Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, Season One, Episode Nine: Rise Up

I think I would have titled this episode #teamdownworlder.  At any rate, Simon is now a vampire and is not at all happy with his transformation.  He runs away and though Raphael promised to take care of him, he quickly runs out of patience.  Before Jace and Clary can go and track Simon down, Jace gets a call to inform him that the institute has been invaded and that Alec has been hurt.  Of course, Clary wants Jace to come with her but he's unwilling to tag along because Alec is important to him. Somehow I get the feeling that if it were Clary in danger that Jace would simply say that Alec can look after himself.  The only reason he is prioritizing

At the institute, Alec is still very angry, having learned that his parents used to be circle members.  He feels betrayed, particularly given all the pressure which was placed on him to uphold the family name. His fiancee has an axe to grind and decides to bring in Meliorn for questioning, suggesting that Izzy may have inadvertently shared secret information with him.  In interrogation, Meliron is quick to reveal that Clary has the Immortal Cup but when he doesn't give up any more information, Lydia decides to have him questioned by the Silent Brothers, though this will amount to torture.

Clary has managed to save Simon from himself.  Simon had returned home and was about to take a big bite out of his mother when Clary arrived.  Having convinced Simon to come with her, the next step is for Clary and Simon to find a place to hide.  Having few options, the two ask for sanctuary from Raphael.  Once inside the Hotel du Mort, Clary and Simon are locked up together. Simon is very angry and still falsely believes that it was Raphael who turned him into a vampire, so after some lip biting, Clary confesses that it was her decision. It's okay though cause they are bff's and who cares if the Jewish Simon has been turned into something he finds evil right?  Simon being a fledgling and having not fed a lot finds Clary a bit too tempting and is forced to ask for blood from Raphael.

Back at the institute, with Meliorn on his way for questioning, it's time to get serious about the supposed right way to go after Valentine and apparently, these teens have the right answer.  Jace gets Magnus to steal Alec's stele so that he steal the Mortal Cup.  Cup in hand, Jace then encourages Izzy to get moving, as Magnus uses magic to place the stele back with Alec's other positions.  While Izzy and Jace make their escape, Alec and Magnus share a moment.  Alec reveals that he is engaged and Magnus initially takes it as Alec wanting to lead a closeted life because of how strict his society is.  It seems however that Alec has decided that while this is a political marriage, he will be faithful to Lydia.  Magnus is doe eyed and disappointed but he says his goodbye with grace.

Izzy and Jace meet up with Raphael, Clary, Simon and Luke at the Hotel Du Mort. After hearing that Meliorn is being taken for questioning, Clary suggests that they all work together to free him because if the clave can do this to Meliorn, they can do this to any downworlder.  They all meet up at the Downworlder entrance to the Silent Brother area.  As expected, things don't go smooth and Clary has to give another team downworlder speech and Simon has to pledge allegiance to Raphael to assure the vampires role.

It's time and who should arrive with Meliorn but Alec.  Jace decides that this must be Lydia's doing. Jace yanks Meliorn away from Alec and instructs him to run with Izzy and Clary.  The two parabatai face each other down. Alec suggests that Jace was all bros before hoes before he met Clary.  It seems that Jace always fudged the rules but never broke the law until Clary came along.  Jace suggests that Alec is really just jealous of Clary because of his feelings for him.  What follows is a horribly choreographed fight scene with Alec's stele ending up at Jace's throat.  Jace encourages Alec to end him because he doesn't want to be fighting on the opposite side of his parabatai. Jace repeatedly begs Alec to come with him and fight Valentine the right way but Alec refuses, forcing Jace to leave.

Back at the Hotel du Mort, a hurt Jace watches Clary say her goodbyes to Simon, who seems to have accepted the fact that he is a vampire now.  Clary and Simon vow that though she is a shadowhunter and he is a vampire that they are besties forever. Outside, Meliorn and Izzy are busy swapping spit. Meliorn is impressed by the lengths Izzy went to, to free him from the Silent Brothers.  After promising to see Meliorn soon, Izzy takes off to hopefully talk sense into Alec and see what's going on at the institute. Meliron decides that for Clary's role in freeing him, he is going to tell her how to find Valentine.

Okay, quite surprising to me, this hot mess might actually get a second season.  Clary is still one of the most self absorbed protagonists ever and fail to see why everyone is so obsessed with her. I hate that Alec's refusal not to give up everything which is important to him is reduced to jealousy.  Let's be honest, he's known her for a N.Y. minute and he is right to question throwing away everything he has worked so hard for for Clary.  I know that the writers are essentially trying to follow the books but I am sick of the idea that kids absolutely know better than every single adult and the only good one, is the one who is willing to follow Clary's lead, thus putting his entire pack in danger.  There are four episodes left and I see nothing compelling about Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.  The action is particularly bad and they really need to hire someone to choreograph fight scenes better. Throwing some special effects to hide a bad fight scene just doesn't work.  At this point, I don't see much that is redeemable about Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.