Saturday, December 10, 2011

Being Human U.K. Season One, Episode Three

This episode opens with Annie flipping out in the kitchen and Mitchell warning George to stay out, because he believes that Annie is suffering from PMT.  George declares the assertion ludicrous, and says that he is not going to eat his steaks raw because someone who is not alive cannot possibly be suffering PMT.  When they enter, Annie is indeed flipping out and the kitchen is a mess.  Today is the anniversary of what have been her wedding but of course being a woman, it had to be hormonal, though she no long has hormones right? She holds a grater saying that it was an engagement present.  Okay, who the hell gives a grater as an engagement present? That alone should have given her second thoughts about Owen.  Mitchell decides to ask Annie to go out, believing that what she really needs is to meet more people like her. 
They end up at bar that is having an 80's night, and Mitchell introduces her to another ghost named Gilbert. At the bar, Mitchell assures George that meeting someone with the "same condition," is exactly what Annie needs, but George reminds him that it wasn't a success the last time he encouraged one of them to meet someone with the same condition. Mitchell encourages George to get with a girl, but George confesses that he is worried about hurting her. I think this is a legitimate worry considering that he is a werewolf.  I am shocked to see Mitchell just blow away his concerns, considering the level of violence he is of capable of.

At the hospital, Lauren shows up and to ask if Mitchell got his present.  She tells him, "you did this to me, you made me what I am".  When he starts to dismiss her saying that he made her but her actions from that point on are her responsibility, Lauren tells him that Herrick made her do the film, and that the last time she came to see Mitchell, he hurt her terribly. Rather than showing her any sympathy, Mitchell tells her that he can barely help himself, and that he does not know what she wants from him.

Annie takes the bus to meet Gilbert at a cemetery, but when they get there, she realizes that it is her grave. When Gilbert calls it beautiful, she says "I was 22 years old, I had my own life to live. I was happy, I was in love." Gilbert says that she can be happy now, and Annie asks, "How can I be happy, I've lost the only man I've ever loved more than anything else in this world and the children that I wanted". Gilbert tells her that she is beyond all of that now, and that the beauty of the world is all still there for them.  Annie suggests that a better place is where they should have gone. He tells her that this is where you stay unless you find some kind of resolution. He says that she is still here for a reason.

When they get back to the house, Annie tells George and Mitchell that when she figures out what the unfinished business is, then she can move on.  When Mitchell asks what she is going to do, she tells him that she does not know, but she's pretty sure that it's going to involve some highlight pens and some paper.

When Mitchell and George leave, Gilbert puts on the most depressing music.  Annie finally turns off the music and tells him that she needs to finish her unfinished business before she can move on, and asks if Gilbert will help her. She suggests that it is a task or a project that they can do together.  Gilbert says, "if I do this with you, it probably means we'll spend quite a bit of time together". He grabs a pen and paper, and asks her to tell him about her.  When Annie starts talking, everything she says is about Owen and how romantic they were together.  He tells her that it was the dullest story that he ever heard, and that no one should ever make a film about that.

Fed up with the story, he takes her out of the house.  He takes her to get records, read Nietzsche and even harasses cops who cannot hear them.  Annie finally pauses to ask him if they are actually having Gilbert fun yet.

Back at the house, Owen is trying to fix the plumbing. Janey is complaining that the issue with the plumbing has been going on for months, and says that he should just call someone in.  When he refuses, she tells him, "I think you like coming around here, hanging around with those two blokes, pretending that you're a teenager again. The first time you came round, I smelled beer on your breathe after. Let them get pally and they will take advantage."  Obviously frustrated, Owen leaves, but before he walks out the door, he turns and looks around the house as though he senses Annie.

Annie goes upstairs and announces to Gilbert that they need to have a change of plans, because she is still in love with Owen, and that she cannot let him go.  Gilbert says he must be very special.  Annie says she knows she is there because she wants to be Owen's wife. She wants to "love him and cherish him and look after him".  They go over to Owen's new home, and she says that she is going to be like his guardian angel and stop anything from happening to him. When Gilbert asks if she is moving in there permanently, she responds with a smile, and says, "we'll see how it goes".

Lauren shows up at the hospital, and says to Mitchell that she is clean, but she is there because she just knows that she is going to kill tonight. "All I think about is when I can kill again, when I can feed. This screaming pain in my blood and nerves right under my skin. It gets shorter and shorter the time I feel good after I've killed.  I need something to keep me going please."  Mitchell then takes pity on her and opens up a vein so that she can feed.  Just don't kill anyone he says, "I promise I will help you".

In front of the hospital, Mitchell stops to have a smoke with Nina. She asks, "what's the deal with you and George? Every time I see you you're together, it's like you're attached at the hip." Mitchell asks, "are you checking me out or him? You know he worries about me getting harassed in the workplace." Nina simply tells him that he is not her type anymore, and that George is weird.  Mitchell tells her that once you get passed the weirdness, he's the nicest bloke you will ever meet.  Mitchell then invites her over for dinner saying that he is an excellent cook. 

In the hallway, he tells George that he invited Nina over for dinner, but George is upset and says that this is too risky.  He starts making a list of things that he has to buy, and then stops to say that they need to set ground rules about guests, like don't kill them.

At Owen's, when he walks in holding his keys, Annie simply says keys, and he walks back and puts them in the bowl that she left there for him.  While he is in the shower, she folds his towel and irons his shirt. She hovers over him smiling happily.  

When George returns home with food to cook, he finds Annie already in the kitchen cooking a meal for Owen.  She tells him that she realizes that she never got a chance to be a wife to Owen.  He asks her if she could do it another night, because he has a friend coming over for dinner.  As Gilbert turns up the music George says, "I just want things to be normal for one evening. Oh Annie, I really like this woman, and I would like to have a meal without her discovering about the spirit world or about myself." When the doorbell rings, he kicks her out of the room and Annie sits on the couch.  

As Annie and Gilbert watch George and Nina eat, Gilbert says, "I never really got into it why I am still here. I even thought about trying to resolve it once, but it would be sort of like ghost suicide".  Annie asks if anyone he knows has crossed over.  He tells her about watching a ghost being exercoised.

In the kitchen, Nina asks if Mitchell has gone out for the evening.  George tries to offer her a coffee, but the plumbing starts acting up again.  She asks, shall I go upstairs, and he says yes please.  Looking out the window Nina says, "look it's a full moon," but he answers "not until tomorrow".  She leans forward and kisses him gently after saying, "I've had a very lovely evening."

Mitchell meets Lauren, and they go into a bathroom and have sex, as she is feeding from him. She tells him "we can't keep doing this. I need proper blood human blood". She suggests that they get it from a hospital, but Mitchell tells her that, that kind of blood does not work. 

Back at the house, George and Nina are making out and he starts growling.  She asks if he fancies her and if he has a problem when he pulls away saying that he can't do this.  Nina even goes as far as to ask if he is a man, and has always been a man. Okay, could she be anymore transphobic and insulting?

Annie and Gilbert head over to Owens to find him there with a girl.  He thanks her for all of the sweet things that Annie has been doing for him, and Annie runs upstairs crying. She tells Owen that she didn't do anything for him, and they hear a loud bang upstairs.  When he gets in the bathroom, he sees on the mirror, "happy wedding anniversary tiger." This is the message Annie left for him.

The next day, Owen comes over to the house, and Annie is thrilled to see him.  He runs up the stairs and starts to work on the toilet. Annie has a vision of them arguing in the hall, after he pulls a thong out of the pipes.  In the argument, Owen accuses her of being a whore, and asks who she wore the thong for. He then calls her a fucking bitch, and throws her down a flight of stairs, snapping her neck.  Now we know why Owen didn't want to call a plumber.

Right after Owen leaves, Gilbert lets himself in and Annie tells him that Owen killed her. She tells him that Owen was very angry and that he used to abuse her. Annie even wonders if it was her.  "Maybe it is me. Maybe I am just annoying and pathetic".  Gilbert tells her that she is amazing but she says the man that I loved killed me, am I really that hard to love.  Gilbert tells her that she is loved by loads of people and that she is loved by him.

Suddenly a door appears and When Annie asks why it is, Gilbert tells her that the door is death and that it has come for him.  He asks her to come with him because he does not want to go on his own, but she says, "this isn't for me, this is your door." He lights the a cigarette and opens the door and walks through without a word.

In a motel room, Mitchel gives Lauren the bagged blood, but she is upset because the bagged blood does not work.  She tells him that he promised to help her, and then says that she doesn't know where the relationships is going anymore.  When she gets outside of the hotel she is met by, Seth who says, "you need to feed, come with me".  Mitchell comes running out to stop them, but they pull away in the car. 

At the hospital George is on his way to change, when Nina stops him saying, "please don't be upset about last night and your condition".  She pulls him into a room, and tells him that "it is nothing to be ashamed about and that it doesn't mean that they can't have a really good sex life".  She says there are many ways of giving a woman pleasure, like erotic massage, and that he can ask how she gets sexual pleasure when she is alone. George throws her on her back, as he strips off her clothes. George takes her from behind, orgasms and then gets dressed.  She says," I guess we have cured your premature ejaculation thing," as George walks out of the room

When Mitchell walks in, Annie says at least now I know.  The next morning, George arrives home with a big smile on his face, he yells, "I had sex with Nina last night, and it was bloody awesome".  Mitchell pulls him aside and says that Annie was killed by Owen.  George being a selfish prick says "for five minutes, could I not have had the biggest news". This is the second episode in a row in which George has dismissed Annie's pain.  It seems that when violence happens to her, it is irrelevant.  It's also worth noting that unlike George and Mitchell, Annie seems to be fulfilling the role of eternal victim.

In the kitchen, Mitchell says "it's like the house was telling us with all of the problems with the plumbing".  Annie answers," I find out that the love of my life killed me, but it's alright, cause now we can wash up. Why didn't I go? Being with him wasn't it. Finding out what happened wasn't it. So what now?"