Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Originals, Season Four, Episode Seven: High Water and a Devil's Daughter

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Last week, Elijah, who we are supposed to be shocked is violent for some reason, decided to rip out Dominic's heart to prove to a gathered crowd that the Mikaelson family would do anything to protect Hope and defeat the Hollow. Unfortunately for the Mikaelson's, Dominic prepared for just this very occasion. Using Papa Tunde's blade, Dominic was resurrected. With the ongoing threat to her family, Freya decides to put a protection and barrier spell on the compound tying it to her heartbeat. Given the fact that The Originals constantly has their female characters go down in battle, it's easy to know that this won't end well.

As Freya is finishing her protection spell, she gets a visit from Keelin.  It seems that despite having a life elsewhere, Keelin has decided to stay in New Orleans because she doesn't have to hide her nature there.  Keelin has a job interview at a local hospital and asks Freya to meet with her to celebrate.  Freya clearly wants to do this but the weight of her family obligation weighs heavily upon her. Rather than doing the pub crawl that Keelin wants, Freya suggests that they meet at Rouseau's at midnight.  

Klaus is climbing the walls and really dislikes be trapped in the house.  When he heads up to the attic, he finds Hope there reading a creepy ass book and playing with Marcel's old toys. I find it interesting that Klaus decided to keep these given that Marcel has always been on the outside of the Mikaelson family looking in. For now, Klaus dodges Hope's query about whether a boy used to live in the house and takes her out of the attic.  

Elijah heads to see Vincent to talk about what to do next.  This is still very much a reluctant alliance because Vincent is rightfully disgusted by the Elijah's moral turpitude. Elijah's new plan is for Vincent to reestablish the link with the ancestors to help fight off the Hollow. This of course means a Harvest Ritual and that four young girls would have to be sacrificed. Vincent however sees that this could potentially start a war with the French Quarter coven, particularly because the last Harvest Ritual didn't exactly go well. 

Now that Freya has the protection spell over the compound, it's time to move onto the second part of her plan and for that she needs a vampire.  Paging Josh our local gay servant without a plot line of his own. Freya convinces Josh to help by promising that if this works, Marcel will get to live.  

Dominic is playing his own game and is not about to wait around to get eaten by a Mikaelson.  Dominic calls on Sofya, who at this point really isn't interested in their partnership anymore.  Sofya isn't given much of a choice about cooperating because Dominic gives her one of those headaches that witches seem to just love giving vampires.  In pain, Sofya admits that Freya was just seen transporting a shrouded body, which she assumes to be Marcel's. Because Sofya is more interested in saving Marcel than in serving the Hollow, Dominic decides to deal with her by shoving Papa Tunde's blade in her chest.  Night night, Sofya.

What Sofya saw wasn't Marcel's body but Josh and to make it all extra convincing, Freya casts a spell on Josh to make him look like Marcel. This comes with all kinds of snark from Josh, who it seems sees Marcel's body as an upgrade.  Steven Krueger isn't a bad looking man but Charles Michael Davis seems built to make people thirsty as fuck. Josh agrees to lie in a circle and pretend to be Marcel but tells Freya that when this is all over, they should never hang out again.  I kind of loved Josh's snark in this moment, even though it forces me to realise that Josh's only role is to be comedic relief now. 

Klaus is still very much moping around the house and complaining to Hayley how he doesn't want Hope going through their old things. Hayley quite reasonably suggest that Hope is bored and wants friends to play with. Klaus however seems to forget what it's like to be a child and retorts that Hope is strong and needs to be worshiped. Le Sigh. Klaus is just itching to get out of the house and Hayley finally figures out that Klaus is being triggered by not having the ability to leave. Klaus tells her that when he was imprisoned that he was starving and could hear the heartbeats of people outside and smell blood. Klaus admits that his mind even played tricks on him.  This is enough to make Hayley wonder if Klaus is concerned with how Marcel is holding up but Klaus it seems, is content to let Marcel suffer. 

Hope makes her way down to the dungeon and since she has Mikaelson blood, she can see Marcel. Hope is naturally curious about Marcel because she's figured out that he's trapped there because he wants to kill her darling daddy.  Marcel does his best I wouldn't hurt a fly routine and tries to talk Hope into bringing him some of Klaus's stash of blood. Hope however makes it clear that she may be seven but she's not a fool. I think I just might like this kid.  

Dominic strolls into Josh's apartment and when he sees Josh lying in the circle, he quickly breaks the masquerade spell. Not to be outdone, Freya marches into the room and gives Dominic a magical headache cause ya know, that's what witches love to do. Josh battles the men that Dominic brought with him and Freya quickly traps Dominic in a circle. Freya is quick to send Josh on his way, confidant that she can handle things for now.  Freya gives Dominic a series of magical heart attacks, determined to find out where the remaining bones that The Hollow needs are. In his pain, Dominic does mention a name but says that they were just the former guardians and that he doesn't really know much more. Not able to get anymore information, Freya decides that Dominic has no outlived his usefulness. Dominic however is not about to go down that easily and he mentions that while he may not have more information about the bones, he does know something about a certain werewolf whom friends of his are visiting right now. Dominic muses that Keelin might already be dead. In a rage, Freya unleashes her power on Dominic which knocks him out of the protective circle. Free from the circle, Dominic promptly kills Freya, which of course knocks out the protection spell on the compound.

Elijah Mikaelson is not someone to say no to.  It seems that he stole the Harvest blade and killed four witches on consecrated ground. Vincent is rightfully disgusted that Elijah just decided to slaughter four young girls. A crying Vincent explains that this is not how the ceremony is supposed to be done and that Elijah is not an elder. Elijah of course plays upon Vincent's guilt and reminds him that he is the reason they are having to deal with the Hollow. The ancestors are not at all pleased that this is happening and Vincent and Elijah start to bleed from their eyes. Elijah is insistent that Vincent needs to find a way to pull this off. The Ancestors respond by snapping Elijah's neck - something he absolutely has coming. 

With things looking desperate, Vincent decides to break into Davina's grave and use her skull. Vincent puts some blood on the skull and asks Davina to intervene with the elders, claiming that he never lost faith in her.  Uh huh. It seems to me that when Vincent had Davina dethroned, he lost faith in her but whatever. 

At the compound, Dominic and his thugs have arrived.  Hayley, predictably is the first one to be taken out. Heaven forbid The Originals allow a female character to kick a little ass. Klaus is all up in the fight even after getting the leg of a chair is thrust through his chest.  When Dominic decides to threaten Hope, wrongly believing that Klaus is down and out, Klaus goes all hybrid and decapitates Dominic.  I guess we will have to see if Dominic's really dead this time. 

In the dungeon, Marcel and Hope hear the fight going on upstairs.  Hope asserts that she is strong and takes off the jewelry that blocks her magic, preparing to fight. Marcel begs Hope to trust him and to free him so that he can deal with the threat. Marcel promises that he won't hurt Hope. Marcel tells Hope that he loves Klaus and that they are like family.  When Hope still hesitates, Marcel asks Hope what Hayley says about family and she replies that family always sticks together.

By the time Klaus makes it to the dungeon, all of Dominic's goons are dead, Hope and Marcel gone and Hope's jewelry lying on the ground. Klaus quickly rushes outside and there he finds Hope and Marcel sitting on a bench together. Hope is quick to say that she's sorry for freeing Marcel but adds that they are best friends now. Hope asks about the blood on Klaus hands and he claims that he was painting. We all know that Hope didn't buy that excuse.

Keelin managed to survive the assault from Dominic's goons and makes her way into the bar to meet up with Freya. Of course, Freya isn't there because Dominic killed her. Josh tells Keelin where to find Freya and Keelin rushes to her side. Somehow, Keelin manages to resuscitate Freya, who promptly goes rushing out because her boundary spell has been done for awhile.  

Back at the graveyard, it turns out to appealing to Davina worked.  The girls suddenly sit up and are covered with blood.  The link to the ancestors has been established but Vincent is not at all pleased.  Vincent questions if Elijah even remembers what it's like to be a child and when Elijah says no, Vincent promises to pray for Hope's soul. 

The Mikaelson's gather at the compound to report on what they've accomplished. Elijah explains that with the link to the ancestors, they have an ally against The Hollow. Freya says that she found a possible link to the rest of the bones however the werewolf bloodline which guarded it died with Tyler Lockwood. Yep, this means a road trip to Mystic Falls.  Just when I thought we were done with The Vampire Diaries

A sad Freya walks through the streets and it's Keelin who finds Freya. They talk about what happened and Keelin says that she's fine with Freya's family coming above everyone else. Keelin however isn't pleased that Freya didn't even bother to say thank you before running away. Keelin then admits that the reason she is staying in New Orleans is to be close to Freya and that she will be Freya's soft place to land after the fighting is over. When Freya doesn't answer, Keelin starts to walk away.  Freya pauses for a moment before calling out to Keelin and then kissing her. 

Klaus has a chat with Hayley about what happened between Hope and Marcel and learns that Marcel instructed Hope to close her eyes while he killed the bad guys.  Klaus remembers that this is exactly what he used to tell Marcel when he killed bad guys in the good ol' days. This is enough to convince Klaus to have a little talk with Marcel. Klaus asks for a truce in the animosity between them and promises that he won't let The Hollow hurt his family, and this time, that includes Marcel. 

When we last left Sofya, she was lying on the ground with Papa Tunde's blade buried in her chest. A smoky black cloud makes an appearance and promptly pulls out the blade. The smoke figure asks Sofya if she knows how she is and when Sofya doesn't answer, the smoke figure says that the ancestors have returned. The smoke creature then decides that the best place to hide is inside Sofya's body. Sofya's eyes turn that creepy blue colour. 

They've been building up to the big kiss between Freya and Keelin for awhile now. This means more inclusion for The Originals; however, the relationship is clearly a problem.  Freya and Keelin met when Hayley abducted Keelin and Freya had no problem torturing her to save her family.  It's been compounded by Freya making it clear that her family comes before Keelin.  This means that we have yet another person of colour who's going to reminded that they are not a Mikaelson. Keelin will always be a distraction for Freya because what really matters are her brothers.

Marcel is officially back in the good books after saving Hope and reminding Klaus that he was once an innocent he cared about.  Klaus's promise to protect Marcel fails to acknowledge that Marcel is now technically more powerful than Klaus.  It fails to account for all of the ways in which Klaus has wronged Marcel over the years and treated him like an uppity negro who just didn't know his place. The Mikaelsons are once again running things in the Big Easy, and Marcel is going to be in a servant role again, despite his power. Yes, The Originals has a massive race problem.  

Elijah slitting the throats of the teenage girls proved a point I made last week about Elijah not being an innocent. The very idea that because he looks hella hot in a suit that he isn't a monster just like the rest of the Mikaelson's is absolutely ridiculous. I'm glad that Vincent called him out for the soulless monster that he is, even if it will have no affect upon Elijah. 

Finally the smoke monster. The voice was very familiar though I suspect that the blue eyes were meant to throw us off. At this point, I'm convinced that they are bringing Davina back. I really hope that this is not the case because I was hoping that Davina would stay dead and gone.  I'm absolutely sick of her character and have given up any hope that the writers have the ability to create a reasonable story for her. The return of Davina would also further cement Josh into his servant role and that's something I'm not pleased about.