Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lucifer, Season One, Episode Eight: Et Tu, Doctor?

It seems that the burning of his wings is cause for celebration as far as Lucifer is concerned.  He declares his birthday, claiming that it's time for a new beginning.  Mazikeen is not impressed with this announcement, clearly still determined to get Lucifer back to hell.  Chloe and Dan (who is still not dead) show up to share a drink with Lucifer but cannot stay because they need to head to a cop party. It seems that the cops are celebrating the survival of Malcolm, the cop Chloe accused of corruption. At the bar, Malcolm is as slimy as can be and tells Chloe that they need to talk.

A chastened Lucifer heads to see Linda, full of apologies for punching a hole in her wall.  Linda calls it a break through.  Lucifer questions why he feels like a fat man sitting on his chest when he is around Chloe.  The answer is obvious - Lucifer is jealous.  Naturally, this is something Lucifer refuses to accept and so he decides that Linda needs to talk to Chloe about her douche addiction. This is something that Linda says she is unwilling to do, causing Lucifer to ask for help bringing an end to his emotions.

It's time for the case of the week, which involves the death of a therapist who advises his patients to have open marriages though it's framed as cheating on your spouse for happiness.  Chloe is full of judgement about this idea saying that sleeping with someone else is not how you save a marriage and as expected, Lucifer loves the idea.  Since a therapist is needed to go through the files of the "cheaters therapist" , they need a judge to assign someone. Lucifer wants Linda selected but Chloe wants someone impartial and further is not impressed that Linda sleeps with Lucifer.  Lucifer never being one to take no for an answer, sleeps with a judge and gets her to sign off on Linda's involvement.

In the process of working on the case, Lucifer looks for a human to explain jealousy to him because it's an emotion that he is not familiar with.  When he does find a human, who as luck should have it is in the same situation as him, Lucifer again goes into denial.  When Chloe said that Lucifer is far from introspective, she was absolutely right on the money.

After being called to Lux, Linda has a meeting with Mazikeen and the gloves come off.  I actually love that Linda held her own with Mazikeen after being told that when Lucifer was done with her, that she would be cast aside like refuse.  I love that Linda suggested to Mazikeen that her real issue is a loss of power and control. I would say that in this case, Linda served Mazikeen a big plate of check and mate. Linda however doesn't fare as well when she faces off with Chloe who questions whether Linda's sexual relationship with Lucifer is ethical.

With the case solved, Chloe discovers that Tony, Malcolm's partner dead.  Tony has left behind a note explaining that he was on the take and now that Malcolm is feeling better, the guilt got to him. Chloe accepts this as the resolution to the Palmetto case.   Naturally, this ending is far too neat but Chloe doesn't question.

Lucifer heads to see Linda and is informed that from now on, their relationship is going to remain professional.  It seems that Linda's talk with Chloe and Mazikeen had an effect on her.  Lucifer is surprised but accepts Linda's decision.  When Lucifer leaves, he notices that a new doctor has taken up residence next to Chloe and storms back in.  Lucifer describes Amenadiel to Linda and she confirms his identity.

An angry Lucifer heads back to Lux where Mazikeen is waiting for him. Lucifer questions how Amenadiel learned about Linda and Mazikeen reminds him that she promised to protect him from all enemies, even the unseen ones.  That's the last call for Lucifer because he sees what Mazikeen has done as betrayal and tells her that they are done. We all know that Mazikeen will not stop trying to get Lucifer back to hell right? I don't think she's going to be easy for Lucifer to shake even though he's the devil.

Dan, meets with Malcolm and his first question is how long it took Malcolm to write Tony's suicide letter.  Malcolm is quick to concede that he is the one that killed Tony and says that he didn't implicate the person who actually shot him - Dan.  Malcolm snarks about Dan getting his family together and Dan is quick to warn Malcolm away from Chloe and Trixie.  So, the plot thickens and in this case and it seems Dan's path to what is probably death, is well under way.