Friday, May 20, 2016

Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 22: We Happy Few

The end is getting closer, I can almost hear the Wayward Son

But first, having rescued Lucifer, they now have to convince him to side with Chuck

Y’know I should find Castifer playing the role of stompy, bad tempered teenaged son ridiculous. I should. Yet whether it’s the acting or just the silliness of it, I do kind of love this scene. Yes even the ludicrousness of Lucifer shutting himself in his room playing loud music.

He wants an apology. And Chuck is kind of an arsehole about it. Really. As we saw with Metatron, Chuck has issues with getting personal and emotional, and continues to push the “practical” idea of what he, god, had to do with his broken tool, Lucifer (having Lucifer carry the Mark after they sealed Amarra sent him over the deep end). While Lucifer wants more of an acknowledgement that his dad betrayed him – not god/creation but father/son

Eventually they get their emotional break through and it’s time for a plan. See, to weaken Amarra to seal her before took 4 Archangels – and Michael’s MIA, Raphael and Gabriel are both dead and resurrecting Archangels is time consuming. So they need some other force to rally to match the archangels

Force 1: The witches. Recruiting Rowena who is currently pursuing a plan to go back in time several centuries so avoid the apocalypse. She is convinced to get on side by a godly enhanced Sam and her friend Clea. Clea could be an awesome character. Clea also makes an excellent point the time periods Rowena is choosing since Clea, a Black woman, is very aware of how crap history can be. Clea could have been many things but she’ll never be those things because this is Supernatural and awesome characters who are not cis, straight, white, men die. It is known. And lo, to my utter lack of shock, so does Clea

Force 2 is the demons – led by Crowley, recruited by Dean, who is trying and failing to get his crown back. Crowley apparently doesn’t die. Are we shocked by this?

Force 3 are the angels, deploying their nuke which mildly bothered Amarra last time – recruited by Castiel.

Force 4 is Lucifer himself

And then in goes God to pull the mark off Amarra, seal her up again – and Mark Sam. No Dean is not a fan of this plan but even he can’t argue

We also lightly poke Dean’s link to Amarra and his admission he can’t bring himself to kill her but would quite like god to do so so he doesn’t have to. God can’t though because of cosmic balance and all that (explained between the various forces bickering)

They deploy their trap… and it’s kind of epic as each force has a go (though I’m still bitter at the unnecessary witch death. They couldn’t have been rendered unconscious?) until Amarra staggers into Chuck’s presence, so weak and injured she knows she’s lost and prepares to die.

They have an epic conversational show down with Amarra accusing him of needing creation because he needed lesser, people to lord over – being with Amarra, an equal, was not what he wanted. Chuck concedes but also says creation isn’t all his doing – pointing to the spark between her and Dean as proof that there’s something in his creation that “just is” like they are “just are” and he didn’t create

This may convince her. Hopefully it will – because while Amarra is prepared to face death, she will never go back to her prison (as Chuck apologetically prepares to seal her) and lashes out. Lucifer is zapped across the room, maybe dead… and Chuck gets attacked by nasty darkness.

Amarra stands. Chuck is dying. The world is ending. And Supernatural has been renewed for another season so I’m pretty sure the apocalypse is off. Still, points for epic. Also the closing line “you won’t change so why should I?” makes me think they’re both going to change. Which makes sense because season 12 is going to be awkward with Chuck still involved.