Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lost Girl: Season 2, Episode 11: If a Fae Falls in the Forest

We start with Bo and Kenzi looking in envy at the uber expensive products in an exclusive shop – only to see that Ciara can afford to shop there! 

Oh… please not Dyson angst with hate and envy of Ciara. Please let us not go there. Go get kidnapped or something Bo. Or spawn some new super powers, or have a vision you then ignore. Something

And we have a fae serial killer. So much more amusing. Though Dyson writes off the prime suspect because she’s so much smaller than her male human victim – what he already established it was a fae. Surely size is irrelevent?

Instead of checking to see if the obvious obvious suspect is fae, they decide to use Bo and Kenzi to go undercover in some ritzy ritzy parties to find the murderer instead. And, of course, to get them into the parties Bo needs introduction and training with… Ciara. Oh please gods no. Can we fast forward to the kidnapping and rescuing? Please? Anyway, judging by the toga she ends up wearing, clearly Ciara loathes Bo with a fiery passion.

Ah yes, after several painful moments of not!investigating, Kenzi gets clonked on the head and we have the obligatory kidnapping. Ok it’s not BO for once, but it wouldn’t be Lost Girl without a kidnap now would it? She wakes up to find herself next to an unconscious guy and a dead guy – which quickly leads to a policeman interrogating her until Hale steps in and they both decide that a business card holder made by Leta S (a fashion designer who has “suspicious” written all over her) is suspicious. I’m not sure why. But they do and who I am to argue with random baseless hunches?

Meanwhile, Bo is getting some random stereotyped cryptic nonsense from a woman of colour. Even the fae get magical brown people to give them woo-woo it seems. Anyway, Bo also decides that Leta is also suspicious because… well because. 

So their sights are set on Leta who is after powerful rich men.  So Dyson should go undercover – oh and Bo should accompany him posing as his fiancée. That’s Ciara’s idea. Yes, Ciara who was so jealous before is now asking Bo to pose as Dyson’s fiancée. Yeah it’s not even pretending to make sense any more. Thankfully they don’t have to maintain their awful undercover for more than 2 minutes before bringing them in.

Leta ran because by using her shed skin to make snakeskin clothes she was leaving fae DNA around – and has nothing to do with the murders (far too early for her possibly to be the actual murderer). And yes, using her not-even-slightly-brilliant powers of deduction Bo decides they’ve got the wrong suspect –just in time for another human to be killed.

I do seem to recall in past episodes us being told that the Light Fae didn’t really care about humans being killed. I’m choosing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s the attention they garner and not the shattered continuity.

Finally we find the actual suspect – a Badi-Badt, the woman of colour who spouted randomness at BO earlier. She’s a tree fae who had her tree cut down and is now trying to find all the wood from it. It’s a primal instinct (words like “primal” and “instinct” are used a lot to describe it. Totally not coded language guys!) And they get to lure her as if she’s a not very bright animal (not even a small child).
Bo and Ciara have finally decided to be friends. This is me not caring again. 

Meanwhile Lauren is arguing with the Ash for more clearance for info to uncurse Nadia – the Ash responds by imprisoning her. And several tiny and endangered fae are being killed. This could be meta-plot so we’re probably going to ignore it.

Which is why I’m now going to have a rant. This was yet another monster of the week episode. Like every damned episode this season. We have meta plot. We have the Nain Rouge, the death of the fae, Lauren and Nadia and Bo’s super powers and we are ignoring them so some writer can prove how good he is at finding obscure beasties from every corner of the globe. I am marking this a 2.5 because the endless “oh look, a new fae, we have stopped it. Now another new fae, we have stopped it” is getting dull.