Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season One, Episode Five: This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend

Zeb, Gaia and Axel are cleaning the apartment because Gaia's father is coming for a visit.  Apparently he is a touch eccentric and even like to walk around naked. Zeb want to know if Gaia's father is gay where she came from and Axel repeats the question using the slur "poof."  Gaia expands on the problem to say that he wasn't always gay, but only became so after meeting Godfred.  For as much as I love this show, when it decides to fail, it's huge.  There was no reason to use a slur and then the idea of straight until turned gay is such a tired homophobic trope. 

More talk than cleaning is actually happening as Gaia tries to get Zeb and Axel to clean the toilet.  Why is it that this dirty job always falls to women? At any rate, Axel is surprised that Bryn is coming to the city considering how much he hates it.  Gaia reveals that she made a deal to move back with him as soon as she finished her nursing training, because that is the only way that he would let her leave home. Axel and Zeb make it all about them by asking what they are going to do without her.  My suggestion is that they can start by cleaning the toilet.  

Axl heads off to the hospital for a check up, because he has been told that if he does not show up that he will be charged for a missed visit. When he arrives at the hospital he parks in disabled parking and then realizing what he has done, instead of moving his car, he actually fakes a limp.  I know that this was included for the purposes of comedy, but it was not in the least bit funny.   As Odin, Axel is actually hyper able. When he arrives in the room for his appointment, no one is there so he sits and waits. Finally a nurse comes in and he is told that there is no Dr. Grey on this ward and he is sent back to reception.  Frustrated he throws out the letter.

Axel and Zeb go to a fast food restaurant and when they're short of funds they decide to check under the seat. Zeb finds a bag of cocaine and so they drive off without getting their order.  Axel says that the drugs don't belong to him and he remembers that Anders was in his car and assumes that the coke belongs to him. Zeb suggests that they sell the drugs, but Axel says that it's not theirs.  Zeb hops out of the car with the drugs, instructing Axel to wait for his call.

Axel goes to see Anders who wants to broaden the search criteria for Frigg. His suggestion is that they check out churches instead.  Axel changes the conversation and asks Anders if he left anything in the car.  When Anders says no and starts to ask more questions, Axel simply says that he would know more if he were the one that left the item in the car and leaves.

Axel then returns home to find that Zeb has not returned home yet. Gaia asks him to make himself useful and set the table.  When he asks about Bryn, he discovers that he has already there.  When Axl asks about Godfred, Bryn says that they broke up sometime ago.  Axl tries to make small talk with Brynn but everything he says is wrong. In frustration he goes to his room and calls Zeb, only to get his voice mail. The conversation shifts to the hospital and Gaia's work there and the tension rises.  Gaia asks Axel to talk privately and he calls her a wuss when it comes to Bryn and says that he doesn't have the right to tell her what to do with the rest of her life.  Axel is being just as controlling as Bryn.

The police enter with a warrant to search his property.  Bryn wants to know if this is normal and says that they see very interested in Axel.  When the police search Bryn's bag they find about a pound of weed.  The police ask Axel why he was in the hospital and points out that after he left, the cocaine was missing.  Umm since when do hospitals keep cocaine on the premises. Axel says that he tossed the letter informing him of the appointment and suggests the police check the garbage.  The police then search Axel's car and tell him that they don't actually need the drugs to charge him.  Bryn is escorted out in handcuffs and when he tells Gaia that he can explain, she says, "after I get my dad out of jail."  In the bushes, the Goddesses are watching everything.

The next day Gaia is still pissed at Axel and he claims not to know anything about anything.  He goes to see Mike and tells him what happened saying that he does not know anything about drugs.  When Mike asks where the drugs are now, he says that Zeb has them and has no idea who left those drugs in the car.  Mike and Axel head to Anders office and Mike points out that Axel could end up in prison for this. Axel realizes that someone was using him to smuggle drugs out of the hospital.  He finally clues in that the Goddess who tried to kill him is responsible for the missing coke.  Anders says it's a great plan because it will give the Goddesses time to find Frigg first.  Mike says that he will handle it but Anders says that this is his territory. 

The Goddesses don't know why Bryn was arrested instead of Axel.  Michell says that she put the drugs in Axl's car.

Back at the house Bryn is out of jail and Axel learns that Zeb is still missing.  Bryn is pissed that he has to return to deal with the charages and blames him for being arrested.  In anger Zeb says that there is something about Axel makes him want to grind him up.  When Bryn says that he is taking Gaia, Axel says, "we'll see about that."  Axel's phone rings and it's Zeb asking to be picked up.  Axel says that he needs the coke back and Zeb says that he doesn't have it anymore. Before leaving Axel grabs his sword.

Anders calls Ty and tells them that they have to head to the office to find the Goddess who is framing Axel. It seems that apart from Axel, Ty is the only one who can identify her.  Ty says he has work and Anders asks, "is anyone going to get gang raped in prison if you don't fix their problem?"  

Axel picks up Zeb and learns that Zeb was slipped a drug and then driven out to the middle of nowhere. Axel and Zeb go back to the house where Zeb got messed up. Axel kicks in the door and then uses his sword to cut the head off of a mannequin saying, "you assholes have something I need."

At the hospital, Anders is randomly pointing out women to Ty and when he points out Michelle, Anders talks to another nurse to get her private information. When Anders meets Ty in the parking lot he admits to having sex with the nurse. For he record because Anders is Bragi, we can automatically assume that the sex was not consensual.  Ty doesn't even bother to call this rape however and simply chides his brother for wasting time. Before they leave the hospital parking lot they see Axel and Zeb with hoodies on about to walk into the hospital. It seems that the big plan was to sneak the coke back into the hospital. Anders points out that they are on camera and that the bag has their fingerprints on it and that they look suspicious.  Anders demands that they hand over the bag and sends them home.

At the apartment, Gaia and Bryn are not happy to see Axel or Zeb.  Gaia asks them to leave and Bryn announces that they are discussing her return home. Bryn and Axel start arguing right away until Gaia yells at them to be quiet.  Gaia says that she needs to talk to Axel alone. She reminds him that he promised not to interfere but Axel says he doesn't like the way that Bryn treats her. Gaia says that she spent all afternoon worried that she would be called into explain why her roommate got arrested from the hospital where she works.  Axel says that he is sorry and Gaia asks him if he stole the coke and Axel says no and that someone is framing him. He asks her not to let what happened effect her decision and apologizes for the tension between him and Bryn.  He says that something about Bryn just gets under his skin. When Gaia says that she is just a roomate and totally replaceable, Axel begs her not to go and says that he loves her being around.  He again points out that she would be leaving for all of the wrong reasons.

Later that night, Anders dumps the coke into another bag.  When Mike calls, he ignores it saying that his brother can keep working.  He is parked outside of Michelle's home.  Inside Michelle starts to box as Anders looks through the window.

In the next morning when Michelle gets in the car she gets a call from Anders. He asks if he should call her by her true name - Sjöfn, causing her to realise that she is talking with Bragi. When she asks what he wants and he says that he wants to save her career.

At the house, Brynn is eating breakfast naked and he asks Gaia how much notice she has to give and she says that she is not leaving because she is a different person and she likes it there.  He asks if his wishes matter anymore and she asks what about her wishes.  Zeb walks into the kitchen naked and tells Brynn that nudity is liberating. Bryn tries again saying that he needs her, bu Gaia says that the girl who promised him back then is not her anymore.

The brothers all gather at Ty's and Anders announced that he saved Axel.  When Mike asks how, he tells them that he planted the drugs in Michelle's car. He then went on to threaten her and says that he will mess up her life because he knows who and what she is. Axel says thanks and he and Anders share an awkward hug.

Outside of his apartment, Brynn is waiting for Axel and he says that if he hurts Gaia in anyway that he will rip off his head and drink from his skull.  In the apartment, Gaia tells him that they found the drugs in a room of a gang banger who was in having surgery. 

I swear that Anders gets cuter every damn episode.  I loved his flirting with Michelle though the fact that he is a serial rapist does take off the glow.  It simply is not necessary to have him use his power this way. It shows a complete disregard for women.