Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Continuum Season One, Episode Three: Wasting Time

This episodes begins with a flash foward to the arrest of Sonya Valentine, AKA The Queen of Hearts.  We are quickly shifted to the present day where Kiera is giving the police a run down on Liberate.  Apparently, Sonya uses guile or subterfuge and has an IQ which is off the charts  In the one scene that we see her in action, of course she uses her body to sexually distract her target before injecting him.  It seems no matter how smart a woman is, it always comes down to her body.  Though Liberate was described as ex military, it is only Curtis who is described as psychotic.

In the meantime Kellog is busy making plans because he knows that Travis could potentially die.  He is worried about the group possibly splintering when it comes time to pick a new leader because he believes that this is a role that Curtis will want. He leaves saying that he doesn't want to be there if Travis flatlines.

In a doughnut shop, Alec talks Kierra through using a blue tooth.  Apparently, he is concerned that she appears to be talking to herself.  I wasn't pleased that his concern was that she would look "crazy". When she looks up she sees a family and her eyes go soft, until Kellog sits down and orders a massive breakfast.  He tries to convince her that he does not agree with the tactics of his group.  It seems Kellog wants to make an arrangement involving selling out his team because he likes it in the past.  He loves the variety of meat and other goodies.  When Carlos shows up, Kellog decides that it is time for him to go.

They head to the morgue to examine a body.  Kiera uses her special eyesight to make observations about the wound.  The doctor even says that a weapon capable of making this wound does not exist.  Because of her detailed account he is forced to ask whether Kiera has medical training and she denies it.  For someone who is trying to blend in, she is not doing a good job at all.  There was absolutely no reason for her to share her observations. It turns out that unexplained deaths are collecting at the morgue and so Kiera orders that this case be marked classified and that all results be sent to them.  Carlos backs her saying that she is the expert on the case. They talk to the ME and discover that the pituitary glands were removed.

They head back to the station convinced that there is a link.  Kierra says that she is going to talk to her contacts and so she puts on her blue tooth and asks for a database search. Alec has to remind her that she has to pretend to actually call someone before talking. Of course, when she looks up, Betty is giving her, her best stay away from my man look. Before Alec can get down to work, Julian rings a buzzer saying that his mother wants him.

Alec gets called into a meeting run by his father in-law in which he is discussing the way that corporations are trying to enslave people.  Alec is clearly not interested in a word the man has to say and spends his time rolling his eyes. He is not impressed that his mother is always cleaning up after Rowland and Julian either.  She asks him to listen to his step fathers beliefs.

Curtis takes the opportunity to talk to Travis about Kellog.  It seems that Curtis does not trust him and says that he is always doing his own thing and sneaking out.  Travis asks what he would do with Kellog if he were in his shoes, and Curtis suggests taking him out before he has a chance to make a play.

Kellog gets on the computer and claims that he is going to set up Kiera.  Right from the get go I suspected that this had more to do with neutralizing Curtis.  Kellog is clearly playing his own game.

When Alec returns he notices that there is a connection with a fertility service.  Dr. Gibson is not interested in helping until Alec digs up information on him.  Kiera has no problem using this info against the doctor despite the fact that the records were sealed. I know that Kiera is supposedly the good one but she has no respect for individual rights or privacy.

The doctor complies to their request by sending 45 boxes of files.  Bury them in paper is a common lawyer trick. Alec tells her that both men have a mutation that's tied to the pituitary.  Once again Kiera is blending right in. Apparently, with the right equipment, what has been harvested can be synthesized into a steroid and this can be used to make an enhanced soldier.   Kiera again puts aside her need to appear normal and searches through the files to find a match.  When Carlos asks, she claims to be really good with patterns. Uh huh, believability is still not a strong point with this show.

Curtis confronts Kellog with a piece of paper.  Curtis believes that he is trying to kill Kierra and that this address will lead to her.  Kellog of course denies it and pulls a gun on him.  Curtis gets all badass and simply pushes the gun aside saying that this is what I thought.

They go to a college and have a small discussion about college ,attendence but Kierra does not fall for the bait. They do rock paper scissors to decide where to go and Alec is has to talk her through it.   They include these little things to make Kierra seem out of time but really it's silly. We are supposed to believe that in the future that rock, paper, scissors disappears.  When Kierra gets to the room she realizes the man that they were looking for never registered and that it was a set up.  When she calls Carlos to let him know of the set up, she hears him fighting with Curtis.

Carlos holds his own for awhile, but is eventually knocked unconscious.  On her way to Carlos she tags Kellog.  Kierra is almost defeated but manages to electrocute Curtis to death.  Being a sweetie, Carlos takes the blame for a dead body, because Kierra apparently does not have time to deal with this.  Uh huh.  He doesn't even know what happened but he is so ready to claim to have killed someone and she promises to tell him what happened later. Kierra is now officially the special snow flake.

In the meantime, Kellog has returned to base and the supposed terrorists notice that he has been tagged.  Kierra follows the signal and finds Kellog tied to a chair. When she sets him loose a bomb goes off.

Okay, I was luke warm on this series to begin with but, this episode was downright boring.  I feel like the series isn't going anywhere and we have not been given enough reason to see the bad guys, as well, bad guys.  It's been so unrealistic with people just accepting things that Kiera has said without a decent explanation. I get that she's the special snowflake but come on.  This had better pick up, or I am going to be hard pressed not to bail.