Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 5: Slither

Cassie's grandmother starts asking suspicious questions of Cassie, suggesting she's finally got a clue But Chief Scooby Diana tells Cassie that Parent Circle had its powers stripped by Grandparent Circle as punishment for the whole burning people to death thing, so it's best to keep it all a secret (yeah I know there's some logic missing there)

Speaking of the Parent Circle, Dawn and Charles (Diana, and Faye's parents), the Bad Guys, are calling on the Blood Moon to find 5 other crystals linked to the one they have, with the help of the bound circle, to get their powers back, it fails though, the crystal is out of batteries.

At the end of last week's episode we saw Melissa, as the most dispensable and characterless witch, have a demon snake enter her ear – and she wakes grumpy with a headache (see, we know she's possessed because she is actually defying Nick. So out of character).

After being fully demonised, she tells Nick she's found her family's Book of Shadows (that would be hidden in her non-existent home, the only home we haven't seen and be from her non-existent parent. The only parent we haven't seen I might add and the parent whose apparently fine with their daughter spending every night at Nick's place) and takes him to the forest to dig up a suitcase.

To the Scooby Hideout, where Demon!Melissa, Faye and Nick snark around the case while Melissa plays one against the other and neither of her best friends notice how completely out of character she's acting. Cassie arrives and Melissa starts getting the demonic echo voice (oh, it's not a demon! It's a Goa'uld!), the suitscase starts moving and the demon worm starts moving across her forehead. At which point the gang finally realise that something is up (quick aren't they?). You'd think all the attention being on Melissa for once would have clued them in that something was off.

Adam and Diana are having fun sexy times – until the mobile phone interrupts. Seriously, you stop at that point because the phone goes off? It's not even a call, it's a text! I'm sure that's up there in the rules of sex etiquette – no stopping the sexy time to text! And yes, it's Cassie asking for help and summoning them to Scoobie HQ. Cassie's completely ruining their relationship

So all the Scoobies to the Scoobie hideout, an restrain Melissa. There's a potentially interesting moment in which the demon pretends to let Melissa back in control and begs to be freed from Nick and he looks in her eyes and clearly sees that's not his lover and refuses. Awww sweet, it must be twy lub. Well, except for the fact that no fool is going to think the demon decided to just leave because its hands were tied – c'mon, Heather was in a coma for years and the demon didn't bail.

Cassie finally clues in and goes to her grandmother, confesses all and asks for help. This is me picking myself off the carpet. Could it be... common sense? No, surely not?!

Meanwhile Demon!Melissa gets free and slams Nick against a wall and holds a blade to his throat. He tires to play “but I love you, fight it” which fails and she starts cutting – hey maybe Melissa did fight it off but wants an excuse to slice Nick up a bit anyway? The Scoobies present tremble a little then open the case for Demon!Melissa

In comes Cavalry Grandma! She closes the case, knocks the weapon away and uses one of the crystals (presumably from the Parent Circle) to knock Melissa back. Go witchy grandma, she knows her stuff! In the struggle, the demon ends up in Nick (enjoy your screen time while it lasted Melissa, that's it now, back to playing side-kick) and he runs while Adam and Cassie have a Demon!Snake bonfire (burning and drowning are the only things that kill demons).

But the plot thickens – Nick threatens to burn down the Boathouse (hereby known as the Scoobie Bar) unless he gets his suitcase full of Demon!wrigglies and he meets up with Dawn (that's Faye's mother, one of the Evil Parents) and tells her who he is – the demon, Abaddon (well, makes a change from Azazel. Azazel gets all the good roles). They agree to swap bodies – somewhere private to give her chance to oh-so-stealthily, takes out her phone (which lights up) dials Charles (Evil Parent #2) so he can listen in on the revelations. Honestly demons must either be visually impaired or not know what a phone is – there's no other explanation for this “stealth.”

It works (ugh, proving Abaddon is slightly more foolish than the average resident of this town and that's saying something) and Charles knocks Nick out (I just love TV shows that treat head injuries as a convenient anaesthetic and not potentially severe, cumulative brain trauma). Without their magic, Evil Parents drown Nick – killing the demon. And him.

Even Evil Parents are torn and haunted over what they just did. There's some powerful scenes of grief, regret and pain, some of the best scenes in Secret Circle to date – (Diana, Chief Scooby, making it about her) a genuinely sad ending... though I suspect either resurrection or long lost sibling may be on the cards (and what, they kill him off half way through the series but he gets a spot on the promotional picture, but Melissa doesn't?)