Sunday, December 6, 2015

Haven, Season 5, Episode 23: Blind Spot

Everyone is rallying around – Audrey is going to be targeted by Croatoan so they’re locking down the police station with every bit of security they can while Audrey tries to figure out how to make Barn #2 without all the killing.

This calls for Duke and Nathan to be all reminiscent with happy memory lane including how they’ve always kind of looked out for each other.

Vince has a bit of a melt-down assuming everyone is blaming him for not realising Dave was Croatoan – though it looks less like he truly believes everyone things it’s his fault and more that he is epicly blaming himself while still reeling with grieving for Dave. While he flails around with a knife, Gloria responds with common sense and sedatives. Because she’s Gloria. She gives him an excellent talking to about grieving and reminds us how underused this awesome character has been.

And then someone is randomly attacked and murdered. This causes panic. Even worse, an artistic director decides we need to watch the action via fuzzy black and white CCTV. And something invisible locks Audrey in a room. The CCTV cameras shouldn’t be online so it’s Trouble shenanigans.

It’s not Croatoan, it’s an old Trouble which creates a haunted house (merging a person with a building). It’s apparently Laverne – the woman who runs the police radio system who has been around since season 1. And she isn’t the one who killed the dead guy, Carl – so Croatoan is probably around a swell.

Hey isn’t this a good thing? Having Laverne run defence? That seems to be her reasoning anyway. Laverne is now becoming major security. Which us useful because Croatoan is running amok. Audrey coaxes Laverne into using all her shiny Trouble powers while we get some more CCTV/Shaky camera-angle footage to try and create a fake Horror movie feel (oh please like these three people are going to die?). They do find a lot of blood which has everyone (but me) worried about Duke (they have no faith in his plot shield).

Back to Barn building and the controller stone they have summons Agent Howard – the old Barn guy (who knows what he was). He is the Controller. Unfortunately he is part guy who was shot by Nathan (and he’s bitter about that) and part programme that needs proper authorisation (Audrey isn’t a “real” person – she’s an “overlay personality”). So they need to prove that Audrey is a new shiny personality and not an overlay. Al he can do, via his programming, is dispense “another overlay” and make a new personality for her.

Audrey and Nathan fill Howard in on everything that happened since he was last there, Croatoan, the loss of Mara and how she is the dead Charlotte’s true daughter – Howard is willing to help and protect Charlotte’s daughter and her people. Something glitch happens though and he’s unable to re-barn – something has damaged the core with something acidic

Which is when Laverne-the-building drops in to show them Duke disappearing into a cloud of smoke in her CCTV archives – as Croatoan does. Smokey-Duke kidnapped Carl (the dead guy who had the acid Trouble) and is likely behind the damage of the core. He’s now running around with all kinds of useful Troubles presumably under Croatoan control and being all scary. He kindly waited for them to finis expositioning before appearing and being all scary and black-eyed.

He freezes the whole room with a Trouble and goes looking for Audrey. He menaces the frozen people while deciding to insult Audrey sexually because misogyny. Audrey decides to confront him and is frozen and kidnapped. Gloria and Vince continue to be the most awesome character there

Audrey is now held by Duke as she tries to convince him to resist the scary Crocker curse – the Crockers were created by Croatoan to harvest Troubles. And Croatoan arrives – and it’s William Shatner

Which is so very not intimidating

So I’m left with…. Another meh. I know we’re building up to the end of the last season ever and it’s supposed to be all dramatic and super and tense but every knew hiccough just feels more like dragging it out. I just feel ready for it to end – and I don’t know if that’s because I know it’s ending or this season just isn’t grabbing me. I’m just having a real hard time caring.

Gloria and Vince continue to be the most awesome characters on the show

Howard… ok he was never much and always dubious – but remember how lacking in racial diversity this show has been (over 5 seasons it has been utterly awful with very very very very few POC at all), turning one o those very few characters into, basically,  computer programme jut seems like salt being rubbed into the wounds.