Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Being Human U.K Season Three, Episode 8: The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Okay folks, this is it - the season three finale.  Even though I have a good idea how this is going to end I am pretty tense.

In the jail, the a police officer opens the peep through area in the door and attempts once again to take a picture of Mitchell.  When he looks he sees, Mitchell but the camera does not pick him up.  He closes the peep through and leaves.  Mitchell again enlists Annie to help him mistake saying that as long as they don't have him that they don't have proof.  He knows it needs to happen before he is moved to maximum security but Annie tells him that she does not want him to escape. Mitchell says that they are going to kill him.  

George arrives at the police station but they won't even let him in the building.  What he does not know is that Herrick is sitting in a police car watching him. In the cell, Mitchell is swearing to Annie that the man who committed those murders does not exist anymore and that Annie gave him a reason to fight it and try to be human again.  Mitchell goes on to tell Annie that he was told in purgatory that if he brought her back that he would be killed by a werewolf and that is why he kept Herrick alive. He says that he almost wanted to let fate take its course but he fought it so that he could be with her. Annie responds that she should just let him rot there alone but she won't because she loves him. Annie says that he gives humans justice that he can have her.  Mitchell asks for how long because there's a bullet out there with his name on it. 

Herrick enters the cell wearing a uniform and says, "rule one of vampire club, do not get arrested."  Herrick tells Mitchell that he is putting the genie back in the bottle.  When Mitchell gets up to leave, Annie begs him to stay but he says that Herrick has the key on how to escape the curse. Mitchell discovers that he has killed the desk sergeant.  He asks if Herrick is back and Herrick points out that this is what he wanted.  Mitchell says that all he wanted was how to survive the curse. He points out that it cannot be complicated because he got Cara to do it.  Herrick tells him to check the corridor and when Mitchell does, he hits him in the head with the billy club, knocking him unconscious.

Back at the house, Tom comes in looking for McNair. He finds McNair dead in the attack and Nina on the floor.  Tom picks up the phone and calls for help. At the jail, Annie is sitting in the cell when an officer walks in and sees that Mitchell is gone.  She follows him out and learns about all of the dead people at the house. When she hears that a female in her late twenties is also hurt, Annie realizes that they are talking about Nina.  

She goes to the hospital and sees Nina on a gurney. Behind Nina, an officer dies on the table.  Annie walks over to his ghost and promises to help him, even as he says that it happens so fast. Suddenly his body sits up and starts to sing.  The body says that Annie must come to purgatory and that everything is coming apart.  It warns her that a wolf shaped gun is coming for Mitchell. The officers door appears and Annie says that she will come with him. He says that he is scared and Annie says that she is scared as well. 

We get a flashback to McNair writing the letter.  The letter tells Tom that somewhere in the house is the vampire that McNair has always been searching for. We get a flash to McNair wrapped in white sheets with Tom holding his body.  They are lying on the grass together. Tom begins to dig a hold and we hear McNairs voice say that if he had killed Herrick that he would have been able to stop. He says that he wants Tom to lead a decent life one that is normal and mundane.  He says that he was selfish and that he turned Tom into a weapon for his own war. He wants Tom to be human now and to stop this chaotic violent life.  Even as McNair says these words, Tom is caring a stake. He asks that he not be avenged and admits his love for him. Tom scents a shirt and leaves to track Herrick.

When Mitchell comes to, he finds himself in a cage with Herrick outside of it. Herrick says that he is confused as to why Mitchell let George tear him apart to save humanity and then committed a mass murder. Herrick says that he wants to pick up where he left off and he does not now where Mitchell's loyalties lie. Herrick wants to stamp out the vein of decency in Mitchell and tells him that everyone has something that makes them vulnerable.

In purgatory, Lia approaches Annie, asking if she got her message. Annie asks what is going on and Lia brings her into a bedroom and adjusts a television.  On it we see Mitchell in the cage talking to Herrick. It seems that she has brought Annie there to watch Mitchell' death. Annie watches as Mitchell says that he will do what he has to survive and will side with Herrick for now.  Herrick tells him that he has to prove it and brings George into the cage.  Annie realizes that this means that George is the one who is going to kill Mitchell.

Mitchell tells Herrick that George won't fight him and that it's not a full moon. Herrick decides to up the ante by telling George that Mitchell is the killer of the box tunnel 20. George does not react and so it seems that he always suspected.

Back in the room, Lia tells Annie that there is no prophesy and that what is happening is what Mitchell created because he believed what she told him. Annie is horrified.

In the cage, Herrick tells George that Mitchell brought Nancy into the room for him to murder and that once he did so, he became himself again.  Mitchell tries to say that he pulled Nancy out of the room.  Herrick continues on and says that he killed McNair and then stabbed Nina in the kidneys.  He tells George that Mitchell brought him back and thereby lighting the fuse that killed Nina.  George looks at Mitchell in rage and Herrick reminds him again of all of the people that Mitchell killed. "Everything he touches, he corrupts or destroys. First you and now Nina," Herrick yells.  

George then attacks Mitchell as he says he is sorry repeatedly.  He then realizes that George is the one who is going to kill him, just as Herrick puts a stake in the cage. Tom shows up wearing McNair's coat and he kills to werewolves. Herrick falls to the ground as Tom raises the stake.  Mitchell stops him screaming don't.  He has George up against the cage with a stake to his head.  He says that if Tom kills Herrick, that he will will kill George. Tom does not believe him until George says that he will do it.  Tom throws the stake away and Mitchell tells Herrick to open the cage.  He walks out with the stake to George's head and tells him that if he wants him dead he is going to have to do it himself.  Mitchell sends Herrick for his car and promises to be right behind him.

As soon as Herrick leaves, Mitchell tells George that he is going to kill Herrick and that he just needs some information from him first.  George tells him to just go because they are no longer friends. He blames him for Nina's death and of course the Box20 incident. 

In purgatory, Annie asks if this was just a mind game, why Lia brought her here.  Lia says that she wanted Mitchell to suffer and depriving him of her will make sure that he feels pain. Lia says that she didn't keep her in purgatory originally because it wouldn't have hurt Mitchell enough. Annie realizes that she is the weapon. Lia tells Annie that this is about revenge and that now Mitchell will be grief stricken. Annie turns it around and says that she is going to stay and wait for Nina to arrive so that the three murdered girls can be together. She then goes on to say that they can watch turn cold and mean that he has lost Nina and her. They will be the last three victims of the box20 murders. Annie tells her that she is way out of her depth.  Lia decides to let Annie go and try to clean up the mess.

Annie whispers in Nina's ear and heart rate comes back to normal just as George and Tom burst into the room. In the car, Herrick tells Mitchell that he got lucky with George ripping his head off but before he can continue, Mitchell says that he doesn't want to hear anymore. He is disturbed with the contempt that George displayed for him. When Herrick mentions moving on, Mitchell says that he has something to show him. Mitchell reaches over and slams a stake into Herricks chest before getting out of the car and walking down to the ocean as the sun is beginning to rise.

At the police station a group of men wearing suits walks in.  One calls for silence and plays a tape of Mitchells arrest.  He announces that everyone in the room is fired and that they are to put everything down and leave. He tells him that they are fired because of how messed up the case began.  When they ask who he is, he tells them that he is from head office.

Back at the house, Annie reads the paper and sees that another man has been blamed for the Box20 murders. She then comments on how quickly Nina has healed but George simply says that it's the one benefit of being a werewolf. When she asks if they should try to find Mitchell, George tells her that he is outside. George walks outside and brings Mitchell in the house.  Annie tells him that they cannot go back to the ways things were and Mitchell pulls out a stake saying that he wants George to kill him. 

Annie tells him that there is no prophesy and that Lia made it up. Mitchell says that it doesn't matter and that he is going to kill again because he has to and because he wants to. He says that it has to be George and that it will be the final piece of their story. He says that it has to be George because George needs a complete break.  George did after all suspect him of the murders and when it came down between choosing between his ethics and Mitchell, George chose Mitchell. He then points out that whoever covered up the murders is going to want payback.

George, Nina and Annie go into the kitchen.  Nina is against it because she knows that George will fall apart.  Annie is for it because she believes that Mitchell is a ticking time bomb. George thinks that doing it this way is murder. George suggests that they let Mitchell go and say that they want no contact with him.  Annie says that if he kills again, it's because they let Mitchell leave this house. 

George goes back into the room and asks Mitchell were Herrick is.  Mitchell tells him that Herrick is proper dead.  George then asks what Mitchell sees when he looks at him and Mitchell responds, "my friend, a werewolf.  I want to pull your spine out through your mouth."  George asks what's happened to Mitchell. George suggests that Mitchell run away to Scotland but Mitchell counters saying that he would kill people there.  George then suggests that they keep him in the attic and Mitchell again counters saying that their success rate there isn't 100%.  Finally George asks what if I forgive you, and Mitchell says that it isn't his right because he didn't hurt anyone that George loves. Mitchell says that what he is trying to do is to save George's soul because he has been corrupted.  He wants George to save the world by killing him.

Finally after talking to George for awhile, he convinces him that this has to happen.  George raises the stake to kill him when a voice is heard saying a nursery rhyme. George drops the stake and in walks Wendell, an old one. Wendell tells Mitchell that he is not going to allow him to kill himself. He wants to turn Mitchell into his little pet and promises that he will crucify George and Nina the moment he says no.  Wendell turns to Annie and says that he thinks that she is more powerful than she imagines. Wendell is interested in keeping Annie around because there are going to be a lot more ghosts. He goes on to say that this is the first time that one werewolf has impregnated another and that while the others want to see them dead, he is curious about what will happen.  George picks up the stake and stabs Mitchell.  He says, "I am doing this because I love you." Mitchel responds, "I know," before crumbling to dust. George turns to Wendell and says, "I think you've got a fight on your hands."

Wow, I knew at the beginning of this episode that Mitchell was going to die but I didn't expect it to be this dramatic.  I am still in shock that George did indeed kill him.  I am not sure what the next season will bring us as the show has always worked around George, Nina and Mitchell. I suppose we are going to be treated to a vampire/werewolf war.  I cannot help but see this potential as a step back - a withdrawal from monsters trying to be human. Still, these last two episodes absolutely made the season for me.