Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wynonna Earp, Season 1, Episode 8: Two Faced Jack

Last week, Wynonna and Officer Hawt were captured by the last member of the seven and while Hawt is quickly kicked out to a hospital to vanish, Wynonna is still imprisoned

But a brutal, serial killing doctor (a human) who is working for an even more brutal, serial killing Jack, Revenant who enjoys cutting human women up and messing with their organs. Which is what happens to Bethany who we thought died last episode but has been kept around for one more episode before being disposed (and ye gods that was horrendous to see).

Wynonna is tough as a boiled owl (Doc’s words) and not one to be imprisoned often or to believe the lies of the “doctor” (yes it’s the fun pathologist from last episode) trying to convince her that she has been paralysed (and shows her extreme toughness by not reacting even when he tries to cut off her toe). Toughness we expect from Wynonna, intelligence, cunning and restraint not so much, it’s nice to see that.

Wynonna tries several times to escape and is pretty awesome while doing it even if she doesn’t succeed. She needs rescuing

Which falls to Doc and Dolls who follow several clues provided by Waverley’s ever awesome research, including one that leads them to an underground fight club. Yes that old trope. While I appreciate Doc skewering the silliness of “no-one talks about the fight club”, I also am tired of this whole trope because we know that Dolls and Doc are going to end up in that ring

And yes, they do. Of course they do. Only to make it real, the fight club organiser shows Doc a file he got from Bobo. A file on Doc which Dolls sent to his superiors to make them keep them happy. As I pointed out last episode it had to be him of Wynonna. So the powers that be are very interested in an unaging immortal and are very eager to have Doc in a facility to be poked and prodded and experimented on. For the greater good

Doc is not impressed by this for obvious reasons. And he appears to kill Dolls in the ring (not really, Dolls has super death faking skills). After a brief… debate, they agree to shelve their differences until after they rescue Wynonna

Which they do – after she’s already killed the human they hold off Jack, incapacitate him and a newly free Wynonna fires up her peacemaker

We do have that eternal trope “you kill the 7, your primary mission, what will you do now!” but don’t harp on about it too much because, let’s face it, there’s still a lot of revenants out there. I’ve never been a fan of the whole “you complete your life’s purpose and now you have nothing to live for” trope – because people achieve goals even major goals all the time. You then find another goal!

With Wynonna free, that leaves Dolls and Doc free to… discuss the file. After a lot of not-happiness Dolls tells Doc he could give up Doc or give up Wynonna, which mollifies Doc. But he still insists if Dolls had principles he would have said neither

Which is nice and all but it kind of assumes that Dolls doesn’t believe in his organisation and/or accepts Doc as harmless or a good guy. Both are reasonable, but both need to be seen

Either way, Dolls does take this to heart – and reports to his boss that Doc is a conman and not supernatural. But he also has the leader of the fight club to hand over, a Revenant, to prove that Purgatory does indeed have demons. More to the point, he then promises to basically torture information out of said Revenant: but not just to please his bosses. Bobo got the file on Doc somehow, which means Dolls’s Black Badge organisation has a leak

See, this is where I question the idea that Dolls automatically finds his organisation questionable. He doesn’t hand over Doc for “principles” but is happy to take and torture another living revenant. So it can’t be due to the ethical way imprisoned subjects will be treated…. This needs some more development

And now we have Bobo properly centred as the main enemy – but is that for this season with only 5 episodes left? Especially since we still have the Stone Witch to address as well.. that's a lot to fill in