Friday, December 11, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 5 (Hotel), Episode 9: She Wants Revenge

Now about 80% of all the bazillion plots that are littering this show have all decided to be messily inserted into one episode. Really, all it does is highlight just how messily stuffed this show is. Part of this really shows by the exposition that is pasted on top of things

So we have the Countess who is duly pissed in general about her one-true-love-and-creator Rudy and Natasha (who she doesn’t really give a shit about and plans to kill) being locked up by James. She expositions in elaborate, poetic and quite beautiful style about how very very pissed she is. I would say this is unnecessary info-dumping but praise it for at least being pretty info-dumping but it IS necessary – it’s necessary because we have so many plot lines it’s easy to forget that the Countess is pissed or really cares that much about Rudy – especially after we have the serial killer episode last week

Which, by the way, is completely absent this week. There’s not even a reference. Both of these plot lines really do not belong in the same show. It’s like two shows had a violent collisions, the actors got concussion and confused and accidently stumbled into the different sets but kept reciting their lines regardless of relevance and both the poor directors are trying to make it work.

We also have Ramona and Donovan back on their revenge kick. And we got some more Ramona’s backstory – which was kind of nice to have her developed. It was extremely touching and meaningful and tragic – and finally we see a show that really sells the tragedy of immortality. I enjoyed that a lot – though even though the painful nature of caring for someone with Alzheimers was beautifully depicted it was still that very classic depiction of disability: a burden, a tragedy for others, a pain other people have to endure.

And then this storyline ends up being cut off with Donovan double crossing and double crossing and making one of the most ridiculous decisions I’ve seen in a long time.

Yes, that storyline appears to be over – Ramona made a couple of cameo appearances and is now locked away. What a completely pointlessly dismissive way of using this character. And cameo pretty much sums up this storyline as well – it isn’t a storyline, it’s a brief interlude

In fact that sums up most of the storylines this season – cameo interludes. Liz finding true love? Well nice we looked at her story and developed her – and now it’s gone? Is that it? Is it just snide comments from here on in?

And what about Alex and the flock of baby vamps now running amok? There’s absolutely no time to turn this storyline into anything more than another aborted cameo plot.

We have Iris and the pornographers – and I actually kind of liked her objections to pornography: that it gives people very unrealistic and wrong ideas of what sex is like and what makes it enjoyable… but why is it even here? In a show that has 8 gajillion pointless, nonsense storylines what did this interlude add? This is the whole problem with this season – all these storylines, none of them developed leading to most of the time spent watching the show as pointless.

I suppose Countess marrying Will is main plot line – but whyyy? Why did we have to turn her whole seduce-a-rich-guy-and-kill-him-for-money such a hot mess? The whole gold digger storyline is never going to be pretty because there’s such a gross stench of misogyny to the whole thing: beware the woman she’s just after your money, she’s just a predator.

But then it adds a level of homophobia – and yes Will has now declared he is bisexual. Except we’ve already seen in previous episodes that he is not attracted to women – he even had to call in a male fluffer so her could perform with his new bride. You can attach the word bisexual to it – but that just makes the whole depiction a messy treatment of both bisexual men (a bisexual man is just a gay man trying to force himself into a relationship with a woman he doesn’t want and his desperation will just lead to tragedy?) and gay men (in a relationship with a woman, foolish, easily exploited and dead). Especially when we add the Countess and Natasha on top of that – introduced as a bisexual threesome it was mere seconds before the idea that Countess was interested in both Natasha and Rudy was banished and this episode she’s plotting Natasha’s death. These bisexual women are only bisexual because it lets them be close to the straight man they’re both fixated on. It’s a hot mess.

It’s a mess. But did we ever expect anything different.