Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Originals, Season Three Episode Twenty: Where Nothing Stays Buried

Watching Where Nothing Stays Buried, this week, felt very much like watching an episode of John Quiñones's What Would You Do? From the very beginning it has been established that no mater how angry the Original family is with each other, no matter how long said grievances have festered that they will always put each other over and above everyone else.  Family above all else has consequences however and Where Nothing stays Buried delves into that.

Klaus has yet to deal with the loss of Cami and he stands watch over her body.  It's Hayley who suggests a wake but Klaus is only interested in getting even with Lucien.

After lots of work, Freya believes that she has found a way to deal with Lucien.  It seems the witch who cast the spell to turn him into an uber hybrid will also have the power to undo it.  Unfortunately, Vincent was only a conduit and the spell was actually performed by the ancestors.  Vincent however has made some headway because he has found a spell allowing him to take the serum which made her an uber hybrid from Aurora's heart.

Last week, filled with blood lust thanks to the ancestors, Kol killed Davina.  When Marcel comes across Kol holding Davina's lifeless body, he doesn't take time to mourn because being a NOLA witch comes with benefits - Davina can be brought back.  With the aid of Vincent and Freya, Davina is consecrated which quickly makes her a target of the ancestors, only to be brought back safely and kept in Freya's circle.  This is done surprisingly with Klaus's approval because he doesn't want Kol to suffer the same pain he did with Cami's death.  There's always a reason not to kill Davina isn't there? Freya uses Elijah as a channel and secures Davina in her circle.  This is huge for Davina because the ancestors were in the process of erasing her existence.

Freya's early warning system goes off and it quickly becomes apparent that after failing to draw Klaus out by killing Cami, Lucien has decided to go after Rebekah.  Elijah volunteers to go and save their sister but Klaus being Klaus, moved Rebekah's body, making him the only one who knows where she is. Klaus leaves, charging Elijah with the care of the family.  It's become a thing that whenever Klaus goes somewhere, Hayley has to tag along.

It occurs to Freya that while she cannot use Vincent to undo the Lucien's spell, she can use Davina because Davina is with the ancestors.  Elijah is quick to point out that this is a great risk to Davina. They call Klaus and he is adamant that they find another way.  Klaus believes that if they lose Davina they will also lose Marcel and Kol.  Why is it that Klaus of all people is the one not willing to risk Davina?  Yeah, yeah, I know, Cami had a huge impact on him.

Klaus and Hayley pack up Rebekah's coffin and he speaks about all the things that he forgot to tell Cami.  Klaus points out that Elijah's immortality is at risk and suggests that Hayley tell Elijah how she really feels about him.  Hayley is worried however that since she has spent so much time pushing Elijah away that he may not feel the same way about her.

Vincent makes an appearance at  the cemetery to confront Van Nguyen about the work he is doing for Lucien.  Van Nguyen claims that it's an uneasy compromise to get rid of the Mikaelsons.  Vincent however suggests that since Van Nguyen doesn't know the end game that rather than actually being a regent, Nguyen is little more than a pawn.  The conversation is cut short when Kol knocks Nguyen unconscious.

Freya and Elijah learn that Lucien knows that Klaus is in the Bayou and decide that they've run out of time.  Marcel and Davina are having a moment. Davina absolves him of any responsibility for her predicament and she tells him that she loves him.  The moment is cut short when Freya and Elijah burst into the room.  Elijah breaks Marcel's neck while Freya gets to work on the spell.  Davina begs, repeatedly saying that Freya will break the circle which is protecting her but Freya simply continues on with the spell.  Freya is successful but with the circle broken, Davina is now at the complete mercy of the ancestors. Davina takes off running but the ancestors hunt her down and begin the spell to destroy her soul forever again.

Marcel awakes and finds the circle empty.  Kol, Vincent and Van arrive and with a knife to his throat, Van begins the spell to bring Davina back from the dead.  Unfortunately for Davina, the ancestors have already done their work and Davina is gone for good.  Can I get a hell ya?

In the Bayou, Lucien crashes his car into Klaus and Hayley's vehicle.  When Klaus regains consciousness, he is immediately confronted by Lucien.  Lucien begins throwing Klaus around because Klaus simply isn't as strong as Lucien.  Hayley comes to and joins in hoping to thwart Lucien.  Even though there are two of them, Hayley and Klaus cannot defeat Lucien.  Lucien puts his hand into Hayley's back and grasps her heart, ordering Klaus to kneel.  Lucien doesn't get to enjoy his victory for long because Freya and Elijah show up.  Freya quickly does the spell, returning Lucien to an ordinary vampire.  Lucien warns that even if he dies, the prophecy will still be fulfilled. Realising that he has lost, Lucien begs for his life but Klaus offers no quarter.

Defeating Lucien, Klaus feels amounts to a Pyrrhic Victory because in the process, Kol lost his true love, Marcel has turned away from the Mikaelsons and Vincent sees them as the enemy.  Marcel is clear that the Mikaelsons are willing to sacrifice anyone to save themselves and wants nothing to do with them, though Klaus tries desperately to reach out.  Vincent takes the time to shame Freya, saying that she is no better than her blood sucking siblings.  Kol goes to see Van and murders him, claiming that Davina was the only restraint he had and now she is gone.

When the dust settles, Vincent goes to see Marcel, saying that someone has to pay for what happened that day.  Vincent praises Marcel for once bringing Mikael to town, thus chasing the original siblings out of NOLA.  Vincent charges Marcel with riding NOLA of the Miakelsons once again and to complete this mission, he offers up the potion he took from Aurora's heart.

Yes, Davina died this week but apparently, the writers aren't done with the teenage witch yet and she'll make an appearance next week.  What form that will take remains to be seen but I really don't want to see her resurrected. Normally, I would have a problem with killing off two female characters so closely together but if we're honest, Davina should have been dead ten thousand times already.

 How many times has she directly challenged Klaus and declared him her enemy?  When she destroyed his sire link to the other vampires, on Kol's request, Klaus again spared his hand. Davina has needed killing for quite some time and I can only hope that the writers commit to this path. She's had no real role to play since she was a harvest girl and I see no reason to continue on with her character.

There is something to be said that Davina could have been so much more if The Originals had been more committed to writing more complex storylines for their female characters and not de-powering them at every opportunity.  Davina is horrible because the writers made her horrible.

There's a part of me that really wants to see Marcel take that potion.  In the first half of season one, he was set up as the antagonist, only to be quickly defeated by Klaus.  Since then, he has repeatedly been treated like the uppity negro who needs to stay in his own lane and constantly ordered about by both Elijah and Klaus. Marcel has at times bristled under the control of the Mikaelson brothers; however, he's been pretty compliant. Only two things will happen as a result of Marcel taking that potion:
  1. Marcel will quickly be murdered because The Originals is focused on the Mikaelson family and that means they will always come out ahead.
  2. Marcel will get to be all bad ass for a New York minute and quickly come to his senses and end up back in the house slave role that the writers love to keep in
I am personally team #Marcelgearddeservesbetter.   It further irks me that the basis of Marcel's rebellion would be the death of Davina.  Yeah, he's taken on the role of a father figure but I am sick of seeing the media portraying white women as the ultimate motivation for action.  Where the hell have the POC in Marcel's life been recently?  In fact why is it that both Vincent and Marcel are closer to White women than they are to each other? Why is it that overwhelmingly the women who move Marcel to action aren't WOC?  Yeah, I'm not at all impressed by this.

We have two episodes to go and one thing is for certain, Klaus is going to have to deal with his bad acts.  I found it interesting that Klaus is the one who said that they should try another way, rather than killing off Davina. Sure, we're supposed to believe that this twisted serial killer has changed but I don't buy it.  We're supposed to believe that Klaus has been redeemed by love but I'm not buying it. Klaus isn't suddenly good or even thoughtful, it's a temporary way station until he's back to his evil calculating ways.