Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wayward Pines, Season One, Episode Seven: Betrayal

Pilcher drives Ethan back home and reminds him not to tell anyone what he has seen or heard because the survival of humanity depends on it.  The next morning, a very upset Theresa questions what Ethan learned and Ethan explains that there is no Seattle and how they came to end up in Wayward Pines.  Theresa is convinced that something has happened to Ethan and he is adamant that he wasn't at the hospital. Ethan then tells Theresa that the year is 4028.

Later, Ethan, Ben and Theresa get into the car but Ethan tells his family that they should walk instead of starting the car when he notices something wrong.  Ethan pops the hood as soon as Ben and Theresa leave and examines the wires.  It seems that Ethan was right and the car was indeed messed with.  Someone placed a bomb in the car. 

Inside the police station, Ethan disassembles the bomb then takes out the secret files he has on the Wayward Pines residents. He pulls out the file on Franklin Dobbs, who was apparently an explosives engineer.  Ethan is interrupted by Pam, who questions if Franklin is involved with the subversives.  Ethan promises that when he finds out, she will be the first to know.  Pam says that she is just there to help and will even work with Ethan because she will do anything for Pilcher.  Pam adds that she can be a very good friend, so Ethan asks for access to the surveillance system to see what Franklin has been up to. 

Theresa walks Ben to school and he is not impressed to be escorted by his mother.  Theresa claims to just want to spend some time with her son.  Theresa asks Ben if he misses Seattle and he says that he never really thinks about it and reminds his mother that they are not supposed to think about the past.  On their way, they pass Pilcher.  Ben says he likes it in Wayward Pines and suggests that Theresa would like it as well if she gave it half a chance.  When they arrive at school, they are greeted by Megan and Amy.  Theresa moves to enter the school and is blocked by Megan, who informs her that school is for children and that Theresa's job is to feed her child and keep him safe. When the bell rings, Megan excuses herself.

On her way to work, Theresa stops at the empty plot.  As she walks across the ground, she hears a sound like metal striking.  Theresa then heads to the little shed on the property and grabs a metal pole before heading back to the spot where she heard the metal.  Theresa repeatedly strikes the spot and the metal sound in the ground clangs again.

Ethan is sitting in a restaurant with Frank, claiming that he wants to get to know the shopkeepers on Main st.  When Frank points out that he never had such a meeting with Pope, Ethan is quick to remind Frank that they don't talk about the past in Wayward Pines.  Ethan brings up gophers and claims that they are destroying his lawn, adding that when he looked in Frank's file, he learned that Frank worked in explosive demolition.  Frank is quick to claim that he cannot help Ethan and excuses himself.  Ethan follows Frank outside.

In biology class, Megan explains that that their textbooks will remain in class.  Megan instructs the kids that procreation is beautiful and that this is the kids most important job.  Megan calls Ben and Amy to the front and then explains that the male and female bodies are designed to fit together like hand in glove.  This causes the class to giggle.  Megan tells the kids that Wayward Pines needs a new generation and instructs the kids that they will one day have the chance to parent the first generation of 100% originals.  Megan asks the kids to look around the room and suggests to the kids that chances are, their mate is sitting right there in the room.  Megan informs the class that it's part of her job to make sure the kids find mates, before excusing Ben and Amy.  

Pam is back at the hospital and she follows the sound of a whistle until she gets to Pilcher.  Pam informs Pilcher that in the course of her fertility consults this morning, she learned of two new pregnancies.  Pam is excited about having two new members of the first generation but David is distracted. David however is more concerned that Wayward Pines is on a path to destruction.  Pam tries to calm her brother by saying that Ethan will find the troublemakers and get them through this difficulty, claiming to trust Ethan because David does.

Ethan follows Frank and finds him sitting with Kate's husband Harold.  Frank quickly excuses himself and warns Harold to be careful.  Ethan takes a seat and asks Harold to come with him so they can discuss the bomb in his truck.  Harold is quick to deny knowing what Ethan is talking about but Ethan is determined to take Harold in.  The two men head outside and Harold makes a run for it, only to be quickly caught.  

Back at the station, Ethan tells Harold that Franklin made the bomb and that Harold or someone who works for Harold planted it in his truck. Harold is quick to say that he doesn't know anything about the bomb in Ethan's truck.  Ethan however points out that this doesn't mean that Harold doesn't know about the other bombs.  Ethan says that Harold wants to take down the fence and Harold questions if Ethan wants to go anywhere.  Ethan asks for names and Harold says that he acted alone, thus admitting that he planted the bomb in the truck and was lying about it when he denied it.  Ethan writes a note on a piece of paper and asks Harold to give it to Kate, excusing Harold for now. Harold is shocked and repeats that he confessed but Ethan sends him on his way.

Bill enters the Realty office and Theresa explains about finding a substructure underneath the soil.  Bill suggests that it's a water tank but Theresa isn't buying his explanations.  Bill tells Theresa not to worry about life's little mysteries and that the secret to a happy town, is people avoiding doing the things they are not supposed to do. Bill tells Theresa that he needs her to go to the hospital and pick up some files.

Kate arrives at Ethan's,  after receiving his note.  Ethan tells Kate that he disabled all of the surveillance in his home, meaning that they can talk freely.  Kate denies knowing who put the bomb in Ethan's truck and Ethan suggests that Kate can figure out who did it because she is the leader of the resistance.  When Kate balks, Ethan points out that Harold was an accountant and that if anyone is leading the resistance in Wayward Pines, it's Kate.  Ethan asks who else is involved and Kate admits that the group evolved over time from a few of them trying to connect. Kate admits that the group meets in secret.

We get a flashback to Kate at a meeting talking about all of the things that she missed.  Franklin introduces himself but doesn't talk about the things he missed.  Harold talks next about being from St. Paul and having a fiance.  

In the present, Ethan questions why Kate didn't talk to him when he first arrived and Kate simply states that she has been trapped in Wayward Pines for 12 years and asks Ethan to try and imagine what that's like.  Kate points out that Ethan has only been in town for a week and is not sheriff.  Ethan tells her that the resistance needs to stop because the world they knew doesn't exist anymore.  Ethan explains that they are no longer in the 21st century. 

At the school, Amy approaches Megan to say that she really likes Ben.  It seems that Ben was Amy's assignment and Amy calls Ben sweet and shy.  Amy brings up asking Ben out to go someplace secluded and romantic because she is ready for them to be more intimate.  Megan questions if Ben is pressuring her and Amy says no.  Megan tells Amy to enjoy this moment because there's nothing like being young and love. 

Kate asks Ethan to confirm that he now works for the people who are pulling the strings.  Ethan sighs and asks Kate to handover the person who planted the bomb in his truck and to hand over the guns and explosives. Ethan promises that everything will stay between them and again asserts that they cannot take down the fence.  Kate agrees to Ethan's demands.

Kate returns home and heads to the back to talk with Harold.  Kate inform Harold that he's right and that "they" got to Ethan.  Kate however is not stopping her pans and says that they have to advance the time table and execute tonight. The phone rings and it's Pam to remind Harold and Kate about their yearly fertility meeting. Kate agrees to go with Harold to avoid making Pam suspicious.

At the meeting Pam questions why it is that Kate is not pregnant considering that there is no biological reason for this to be the case.  Pam dismisses them, adding that she has always thought highly of Kate and Harold ever since she introduced them.  In the hallway, Kate embraces Harold and tells him of her plan to use both bombs because they are only going to get one shot at this now. 

Theresa is now at the hospital and she gets on the elevator with Kate.  The two women stand in awkward silence. When Kate reaches her floor, Theresa finally asks to speak to her, saying that she is very worried about Ethan.  Kate agrees to talk with Theresa.  On the street, they talk about what Ethan told them about being in the future.  Kate is convinced that Ethan has been brainwashed. Kate talks about getting through to her boss Hassler, after being in Wayward Pines for a week.  Hassler told Kate that she should lay low because she is part of a government experiment and that she would be tested by another agent. Kate is convinced that Hassler is a straight shooter and admits that she didn't tell Ethan any of this.  Kate calls Theresa a good person, adding that she wishes they had met under different circumstances.

At home, Theresa tells Ethan that she is worried about him and Ethan asks if she believes everything he told her was all in his head.  Ethan asserts that everything he said was true.  Ethan asks what else Kate said but Theresa reveals that Kate said not to say anything and that she was very emotional when she said goodbye.  Ethan decides to go pick Ben up at school, in case the group is planning something.

Amy asks Ben about sneaking off to the woods to a spot she wants to show him.  Amy says that she has a plan to get there, as she looks at a delivery truck.  They are interrupted by Ethan, who asks Ben to come home, Ben however wants to stay.  Ethan then tells Amy that Ben has to go and will talk to her later. Ben says goodbye to Amy before hopping in Ethan's truck.

Harold confronts Ted about putting the bomb in Ethan's truck and Ted makes it clear that the last thing they need is Ethan breathing down their neck. Under the table, Harold slips a paper bag to Ted which probably contains one of the bombs.  Ted picks up the bag and leaves.  Ted puts the bag in the back of his delivery truck.

Pam sends a message to Ethan about a few downed cameras. The rebels are around the fence and Kate gives final instructions.  Ethan is told that there is a blind spot in zone 41 by the fence.  Ethan stumbles upon Kate and crew and demands that everyone get on the ground. Ethan gives the order to disarm the bomb and when Franklin doesn't move, Ethan grabs Kate and threatens to kill her.  This decides it for Franklin, and so he disarms the bomb.  Ethan takes the rebels into custody and locks them up. He then goes to see Kate and reminds her of their deal.  Kate is certain that something has been done to Ethan and believes that soon they will be back in Seattle.  A frustrated Ethan instructs Kate to make the rebels stop. Kate is adamant that they are not stopping and in fact, have just begun.  Ethan realises that Harold was not with Kate and figures out that there's another bomb.  Ethan grabs Kate and asks where Harold is but Kate does not answer.

Ben sneaks out of his bedroom window for his big meeting with Amy.  Together they wait for the delivery truck to drive by with the intention on catching a lift.  Ben suggests walking but Amy says it will be more fun this way. When Ted leaves the truck for a moment to deliver something, Ben and Amy sneak into the back.  Ted drives the truck away completely unaware that he has taken on passengers.

Ethan heads to see Pam to locate Harold.  Pam looks through the cameras and find Harold sitting with Ted at the beer garden.  Ethan asks where the truck is and learns that Ted switches his truck at the fence.  As they watch the recorded video, Ethan sees Harold pass Ted the bag.

Ethan races to catch up with the truck, equally unaware of the kids in the back.  Amy picks up the bag holding the bomb and is fascinated with the bomb because it is hidden inside a music box.  Amy sets the music playing and kisses Ben. The rebellion rolls a garbage container into the road to slow Ethan down and he crashes into it. Ethan hops out of the truck and starts running, fast on the heels of Ted. At an intersection, the music box stops playing and the bomb goes off.  Ethan finds Amy first in the wreckage and is shocked to see her. Next, Ethan finds a bloody and unconscious Ben.

I love this no nonsense Kate. I love that she is an active leader and quite different from the Kate that is in the books.  The problem however is that because of what Kate doesn't know she actually endangers the citizens by her actions.  It puts Ethan in the right and Kate squarely in the wrong.  I want to see Ethan and Kate join forces and take down Pilcher and Pam not at odds with each other.  

Speaking of Pam, that fertility meeting was creepy as all get out.  Also, it doesn't make sense that she conducts yearly fertility meetings when one of the goals of Pilcher is to make sure the adults settle in and believe that they are still in their present time line.  Speaking of things that don't make sense, how is it that Hassler spoke to Pam a week after she arrived in Wayward Pines?  The only way this is possible is if Hassler also went into stasis.  In earlier conversations, we saw Hassler speaking with Pilcher about picking up Ethan but the exact nature of their relationship didn't get elaboration. 

Equally creepy is having Megan talk to the kids about sex.  It seems that the kids aren't actually being taught anything in Wayward Pines and are instead being steadily indoctrinated.  I know that there are 200 people on the mountain but it doesn't make sense to me that the kids aren't being equipped with the tools they are going to need after Megan's generation dies off.  They are going to need people with medical training, computer training, farming etc,.  

Anyone else wondering where the rebels found the items they need to make a bomb?  Pilcher strictly controls what enters and leaves Wayward Pines so why would he send explosives into the town?  A timer being assembled I can buy but the bomb itself, not so much.  They need to explain how it is that the rebels managed to build a bomb under Pilcher's nose with all of the surveillance he has running.

The story is heating up.  In the past, Pilcher would have called a reckoning to deal with the rebels.  Ethan is clearly against public executions so it suggests that the two pill but heads about what to do with the rebels.  Ethan also told Kate and Theresa the truth against Pilchrer's explicit orders.  Will the women end up aiding Ethan to overthrow Pilcher?  Hmmmm so many questions.