Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wynonna Earp, Season 1, Episode 7: Walking After Midnight

We’ve got a lot going on this episode but I’m going to start by saying, again, I love this theme song. Because it’s awesome

Now, less awesome is Dolls being benched for most of this episode. His shadowy bosses have taken him to places unknown to plan his reassignment because he still can’t prove to them that there are actual demons/revenants in Purgatory. And if he is reassigned then that means everyone he’s recruited will need… dealing with

I’m dubious about this. Sure I can see them wanting some results, but is it just Wynonna’s gun that leaves no trace? Because tangible evidence of woo-woo must, by definition, be hard to find. And what do they think he’s doing? Making up stuff so he can continue an extended holiday in the arse-end of America? Is it not worth keeping 1 agent there since that agent insists something is going on?

Unable to present evidence, he ominously mentions something which isn’t revenant or demon which should interest them. That could be Wynonna, Doc or the Stone Witch Constance.

Since Waverley is having a part, Wynonna and Nicole Haught are left to get drunk and complain about not being invited (as well as reflect rather obviously on Waverley’s character development) while looking at the latest case in hunting down the last member of the seven. This introduces the new pathologist (who is kind of fun and creepy), lots of ominous foreshadowing for the revenant and the fact he keeps playing with Wynonna, trying to freak her out. Including random nose bleeds. Nicole definitely knows something is going on and Wynonna tries to drive her away, which is a shame because they’re really good together.

Waverley and Doc are the ones who face the main action this week. Doc continues to have a complicated relationship with everyone, having told Wynonna to take a walk when she comes to him for help since he doesn’t think their relationship is very reciprocal and is causing him difficulties with the Revenant. All he cares about is Constance the Stone Witch

And all Constance cares about is getting the skull back – the skull of her son. She does this by torturing the blacksmith. To death. In doing so she learns Waverley has the skull

And RIP a potentially interesting POC character. That’s a shame because she could have been an excellent character and addition to the team

Waverley’s party is going pretty terribly since most of her friends won’t come to the “murder house” and one of the two who did turn up turns out to be a terrible terrible person. Wynonna and Nicole’s insight that Waverley goes out of her way to appeal to the people around her even when they’re terrible terrible people.

Doc joins the party because his relationship with everyone is Complicated and if he has a thing for Wynonna he definitely has something for Waverley, at least a desire for her respect. Everything continues to be awkward and it’s almost a relief when Constance makes her move with zombies

But not before the Blacksmith, dying, manages to tagger to Doc and tell him Constance’s weakness… but she wants him to promise to get Waverley safe first.

Of course he doesn’t – aiming for Constance is always his first priority. His only priority. That leaves Waverley, Doc and her good friend fighting zombies (with a well aimed pair of scissors among other things) while terrible friend is duly killed and added to the zombie list (and no-one was sad) but not before Waverley awesomely chewed her out (and her ring) while good friend tells us al that is awesome with Waverley

Despite that awesomeness, Waverley’s plan involves… breaking the skull and hoping Constance goes away? Constance is, unsurprisingly enraged and plans to kill them all – and it takes Wynonna and Doc shooting her for her decide to come back another time. During all the fighting Waverley and Wynonna learn Doc’s full history with Constance and why he hates her so much

Though Doc learns that he shares Constance’s wounds when she’s hurt. That’s going to make it awfully hard to kill her. He also tries to explain his motivations to Waverley but she’s not buying it. She accuses him of constantly lying and completely unable to look past his vendetta. She chews him out properly – here’s hoping this will lead to a character realisation on his part

Because they’re going to need to – as both Nicole and Wynonna appear to have been kidnapped, just as Wynonna was going to tell Nicole everything. Don’t you kill Nicole, Wynonna Earp, don’t do it!