if she is ill.  They both speak at the same time, so Vera asks Leo to go first.  Leo tells Vera that he loved his time with her but he has met someone else and it wouldn't be fair to lead her on.  Vera tosses her glass of wine on Leo and tells him to go.  Leo leaves the restaurant and Vera cries.

In the present, Leo is surprised to see Vera. Leo says that it's time to take a look at Vera's rock and this is when she notices that Leo is now in a wheel chair.

Though the gun is still pointed at him, Raul asks Clarke how long he has been working for El Jefe. Clarke tells Raul that it's none of his business but of course, Raul hears Clarke think that selling Raul out was his ticket in. Raul leaps up and gets the gun away from Clarke.  Raul again asks where Cesar is and when he hears Clarke's fear that he will be killed for something he doesn't know anything about, Raul tells him to calm down. Raul demands that Clarke help him clear his name, adding that if Clarke crosses him again with El Jefe, he will know, before knocking Clarke unconscious.

 Raul then gets a call from Erin, informing him that they have found the first horseman and need him to come and listen to the man's thoughts. Raul however says that he is in the middle of something and hangs up the phone. Erin reports to Rose that Raul isn't coming and she suggest they say a prayer. 

Raul hops into a car, only to find the man waiting in the back seat  waiting for him. Raul pulls his gun and the man waves his badge, asking if Raul really wants to kill another federal agent.  The man says that he knows where El Jefe has Cesar and that the feds know all about Clarke.  Raul asks where Cesar is and the man asks about the new group Raul is working with.  Raul says that it has nothing to do with El Jefe but the man is insistent. 

Rose and Erin sneak into the women's section of the mosque and note the Prime Minister from Joshua's vision.  They lay their prayer mats on the ground and Rose eavesdrops, hearing that many will curse the Prime Minister's actions. Later, Rose and Erin follow the man as he leaves the mosque and Rose sees the man shake hands with the potential horseman. 

Leo asks Vera and Allan why the government would cover up a meteor site.  Allan leaves Vera and Leo alone, as he sets up a machine they will need. Leo reveals that he has Huntington's Disease and that he left Vera because of it.  After watching his grandmother suffer taking care of his grandfather, he wanted to spare Vera.  Leo reveals since it's hereditary, he couldn't stay with Vera who wanted to have children. Leo questions if Vera is happy and has a family of her own now, and Vera replies that everything has been great.

Alan starts to test the rock, and a plant beside the rock begins to grow.

At the bar, the angels are trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together.  Peter pops up to say Ben Folsom's funeral is later on today.

At the lab, Allan rushes to share the results of the testing. Apparently, the rock has traces of every  known element, plus one mystery element. Leo decides that he wants to see the rock.  When they return to the lab, the rock is missing.    Vera heads into the hallway to look and ends up chasing a man who escapes.  Vera leaves her body and chases the man out into the parking lot.  He manages to drive off but she sees his license plate.  It's not until Vera returns to the lab that she realises that she left her body behind.  Alan is performing CPR as a distraught Leo watches.  Vera tries to talk to Allan but he cannot hear her.  When Vera touches herself, she ends up back in her body.

Back in her body, Vera claims she must have just got knocked out but Allan is adamant that Vera stopped breathing.  Vera thanks the men for their concern saying that she has to go.

The angels are at the funeral, and watch as Sen. Cindy Richards gives a eulogy for Ben. Cindy vows to continue the work of the fallen soldiers with the help of the Afghan Prime Minister. When the senator holds up dog tags, Joshua wonders whether she is in fact the horseman but Rose points out that it's too early to rule out the Prime Minister. Joshua wants to confront Cindy but Erin snarks about what Joshua would say, if Joshua could get through the senator's security.  The group watches as The Man shakes hands with the senator.

Raul finds his brother tied up with a bomb strapped to him.  Cesar begs Raul to go and asks where Nadia is.  Raul tells his brother that Nadia is safe and promises not to let his brother die. Cesar asks Raul to look after Nadia adding that he forgives Raul for Gabrielle.  Cesar argues that if they both die, Nadia will have no one.  El Jefe explodes the bomb and drives away, completely unaware that Raul survived.  Raul gets to his feet and watches as the man walks through the flames, eyes blazing red towards him. 

The man who stole the rock, places it down momentarily only to have the rock reduce part of itself to ashes.  He returns to Operation Genesis, where the pieces of the meteorite have been carted.  In the center is the indentation where the Man's body was. 

Back at the bar, the angels talk about who the horseman is.  Erin is convinced that it's the Prime Minister because the Imam told the Prime Minister that his own people would curse him.  Joshua however believes that the visions point to the senator.  Peter questions if it is neither and Rose admits that she saw the devil shake the Prime Minster and the Senator's hands.  Rose surmises that the devil is trying to figure out things as well.  The angels decide to head to the energy summit tomorrow night. 

Allan has taken Vera to meet up with the other angels.  Allan is not impressed that Vera is going off by herself and she promises to call him later.  Allan asks himself why he always goes with the crazy ones.  Vera approaches Rose and Rose surmises that Vera found her gift - spirit walking.  Vera is adamant that the meteorite is connected to all of this and says that she is not convinced they are dealing with the devil.

A very upset Raul is the next to arrive.  Raul tells Rose that Cesar is dead and that the devil made sure he found Cesar. Raul admits to betraying them to the devil.  Rose tells Raul that it's okay because the devil gave him no choice and what matters is that they are together now.  When Raul enters the house from the look on his face, Nadia surmises that her father is dead.

The angels are back at the bar.  Peter is drawn to the sound of singing and gets up to investigate.  Someone is singing Amazing Grace.  Peter follows the sound to what appears to be a homeless woman digging through the garbage. The cops pull up suddenly and arrest Peter for murder. Peter is forced to do the perp walk right by the angels. 

Episode three and I am already waiting for this to be cancelled.  If the ratings continue, I might just get my wish.  The Messengers really is far too Christian for my liking. What's up with all of the Trust in God and proselytizing CW?

I am also sick of the whole, no matter what you show the atheist, she is not going to believe.  Vera snarks about being in an episode of Touched by An Angel, though she has seen the wings for herself.  Now she even has her gift - spirit walking and it's still, yeah not the devil.  Is someone going to have to part the red sea before the light bulb turns on and she realises that she is in the middle of epic Christian bullshit?

Okay, clearly Rose is not going to move beyond being the magical Negro.  After three episodes, they have not added any other dimension to her character.  Also, did we really have to listen to Joshua whine about how Rose got all the super cool powers? 

So we have the magical Negro and Raul the drug dealer.  Nope, he couldn't possibly be DEA - he was ensnared to take down El Jefe due to his role in selling drugs.  Yes, another trope.  The Messengers is batting 1000 so far.

I suppose we have to speak about the potential Horseman of Freaking War that I could two shits about. It's telling that that the choice is between a woman and of course the Prime Minister of Afghanistan.  Both are suspicious. The woman given how woman friendly the bible is (yes, feel free to read that as snark) and the Prime Minister given the current Islamophobic state of the U.S. and of course the war.  Who thought it was a good idea to have Rose and Erin invade a mosque looking for evil? Yeah, no Islamophobia there at all.

Peter has been scooped up so I guess he was the spare angel.  We were informed that there's one more angel to come, so I suppose he will take Peter's place.  Again - I don't care.