Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lucifer, Season One, Episode Two: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

Chloe is confidant that there's more to Lucifer than she understands. After some investigation, she's learned that his name really is Lucifer Morningstar; however, there's no record of him beyond five years ago.  Chloe also wants to know exactly how Lucifer managed to survive being shot six times. Lucifer being Lucifer, suggests that she simply believe what he has told her.

For his part, Lucifer is very curious as to why he seems to have no affect on Chloe whatsoever.  He's also still in a bit of an existential crises, something that he discusses with his psychiatrist, in between having sex with her. This is the first time in Lucifer's existence that he doesn't know what is going on or how things are going to end but he is nonetheless fascinated.

Lucifer decides to tag along when Chloe chooses to investigate the murder of a child of a movie star. It all hits a little close to Chloe because she is also a child of a star and was followed repeatedly by the paparazzi. Nick Hofmeister, a paparazzo will known to Chloe confesses to the crime; however, Chloe does not believe him and is certain that he is protecting someone and so decides to investigate, though she is off on medical leave.

I'm still not sure that I buy Lucifer as a sidekick to a cop investigating crime. It seems quite counter to what the devil is supposed to be. I guess this is why the heart of the show is really about what is Lucifer now, why is he on earth, and why does he suddenly have empathy for others? Even Mazikeen does not recognize Lucifer anymore. Mazikeen even challenges his authority somewhat, something I don't believe she would have done before Lucifer's little vacation. For his part, Amenadiel warns Lucifer that he is upsetting the balance and that there will be consequences to pay.  It makes me wonder if Lucifer will suddenly find himself without the power to force people to reveal their secrets, or perhaps even his immortality?

I very much enjoy the exchanges between Amenadiel and Lucifer. Even as Amenadiel taunts Lucifer and demands Lucifer take his place in hell, Lucifer taunts right back.  Lucifer questions whether or not God will send Amenadiel to replace him because God has a history of sending his favourite away. I'm not sure how much of a threat this is given that Lucifer (if we follow the biblical story) did try to lead an insurrection; however, it's an interesting proposition.

This week we also saw Lucifer in bed with a man and a woman and I suppose this makes him bisexual. He makes one of the few LGBT protagonists on television today.  I was personally glad to see it because it felt very much like they were working hard to ensure that Lucifer's sexual powers only worked on women.  I do however hope that this won't turn into a blink and you miss it moment because the majority of his sexual conquests thus far have been women.  There's also a history of making a character bisexual in one scene and then never making reference to it again.  I'm not going to squee yet but I will take a wait cautiously to see what the writers will do with his character.

I must admit that I very much like Lucifer and find myself giggling all the time. Yes, Lucifer is smarmy and reminds very much of a used vacuum cleaner salesmen but there's something compelling about his confidence and ridiculousness.  Even his existential crises interests me.  Will Lucifer become good, or perhaps even an angel, beloved of God again? I suppose, time will tell.