Saturday, May 14, 2016

The 100, Season Three, Episode Fifteen: Perverse Instantiation: Part One

Perverse Instantiation Part One, is the penultimate episode of season three.  The characters are in place to finally finish of ALLIE for good. The season started off really strong with Wanheda Part One and never really matched that peak again.  At least this episode brought the return of the King of the Ice Nation - Roan.

Let's get to it shall we?  Having failed to bring Luna onside Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper are in a conflict about what to do next.  Clarke wants to go from village to village to see if they can find another Nightblood but Octavia is convinced that this is only going to lead to more innocent Grounder blood. Bellamy believes that they should head back to Arkadia to check on their friends.  A frustrated Clarke storms off into the woods, completely unaware that the group has been tracked by ALLIE.  Roan shows up just in time to save Clarke and grabs the flame but doesn't get far because he is confronted by Bellamy. They decide to bring Roan back to Arkadia and Bellamy shoots him to make sure that he isn't chipped. I suppose that was efficient.

When they arrive back at Arkadia, Raven is not pleased to learn that Luna is a no go.  It's time for a new plan and that involves getting the chip out of Ontari and then replacing it with the flame.  At first, Roan doesn't believe that this is a fight for the Ice Nation until Clarke convinces him that everyone is at risk if they aren't successful. The idea of entering into an environment where everyone will be chipped seems to work for Roan. Yeah, I love Zach McGowan.

So the big plan is for Roan to enter Polis with Clarke et al releasing gas to knock everyone out and then kidnapping Ontari.  Roan however believes that the flame should travel with him. Clarke however is not willing to let the flame out of her sight and agrees to pose as Roan's prisoner. Bellamy is up in arms about this suggesting that they cannot trust Roan.  Clarke makes it clear that she isn't trusting Roan, she is trusting Bellamy to have her back. Aww team Clarke and Bellamy are together again.

Jasper decides to stay behind with Monty, Raven and Harper, while the others head to Polis.  What no one realises, is that Jasper took the chip back on the rig. Fuck Jasper and his spineless manpain self. This means that everyone is now walking into a trap because Japser heard every word of their plans. Jasper and Monty search for a motherboard which Raven needs to portal into ALIE.  They have a moment of reconciliation with Jasper claiming to be happy for Monty about his new relationship with Harper.  ALLIE whispers poison into Jasper's ear and he stabs Monty to get his hands on the motherboard.  Fortunately, Monty escapes with the motherboard and makes it to Raven fast enough to lock Jasper out. Raven tries to radio Clarke to warn her about Jasper's betrayal, only to find that Mr. King of manpain cut all the wires.

Roan escorts Clarke through the streets of Polis, as Octavia, Bellamy, Nathan and Brian take up position in the tunnel.  Roan and Clarke quickly find themselves surrounded.  Jaha makes his entrance and Roan and Clarke quickly realise when Jaha says that their friends in the tunnel cannot help them that they are trapped. Roan puts a knife to Clarke's throat reminding them that Clarke is the only one who knows the phrase to activate the flame.  Roan encourages Clarke to run and his shot by none other than Kane, who then orders Roan placed on the cross. Roan had better survive this.

Back at Arkadia, an anxious Monty wants to leave the room and deal with Jasper because Harper doesn't know that Monty is chipped.  Raven suggests that the best way to deal with Jasper is to keep him talking because that way they will know exactly where is and what he is doing.  Monty decides to ask why Jasper decided to take the chip.  Of course, Mr.Manpain, has to bring up Shay. It seems that Jasper felt that they destroyed I guess we can call it the Rig people, who are pacifists.  Jasper then brings up Mount Weather.  Finally, he says that they were sent to the ground to see if it was survivable and has decided that it most certainly isn't. Yeah well, it seems to me that until women he had an interest in died, Jasper didn't have any problems.

At Polis, Clarke is brought to the throne room and greeted by Abby, who immediately demands the pass phrase.  When Clarke refuses to comply, it's time for ALIE's favourite hobby - torture by Abbie's hands no less.  This is an intense and emotional scene.  When Clarke refuses to break, Abbie points out that she said that Clarke's true weakness is her friends.  ALIE decides to call for Bellamy to brought to the throne room.

Bellamy is separated from the group but before he can be brought to the throne room, Murphy, Indra and Pike show up.  Yeah, Pike as part to team good guy still feels really off to me.  Now that everyone is free, Murphy wants to keep moving away from Polis, but Bellamy is adamant that they cannot because Clarke is in trouble. This isn't enough to sway Murphy, because he rightfully points out that Clarke is always is in trouble. Octavia is going through own degree of shock because Indra is there with Pike.  Octavia is pissed because of course, Pike killed Lincoln.  Murphy quickly explains that there's not time for vengeance and that they need every strong capable body they can muster. Octavia and Indra sort of agree but it's clear that as soon as they get a chance, they're going to put a knife in Pike's back.

They manage to take out the chipped Grounders in charge of the elevator.  Bellamy and Murphy hop on board and Octavia decides to stay behind, saying that she might be of more use there (code for: I'm going to stick it to Pike)  In the elevator, Murphy explains his presence in POLIS as him just trying to survive. When Bellamy gives Murphy the eye, he admits to being there to save someone he cares about.

Octavia continues to eyeball Pike.

miley cyrus bitch cut

Indra notices and explains that the dead cannot help them, as a way of justifying her temporary alliance with Pike.  Octavia explains that Lincoln was her home but Indra counters and suggests that Octavia's home resides in her own heart.  Really? With everything going on they are still going to take time out for Indra to play wise Negro to Octavia?

The emotional bonding is forced to take a back seat when Kane shows up and shoots Pike and Brian. Indra manages to knock Kane unconscious.  Kane's intervention is enough to stop the forward progress of the elevator, causing Bellamy and Murphy to work together to fight off the Grounders who are attempting attack. Murphy uses the shocker to give them some non lethal action, just as Bellamy has been asking for (more on this later). On the ground, Brian sets off a bomb blocking access to them and they all being turning the wheel again.  On the elevator, a chipped person has Murphy in a choke hold and Bellamy breaks his own rule and shoots him in the head to save Murphy.

At Arkadia, Jasper is getting his creepy on by listing the names of all the people who have died. Raven has continued to work throughout this and has managed to get the portal going.  This of course is when Harper shows up demanding to know why Monty and Raven have locked the door. Before Monty can explain what is going on, Japser sneaks up on Harper and knocks her unconscious. Jasper then holds a gun up to the window and threatens to kill Harper if they don't destroy the portal.

In the throne room, having failed to hold onto Bellamy, ALLIE decides to go for the next best thing, Abbie.  Jaha prepares a noose, as a terrified Clarke watches.  Abbie explains that Clarke need not be afraid because the noose isn't for her and then promptly puts her head in the noose and steps on a bucket. Clarke cries and begs Abbie not to do this but still under the influence of ALLIE, Abbie kicks the bucket away. A crying Clarke tells Abbie that she is sorry.

Murphy and Bellamy show up in time to stop Abbie from dying but not in time to stop Jaha from bashing Ontari's brains in.  After freeing Clarke, she tries desperately to save Ontari but quickly realises that there's not point because Ontari doesn't have enough of a functioning brain left to be able to tell them the code.

Bryan sets a bomb, giving them 60 seconds to get away.  They start to climb but then Kane wakes and starts moving towards the bomb.  Indra climbs back down the shaft and grabs Kane; however, now she is trapped down there with him and he's chipped.

Bellamy is clearly still on the redemption train and this is obvious by the fact that he is calling for non lethal tactics.  It really wasn't that long ago Bellamy was team kill anything that moves. Now he can suddenly see innocence and values life. It proves the point that Bellamy is a beta and will follow anyone.  If Bellamy doesn't have a leader with a conscience then he has no moral compass.

What The 100 is doing with Indra is hopelessly problematic.  Indra has spent her time following around White women or coaching white women.  Even though she is capable, she cannot ever become leader because she is not a Nightblood. I call epic bullshit.  In this episode alone, we saw Indra play wise negro to Octavia and then had it all capped off with Indra sacrificing herself to save Cain.  Fuck that.  Yeah, I'm team #Indradeservesbetter.