Sunday, April 30, 2017

Supernatural, Season 12, Episode 19: The Future

Kelly is still pregnant with the Antichrist baby and has had all her illusions shattered with Dagon making it clear the baby will kill her and how she, Dagon, doesn’t really care. Dagon has abandoned all illusions of playing nice and has Kelly reduced to a prisoner in chains. She doesn’t care about Kelly. She just wants Kelly’s baby and that baby will then unleash carnage against heaven and earth with lots of bodies piling up which will be totally awesome.

Why does she want all this death and destruction? Well, we’ve not really gone into much detail here beyond the fact that Dagon is dismissed as Lucifer’s “side piece” and beyond that bit of misogyny, when she’s in communication with Lucifer it’s clear he’s promised her a future which has him, her and the baby ruling the world. It’s also equally clear he has absolutely no intention of seeing this deal through

Are we really doing this? Are we having this ancient and mighty prince of hell being willing to do all this and destroy the world because of her unrequited love for a man?

In despair, Kelly decides to commit suicide to spare the world the horror that her baby will cause – and except the foetus isn’t having that and magically resurrects her.

This does cause Kelly to have a big change of heart about the baby – she’s decided the baby is now good and actually wants to save her. Dagon is less convinced pointing out the baby is actually saving itself, but Kelly is riding this holy-baby train

At the Winchesters we have Sam and Dean continuing to try and find Kelly and find some solution when Castiel finally returns – after weeks of no contact and not replying to any of his messages. He’s been in Heaven working with the angels to try and find Kelly

Dean is, naturally, furiously pissed that Castiel has been AWOL for so long and like every other time Dean just has real trouble dealing with hurt emotions beyond anger and pouting. Which he responds with both. I still like the subtlties here – even angry, Dean takes the time to tell Castiel they were afraid for him since this is a time with Princes of hell and all sorts around so it’s not safe. There’s also a really nice moment when Castiel tries to return the mix tape Dean gave him – and Dean barks “it’s a gift, you keep those.” I like the subtext here, this awesome way how men who are just really bad at communicating emotions manage to communicate them through these kind of interactions. Dean telling Castiel the tape is a gift is the gruff-I-Don’t-talk-about-emotions ways of saying they’re still friends, even still family even if Dean is pissed at him, that hasn’t changed.

We also get a look into Castiel’s thinking – he’s not had a great run for the past season. He hasn’t actually had a great run since he first met Dean and Sam. And he needs a win. He needs to actually have achieved something, to have brought a victory to them and to have taken something out of their hands. Especially clear when he asks Dean whether he could kill an innocent – Kelly and her baby. Dean dodges the question saying they will find another way: but I think he’s not dodging it because he can’t – I think he’s dodging it because he knows the answer is that yes he can. And he doesn’t want to face that or admit that – and Castiel doesn’t want Dean to become that person.

Thankfully, Sam researching Nephilim has fund that third way – removal of Grace. This is a spell they’ve touched in the past when dealing with various angelic shenanigans – a spell that extracts Grace. If you extract angelic Grace from a Nephilim you basically have… a human, since a Nephilim is basically humans with angelic grace poured all over them.


Unfortunately Castiel has already vanished – with the Colt (which Dean keeps under his pillow and is probably a strong testament to Dean’s state of mind) and 2 bullets so he and the angels can kill Dagon and Kelly and save the Winchesters from themselves (he’s clear that he may be working with heaven but the Winchesters have his primary loyalty)

Except it all goes quickly wrong – killing Dagon isn’t easy as we’ve seen before, his angelic allies get captured or killed and when he finds Kelly he can’t even bring himself to kill her. Instead it turns into an impromptu Castiel/Kelly road trip where she tries to convince him that her baby is good and wonderful and there’s a plan while Castiel says nope, baby is evil and the whole world is full of supernatural beings just winging it

It probably says everything you need to know about Supernatural that we have an angel basically saying “there is no plan.” Lucifer is just breaking things for fun and had no greater plan when he slept with Kelly oh and god is all kind of out of the picture and the angels only have the slightest idea of what they’re doing. This is the cosmology of Supernatural everyone is winging it

But Kelly is sure – partly because her demon baby is communicating with her via golden eyed woo-woo. Castiel has one reserve plan from Joshua – take Kelly to heaven. This will kill her instantly and ensure her soul ascends as humans can’t enter heaven. It’s a humane death in his eyes

The escape doesn’t last long as Castiel’s truck breaks down and his method of fixing it is to google “how to fix a truck”. Oh Castiel. Sam and Dean find them and chew Castiel out again for stealing the colt and reveal their special Plan B: Grace extraction

Which Kelly vetoes despite it being the one way for her to survive. She’s fully convinced now her child is not a naughty boy and is a full on messiah and won’t have what makes kiddy special be removed. She instead demands they go along with Castiel’s plan of heaven euthanasia. The Winchesters aren’t sold on this weirdness but since she steals the Impala (and Castiel) and drives off, they don’t get much choice

This whole episode might as well be entitled How To Piss Dean Off.

Castiel and Kelly reach the doorway to heaven even though Castiel has severe reservations about this baby being born – especially since, with Kelly dead, who would raise the baby in a way to preserve his goodness (Dagon wants to step in and play mummy)
Castiel: This baby could bring the universe to its knees
Kelly: Or raise it to its feet.

She has a lot of hope in this baby

They arrive at the playground/doorway to heaven to meet with Johua who is all peace and light and DEAD

Because Dagon is also there

The Winchesters arrive and Dagon promptly beats everyone and destroys the Colt (thank you! Dagon! I hate the Colt. I hate it. It’s a completely broken Deus Ex that removes a lot of tension and research and investigation and everything. All problems can be Colt’d. I’m glad it’s gone) and generally laughs at these puny people trying to challenge her

Castiel is willing to die to protect Kelly when she grabs him – and Nephililm power promptly Levels Castiel Up to glowy majesty. With almost contemptuous ease he kills Dagon. Kelly has her answer to who will raise and guide the child: Castiel. This is also a big indication of just how powerful the Nephilim baby is actually going to be.

This is also a deeply depressing end to Dagon, a Woman of Colour, and a potentially interesting character. Sadly, Remiel received more characterisation in one episode than Dagon did in her entire arc

Also, I’m not sure Castiel is up to child rearing, really really not.

Sam and Dean are equally unsure-  but Castiel uses angelic mojo to put them both to sleep so he and Kelly can run off.

So Nephilim as messiah? This is an unexpected twist; where does the plot go from here? And are the Winchesters willing to let Castiel take this on himself? And what are they willing to do to stop this?