Thursday, May 19, 2016

Containment, Season 1, Episode 5: Like a Sheep Among Wolves

Containment continues to be a mix of powerful, emotional, personal moments and a whole lot of maddeningly ridiculous moments.

On the personal side, we see powerful moments like Jake and the Orphan, Jake burning the bodies, Jake watching his fellow police

In fact, against all of my expectations, Jake is surprisingly becoming the most compelling character here. Overwhelmed, sad, desperate and slowly hurting and falling apart in the face of the utter horrors he has to deal with. And more than anyone else, he is the one on the front lines of this horror. He is facing profiteers (in the form of a highly dubious Black gang of profiteers. This is one time when I’d actually have prefer they didn’t replace the white rednecks who now seem to be there more to say “look we don’t have a racist gang!”), food shortage and the general breakdown of order with a completely inadequately tiny police force. Yes, Jake has attracted my attention.

Xander is also an interesting character who is clearly in way above his head. I’m interested in him.

Jenna has my attention because she and Suzy are excellent and them trying to hold it together sensibly while bonding is wonderful. A shame they’re also locked up with two guys who are trying to compete for the title of The Worst (don’t even try. Katie has that locked).

I’d like to see a bit more of Dr. Cannert because he should also be on the front line and in all kinds of stress.

Unfortunately he is designated villain in the face of Katie who is managing to maximise how utterly insufferable she is. And she was already really insufferable. See she has decided Dr. Cannert’s medical knowledge is all bullshit and, damn it, people who caught the disease first must have caught it first! Never mind that she doesn’t even need to assume greater knowledge than the doctor (which is already ridiculous), she just has to use the knowledge she’s supposed to have as a damn teacher.

I hate this even more than the bullshit outside the cordon – because Kate is literally dragging a conspiracy out of crap she knows nothing about – but also about crap SHE SHOULD KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT. I’m sorry doc, I’m sure you’re lying to me because my child overheard a nurse talking about a doctor shagging in a cupboard! I’m sorry doc, you’re lying because I know all about when lab rats are needed.

Let’s make this even worse – because she finds Jake, minutes after he has just burned the body of an orphaned child and a friend and colleague who committed suicide in front of him and promptly chews him out for not jumping on the conspiracy train with her and actually wanting to wash the ASHES OF THE DEAD off himself first. Kate you are the worst. And when Dr. Cannert told you to back off you ignorant fool he’s trying to find a cure and doesn’t have time for your bullshit, he was right.

And y’know what is even WORSE than this?

What’s worse is she’s fecking right. Gah! Because we’ve seen a cop create a ruse to get inside the cordon to do something ominous at the behest of the chief of police. Yes, conspiracy confirmed. All of these completely irrational, ridiculous people – especially The Worst.

It doesn’t help that outside the cordon, Dr. Sabine Lomas is making what would be he excellent point that she IS an expert in these things. This is her field of excellence and she’s tired of Alex treating her like an amateur. Except…

Except she is bloody inept (actually, I agree with her about getting some food into the cordon no matter what even if a substantial amount of that food is stolen. She works in situations where everything is so far removed from ideal that any success is good. I like this. I like her showing her expertise and understanding that shitty half measures are better than nothing at all). Aside aside, her obsession with secrecy above all else (literally, she does almost NOTHING ELSE except PR and silencing. That’s all she does! I’m actually surprised she tried to bring food to the cordon since it didn’t involve silencing the press!)

And, of course, Alex thinks she’s part of an utter conspiracy, is totally ready to believe she’s lying to him because Katie passes her suspicions to Jake who passes it to him, while he continues to take heat from all sides for following the rules which MAKE SENSE.

This show could be great and it has moments of excellent and characters that are excellent. But there’s so much about this show that frustrates me.