Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Librarians, Season Two, Episode Four: And the Cost of Education

It's time for the Librarians to head back to school and as with anything involving the team, things get weird quickly.  It all begins when a mascot goes missing at Wexler University.  Because of the university's past link with magic, including the exploding head of the man the university is named after, the Librarians decide to get involved.

Being geeks, you would think that the Librarians would be more comfortable on a college campus than they actually turn out to be. The investigation begins when the team talks to the head cheerleader, who is quick to wish that the missing mascot ends up dead in a ditch.  That's some extreme school spirit. At any rate, the cheerleader seems to think that warts making people sick and that people suddenly going missing in the middle of the night is quite normal. Clearly, the students on campus have found a way to explain away strange things in order to deal with the weird occurrences.

Ezekiel and Jake head to the missing Mascot's room to investigate where he was when he went missing. We learn that he was hired to work at fraternity house.  There's something weird going on with the gargoyles as well.  They seem to move closer when you look away from them.

Ezekiel and Cassandra head to the fraternity house to do some investigation and that's where they meet Lucy, a young woman who having discovered magic, is determined to find out as much as she can.  Ezekiel and Cassandra try to blow Lucy off but are quick to discover that without her help, they cannot get into the fraternity. Once inside, Ezekiel is of course occupied with stealing as much as he possibly can from the rich frat boys. Lucy and Cassandra head downstairs and stumble into what they think is some weird magical ceremony but instead is some ridiculous preamble to beer pong.  The trip isn't a complete loss because they notice that the room is lined with a strange black rock.

After hearing some weird things about the buildings on campus, Jake and Eve go to speak to Professor Roger Bancroft. As it turns out, Jake is a supper fan of Bancroft. The meeting starts off well, though Eve is absolutely bored with the mutual admiration society. It's not long before an argument breaks out over magic and Bancroft begins attacking Jake and asserting his superiority. Cue the arrival of a massive tentacle which suddenly appears and drags Bancroft away.

With Bancroft gone, it's up to Jake to teach the class. He uses the students to locate some of the magic on campus and learns that it all has created a magical circle.

The group meet up at the Library to compare notes.  Jenkins is not impressed that the gargoyle seems to have taken a liking to Ezekiel. They figure out that the entire campus is a summoning circle. The giant tentacle which took Bancroft away to another dimension, is actually a massive creature which if seen in its entirety causes madness. When Jenkins questions what the mascot and Bancroft were doing before they got taken, he realises that the creature feeds on pride.

Back on campus Eve and Cassandra meet up with Lucy.  Eve believes that they should go it alone but Cassandra argues that they need access to Lucy's instruments and points out that Lucy took the initial readings on campus. When they check out Lucy's particle accelerator, Cassandra realises that magic is what was making it work and what more, the machine had actually created a tear in the fabric of dimensions. Lucy starts to get arrogant when Cassandra explains what happened and this is enough to draw the tentacle creature out and snatch her away.

Okay hero time. Jenkins suggests that they should just close the rift altogether but Cassandra feels that she owes it to Lucy to at least try and save her. Ezekiel and Stone are given the task of drawing the creatures attention while keeping it away from the pep rally and Cassandra plans to head into the next dimension to save Lucy and if she's lucky, the professor and the mascot.  Jenkins and Ezekiel ride around campus in a golf cart while Ezekiel sings his own praises to draw the creature.

Cassandra leaps into the void and quickly finds Lucy. Unfortunately, Cassandra did not arrive on time to save the mascot or the professor.  Lucy and Cassandra make a run for the portal but Cassandra trips.  Suddenly, a woman appears and Cassandra finds herself under water facing three ladies.  It seems that the women have been waiting for the arrival of Cassandra for quite some time. Cassandra is offered the chance to work with both magic and science. She briefly considers the offer but turns it down. The women let Cassandra know that the offer will remain open to her.  Cassandra leaps through the portal and Eve pushes Lucy's device through the void closing it forever.

Cassandra returns alone to the library and finds Jenkins waiting for her. They disagree about how to deal with the fact that magic is out there in the world.  Cassandra does not feel that they can continue to close magic away in the library.  Cassandra even feels that they should be open to working with people like Lucy.  Jenkins does agree that the world is changing but does not agree with Cassandra on how to handle it.  Jenkins then points out that Cassandra has gotten the attention of the lady of the lake. Cassandra points out that she chose to stay with the library.  Jenkins however warns that there could be a penalty later.  Cassandra's last words to Jenkins are, "no matter what happens next, remember I chose to stay here."

I don't really have much to say original about The Librarians.  It still continues to be extremely camp and steals openly. This week, the gargoyle approaching Ezekiel when he turned his back was very reminiscent of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, though they don't have a nefarious intent.

Okay, so magic is out in the world and The Librarians have to figure out how to deal with it. I tend to agree with Cassandra at this point that admitting magic's existence is what makes the most sense. More people like Lucy are going to unwittingly stumble into magic and that is going to open up a world of trouble.  They need to come up with a plan.

I also love the evolution of Cassandra.  She is far more sure of herself than she was when we first met her.  Cassandra now realises that she has agency and intends to use it.  Eve even commented that Cassandra is really acting like a librarian now.  Cassandra was willing to risk herself but was fully aware that she may not have made it out.  I look forward to seeing where Cassandra goes.