Thursday, September 8, 2016

Colony, Season 1, Episode 6: Yoknapatawpha

We open with Helena, big boss of the region speaking to her boss about, basically, handing Snyder enough rope to see if he hangs himself with it. Like last episode there seems to be a definite thread of pointing out that boss Snyder is just another cog in the machine.

The predicted backlash of last episode and the killing of Geronimo – the Resistance strikes back. Broussard, using his “red hat” enforcer job manages to kill Snyder’s other guard and lead the Resistance in a calculated strike against Snyder. The whole attack is planned with careful precision to break into his armoured car and get to him before the very short period it takes before the drones will arrive and kill them all

Unfortunately for the Resistance, Will is also there. Fighting, killing one of Broussard’s minions, he manages to get Snyder out and to safety while the Resistance scatters to avoid the drones

Safety involves running to Kate’s bar (where she also ran – as a member of the Resistance that was after Snyder) to hold up until help arrives.

Ok, I know we’re going to delve into his motives a lot more this episode but I still think Will goes way above and beyond in his job to save Snyder. Yes he continues to wave their lost son in front of them and Will’s logic that it’s better to stick with the devil you know (who kind of, sort of supports them) than some unknown. Yet even with that logic, risking his life for Snyder’s sake seems a bit much (Kate certainly doesn’t see this)

This is also pressed by Snyder himself who also reveals a fair bit of world building – not least of which is just how little he actually knows (including whether New Orleans still exists any more). There are 7 colonies on the Pacific Coast of the US – and that’s pretty much all he knows. Outside the colonies all he knows is an ominous “you don’t’ want to go there”. He wasn’t even a politician before the Arrival – but afterwards the aliens used their devastating all encompassing knowledge of humanity (suggested that they had access to humanity’s own extensive databases) to pluck him out as an ideal administrator/minion/lackey

And even though he keeps waving their son around as collateral/incentive it’s also fairly clear he has precious little influence over the Colony of San Diego. If we learn anything from this episode it’s that Snyder isn’t the big man he presents himself as – and further raises the ongoing question/conflict of just what kind of backlash the Resistance can provoke.

This puts Kate in a terrible conflict as the Resistance tries to kill Snyder in the bar before Snyder can get help to protect him. She wants to kill Snyder, but doesn’t want to put Will at risk while, at the same time, she’s clearly at least somewhat convinced by Will’s arguments especially when it comes to getting their son. At the same time if she doesn’t hand over Snyder the Resistance are going to use more and more methods that will put Will at risk – leading to her shooting one member of the Resistance and een having an armed stand off with Broussard.

Oh complexities, complexities, complexities! This episode was more action packed than most but the true star of the show wasn’t the gun fights – it was Kate faced with so many difficult choices and being so very unsure which way to turn

Kate is also visibly shaken when she learns from Will that Geronimo wasn’t even a resistance leader – but a skilled marketer with an excellent campaign. Was her joining the resistance inspired by Geronimo? Does she feel cheated to learn it was just excellent marketing? At the same time does it make her ideals/beliefs/support any less?

Of course what will certainly lessen them is the head of the Resistance, Quinn, deciding her intelligence has led to so many disasters (because of Will’s passionate work on the part of the authority) that Kate is actually a double agent.

Damn, when you’re so bad at your job, your boss thinks you’re working for the competition!