Sunday, May 15, 2016

Grimm, Season Five, Episode Twenty: Bad Night

"We have to distrust each other.
It is our only defense against betrayal."

Essentially, the purpose of Bad Night, is to move the pieces into place for the big finale. Nick arrives home to find his worst nightmare - Adalind is gone and she has taken baby Kelly.  At this point, Nick is so enraged that he heads straight over to Renard's flat only to find that it is now empty. Unable to get a hold of Hank, Nick heads to see Rosealee and Monroe. Nick's first instinct is to kill Renard, and who can blame him? Rosealee and Monroe actually do a good job of talking Nick down by showing him just how limited his options really are.  With nothing left to lose, they decide to head to Hardrian's Wall, after of course, killing the two Wesen who are trailing Nick.

Nick was unable to get a hold of Hank because he's at Zuri's for a late night rendezvous.  Zuri gets out of bed and lets a member of Black Claw into her home, so that he can steal Hank's phone and download all of the information.  When Zuri returns to bed, Hank is up and she explains her absence by saying that she went to turn up the heat.  It's all well and good until the man enters the home again, this time to return Hank's phone.  Hank must be one light sleeper because he confronts the intruder and quickly takes him out.  Later, in a search of the intruders vehicle, Hank finds a computer and takes it to be looked at by tech.

Adalind has arrived at Black Claw to find Renard waiting for her. When Renard says that he would have sent a car, Adalind makes it clear that she is not going to lead them to where Nick lives. Renard snarks back that they can call the cab company and so Adlind asks what makes them think she only took one cab. Their daughter arrives shortly afterwards and it quickly becomes clear that Adalind may love Diana but she doesn't trust her around Kelly.  Renard and Adalind put Diana to bed and outside of her bedroom, Diana uses his power to make her parents hold hands.  It's perfectly normal for a child to want their parents to be together and form a cohesive family unit but it's also clear that anyone Diana perceives to be a danger to this is going to have problems.  Renard follows Adalind to her room trying to get a bit of action and Adalind makes it clear that this will not be happening.  Renard questions if Adalind fell in love with Nick. Adalind may be there because Black Claw has Diana but she is most certainly not going to betray Nick.

Wu is still very freaked out by what he has become and he keeps having flashbacks to his attack and the Wesen he killed. Finally, Wu decides that he has to see exactly what he has become and thus, pushes himself into a rage to start the transformation.  Wu begins to change and rushes to a mirror to look at himself.  Wu begins to tell himself that he is in control and slowly the transformation stops. It looks like Wu might just get a handle on things.

At Hadrian's Wall, no one has much to offer Nick in the way of help at this point.  They don't think that it's a good idea to go after Renard and point out just how much security he will have around him right now. Nick is unwilling to give up because Black Claw has his son.

A frustrated Nick heads home and Truble quickly arrives.  How does one prove one's loyalty? Why, offering to kill someone of course.  Truble is all team Nick and is completely down with killing Renard on Nick's say so.  Nick however feels that this will put Kelly in jeopardy.  The conversation is cut short when Nick receives a call from Renard of all people, asking to meet at the station.  Once again, Truble offers to kill Renard, saying that she could make it look like an accident in the parking lot. Yeah, I'm all about Truble at this point.  Nick however decides to go this one alone and asks Truble to wait for him.

At the station, Renard tries to recruit Nick. Damn it. I had so hoped that Renard was playing a long game which wasn't evident and hadn't gone all true believer because this puts him squarely at odds with Nick. Renard suggests that sometimes the best thing one can do for one's family is to let them go, reminding Nick that he had little choice but to give up Diana.  Nick counters that he wasn't offered a choice when it came to Kelly.  The conversation ends with both men at odds which makes me wonder if Renard is a dead man walking? Please don't let it be so because Grimm needs more shirtless Renard.

Back at the Grimm bat cave, Nick takes the time to show Truble where the relic is that he brought back with Monroe.  There's still so much they don't know about it but Nick is adamant that this cannot end up in the hands of Black Claw.  Nick has moved it from its original location, now only he and Truble know where it is.  It seems that Nick wanted at least one other Grimm to be aware of it in case something happened to him.

The next morning at the station, Wu is surprisingly chipper.  Hank and Nick hand over the laptop and then leave to do some research on the kind of Wesen who broke into Zuri's place the night before. It's not long before they figure out who and what the perpetrator is.  For Rosealee, it's enough for her to figure out that the Tony in question is the same man who got all of his fingers broken by Adalind.  They quickly realise that Tony is working with Black Claw.  The pieces don't quite fit together because Hank cannot figure out how Tony got into Zuri's home.  The cops decide to set up Zuri, who quickly calls Conrad to say that Hank is putting her in protective custody.  What Zuri didn't realise is that her entire conversation was overheard by Hank.  When she sees that she's caught, Zuri tries to claim that she was forced into this and that she loves Hank but Hank isn't buying it. When all else fails, Zuri attacks and is quickly taken out.

When you need someone to talk, who better to take them to than Eve?  Zuri is resolute and determined not to talk and so the first thing Eve does is seal her lips.  Zuri better get some sense and start talking because Eve is not a woman to be played with.

Adalind is greeted by Conrad, who immediately starts fishing for information on Nick.  Adalind makes it clear that she will not give Nick up.  Conrad then warns Adalind not to take it personally when something happens to Nick.  Everyone is watching the election polls on television.  Diana however has her eye on Rachel.

Later, at Renard's televised acceptance speech, he brings Adalind, Diana and baby Kelly on stage and introduces them to the world as his family.  Everyone is clapping but once again, Diana has eyes on Rachel.  If I were Rachel, I would be nervous to have caught the attention of this creepy as hell kid. Nick watches the acceptance speech on television and swears to kill Renard.

It's about to get real in here.  I am still super creeped out by Diana.

fire kill tf2 sec pyro
Yes, kill her with fire quickly before her purple eyes focus on anyone else.  I really don't think that things are going to end well with her.  I don't see a situation in which either Adalind or Renard will be able to control her if she gets an idea in her head.  If Nick ends up being the one to take out Diana it will cause some drama with him and Adalind which wouldn't bother me in the least because it would be better than seeing him in a relationship with his rapist.

I found it interesting that Eve won't consider for a moment what Juliet would think or feel.  It makes me wonder if she associates Juliet with a lack of control and thinks that would be dangerous, or if she still has feelings for Nick and just doesn't want to deal with them?  This is definitely going to go somewhere, I just don't want to see it end up as a love triangle.