Thursday, February 4, 2016

Teen Wolf, Season 5, Episode 15: Amplification

We have the Beastie running amok and attacking the hospital and generally causing havoc with only one thing stopping him. Parrish. Ok Parrish doesn’t exactly WIN but since he apparently wounds the monster and turns it back human I think a case can be made for a strong draw.

The pack’s plan is to finally unite by rescuing their missing member – Lydia. She’s locked up in Eichmen house being tormented by Dr. Valack

Recap on Valack – Valack is the guy who was once imprisoned in Eichmen House with a hole drilled in his head who tended to terrify people by making them stare at the hole in his head. He now runs the place and he loves drilling holes in lots of skulls. This isn’t just a fun hobby, he does this to try and enhance the power of supernaturals. The weird part is that it actually works – yes supernatural beings all get super charged with a hole in their heads; now there’s a weird quirk, Of course that usually goes wrong (beyond, y’know, the whole hole in their head) and will go super wrong with Lydia – since she’s already damn powerful already. Supercharging Lydia will mean she hears all the deaths ever – which will be agonisingly painful causing her to unleash her Banshee scream at Adele-eclipsing volumes and melt everyone’s brain.

So it’s rescue time – which leads to a nifty plan involving the whole pack with little gems like Melissa still hating Liam because of the whole trying to kill Scott thing (hah, in line Melissa, I hated Liam before it was cool) and Malia’s awesome/terrible encouragement of Kira. I do like Malia’s complete social ineptitude and ferocious dedication.

I also have to kind of smile at the lampshading of Kira getting all her skills just magically dropped on her. Self-awareness like that can really work for a show’s cheese

They also get Parrish to play driver for both his authority and because he’s the only one who can actually go toe-on-toe with the beast.

The plan pretty much works out… sort of – except Theo and his Chimera gang also move in and they’re not stopped by Black Ash. They reach Lydia first – not that they care about Lydia but because they want Parrish and want to lure him in. Well... it works. And burny hellhounds also don’t care about Black ash. Or walls. Or doors. Now, Theo’s lured him I do wonder what he intends to do with him.

Scott and Liam get caught out by the guards with tasers and Scott has an Alpha moment. The best part about this is that his roar triggers the eye-glow of the whole pack (well, not Stiles, obviously) really bringing home they are a pack even if most of them aren’t wolves.

We’re starting the big upswing I mentioned.

Almost amusingly, the sheriff does something which would have made everything much easier several episodes ago –he takes evidence of the abuses of Valack to Natalie to show that maybe she shouldn’t have left her daughter with them.

And back at Chimera lair, Deucalion lectures Hayden on a big flaw in Theo’s plan – Theo wants to use the Dread Doctor claws to absorb the Beast’s powers: but the claws aren’t designed for Theo so will probably kill him.

Deucalion knows all this for REASONS. He can also detect claws in a sealed glass jar across the room with some kind of woo-woo sense and, no, being Blind doesn’t explain being able to smell things through glass or hear objects not producing actual sound.