Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3, Episode 17: Delaware

While there are many epic thing going on this episode, let’s pause a moment and appreciate the wonderfulness that is Abbie and Ichabod, enjoying their personal favourite foods and drinks and enjoying life a little. They are so excellent together.

Alas, said peacefulness can’t continue as they have a deadline – the Hidden One will become all powerful and scary that night and they need to bring him down, which means rebuilding Pandora’s Box and doing their best to delay the Hidden One before that happens. Which means Team Witnesses are going to the Catacombs while everyone else does their best to try ad delay the Hidden One

Everyone else is Sophie, Jenny (who are not fans of trusting Pandora), Pandora, Joe and, surprisingly, Danny Reynolds who won’t turn his back on the supernatural world now it has finally been revealed to him. He also has an ulterior motive – redemption. He knew someone higher up was asking him to spy on Jenny, but he never knew why and just followed orders. Now he’s seeing that they may have been team!magical!bad!guys and he could have been sabotaging the Witnesses and their fight- he wants to throws his efforts in on team good guy.

They do fight the Hidden One, Danny taking the lead (I’m in two minds about this – on the one hand he is a natural leader, has shown that and has a fine tactical brain. On the other he knows less than anyone there about the supernatural). Danny does seem to be more inclined than anyone to view Pandora as a the victim of an abusive husband. They do several things to delay the Hidden One, but in the process Joe is turned into a Wendigo and Jenny runs off after him… despite all their efforts, the Hidden One eventually charges his hourglass and becomes super powerful.

In the Catacombs Ichabod and Abbie follow in the footsteps of Betsy and Washington all these years ago, there’s a lot of emotion, they find preserved bodies and zombies and it’s all rather grim. They arrive at the scene of Abbie’s imprisonment and, with new knowledge, they open a hidden door and find… Betsy Ross

Who is not dead. And thinks she was only sealed up some months ago…

No! No Katrina #2, get ye back to your Catacombs! Away with you! In the name of the Cranewreck I cast ye out!

Also guys, remember the Hidden One about to end the world? Remember, deadline? Very short deadline? Can you move with just a little more urgency, please?

Last point – Jenny chases after the wendigo’d Joe who happens to run into Jenny’s father, Ezra Mills. Hs manages to get him clear and then faces the fact that she has to explain the supernatural to him

Which he already knows. And he knows what a wendigo is. And he knows rituals to stop Wendigos. And he has a weapon of last resort that kills most supernaturals. He has a whole stash of supernatural stuff

Wait, what, why, when, what?! Yes, it turns out that Ezra was another crony of Sheriff Corbin’s and that is related to why he stayed away for so long! My this episode is bringing lots and lots of twists!

They go after Joe and try to use the ritual to turn it back… it doesn’t work and Jenny is forced to use the weapon to stop Joe killing Ezra. Jenny shoots Joe… who turns back human long enough to have a goodbye scene (and I totally didn’t even notice he was naked, guys, it was that touching. Well, almost) to Jenny before dying…

Ok, this is my shocked face. I did expect someone to die these next two episodes. The confrontation with the Hidden One was going to result in a death. I suspect Danny, Sophie or even Jenny would be the ones to go. I did not expect one of the two straight white men on the cast to be the one for the chop. This is such an amazing difference from what we usually see with so many disposable POC (as The 100 showed us just yesterday). It’s sad that POC not being disposable is so surprising that, especially on a show whose main protagonist cast contains four Black people, I was sure one of them would die.

Well, this episode brought all the surprises with it – and there’s only on episode left. Fox, there better be a season 4 after you dropped all this on us!